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ACHR10181We didn’t get the snow that people in the deep south and the eastern coastline did but it has been cold here recently which does make it feel more like winter and the holiday season for sure – but I have been extremely slow this year putting out my decorations – I hope that we get the tree up today.

Mike finished up the lights in the kitchen and everything was put back up on the walls where they belong and with all that done I would say I am ready for the decorations. And the baking, my fruit cake (with dried fruit) well not be sitting long but it will still be good (mine is kind of like date bread with extra dried fruit and nuts in it).  I have not kept up at all with adding recipes to the blog and I hope to get back to that project in January – I just won’t say I will do it before that.  That is another project for next year.

Here are a couple photos of the kitchen – some of the lightbulbs are “daylights” and some aren’t we intend to change them all over to daylights in the next week.  The walls & ceiling had been a light green – now they are ivory – and the light fixtures were totally different and really defused the light so that it was not good light for a kitchen

IMG_3973 (2)

The track lighting is much brighter – in fact too bright at times but Mike will be putting in dimmer switches as well so I don’t have to have it really, really light if it isn’t needed.


A little more work was done on Murrieta Stars – and I worked on it last night as well.


I didn’t work on the wool eggs and I really should have done some on it but I will try to get one finished today (I hope)  I did get a little more stitching on the hexies but didn’t really lay it out to show  – and I do think this will not be growing more after I complete the 3 rows on the side that I am working on.  Both of the projects mentioned will be worked on today for Slow Sunday Stitching.  I’m also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework .


The Christmas quilt is on the wall – I washed it and dried to get all the creases out of it and freshen it up some, it has always been a little long for this wall the bottom border is always tucked behind the couch so I decided to wash it in warm water and dry on high and see if I could get it to shrink a little more and it did – I never used to see any of the bottom border and now you can see a hint of it – maybe I need to wash it in hot water and try again – no not this year.  I have the wreath on the front door and some bells hung in that “window” area of the kitchen that divides if from the living room, on the first photo of the kitchen you can barely make them out.


Craftsy’s  12 Days of Craftsy Sale  continues Day 10 is today.

I’m pretty sure AccuQuilt is running some sales too – you might want to check them out – they always have too many different deals to list

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  • Marianne Dec 10, 2017

    You kitchen looks nice and bright now. I like lots of light in the kitchen, perhaps due to my aging eyesight. I am behind in decorating, too, but we’re supposed to have a big dose of snow on Tuesday, so maybe I’ll do it then.

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      with the new lighting though I was finding a lot more areas that needed a good cleaning! Decorating for Christmas when it is snowing sounds like a good time to do it

  • Wendy Dec 10, 2017

    We haven’t even gotten our tree yet, so I am way behind on decorating. Our daughter comes home this coming weekend, so it will all get done for sure then. I want her to be a part of it. Love your Christmas quilt!
    Wendy recently posted…Messy Creative FunMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thanks Wendy I’m not sure how old that Christmas quilt is now – I would have to look at the label.

  • Sarah Dec 10, 2017

    What a lovely big kitchen. So not only have I got quilt envy (your Christmas quilt is gorgeous) I’ve got kitchen envy!
    Sarah recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      Thanks – the kitchen when we first moved into this house 36 years ago was a very tiny with a dining area to one side – it was all not set up very well at all and we have made many changes to it over the years and adding a small dining room to one side several years ago made it so I now have a long kitchen with much more space. We have done all of the work ourselves over the years.
      I love the Christmas quilt too and normally put it out at Thanksgiving and was so busy I totally forgot to – I might have to leave it up half of January to make up for it.

  • Deb Dec 10, 2017

    The kitchen looks awesome!! Love seeing the Christmas quilt out for the holidays. Enjoy your stitching and tree trimming today 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slow Stitching in the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thanks Deb – the kitchen is much brighter now for sure

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 10, 2017

    Fun to get a peek at your kitchen! I imagine the new paint and lighting make a big difference. I love your Christmas quilt! Such a pretty design!

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      it is so bright now I almost need sunglasses! well be glad for the dimmer switches so it won’t be this bright all the time LOL

  • Jocelyn Thurston Dec 10, 2017

    Cold here too Karen but not much snow at all yet. I’m envious of all the space and cupboards you have in your kitchen. You are so good to do the work yourselves. Love your quilts you are now displaying. What beautiful work. I will be interested when you decide on something for those Morris prints too.
    Enjoy this time of year.
    Jocelyn Thurston recently posted…Can You See What I See?My Profile

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      I will be starting the new Wm. Morris quilt in the new year – it is one of Michele Hill’s designs

  • Val Reynolds Dec 10, 2017

    Your Christmas quilt looks wonderful!! Love your the “cabin” feel of your home. Continued happy stitching wishes being sent your way. (PS It’s so cold here we keep saying….if it’s going to be this cold it needs to snow!)
    Val Reynolds recently posted…Thin Mint Crackers (A Blog Hop)My Profile

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thanks Val – yes sometimes when it is cold you just want it to snow so it feels complete

  • Celia Dec 10, 2017

    Your Christmas quilt is beautiful and your revamped kitchen is looking good. It’s been snowing all day here in the English Midlands!

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thanks Celia – I wonder when or if we will get any snow – we usually do at least a couple times in the winter not real often though

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 10, 2017

    Love the look of your kitchen, it’s beautiful and looks bigger and brighter. My whole house is painted that color. When we had our house built, we decided that color would make the rooms look bigger, and go with everything. The quilt is just gorgeous, l really like the bright colors and you did such a great job on it. Glad you can get caught up on your other projects now. Enjoy your slow stitching Sunday, it’s going to be in the 70’s today.

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      yes I like it this color much better than the green – I had it yellow once too and didn’t care for that long either! in the 50’s so far here and tomorrow near 70 that will feel nice.

  • Cynthia Brunz Dec 10, 2017

    I always enjoy seeing your progress on your beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : Empty BinMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thanks for you weekly link Cynthia it is always nice to see what others are working on

  • Sandra B Dec 10, 2017

    Your kitchen looks great, Karen! That color is so refreshing! And is that some granola in the pan on the counter? I think I remember that you make granola from time to time.
    I remember seeing your Christmas quilt before, and love it! As you know, I am working on a seemingly never-ending red work quilt…I think I will finally be able to get all the red work embroidery finished by the end of December….the blocks, border, and hand quilting won’t take nearly so long… I have a Christmas sampler quilt top that was finished years ago…my goal is to finish both of these, completely, by next Christmas. I was looking for something yesterday afternoon, and ran across another Christmas sampler (one that IS completely finished!) that I did probably 15 years ago. I take it out every year at Christmas, but for some reason didn’t even think about it, so now it is in it’s usual place on a rocker in our den.
    We did get some snow here in Virginia. Accumulated mostly on grassy areas, and most of the roads were fine. Today is in the high 30’s, and the sun is shining brightly, so it is melting. And the next couple of days will be warmer still, so I imagine it will all be gone by middle of the week. I have to say, though, that this was a pretty snow, and the moon is really bright, so looking out at night has been a beautiful sight!
    Enjoy your slow sewing today!

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      my sister just got snow flurries but she is further south and close to the ocean. So it will be next year for those Xmas quilts huh – better get busy 🙂 up to 70 tomorrow – back to nice weather – yes on granola I make it about every 8-10 days

  • Belarmina Dec 10, 2017

    Karen me gusta tu cocina y con esos ventanales al jardín….
    disfruta de tus guisos!!!
    deseando ver tu decoraccion de navidad

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thank you! I like the kitchen better now too

  • Jill Dec 10, 2017

    How nice to have a remodeled kitchen at this time of year. I like the traditional hand quilting design you are stitching. Very nice work.

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thank you Jill – I’m afraid the repainting and new lights kept me from baking thought and I haven’t even started on any of that and I better get busy this week I guess. thanks on the compliments with the hand quilting – my first love!

  • MaryLou Dec 10, 2017

    What a nice kitchen so much room to cook & bake. Great paint color.
    Your hand quilting is just so beautiful – making good progress on your Quilt.
    Such a pretty Christmas Quilt. Maybe you will get a snowy day before long.

    • Karen Dec 11, 2017

      thanks Mary Lou. I need to get started baking in this kitchen soon for sure – maybe snow flurries for Christmas? We are in a drought so need moisture of any kind – Arkansas has not had much rain since September.

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