I Love My Sewing Room

Hertfordshire Quilt, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, sewing room

yes I know I have been back in my sewing room for several months now but I am still getting used to using it I think.  I never used to work on my hand piecing in the sewing room but would have it scattered throughout the house – now I have one big table that I can sit at and work at if I want and have room to watch Netflix at the computer or the Ipad as well. – It is nice to be spread out like this.  When I was working on the EPP block I could easily pick out matching thread by reaching up to the thread cabinet and choose.  Here I have the applique pattern out to start looking at – should I start in the middle with the large center block or start on one of the smaller blocks- I’m not sure but first I will cut out at least a partial pattern to practice machine applique on – I want to see if I can applique that way or not and if I like it – liking it will be the main way to decide needle turn or machine – if I don’t like the way it looks or the process it will be by hand for sure.


I got the very center of the Hertfordshire quilt done and that will be put aside now for a week or so maybe while I look at other things.  I really do have to get another Round We Go circle star cut and laid out – a bird block when? too many projects – I think for the new year I might try to have myself work on a different top each day so I can cycle them out and make progress on all.


In the first photo notice the red/white box – that is a gift box that held a new nutcracker for the collection and it was from Melanie I love the box to and just the right size to hold the fabric for the Hertfordshire quilt.  I can’t fit the book in it too right now but maybe later as the fabric gets cut up?



This area quilted on Monday night

IMG_4104 (2)

And this area I was beginning to work on Tuesday night but I got off to a late start on it.  We had went to a late afternoon showing of Star Wars and then out to Chili’s for burgers and fries before getting home where I realized I hadn’t finished the laundry and had one more load to toss in the washer and one to take out of the dryer and clothes to fold.  So I got going on all of that before I started to quilt and had a load in the dryer while I was quilting.

IMG_4105 (2)

Right now for fun – because I don’t need to concentrate on it I am watching on Netflix NCIS from the first season while I am quilting.  I always found the first 6 or 7 seasons fun to watch – I loved the characters and the silly interaction they had. I don’t even remember some of the shows it was such a long time ago they were on – 15 seasons!   The last 4 years or so I haven’t liked or watched as closely.  I haven’t liked the new characters much at all.

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  • Kathi Dec 27, 2017

    Hey Karen… Merry Christmas belatedly and Happy 2018 in advance to you and yours… just getting all caught up and I like your idea to work on a different project each day and cycle through each project in a week or something like that… I am LOVING your Hertfordshire progress and colors you are working with … much less muted than the pics of the original and I am happy for that… the colors remind me of the project I am working on now… and almost done with. Like you we had a quiet Christmas. I am glad you had Aniya around and I love the coasters her and her mom made up for you and your hubby for Christmas! Hope they are usable… maybe in your sewing room or in the living room you can set them out for you and Mike to use 😀 I also love boxes and memories attached to things like that… I keep silly things that are memories for me and make them useful in my space… nice to see I am not alone and you found a home for that cool box from your dd. Have a great day! I am working on the last few rows of stitching on my quilt… looks like we may finish with our quilts at about the same time! lol Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…3/4 Done with Amethyst Stars and MORE !My Profile

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      The quilt had a few close ups only along the borders of the pages and you can see that the colors are darker and brighter than they look in the overall photo of the quilt and it included reds, blues, yellows besides the browns and the over all mix of beige’s for the back ground – lovely colors. I love saving the decorative boxes and if it doesn’t’ work out for this quilt and needs to be changed out later I will save it for a decoration under the tree. I don’t know for sure if the coasters are use able or not and would hate to ruin them so I might try to see if I can find a picture frame of some sort that they can be laid in

  • Susan Riley Dec 27, 2017

    ‘I think for the new year I might try to have myself work on a different top each day so I can cycle them out and make progress on all’….brilliant! I get so scattered sometimes because I LOVE to begin a project and then slow down. Need to clean my room to make that possible-nothing like a fresh start I always say. Maybe I can pull out that planner I bought that has nary a mark in it…hmm. Glad you had a nice quiet Christmas Karen. Susan

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      I have a planner this year too and and would be nice if I could use it and actually make some progress on things. Sometimes I think it is the only way I will make progress on some pieces that I have started.

  • Lisa Simon Dec 27, 2017

    I can’t believe how far along you are on Murietta Stars! It’s turning out beautifully.

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      it seems to have been moving quickly but it is 2 and a half months now so that is pretty much on track for a quilt this size for me – but time is flying by for sure

  • Deb Dec 27, 2017

    You two worked so long and hard on that room so it’s good that you like it now! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Applique, Quilting, and a Christmas RecapMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      the main thing we have not liked about the room is we didn’t realize how slippery lament flooring is for office chairs – without a rug the chair just flies out from under me – after two times of actually almost literally ending up on the floor we had to put a rug down on my side of the room – Mike being heavier doesn’t have as serious of a problem as I was having but his chair does slide a bit too. I do not know how people handle this without putting a rug down. I didn’t want to go to a chair without wheels as I roll back and forth from work stations to the quilting frame and didn’t want to have to move a chair or have numerous chairs although I am still looking now and then at cushioned armless chairs to see if there is anything that would work out and be the right height – so far I have not lost any needles in the rug and that was one reason why we didn’t want carpet in here.

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 27, 2017

    Your sewing room really is beautiful, and looks so useful and organized! I think your table especially looks useful with its different sections. I love the box, too! I have a few projects that need organizing boxes – I think they sell some crafting boxes at Costco I might look at. Hope you enjoyed the Star Wars movie! We saw it last week, and had fun talking to our sons about it afterwards. They are both big Star Wars fans.

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      I love decorative boxes to store projects in and we used to have a Tuesday Morning that I could always find some at but they closed last year, TJ Maxx sometimes has some but I haven’t seen any there for awhile now. We did enjoy the Star Wars movie but I’m glad we watched the previous one last week so I would remember what all had happened in that one or I would have been lost in it.

  • Ruth Dec 27, 2017

    I do like your sewing room. Enjoy!

    I’m with you on NCIS. Once Ziva was out of the picture and then when Tony left, it just wasn’t fun anymore. Oh well, we enjoyed it all those years.
    Ruth recently posted…A finished sweaterMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      yes the new characters just don’t interact as well as the old ones did – it is like they don’t even try to have them fit right.

  • Diane Chambers Dec 27, 2017

    I too love my sewing room. I have never quite gotten the knack of watching TV and sewing but recently I got a new iPad pro as a gift. I made and downloaded some music playlists to it and enjoy listening to the songs while I sew and putter in my feminine version of a “man cave”. You can see a few pictures of my sewing space in my post http://dianeloves2quilt.blogspot.com/2016/09/thoughts-and-boughts.html

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      I think for me it is more listening then watching and when I am quilting I almost always have something playing that I have already seen in the past. – I can listen to music but I keep feeling distracted for some reason. I will check out your page, love seeing how others set up their sewing rooms too

  • Jayne Dec 27, 2017

    Having a sewing space that feels good to us is so important. It isn’t about just being efficient. If we have a place where we love it can also inspire us, get our creativity flowing and it can be a good place to hide too!

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      yes if we are not comfortable in our sewing space we won’t use it as often as we want and well find we are spread out all over the house

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 27, 2017

    I like your block, Karen, so pretty. I’m glad you’re enjoying your beautiful sewing room, so many quilts are going to be made in it! I like to watch shows while I quilt too, music for some reason distracts me, I prefer quiet to it. We could get a lot of quilting done if we didn’t have to do laundry, huh? Lol. I love pretty boxes and that’s a pretty one. I miss Tony and Ziva on Ncis, they were such fun personalities. I started on the Hertfordshire quilt yesterday and got the nine patch block done. Boy, those squares are little, aren’t they? I had no idea they were so small, lol! This is going to be fun!

    • Karen Dec 27, 2017

      great start Dottie – the nine patch is little – you were planning on machine piecing or paper piecing I forgot? Yes Tony and Ziva made the show – I like Tony and Kate together too – I’m on the second season right now so she is still on it – they are both immature nuts! When Ziva came they gradually had Tony grow up a little bit but not too much 🙂

  • audrey Dec 28, 2017

    I actually enjoy cycling through my projects. It makes the tedious spots feel like they go so much faster if I can tell myself ‘just work on it for this day or this long’. It sounds wonderful to have plenty of room to do all sorts of your quilting work inside your quilt room. 🙂

    • Karen Dec 28, 2017

      somtimes you hit a tedious spot and need to put it aside for awhile don’t you

  • Marie Dec 28, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    Love your sewing room! Always like to see other sewing rooms to get different ideas!! I also watch Netflix when I sew!!!!! Must be a sewing thing. Keep up the great work on your site.
    Marie recently posted…The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Under $500-Quilting on a Budget!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 28, 2017

      thanks Marie – I have read so many quilters listen/watch Netflix while sewing, I guess we just need back ground noise but most seem to prefer Netflix then music for some reason

  • Lorna McMahon Dec 28, 2017

    I love the title of this post! And thanks for inviting us for a visit to your happy place. Your quilting is coming along nicely. I do so admire your hand quilting, Karen. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

    • Karen Dec 28, 2017

      thanks Lorna – I wish you a Happy New Year to and to a great new start of a new life

  • Janice Holton Dec 28, 2017

    I’m so happy for you now that you got your sewing room all finished up! I am making improvements and organizational changes to mine a little bit at a time. I keep saying I am going to do a tour of it but it’s still such a mess! I have boxes of things I don’t know what to do with. So I’m still figuring out things. I love the new scrappy quilt you are working on. Pretty fabrics!!
    Janice Holton recently posted…Hedgehogs are the Cutest!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 28, 2017

      yes it is nice having the room back and organized – yours well be before you know it.

  • The Eclectic Abuela Dec 28, 2017

    You have a beautiful sewing space! Happy Holidays.

    • Karen Dec 28, 2017

      thanks – I love my new space and more work table are then I ever had before.

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