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Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, scrap quilts

From two charm packages – one print and one white solid comes a throw size quilt with a little bit of fabric from the stash.  This quilt will be donated.  Finally got back to work on it yesterday.  The borders are sewn in place but I will replace one cornerstone as it is the same color as that piece of the border that goes right next to it – I didn’t realize that was going to happen until it did.  Also I think I might put corner stones in the final border as well which for now is just pinned to the wall waiting for me to work on it today.  It seems like no matter how I try to get the color right on this quilt the borders show up too dark

IMG_3914 (2)

The second border pinned to the wall- you can see the colors better in this one

IMG_3916 (2)

and this one is close up so you can see the color much better – this is the cornerstone I will change out.

IMG_3917 (2)

Handful of Scraps with two more rows needed on the last side for this part of the design

IMG_3918 (2)

The area I am picking up on for Murrieta Stars – when I finish across this section of width I will be half way done.

IMG_3915 (2)

Today starts work on our roof – major repairs and new shingles – much needed (old house) and the tree that was above the porch caused some damage over the last 5 years or so.   We wanted to get those trees out first then the roof and then new gutters.  Lots of work going on for upkeep of our house. No way to get around it – it has to be done.  Hope it will be a two day job and done by late Friday afternoon.  The roofer came highly recommended and has a good work history.  Now of course I have to put up with two days of noise – also going on is repainting the kitchen which I will be doing myself and Mike will be putting up new lights – all needs to get done this week and hope to be done with most of it by the end of the weekend – this project came up suddenly but one of the lights went bad in the kitchen and needs to be replaced – taking that fixture down means a paint repair of the ceiling – so might just as well take down both light fixtures, repaint the kitchen first then put up new lights.  I have not liked the paint in the kitchen since I put it up about 4 years ago – the color just wasn’t what it had seemed like it would be – going with just plain white this time!

Never a dull lazy moment around here!  What have you been up to?  I will be glad to get this work done and then on to decorating for Xmas – I do not do a lot of decorating but some and would like to put up a little bit of outside lights as well.

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  • Kathi Nov 30, 2017

    I love your little lap scrap quilt you are piecing… and I can’t believe how awesome Handful of Scraps is looking and that you are already about to the halfway point of your hand quilting project.. congrats on getting a new roof and affording it too!!! Those things do have to be planned for for sure! What color/style of shingle are you getting? I would do metal if I have to put a roof on our home when we move north… I miss a metal roof down here they are expensive and don’t last as good… so we do dimensional shingles here in Fla… enjoy repainting the kitchen today and I hope the lighting your hubby is doing makes your cooking all the more fun to do as well! lol
    We are still packing and I am slowly making hand quilting and machine piecing progress on my projects… hoping to work on painting the outside of the house today as the weather is to be agreeable but we shall see. Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Amethyst Stars… 2/3 complete!!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      have fun painting the house – no we are not getting a metal roof – the shingles will be brown about the color we have now – putting in track lighting in the kitchen. I will be working on the scrap quilt today i think and hope to get it done or about done

      • Karen Nov 30, 2017

        the shingles are the dimensional shingles like you say you have they should hold up to the strong storms we get here off and on

  • Mary Nov 30, 2017

    Roofing repairs are really noisy. I hope the work goes quickly for you. Your Handful of Scraps is looking great. I keep plugging away on my borders and don’t make nearly the progress you do.
    Mary recently posted…A Little of This and ThatMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      I will need to escape to the sewing room all day I’m sure – they will be here any moment and then the noise begins – wish I had a basement to escape to LOL – have you decided how you will do your borders for the hexies? I haven’t decided what will be next

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 30, 2017

    I hope you find some peace and quiet in your sewing room. We replaced our roof two times in the 32 years we lived in Coloado Springs and it was a bit noisy but fast. Your throw size quilt is so pretty and the hexie quilt is getting to be so much larger. I’m back in the yard today still cleaning my flower beds. I’m aching all over but will just work it out, have to finish so I can decorate for Christmas. I don’t envy you painting the kitchen, but it will be how you like it and so much better for you to enjoy.

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      the painting won’t take real long as they are “half walls” with lower half being wood so it goes much faster – it is the ceiling that takes a little more time.
      yes the guys are up there working steady and sound like a herd of reindeer! Steep roof though with a huge attic space so I doubt they will be done today as the wood over the porch needs to be replaced and special attention around the stone fireplace and some eave work as well – Mike and I did it ourselves some years back and of course should have hired someone instead – but at the time we could do it – we have been here since 81 – have fun with the garden and enjoy the weather while you can!

  • Carla Therrien Nov 30, 2017

    Love your little lap quilt. I often wonder how far a charm pack would go? We had to replace our roof in Arkansas before we sold our home and it is very noisey but really looks so nice when they are done. Our old roof turned black I guess with mildew over the years so it was quite a transformation.

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      this is two charm packs – one white and one print and the border from the stash so it went pretty far – I am finishing up today on it and it is close to 49 x 60
      yes we had some of the black from mildew also and where the big tree hung over the porch it had been jamming the gutters all the time with leaves and overflowing causing some of the wood to rot on the edges – a lot of money goes into maintaining a house doesn’t it

  • Marianne Nov 30, 2017

    I like your borders for the little quilt – simple but sweet.

    Roofers! I always seemed to be working while they were at it, which was good. We had a lot of roof work done while we had the B&B – it was slate and original to the house (1887). Usually they are quite tidy, though, cleaning the yard afterwards.

    I haven’t done any decorating yet either. Just mailed a bunch of packages today, and now I’m starting on Christmas letters. The European ones are ready to mail. I do fewer and fewer each year, but like to keep in touch with some old friends and relatives around the country. Good luck with the painting!

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      I haven’t even thought of Christmas cards right now, it seems we receive less and less of them and they do not seem to be something most of the family do anymore – I’m not sure how many I am sending out.
      it has been loud here with the roofers and it will continue to tomorrow too, having the workshop done too

  • Belarmina Nov 30, 2017

    Karen ete edredon esta quedando super bonito
    me encanta esa tela verde

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      thank you! I got done with it earlier today and I will send it to another quilt blogger that quilts for a group to give quilts to veterans of wars

  • Deb Nov 30, 2017

    I love the little scrappy quilt!
    Had a roof replaced last year / the NOICE was amazing….it ended but the bills did not / just tranferred it from one credit card to another today trying to keep the interest costs down
    Deb recently posted…This & That ; End of NovemberMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      LOL – yes I figured you meant noise — roofs are pricey aren’t they – still have them back tomorrow I would say at least half way done, we needed major repairs (restoration?) over the porch where the tree had been shading the house way too well and all those leaves dropping on the roof sure created a lot of mildew/mold/moss – the noise is just so much I was able to escape for a couple hours and it will be more of the same tomorrow

  • Deb Nov 30, 2017

    noise 🙂 Typo 🙂 I meant to type NOISE 🙂
    Deb recently posted…This & That ; End of NovemberMy Profile

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