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Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Wool Eggs

I think my fingers have rested enough and so it will be back to quilting on Murrieta Stars.  The finger tips were not real bad off and the 3 or 4 days that I took off helped them – I also wore white gloves with thickly coated fingers in Vaseline over night for several of the last nights. Does wonders!   Last night I marked the lines for the newest section on the second half of the quilt and well be back to work.

IMG_3961 (2)

The four sides of the wool eggs that I am making and had prepped are done and ready for me to decide what is next for each one – today after I get my hair cut and high lights put in I need to stop by Hobby Lobby and get a bag of poly stuffing for them and maybe I can get them done in the next week.  Not perfect but should work out ok.   I think I will stick with these four and make four eggs with them with more of the red wool for the other three sections and do some French knots, some circles – something to dress up the other sides and try to do the fancy stitching for the seams.  You can do one egg with all four sides like this – but I started kind of late to make many for this year – I might make some for a small bowl on the table for Easter in bright colors.  Linking to Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation today.


I might look for some little Christmas buttons for decorations on them also or beads that might work.



I mentioned the other day that I won a $15 gift code for the Green Fairy shop? Well I decided what to get—I shopped the sales of course LOL – what other way to get the most out of your money.  I found a quilt kit of which I really don’t know if I like the pattern all that much – but you get enough fabric and a ruler to make a quilt 65 x 72 inches.  It is a Moda quilt kit – from the Collections of Compassion by Howard Marcus.  On the Green Fairy page they do not show a close up of the fabric in the kit but I did another search and it is sold on the Missouri Star Quilt Company page also – they show a close up of the fabric but selling it for $118.00 as is every other place I saw it listed for – Green Fairy has it on clearance marked down to $55.00 – with my gift card I could get it for $40 – so I ordered it.  I’m not sure how much fabric it includes but most kits that size include about 9 yards of fabric so I figure I made out pretty good making it about 4.50 a yard. Do you like this pattern?  It is kind of strange looking – I’m really not sure if I like it or not – in a way I do but really not sure – I will wait until I see the fabric before I decide if I would make it or use the fabric for something else.  No affiliation to either the Green Fairy or Missouri Star but I thought I would show it as there are still 4 kits left in case anyone is interested – they had 8 when I first started to look at it the other day.

Moda Quilt Kit - Collections Compassion by Howard Marcus

Craftsy’s  12 Days of Craftsy Sale  continues Day 7 is today

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  • Teri Dingler Dec 7, 2017

    Oh I am so glad we can participate in the library raffle! For a chance at your beautiful work but also to help the library program. I will be getting my tickets shortly!

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      thank you Teri

  • JoAnna Dec 7, 2017

    I like the pattern but it does sort of look like the biohazard symbol!

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      LOL – that is exactly what I thought and it is what I thought as soon as I saw the pattern – but when I looked for a close up of the fabric I liked the fabric

  • Susan Riley Dec 7, 2017

    Karen-I found a link of the library’s site & posted it to my Facebook page…I am in 3 quilting guilds so here’s hoping! Susan

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      thanks Susan, I hope they can raise a little this is a small community and the library depends on donations, we get state aid of course but not enough

  • Sherrie Dec 7, 2017

    Love the eggs, so pretty, Your raffle quilt is beautiful. I’m with you on the quilt kit, don’t like the pattern, but love the fabric. Have a great day!
    Sherrie recently posted…TA-DAAA…………….My Profile

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      there is just something about that pattern lol – I don’t no if it is an old pattern or not but I just see “biohazard” when looking at it

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 7, 2017

    Yes, that pattern looks a bit strange to me too. The fabric is a great deal. Glad your fingers are ready to quilt again, I could tell you were dying to get back to it. Your eggs are so pretty, I really like them. You should be so proud of the quilt you donated, it’s such a good cause. I have a haircut and color appointment this afternoon too, we will be gorgeous again won’t we? LOL!!!

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      none of us like this quilt pattern! Yes it will be nice to have my hair cut a little and some color added – I almost fall asleep while she is working on my head – she has a gentle touch!!
      I will be quilting later today – I have been in a reading mood lately and doing too much of it (if there is actually a thing called too much reading)

  • Janice Holton Dec 7, 2017

    Congrats on your win! You are quite the bargain hunter! Those eggs are going to be so pretty when you get them done. Are you happy to be back quilting again?
    Janice Holton recently posted…On Ringo Lake Clue #2My Profile

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      Yes I am glad to be back to quilting I was beginning to have withdrawal LOL – I love a bargain!!

  • Belarmina Dec 7, 2017

    Que buena idea sortear la colcha, es precioso tu trabajo.
    Veo ese patrón diferente , estoy segura que harás un trabajo magnífico

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017


  • Diann Bottrell Dec 7, 2017

    Your wool eggs are so fun and bright! I love the close-up of the pattern photo – fun designs. I don’t buy a lot of kits, but I think it is probably a great way to get a good price on fabric even if you don’t want to make the pattern.

    • Karen Dec 7, 2017

      I have only made one quilt so far that was the pattern with the kit and that is the flannel quilt on the frame right now – I have two more kits one is another flannel one that I like the pattern for and the other one I don’t like the pattern but liked the fabric. It is a great way to get the fabric that all matches good for using in a quilt even when not using the pattern that comes with it.

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