The Hertfordshire Quilt Has Begun

Hertfordshire Quilt, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

I was just going to pick out a few colors for the center not make the center nine patch but before you know it – it was done!

Hertfordshire Quilt

nine little squares done with EPP together measures 3 and 9/16’s of an inch – might be off a hair but close enough!


I glue basted and used freezer paper for my templates.


I think our drought is over – over 3 inches of rain this week with most of it yesterday and last night – to that point now of saying enough already let the sun come out again.


Got a little more of Murrieta Stars quilted – each evening or almost every evening I have been quilting anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

IMG_4073 (2)

Are you ready for Christmas? I think I am – I’ve done more than enough baking  – and I”m not even looking at sales anymore!

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  • Sharon Dauz Dec 23, 2017

    Your hand quilting is beautiful! I live the fabrics you are using.

  • Susan Riley Dec 23, 2017

    Thank you for your daily blogs! They help start my day-a most Merry Christmas! Susan

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      thanks Susan – Merry Christmas to you

  • Mary Dec 23, 2017

    We’ve had rain this week too, but not as much as you. As we are officially still in a moderate drought area, it is most welcome. I will enjoy seeing your new project progress.
    Mary recently posted…Loss of an Old Friend and CelebrationsMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      well I don’t know if the drought is officially over but the burn bans are lifted.

  • Marianne Dec 23, 2017

    3 9/16!! I don’t think I’m up to doing anything that precise. Do you remember the Dear Jane blocks – some of those measurements were pretty amazing, too. Yesterday I worked on three blocks of the month for a guild block robin. The lady had a lot of different fabrics in the bag, so I made a Dresden Plate and a Drunkard’s Path, both by hand. Then I got out my old machine (the newer one is in the shop for cleaning) and made a log cabin. All 12″. It is indeed nice to sit and sew during these holidays.

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      yes I remember all those tiny pieces in Dear Jane!By time I got done with the second one I barely even wanted to look at it and to this day it is stacked among others rarely being used which is good as it is supposed to be for my granddaughter if she ever wants it when she grows up and can take care of it!
      I still love stitching by hand – bet you had fun making your blocks yesterday
      Karen recently posted…The Hertfordshire Quilt Has BegunMy Profile

  • Barbara Dec 23, 2017

    Wow, what precision. I just ordered some bird blocks from Joan Ford at Hummingbird Highway that will be pieced, not paper pieced and they involve tiny piecing, scan quarter inches and Y seams. Precision will be my challenge next year too, your blog and the detail in this new quilt of yours will help keep me on track. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      Barbara I’m going to keep you on track! who is going to keep me on track LOL – I sure hope I don’t start it and then set it aside for years. I really wanted to make Mrs. Billings when that pattern came out but it was so expensive – it came with the templates, papers, acrylics – all for about $250! This is so much better buying a book with the a pattern and templates in it – I don’t know which pattern came out first but they are very, very similar. You will need to remind me of this commitment now and then to keep me on track – Merry Christmas!
      Karen recently posted…The Hertfordshire Quilt Has BegunMy Profile

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 23, 2017

    That is definitely a teeny block! Do you add on around it from there? It will be fun to see what’s next!

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      yes Diann it is a medallion quilt so round and round it goes from here – this is the center I hadn’t meant to get started on it yesterday just pick out the fabric – I got carried away and started.

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 23, 2017

    I knew you were going to start before the end of the year! What a pretty little block that is, such lovely colors. Murrieta Stars quilting is going along at such a fast pace, you just are so good at hand quilting! We had almost that much rain too, and today the sun feels so good coming through the windows. Thank you for the lovely pictures you take time to put on your blog.

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      I couldn’t help myself Dottie – glad you got rain too – now I would like some sun! Have a Merry Christmas
      Karen recently posted…The Hertfordshire Quilt Has BegunMy Profile

  • Sarah Dec 23, 2017

    That’s a very cute piece of EPP and I love the fabric you are using! Merry Christmas!
    Sarah recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 23, 2017

      thanks Sarah – I think I will like this project as long as I take my time and don’t rush it Merry Christmas to you and your family

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