Sunflower Quilting hmm–not sure

Bird Brain, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Round We Go

Ok I am disappointed with the sunflower quilting in the plain square in Murrieta Stars to the point that I might pick it out and choose something else.  I do not like it when you stand back and can not see what the design is – another color thread – or just too much for the flannel –  close up–

IMG_3797 (2)

From a little further away – I decided to not quilt last night until I could decide if I wanted to keep it – I almost think the other flower that I used in the border might suit it better – not so many lines and that would show up better.

IMG_3798 (2)

Here is the flower at the very beginning – it doesn’t show up really well either – I think flannel makes for designs harder to see – maybe just a grid would be better on this plain squares?  I feel like I am wasting my time putting in a flower when you can’t make out the design well.


Other than pondering over the quilt above I did make one more bird and so now there are 12 of them.  Bird Brain coming along.

IMG_3795 (2)

Round We Go – and now there are 9

IMG_3799 (2)

I won a little give away a week or so ago and this arrived in the mail from Quiltmaker – a nice little package of fall color charm squares.  Thank you Quiltmaker.


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  • JoAnna Nov 16, 2017

    I can make them both out and think they add a lot to the quilt. I do think the first one in the corner is clearer though.

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      I can make out that it is something but when you see it in person you really can’t not make it out clearly

  • Marianne Nov 16, 2017

    The flowers might stand out more if you removed just a little of the cross hatching around them. Why not take out a row or two of that stitching and see how it looks? You could also try echoing the flowers once or twice. What a dilemma!

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      I think it is the flower themselves, it is too much stitching or something – for flannel

  • Barbara Nov 16, 2017

    You are right, the flower gets lost and it’s a shame to put so much work into that and not see it well. I am not a hand quilter but my vote is to do just cross hatching in the square and no flower- it would give it a little cleaner look but that’s my “uneducated” opinion.

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      Thanks Barbara that is what I am thinking – the flower is getting lost in the flannel

  • Vicki W Nov 16, 2017

    How about a big flower that fills the block?

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      I don’t know I don’t really have one so would need to make one if I go that way

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 16, 2017

    I agree with you Karen, I think the flannel just absorbs the stitches too. It’s a lot of handwork for the stitches not to show up clearly in my opinion. The flock of birds is so pretty, love all the bright colors! Your stars just shine, such beautiful colors. Congratulations on the win, you are so lucky!

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      I think I am just going to do the grid without the flower – I picked it all out this morning and tried a different darker color thread but it didn’t really change how it looked. I’m not going to waste my time on some thing I don’t care for!

  • Linda Dutch Nov 16, 2017

    Your birds are delighful! And I’m loving the stars, lots to look at!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…finishing thingsMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      thanks Linda – I’m not sure how many more birds I need to make – quite a few I bet

  • MaryLou Nov 16, 2017

    Your quilting is soooo nice love those perfect stitches. Think a grid might show better since the flannel seems to absorb the design – no sense in doing all that work & you don’t get to see it. Such a pretty Quilt this will be. Birds are so colorful. Look like fun!!

    • Karen Nov 16, 2017

      that is exactly what I thought I would do – the grid shows better!

  • Lisa Simon Nov 18, 2017

    I think I agree on the sunflower quilting. It’s only going to get harder to discern once the quilt is washed.

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      yes that is what I was thinking – I have decided on just plain grid and it is working out and going a lot faster also

  • Raewyn Nov 21, 2017

    I think the sunflower is recogniseable and looks lovely but do think you’re probably right about the long term effect of the use of the flannel and what it will do to the sunflower. It’s always a shame to unpick but if you’re going to be happier then the effort will be worth it. Your birds are fabulous and I love your stars too. Lucky you with the winning – congatulations!
    Raewyn recently posted…Festival of Quilts and OMGMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      I decided to do a grid on the quilt – if you look at today’s post you will see how far it has come along – one row of plain squares now have grids and I have moved on to the next row.

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