Handful of Scraps

Handful of Scraps

Yesterday was a busy day of laundry, more baking and reading – I’m on the last book of the Outlander series and wow does it take time to read – I think I have been reading these books for close to two months now – I read them the first time about 20 years ago I guess as they came out for over I don’t know how many years  –  and them read them again some years back and now again.  Some parts are like new to me as I barely remember parts of the books.  I watched some of the series on tv but not all of it.

Last night Mike and I were watching the Star Wars from several years ago to refresh our minds before we go see the newest of the Star War movies later this week.  While that was on I was stitching hexies for Handful of Scraps and only have 14 left to attach and it will be done.  Been asked what am I doing about the edges – I will leave them be for now with the papers in them and then when I am ready to quilt the quilt I will machine stitch along the edges and cut them straight – I want it easy to bind.  I am not taking out the papers right now along the edges just in case I ever decide to make it a little larger – I will put all left over cut pieces with the top just in case but I really don’t think it will grow any more – but you can never tell what I would feel like next year or whenever so that is why.


A close up.  I don’t know what all I will be working on this week in between getting the final baking done for Christmas which is way too much for us and some of it will still make it’s way to Melanie’s house and in the freezer too.  No quilting last night.  We finally had a half in of rain on Saturday night which we needed badly as Arkansas is in a drought and more possibly on Tuesday night or Wednesday but doesn’t sound like it will be a lot for us unless it moves up the state a little bit – and still saying maybe some snow around Christmas or right after – won’t believe that until closer to the end of the week – they are so often wrong this far out still.  Linking to Small Quilts/Doll Quilts and Em’s Scrapbag  today.


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  • Kathleen Dec 18, 2017

    I always wonder how others handle the edge of hexagon tops. So I’ll be waiting to see what you end up doing. Here in Oklahoma most of us too are dealing with drought conditions. And chance of snow here is around 20% for Christmas. We’ll see. Have fun baking.
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    • Karen Dec 18, 2017

      the weather predication’s keep changing so much first they say snow for xmas then no then yes we will wait and see for sure!

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 18, 2017

    Handful of Scraps is such a pretty quilt – I always love seeing your photos of it! We are thinking of going to see the Star Wars movie tomorrow before all the kids get out of school. Plus it’s Senior Day, so we can see any movie for $5! Enjoy your baking this week! I don’t do much of it anymore, but there is one recipe I want to try. We will enjoy a little something sweet!

    • Karen Dec 18, 2017

      I think senior tickets are sold in the afternoon here at ours – don’t know if it is every day or not but I think so – have to check. I shouldn’t do as much baking as I do I always wait it seems until the last 10 days or so before Xmas then we eat so much should start earlier or stop making so much

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 18, 2017

    Fourteen more to go, alright! I haven’t done any baking yet, I usually wait till a few days before Christmas before I start. I don’t bake as much as I used to do, less temptation for us, lol! I’m going to make some fudge to send to my daughter with my son since he’s going to visit her in Kentucky for the holidays, she always wants my fudge. I was basting my hexie neutrals last night with tons more to do. Its cloudy today with chance of rain tomorrow too.

    • Karen Dec 18, 2017

      I will be glad to have this quilt done and out of the way! I have more on the design wall to finish and start new ones of course too – always making too many at once – I used to make fudge also but quite doing that some years ago – I have to stop making so many cookies and each year try to do less

  • Linda Dutch Dec 18, 2017

    Your ‘handful of scraps’ is looking so-o-o good! Here in NZ it’s hot & sunny, such a contrast! Hoping I get to have a ‘white christmas’ one day!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…a tale of two WiPsMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 19, 2017

      I doubt we will have a white christmas – occasionally we do though, it will be cold enough for certain.

  • Peg Miller Dec 19, 2017

    I read the whole Outlander series once a year waiting impatiently for the next one. I get impatient–it take s her so long to get each one done. Currently in the middle of Echo in the Bone. I have to frost my gingerbread cookies and make more Santa Claus ( a special recipe from my Grandma Grace using her cookie mold) so I can give away my Xmas plates. Had pneumonia for almost 3 weeks so am tired and slow. Had to just let alot of things go this year. I am hand quilting a paper pieced Xmas house from the last Quilters Newletter xmas pattern, maybe it will be done by next Christmas!

    • Karen Dec 19, 2017

      I finally finished the last one and then I was on line checking something and see that she is currently writing another one but doesn’t know when she will be finished with it it will be book 9. I was making more cookies today with my wooden molds. Sorry you had pneumonia it takes awhile to get over that I’m sure – I got a shot for it so luckily haven’t had that and if I do maybe it won’t be real bad I guess.

  • Christina Jan 1, 2018

    Your hexi quilt is beautiful. I agree with your plan on how you want to finish it, as I would want a straight edge for the binding. I can not wait to see it quilted and finished. I hope your Christmas season was wonderful, I understand having too much baking!
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    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      thanks – I’m not sure when I will be quilting it – it is one of 5 in line

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