Stitching on the Wool Eggs

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Wool Eggs

One side down and I still have not decided if I will have all four sides decorated or just one – I think I will do all four first and then experiment with it.  I didn’t actually use a buttonhole stitch with this – I just started to stitch and this is what I came up with.  It kind of looks like a buttonhole stitch but not quite.


This is the next one I am doing – they are not all in Christmas colors but will be a mixture.  The plaid kept coming out a little blurry for some reason.  I will do white french knots on this one and stitch the plaid down with the red and the blueish gray circles with the gray.


The quilting on Murrieta Stars from Saturday night.  I will work some on the eggs and the quilting for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy and part of the day will be spent painting the kitchen –  It is a fast drying paint but I’m sure I will get in plenty of slow stitching time as well on breaks from the painting.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.

IMG_3945 (2)

The new roof – it still looks odd without the big tree looming over it but I’m sure it will be a much “healthier” roof without it.  I will be decorating for Xmas soon but I don’t put up much outside.


And the workshop looking good too.


Craftsy’s  12 Days of Craftsy Sale  continues Day 3 is today and Day 12 is December 12th – I wonder what it will be today – yesterday was yarn and thread at 40% off – the first day was buy one get one free of classes – today? your guess is as good as mine – I will check just in case it interest me.  (EDITED: 9:30 AM — 40% off batting)

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  • Marianne Dec 3, 2017

    Your front porch looks so inviting! Glad for you that the roofing is done and the noise gone. I really like the look of those eggs and will be curious to see your progress with those. Yesterday I made four mug rugs, and today I think I’m going to make a fabric basket for my “boss” at the historical society where I volunteer one morning a week. Thought I’d fill it with candy. One of these days I’ll get back to Storm at Sea!

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      thanks Marianne – I do love my porch – it won’t be getting too much use for the next 4 months but I was sitting out there yesterday afternoon with a nice cup of coffee enjoying the sunshine – with the tree gone at this time of year there is a bit of sun in the afternoon now – I might be able to enjoy it off and on in the winter if it isn’t too cold. I need to make some new mug rugs one day. I’m curious as to how the eggs will end looking too.

  • Wendy Dec 3, 2017

    I agree that your porch looks inviting. The roof looks good; I’m sure it feels good to have that big project done (and the noise done too)! Can’t wait to see those eggs!
    Wendy recently posted…Stars of JoyMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      I think a roof is something you put off doing as long as you can because of the expense but so glad it is done now. I will need to get busy on these eggs and get some of them done.

  • Doreen Dec 3, 2017

    The style of your house is my dream house! Exudes “cozy”!! Really like the “eggs” and that grid quilting is the perfect touch! Not having snow on the ground here is making the days quite pleasant (oh, did I mention how we’ve been flirting with 60F these days?) but with tomorrow’s forecast of T-storms and an abrupt downturn in temps, I’m sure the calendar and the outdoor scenery will be a tad more ‘in sync’.

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      thanks Doreen – yes it is cozy and I love my porch. It has been near 70 all week and the sun was hitting the porch yesterday afternoon and I sat out for about 10-15 minutes while taking a break from getting the kitchen ready to paint. Come Tuesday comes winter and maybe snow flurries on Thursday – I would rather it cooled down gradually

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 3, 2017

    What a beautiful place you live in, Karen! Glad you can sit out on your front porch even in December. Your stitching on the egg pieces looks perfect for those little pieces. I found an unfinished package of wool ornaments in my sewing room the other day, and I think I will get them back out to finish up today. Haven’t done that kind of stitching in awhile!

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      starting Tuesday the cooler winter weather starts but we usually have warm days off and on throughout winter – not always but most times. I do need to try to get another piece of these wool eggs stitched today – maybe while the first coat of paint dries in the kitchen – which reminds me maybe it is time to get busy – I am kind of lazy in the morning – it takes me a couple hours to get going!

  • Sherrie Dec 3, 2017

    Love your projects, they are very pretty.
    Have a great day!
    Sherrie recently posted…STITCHING AND BOOKS…….My Profile

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      thanks Sherrie – here I am taking a break already and haven’t even started to paint, I’ve been putting up the tape around things and getting drop cloths – I think I will wait until after I eat my lunch!

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 3, 2017

    I too enjoy my mornings before starting my day, it’s always so sunny and nice now. Your roof looks so pretty on your house and workshop. It must be nice to sit on your porch with your coffee and enjoy the sun. Your stitching looks so pretty on the bright red wool, it’s going to be a beautiful egg. Thank goodness I don’t need any batting, I’m trying hard not to get tempted by looking on Craftsy, lol! Enjoy your slow stitching and take it easy painting your kitchen.

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      I don’t need batting right now either when I went to Paducah I picked up a couple king size bats, using one now for the flannel quilt and have one for the next quilt but with hand quilting I know I won’t be ready for it for a couple months and if I machine quilt any I will put together some of the big scraps for it.

  • Kathi Dec 3, 2017

    I love how your section of wool egg you completed turned out Karen… and I love your new roof on your house and your outbuilding too! Congrats on that… great progress too on your quilting as well… Looking forward to seeing each egg side and how they turn out… nice to have some holiday appropriate stitching to do!
    Kathi recently posted…Amethyst Stars… 2/3 complete!!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      I will probably be working on the eggs in the evening for awhile instead of quilting and give my fingers a break from quilting – otherwise the eggs might not get done!

  • CathieJ Dec 3, 2017

    Your quilting is so pretty. I really like how that egg is looking. Your porch looks very welcoming.
    CathieJ recently posted…Finished!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      thanks Cathie I like the egg too but I doubt I will get many done before xmas!

  • Cynthia Brunz Dec 3, 2017

    I not worked with wool yet so I am enjoying your progress. Your quilting is also coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : A Day of SewingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      working with wool is a nice change from cotton

  • Quilter Kathy Dec 3, 2017

    I also love your porch!
    In the summer if it’s not too hot, I’d be out there every Sunday!
    Enjoy your stitching today!

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      Kathy that is where I am for 7-8 months of the year easily (April to November at least) – out on that big porch – in the shade all summer long – now that we cut the big tree down that towered over the roof I might find it a little different but it is deep enough that most should still be in the shade

  • Deb Dec 4, 2017

    Such pretty, delicate stitching on these eggs 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Hand Quilting ; Moving ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 4, 2017

      they are a nice break from other things

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