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Handful of Scraps, Hertfordshire Quilt, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

ACHR0836I know I am ready for a new project – I’m getting kind of tired of the same old things!  The hexie quilt Handful of Scraps will be finished soon and I will be ready then for a new quilt to work on this coming year.  It will be a challenging quilt and I will need to make sure to stick with it but it will take a year or more to make this new quilt.  I mentioned it last year when I got the book that the pattern is in – but I had too much going on then to even start looking at fabric.  My new project will be the historic Hertfordshire Quilt – not to be confused with Mrs. Billings – the two quilts are very similar and I wrote a blog post about it last year.


The fabric from the kit I ordered last week from the Green Fairy is the main fabric that will be used in it and I got it yesterday.  I measured and refolded every piece and it came out to 11.25 yards – minus the cost of the ruler included, with my $15 gift card and the discounted price on the kit the fabric cost $30!!  that comes down to less than $3 a yard.  A very, very good find.  All the folded fabric came in the kit, and the other fabric is from the stash.  I don’t know if the stripe fabric will be in this quilt – it might go for something else – I will wait and see as I make it and decide as I go.


The jelly roll on it’s side so you can see the fabric better – it also was from a sale.  I have more cream colors in the stash and other fabric that can be mixed in as needed.


Here is a flat photo of the quilt so you can see the whole thing.  Why did I decide on this instead of Mrs. Billings? mainly the price – Hertfordshire is by Carolyn Konig and she has all the templates and pattern in her book “Creating Heirlooms – One Stitch at a Time” where as Mrs. Billings has paper templates, acrylic templates and pattern in a kit basically for several hundred dollars which might be what some of you want but I know I will be taking my time so it is just as easy for me to make copies on freezer paper from my printer from the book and cut the templates out with the rotary cutter a little at a time.  Besides the price I guess I just want to be different!  A lot of people over the last 5 years or so have been on the Mrs. Billings craze – I don’t know which pattern came out first and they are very similar – I just thought I would do this one.  You can do a combination of machine and EPP or hand piece – I am not sure what I will do – combination or one method we will see.  I know some of you will think I am crazy for taking on this quilt and others might just order the book and join in on the fun – if you decide to make this quilt too or have already done so let me know – I would love to see your quilt or the progress you make on it if you join me in this quilt.

Hertfordshire Quilt

I will have one more challenging quilt to make next year – an applique quilt and I will share that another time – a different type than the above for sure –  yes two because I need to take a break from one thing and do something else – I always do it that way I can not work on one project at a time – even if this quilt ends up taking me 2 or 3 years to make – I remind myself that both of my Dear Jane quilts took me over 4 years to make each one.

There will be other quilts to make to by machine and they won’t be challenging like Hertfordshire but they will be fun to make too and using up the stash is a must!  I am linking today to Esther’s Quilt BlogJo’s Country Junction Midweek MakersSew Fresh Quilts

Handful of Scraps – you can see the side I am working on – it needs one and a half rows and it will be done.  I think I will probably just square up the sides straight and not do anything fancy with the edges.  This will be a nice quilt for over the edge of the couch or on a wall.  I have been working on it well over a year now I believe – I have it written down but not handy

Handful of Scraps

Murrieta Stars from  Monday night.

Murrieta Stars

The outside of the is now decorated too – all decorating is done – let the Christmas Cookie Baking begin!

IMG_4004 (2)

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  • Susan Riley Dec 13, 2017

    I shut down when I see DIAMONDS! LOL. I will follow closely~:) Susan

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      you mean you wouldn’t do this quilt? 🙂

  • Marianne Dec 13, 2017

    That’s lovely! Have fun making it. If I’d seen it before, I might have bitten, too. I saw one in a museum in Alabama that was similarly complex. I keep thinking about making that one – it had a lot of clamshells which I’ve never made. I love medallion quilts. Am curious to see the other quilt – you tempt us readers!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      no clamshells in this one but I think in a couple other books there are some – I have several books with these historic patterns in them

  • Wendy Dec 13, 2017

    Oh my goodness, challenging is right! I will enjoy seeing your progress as you work on it. You got a great deal on the fabric (don’t you love it when that happens?)! You are way ahead of me in the ready for Christmas category. Your house lights look very nice!
    Wendy recently posted…Stocking StoryMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      Maybe I can get in the Xmas mood now? It was such a good deal on the fabric I couldn’t believe it. –

  • Kaholly Dec 13, 2017

    You are the most ambitious Quilter I know!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      surely not LOL – there is something about a challenging quilt – sometimes I will make the whole thing and sometimes stop before it is as large as it could be.

  • Celia Dec 13, 2017

    I was so pleased to see on Instagram that you are going to make this, it really is lovely and has been on my ‘maybe, one day’ list for a long time – perhaps I’ll join if I finish something else first though! Handful of Scraps is looking great as is your quilts on Murrieta Stars. Like you, I need variety and at the moment I’m hand quilting Sutton Grange from the Di Ford pattern, making hexagons for the Libby Morgan quilt and have an appliqué quilt started so plenty to get on with.
    Love your Christmas decorations.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      Celia it sounds like you have challenging quilts going too – I love Di Ford patterns but havn’t made one but have one of her books. I want to get Handful of Scraps done before I start this new quilt – it will take some concentration!

  • Ruth Dec 13, 2017

    I have that book and might need to make this, too.

    The lights are so pretty!
    Ruth recently posted…Happy Chanukah!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      well be nice to see your quilt if you decide to make it

  • maggie Dec 13, 2017

    I am so excited for you – it will be great to follow your progress
    maggie recently posted…on ringo lake and accuquiltMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      thanks I hope with blogging I will be able to stay on track with it

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 13, 2017

    Your new project looks amazing, and I will enjoy following along on your progress! The Christmas lights are very festive on your house! Enjoy your baking, too!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      thanks Diann – this can be a fun quilt to make I think but a big challenge too

  • Susan Dec 13, 2017

    Wow! That is one ambitious project! Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      yes I hope I can stick with it and keep reminding myself it is ok if it takes 3 years to complete LOL

  • Tu-Na Quilts Dec 13, 2017

    I know you can handle that new quilt project and it probably will go faster than you think. Your Handful of Scraps is lovely! I am so glad you decided to finish it this way. Your cabin looks wonderful; good enough to be a Christmas card picture. No lights up around here but we do have a Santa hat on our little cactus. Merry Christmas.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      thanks! yes the house is looking pretty good now with a new roof and new paint in the kitchen – xmas lights up what more could I ask (well for youngest daughter and family to be here but not this year )

  • Kathi Dec 13, 2017

    I just love the excitement that preceeds starting a new “big quilt project” 😀 I love your Hertfordshire quilt and wish I could do it along with you… in lieu of that I will certainly enjoy watching you piece it… I find it very lovely!!!
    I am glad you have found peace to finish handful of scraps and glad you are making steady hand quilting progress… I am surprised with the size of your eggs for Christmas !!! I thought they were smaller actually until you showed one in your hand! lol
    I love the lights your hubby got put up! Great job! Have a blessed day! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Amethyst Stars… 2/3 complete!!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      I thought the eggs were smaller too until I started to sew them together – much larger than I thought they would be – I could cut the pattern down a little bit for the next grouping if I ever get around to more.

  • Carolyn Dec 13, 2017

    Karen, both the reproductions and the original are fascinating to study. I love the old patterns. You have the tenacity to complete that, sure hope you offer hints and suggestions as you progress with it. Can’t wait to see you working on it, your fabrics are perfect! Merry Christmas!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      there have been so many historical patterns that I have wanted to make over the last 5 years or so and the Australian authors just keep making more – they are so good at it. I will try to preserve and make this quilt from beginning to end!! even if it takes 3 years!

  • Jill Dec 13, 2017

    Great bargain. I would have chosen that pattern also. Love the Moda fabrics.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      thanks – I love a good bargain!! Moda makes some of the best fabric I think

  • Linda Dutch Dec 13, 2017

    Looks like a wonderful project, challenging but I’m sure you will love making it. Great christmas lights too! Happy Christmas!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…some slow Sunday stitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      Linda it does look very challenging but if it take it one round at a time – it is a medallion after all – it might take me more years then I want to and I know I will be taking breaks and doing other things as well – so hopefully it will be done!

  • Maggie Dec 13, 2017

    I started mine last week. The book found me at Quilt Canada over the summer and the fabric followed me home as well. Saw the line at the show and decided to sleep on it. Order ed it online. Doing a combination of English piecing and machine piecing. It has been on my list for a number of years. Looking forward to seeing your journey with your colours.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      so nice to hear of another making this quilt! I wasn’t sure if I would do more than one method of work on this – sometimes I find it hard to do part with EPP and then connect it to a machine stitching area. Do you have a blog I can follow your progress on? if not send me a photo now and then 🙂

  • Sandi Dec 13, 2017

    That quilt is stunning!!! I look forward to seeing it as you progress. Your house looks so nice. Hugs,

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      it is a great looking quilt isn’t it

  • Glenda Dec 14, 2017

    You are so lucky in the states to be able to buy specials in fabric Karen, to buy 11yards of fabric like that you are looking at over $20.00 a metre so that’s around $250.00 or more just for the fabric, very few places sell you less than a fat quarter, and some no less than 1/2 metre. To be realistic you would be looking at $350.00 and using some stash as well. I know you will make a beautiful quilt from this pattern, not some thing I would tackle I don’t have the patience LOL. Looking forwRd to following you on your journey next year. Cheers Glenda.
    Glenda recently posted…WOW or WIP’s with Esther 13th Dec 2017My Profile

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      I bought the fabric from an on line store that had a close out on a kit – you could buy buy fabric like that too but I do not know what the shipping price is – it still might have been a good deal for you. I know fabric is very expensive in other places like your Australia and Europe. We are lucky that it is “only” $10-14 a yard here

  • audrey Dec 14, 2017

    Looks like an amazing new project! Love the fabrics/colors you’ve picked to go with it!

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      thanks Audrey – I will start this one at the new year

  • Rebecca Grace Dec 14, 2017

    Oh, WOW, Karen! That quilt is going to be magnificent! I can’t wait to see your next applique project, too. I completely understand about the need to take a break from one project to work on something else. Which is why I halfway loaded the math quilt on my longarm frame last week and then decided to make another pineapple log cabin block.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Pineapple Log Cabin Therapy: Block 34 of 42, etc.My Profile

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      I always need to take breaks from one project to another or I get bored – I will really love one project when I start but always need a break I will show the applique quilt that I plan to make next year soon

  • Colleen Dec 15, 2017

    I enjoy seeing your projects I will not be making that quilt it is too ambitious for me, I can see you going step by step a little today and it gets done for you. Your house is lovely decorated for Christmas, we don’t have any young ones to visit us so I haven’t decorated in several years. I stopped the indoor first but we did lovely lights outside and decorated a tree in front. Now our income is less and truthfully it’s just costs too much to run the lights my husband would say turn them on at 6 PM and off at 8 PM. It just was too expensive and too much work for 2 hours per night… we drive all through our small town and look at everyone who does have lovely decorated homes.

    • Karen Dec 15, 2017

      I’m sorry your electric company charges so much that you notice it if you decorate at Xmas – we have never really noticed that the electric bill goes up all that much over the holidays. We no longer have many visitors over the holidays but we do not entertain so that is our fault – most of our family is not near but we still decorate for fun

  • Deb Dec 15, 2017

    How cheerful your outdoors looks!

    That is going to be a fun project for us to follow 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slow Stitching in the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 15, 2017

      thanks Deb- hope all is going well with you and all your wonderful grandchildren

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