Stars, Iron, Birds

Bird Brain, Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Murrieta Stars – Flannel

One more area on Murrieta Stars is done – yes this quilt does seem like it is moving along nicely – but remember it is a big quilt so yes it will be taking awhile and it will be well into the New Year before it is done.  There are 6 or 7 rows of stars and I’m only on the first one.


About half of the leaves are now appliqued on this border of Fall Harvest – I mainly pick it up to work on while the evening news is on.


One more bird is done for Bird Brain.  I tried out my little iron – brand is Clover – I bought it on Amazon as I have prime which meant no shipping and the price was lower then anywhere else that I saw.


Here is is with the box – it is a small iron.  The cord is a good length for working at your sewing table.  If you click on the photo it will take you to Amazon and tell about the product.


The only complaint I had to make is that it seemed to take a long time before it got hot.  The directions say that the indicator light well go off when it is hot – well – it took a long time for it to do that – in fact I was about done pressing the pieces I wanted pressed when the light finally went off.  Then I left it plugged in to keep it hot while I was making my bird so that I could press as needed and then I noticed that when I wasn’t using it the light would come back on indicated that it was no longer at the hot temperature but when I used it – it seemed hot to me.  So I’m I pleased with the iron – I’m not sure!  There is no steam but I knew that – it does come with a very tiny spray bottle so you can spray water on your fabric – I think I would just as soon buy a tiny spray bottle instead you can usually find them at Wal-Mart or other stores and toss this tiny one away.  The main thing would be to turn your iron on and let it heat up way before you need it – it took between 5-10 minutes for this one to heat up – much longer than any iron of mine has ever taken to heat.


Here are the 11 Birds now finished.

IMG_3755 (2)

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  • Martha Bilski Nov 11, 2017

    I am inspired by your progress. I guess when you do work on things every day , they do get done! LOVE THOSE BIRDS!
    Martha Bilski recently posted…Alex calls while walking VioletMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 11, 2017

      thanks Martha – yes I try to work a little bit every day on several projects – one day they will get done!

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 11, 2017

    Oh your flock of birds is growing and they are so pretty! I wonder why it takes so long to warm up, good review Karen. I’m off to go to a funeral of a friend today, so have a wonderful day.

    • Karen Nov 11, 2017

      sorry about your friend – yes the birds are growing they don’t take long to do – I just have to be in the mood to do them

  • Juliana Nov 11, 2017

    In the photo of your star quilt, it looks like you may be planning to do a fancy quilting pattern in the middle of one of the golden squares. True? I agree with other readers: your birds are fantastic! I feel inspired when I read your blog, so, thank you.

    • Karen Nov 11, 2017

      I am doing a sunflower stencil in the middle of the plain blocks with a grid. Thanks for you comments! nice to know I inspire someone

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