Handful of Scraps

Handful of Scraps, Wool Eggs

I am seriously thinking of not making Handful of Scraps any larger – I am working on the 2nd of 3 rows on this area as you can see and then all the sides will be the same – I’m really not sure if I will go larger – right now it will measure 57 x 61 and that is an ok size – I keep telling myself I should make it at least a little larger and go with one more border but I am really feeling ready to call it quits on this one – there are more quilts that I want to make and I don’t want to have to keep tying myself down to making a quilt larger when I am getting tired of it.  Maybe I should just finish this side and put it away for awhile – there are at least 3 or 4 quilts ahead of it waiting in line to be quilted anyhow – it isn’t like it would get quilted next week if I say I am done with it.  I think if I remember the quilt in the book is about this size before the applique border was added to it.  This is a good size for on the wall or for a child, a small couch size?  Sometimes you just tire of a quilt.  I have 3 quilts that I want to make in the new year (at least) and still find time to finish the others that are in progress.  Two of the quilts I want to make will be time consuming – and then of course easy quilts will be tossed in the mix as well for faster sewing machine work.  One new quilt is a historical pattern with EPP and another is all applique.  I expect both will take me over a year to make because I know I will take breaks from them and be working on hand quilting as well.

Handful of Scraps

I did work on the wool eggs yesterday as well – at this point I am not sure what they will be used for – maybe put loops on one end and hang them on the tree?  All of them are not partially put together.


This one is stuffed and ready to hand stitch the last side seam and try to do the fancy stitches on the seams for decorations.  Mine are no where as fancy and pretty as the ones in the pattern are – but this is not my talent!

IMG_3970 (2)

I left this little part open from where I stuffed it at and it will take just a little hand stitching.  All of the seams are doing on the sewing machine so it will go fast, it is easy to stuff – it is the decorative stitching that will take awhile.

IMG_3971 (2)

I left a hole this size to stuff.


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  • Marianne Dec 9, 2017

    Sometimes it is time to call it quits or at least set a quilt aside for a while to decide. The Storm at Sea measures at 58″ square now and I think I’m going to add about a 3″ border all the way around and call it finished. I’ll hang it in the closet and will probably quilt it in 2018, when I figure out how I want it quilted. I’ll have to piece a back for it anyway. So it will end up a throw. Your Handful of Scraps looks gorgeous just the way it is!

    Your eggs are coming along really nicely. I think you’ll like them better once you do a little fancy stitch on the edges. I would like to start another wool project soon and am going to take stock of what I have soon. I just got a pattern called “Hearts and Flowers” that looks promising.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      I will probably put the quilt aside with the extra pieces I already have cut out and maybe I will feel like making it larger later

  • Gretchen Dec 9, 2017

    Take a break from handful of scraps for awhile until you decide what you want to do. If you want to make it larger, you could appliqué the body to an outside border. That’s what I did with my grandmother’s flower garden.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      I don’t think I want to do a border – I was going to do that last summer and then changed my mind, I will put it aside though with the box of extra pieces just in case

  • Susan Riley Dec 9, 2017

    I really like it as is…it’s a happy size! There is nothing worse when you start dragging your feet on a project-it’s invasive. It’s not a terrific place to be-have a # bagged in q. room closet so this is ‘the voice of experience’! Susan, a voice from N.E.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      I like it as it is but I have a lot of extra pieces already cut out, I will put it all together and if I have still not made it larger when it comes time to quilt it then it will get quilted and the pieces turned into something else.

  • maxine lesline Dec 9, 2017

    The little wool (?) eggs are interesting ..great tree decorations…or strung on a line like 3 dimensional banners. A good in-between project.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      I have been thinking either in a bowl grouped together or on the tree – a banner is more work that I do not want!

  • Wendy Dec 9, 2017

    Your hexie quilt is lovely, whether you decide to stop where it is or add more. It’s just so pretty! Your eggs are so cute! I could see them nestled together in a cute wooden bowl or a basket. Fun!
    Wendy recently posted…Messy Creative FunMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      I’ve been thinking also nestled in a bowl or on the tree

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 9, 2017

    Thank you for showing how you did the eggs. I think they are so cute and would be lovely in a little bowl too. If you are tired of Handfuls of Scraps, you’re right to put it aside for a while. It looks like it’s a nice size already and would make a great quilt! Your other projects will give you new inspiration too. I’m looking forward to seeing the two new quilts you will be working on and following along!

  • Deb Dec 9, 2017

    You already have a bazillion big quilts to fit your bed. This is a very nice couch size : )
    Deb recently posted…Hand Quilting ; Moving ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      LOL – that is kind of what I was thinking Deb and I know at least 2 if not three of the quilts waiting in line to be quilted are queen size as well – I have to stop thinking I have to make all quilts large – I just have always been drawn to large quilts but I just don’t need more and neither do the kids –

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 9, 2017

    Handful of Scraps is so amazing as it is! All that hand work! I can see stopping where you are and leaving it at that size. The eggs are turning out so cute! I like the plaids you’re adding. It would be fun to have a collection of them in a bowl!

    • Karen Dec 9, 2017

      Now If I could just keep making these eggs all year round – but somehow I doubt I will – I would really have to remind myself to do that. I am coming to the conclusion also that Handful of Scraps doesn’t have to grow any more after this row and the next on this side are done. I tried it out on the couch and it covers nicely when I am curled up on the couch – not if I am stretched out but nice enough

  • Carla Therrien Dec 10, 2017

    Those eggs look like a lot of work, but they would be cute as ornaments. I say if you are ready to call it quits than go for it. Large quilts are harder for me to work on as I get older. They can end up so darn heavy.

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      the eggs are bit of work and now I haven’t been in the mood to make them LOL – they are sitting here on the table and I haven’t touched them for several days. I think large quilts are hard to work on but the hexies get tiring after awhile

  • Lisa Simon Dec 10, 2017

    I think your ornaments are looking really good!

    • Karen Dec 10, 2017

      thank you Lisa

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