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The miracle of watching a short video on how to paper piece brought it all back to me.  I was in the sewing room almost all day as the tree cutters were here and the noise! well lets just say that the only room that was fairly quite and away from it was the sewing room being the furthest from the area being cut.  I managed to get two birds done and a little bit of quilting – in between going out the back door where I could get a few photos here and there and not be in the way.  So now there are 10 birds.  The 2nd from the top on the left side was done today and the bottom on the left also.  I made that one a fat bird to match the one on the top (which actually was a mistake as I forgot to put a white piece on the end of the body).  I will make more of that one too – just for variety – I might do some more that will be a little different.  Bird Brain is growing – this well be a couch size(throw size whatever you call it)  No more queen size quilts for awhile – I have to catch up on the quilts to be quilted first.


I got out my box of white bits & pieces to use and although I don’t have enough that will be the right size for the long piece across the top there is plenty in the box to use – not all blocks will be made of one shade of white some well have a variety.  I do have a lot of white fat quarters to use that are a variety of white on white prints.  Linking to Jo’s Country Junction and Midweek Makers .


A little more quilting done on Murrieta Stars


This area had 3 tall pines and one leaning ash taken out – the ash tree gave us the firewood that is stacked up. (there are more stumps but those are ones that Mike took out over the last couple of years that were not leaning towards the house).  The wood can dry for this season most likely and use next year although it might be dry enough to use by March if we need it – but the wood stack is still full right now as we barely used any last year (we do not heat by firewood unless we need to – bothers my allergies too much)

IMG_3728 (2)

I showed a photo a couple days back of the big tree that was here by the porch and it will take some getting used to not having it here anymore – but it was destroying the roof which is next on our list of “needs to be done” the leaves just piled on the roof too much creating moss and mold and rot by the gutters not matter how often we got up there to clear it all off.  The guys will be back this morning to finishing cleaning up – hauling off the wood which is not a good hardwood for the fireplace as it burns too quickly.  The guys even raked all the leaves off of the deck and that is part of their clean up service today.  Sure can tell I need to spray wash the deck in the spring – not going to bother to now.  I will miss the shade the tree gave in the summer for sure when I could sit by the firepit and be in the shade – that area will not be in the shade now I think.  But on the plus side I wonder what kinds of flowers I can grow in the swing area and in the flower bed by the porch as I will have more sun – all the plants here are for shade – I might be able to finally grow some flowers up here.

IMG_3736 (2)






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  • Kathi Nov 8, 2017

    I am loving how whimsical Bird Brain is looking… is this for your daughter or am I remembering wrong?? Couch/throw size are nice to quilt too.. and this one will be a fun one to add to your mix when ready!!!
    Congrats on your progress on your quilting and on getting your maintenance of trees cut and harvesting the wood for your own uses too!!
    I hope you adjust to the sun addition to your porch.. I think the lesser leaves and sap will be welcomed too!
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Surprises!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      yes the quilt is for one of my daughters if I remember right she saw one of the birds on pinterest and showed it to me. Lesser mess of the leaves will be welcome but I spend a lot of time on the porch and I like the shade – I am not a sun person so I hope the other tree will still supple the shade needed for the porch but without the mess of the leaves that created too much mess on the roof as it was directly over it. But now we will see how it will be – maybe in the late winter and early spring instead of being too cool on the porch because of the deep shade it will be more pleasant – who can tell – we will find out for sure

  • Diann Bottrell Nov 8, 2017

    Our neighbors had a tree taken out recently that gave us a lot of shade – I know I’m going to miss it next summer! It will definitely change the kind of flowers I can plant there, too. I’m enjoying seeing your collection of birds grow!

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      I hadn’t’ even thought of the possibility of new kinds of flowers to plant in that area until yesterday – I will miss the shade though! I might be able to do more container gardening then I have been able to in the past

  • maxine lesline Nov 8, 2017

    A few fat birds make for a good diversion .. tho the difference in fabrics / colors does the same. What an interesting quilt…

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      thanks Maxine – I’m not even sure how I will put it all together still

  • Vicki W Nov 8, 2017

    I don’t know why but I love watching people cut down trees. There’s so much skill involved but the make it look easy. I also love your bird blockd!

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      it was very interesting to see the precision that they did landing them in such a way – taking branches off and having them swing exactly right to miss the roof and land on the ground. I hate how open the house looks now though without the tree there – that will take some getting used to – it no longer looks like it is sitting in the woods – it is going to be much sunnier now – which isn’t bad in the winter – but how will it be in the summer – will the other trees block the sun from the house? This one had really grown in the last 10 years and I do remember having more sun in the swing area then we have had in the past couple of years for sure. Oh well – we have to think of the damage it was doing on the roof and how many times Mike has had to do patchwork – hopefully now when we get the roof done we won’t have that trouble above the porch anymore

  • Susan Nov 8, 2017

    You certainly have a whole flock of birds going – they’re really cute! Thanks for sharing today on Midweek Makers
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #97My Profile

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      they are cute aren’t they

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 8, 2017

    Your flock of birds is growing, and I think my favorites are the fat looking ones, lol! I think you’re going to like your porch even more now with some more light and less work for Mike, plus more sunlight for flowers and containers. It’s always a bit sad to see a tree go, isn’t it? Your beautiful quilting on Murrieta Stars grows every day, so inspiring. A dark, cold, 47 degree rainy day here in the DFW area.

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      it is going to take me awhile for the new look of no tree – I think it will be less work for me actually as I am the one that normally does most of the yard work and spray wash of the porch and things – I have cleaned the gutters more time than I can count. Cold day in the upper 40’s here!

  • The birds are beautiful! I want to sew a big flock of them too.

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      I’m not sure how many I will make but I think I will probably need close to 50

  • Lea Nov 8, 2017

    I like those birds!! They are beautiful.

    • Karen Nov 8, 2017

      thanks! I must admit this is more “modern” then I usually do – I’m more of a traditional quilter but now and then I see a pattern usually on pinterest and then hey that one I like

  • Deb Nov 8, 2017

    While I know that it needs to be done, I feel sorrow about the tree.
    In contrast, the birds are fun 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Beaver Moon, Haircuts, Concussion, etc. A Slice of Life 🙂My Profile

  • Denise Nov 9, 2017

    Will the birds and hexi be one quilt? If so that is going to be perfect. The tree, I feel for you in both aspects. My home is surrounded by them, last year we had to cut down a huge oak that was full of carpenter ants. While I miss the shade it provided I don’t miss the noise of limbs falling on the nearby shed roof. Then this summer we had a storm that laid another large oak against our home. The squirrels just loved that particular tree and I loved watching them play.

    • Karen Nov 9, 2017

      No they are two separate quilts – just sharing the design wall right now – I do miss my tree but I’m sure when we get the new roofing taking care of we will be happy with it. less squirrels jumping on to the roof too I imagine – they will still be a bother I’m sure as we have so many trees. Yes when trees fall on to your house it is not nice! I feel for you there.

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