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ACHR1013Considering I was gone for half the day with a trip to Little Rock for my quarterly check up it is not surprising I didn’t get much if any sewing done.  While in Little Rock we went out for lunch of course and then over to Sam’s before we headed home.  Mike was going to work on getting the outside Christmas lights up and got it almost done and I decorated the tree and did get it done and the boxes cleared out of the living room – mark one thing off the list – well two one was the doctor visit.  That was just routine – I see my rheumatologist every 3-4 months and have blood drawn for checks on levels because of medication – same old stuff for almost 30 years now!!

The tree.


Mike working on lights – 66 degrees at the time – 20 degrees lower today!  I’ll show outside lights when he gets down – Aniya will be passing the house last night on the way home from from her Great Granny’s house with her mom and will check them out.  She and Melanie will be over on Saturday to make Christmas cookies and to get her Christmas present because I probably won’t see her again before Christmas.  I think sometime next week Melanie and I will have a Christmas shopping day – right before the rush but there you go she won’t have time before then and said she didn’t have time to make gifts this year.


One wool applique egg done other than the decorative stitches – doesn’t really look Christmassy in my opinion other than the sides being red and green.  Three more to go – applique is already done – not to self – in the future stick with Christmas colors (this was done Sunday afternoon)  I think these might be saved for next year at this rate and will I ever get some made for Easter?


Quilting from Sunday night

IMG_3992 (2)

I rolled down the frame and sat down to work last night on the quilt about 7 PM and will sit and work on this for about 1-2 hours depending on my hands are.  I put my hand braces out and have to get used to using them – I don’t find them comfortable but the joints at the base of the thumbs (close by the wrist) are bothering me more and several other finger joints and Doc says get used to them and called in a prescription of Voltrane Gel (I’m not sure on the spelling I will pick it up later today) and anti-inflammatory ointment –  Anyone use this ointment and have luck with it?  (I actually find it harder to open jars and hold a cup of coffee then put thimbles on my finger tips and quilt!!)

Murrieta Stars on frame

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  • Jill Dec 12, 2017

    It is always a good feeling when the Christmas boxes are out of the living room only to return in a few weeks when the tree is taken down. Sigh. Sometimes I wear a simple hand brace from the drug store which alleviates discomfort. Have not yet used any gel on hands. Hand exercises helps during long lengths of stitching.

    • Karen Dec 12, 2017

      I never feel like any of the braces help, I have tried several different kinds and feel no different with them

  • Barbara Dec 12, 2017

    When we were in Italy this fall a guy on our tour used that ointment. He bought several big tubes of it in Rome for $9 each, it’s sold over the counter there. I would have picked some up but I only had a carry on bag so was afraid it would have been taken at security because it was larger than the 4 oz limit. I tried it on my knee and it seemed to really help.

    • Karen Dec 12, 2017

      I heard that ointment was not prescription in Canada either and that it was fairly cheap – I expect I will need to pay my co-pay and the info on the sheet that comes with the prescription will probably say the insurance is paying a hundred for it or something like that with the way prices are in the states! I will pick it up later today when I run in town and see what it is like

  • Ramona Dec 12, 2017

    Your tree is so pretty. I love looking at the ornaments others have on their trees. I’m sorry your hands are bothering you. Hopefully the ointment will help relieve the pain.
    Ramona recently posted…Finished PillowsMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 12, 2017

      thanks Ramona – I do wonder if the ointment would do anything, I normally see no difference when I try ointments

  • Judy Zoll Dec 12, 2017

    My friend uses it all the time on her knee, she says it is the only reason she is able to get about. She is just not ready to have knee replacement surgery–she also needs her opposite hip replaced. So you can see why she is trying to postpone as long as she can.

    • Karen Dec 12, 2017

      well I just picked it up and well give it a try – I didn’t remember using it in the past but I remembered it when I got it – the doctor had me try it for bursitis in my hips one time but it didn’t do anything for it this is arthritis so i will hope to see it do something. I can totally understand your friend putting off surgery but everyone I know that had knee replacement surgery says they wonder why they put it off so long that after the healing process was done they were so glad to have had it done.

  • Dawn Cooper, BC Dec 12, 2017

    My husband has used the prescription strength Voltaran (Diclofenac). The over the counter strength that can be purchased in Canada is 1%, but the prescription can be made to suit the patient’s condition. My husband’s was a 10% mixture & he found it helped him a lot. The medication goes straight to the joint through the skin so works really well on fingers & toes where there is little underlying tissue. Make sure that you apply it & allow it to get in to the joints before you start to do any work, otherwise you may be wiping it off & it is too pricey to waste.

    I have also used an ointment of 10% Ketoprophen (related to Ibuprophen) & found that it worked better for me than the Diclofenac.

    Hope it works well for you.

    • Karen Dec 12, 2017

      the prescription strength that they gave me is the 1% – we do not have it over the counter here. I hope it will work on my hands – I am to use it three times a day at 2 grams of ointment each time. It cost me $20 for my co-pay but the price on the package if you do not have insurance is $93 – so yes pricey indeed!! I’ll let you all know how it works for me –

  • Val Dec 13, 2017

    I have used Voltarin Cream. The extra strength one is available Over the counter in Canada and it is very good. Use sparingly as it goes a long way, and it takes a day or 2 to feel relief but it works.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      the prescription I was given is 1% I started to use it yesterday now I will give it a week and see if it does anything

  • Tu-Na Quilts Dec 13, 2017

    OMG. I took one quick scan of your pic and thought it was Santa himself stringing the lights around your cabin! My husband had issues with that same thumb joint and had a surgical procedure done in Sept. He had the other one done 4 years ago and it worked wonders. He is pain free in that wrist and is hoping the one just remade will be the same. He said it was worth every bit of $ and time to do it.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2017

      well I will opt for no surgery on anything unless absolutely needed and no where near to that point right now. Yes hubby does bare a resemblance to Santa at times LOL

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