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I really haven’t touched the hand quilting since Sunday night – I don’t know how long I will be able to control myself but I have gotten one more part of the egg done – two sides or two eggs?  I think I will probably go with 3 sides of little things like French knots or some sort of little design and have one wool applique side on them and then try to do the fancy stitching on the seams.


A little more work on the shawl got done. I am linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today and Kokaquilts .


I had a can of white paint left over from something so that is what I used for a primer to cover up the green walls and ceiling before I move on to painting the kitchen today.  I got a nice simple color called “Cozy White” kind of like what is called “egg shell” maybe.  I got the kind of paint that says only one coat is needed as long as you have used a primer – I so hope that is true.  Because I do not want to have to use two coats – I would love to be done with the painting today so I can get the room back in order and start to decorate for Christmas soon.

So what do you do when you paint and have to empty out the kitchen from all the stuff that sits on the countertop – the things on the walls etc – well it is all moved the dining room right now – all over!  A mess!  I hope the walls will have been nice and dry for a couple days and I will be able to put things back on the walls by the weekend – I would like them to be good and dry – when I was taking things off the walls I could tell I had hung some things up before the walls were completely dry last time as they had stuck just a little bit and had to be tugged off of the walls.

IMG_3956 (2)

Primer on the walls and ceiling – it is nice having only half walls to paint though-it goes so much faster than if it was all the way down to the floor – of course doing the ceiling is not fun  – and then I have to have lights from the shop up here to work with because the light fixtures on the ceiling are down – not the best of light to work with – but I keep moving them to where I need them the most and I get some natural light in from the windows.

IMG_3954 (2)

So a cold front is coming through today but the weathermen keep changing their minds daily on what is happening – first they said on Tuesday night we would get rain changing to snow flurries – then Monday they said the cold front was coming in early and would be thunderstorms off and on all day – finally this evening we are getting much needed rain after an hour it only amounted to a half an inch but hope we get a little bit more – and it has been 63 degrees and humid as could be most of the day – I even had windows open for awhile to air out the kitchen.  Now they say it will be in the 40/50’s all week and mid 20’s to 30’s at night.  I’m just sitting back and wait and see what we get!  Up here on the ridge we have not had a frost still – that will change this week – I had moths and other insects flying around outside last night.

I heard from Susan from Quilt Fabrication for MidWeek Makers today that I won a e-gift card from Green Fairy – this is going to be fun – I will need to look through all those yummy pre-cuts – charm squares, jelly rolls, fat quarters – so much to choose from I know I will end up paying for part of the package!  and so much is on sale right now.  I love winning a give a way!

Craftsy’s  12 Days of Craftsy Sale  continues Day5 is today and Day 12 is December 12th – I wonder what it will be today – edited 6:30 AM — I just went and looked – today’s deal is 40% off Boundless solids, ombre’s and blenders

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  • Dottie bishaw Dec 5, 2017

    Congratulations Karen, how exciting! I love Green Fairy, they have such good bargains. How lucky you are! Your egg is so beautiful, such tiny perfect stitches. I could use your shawl today, the cold front came in during the night. Ft Worth got some rain, but we didn’t. Boy, painting is a lot of work, and having to take so many things down is a pain. Hope you finish today and have your beautiful kitchen back again. Your fingers need a rest from all that quilting, so don’t quilt until they’re healed up. I’m starting to attach the six rosettes onto my star on my Handfuls of Scrap hexie quilt, slow but steady.

    • Karen Dec 5, 2017

      short break time from painting and relax my neck and shoulders! a good time to check comments and other email. I would say I am almost half way done and the one coat paint I got is doing as it says – I do not think it will need a second coat other than a little dab with the paint brush here and there as I find spots I missed. Sounds like you are moving along on your Handful of Scraps quilts

  • audrey Dec 5, 2017

    Wonderful looking wool applique! Very sweet. It’s crazy how much of a mess painting can make–all the moving things around and making plenty of room. Hope it gets finished soon!

    • Karen Dec 5, 2017

      I hope to get to that wool tonight – painting is done! so glad to get that chore done – seeing as everything was out of the room once I got the painters tape down and vacuumed the floor I went ahead and polished it – everything can be put away tomorrow and the stuff back on the walls in a couple days.

  • Julie Dec 5, 2017

    Your applique is beautiful – very festive looking too. Doesn’t the white paint lighten up that room.
    Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap SHARE.

    • Karen Dec 5, 2017

      what I showed of white paint is the primer but the permanent color is ivory so still white and semi-glossy so yes it does lighten it up – I really hated the green that I had painted it about 5 years ago – I don’t know what drove me to do that LOL

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