Wool Applique Eggs

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Wool Eggs

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt40_jpgI’m not really sure why I ever got this pattern of wool eggs last year – something about it called out to me.  I am not an expert at embroidery though by a long shot and sometimes I think I should just stick to quilting – but I like to try my hand at other crafts and hope that I can do something else fairly good just for variety.  Oh well the eggs are half way decent I guess but I can’t figure out the fancy stitching that goes up the sides of them so I will do X’s instead.   I am pleased with the little flowers though  – All are stuffed and ready for the final stitches then they go in a bowl or on the tree – they are larger than I thought they would be so I think I need to find a holiday bowl that they can go in for the season.  Here they are just lined up for a photo – the play-doh needs to get wrapped up and put under the tree for Aniya to open when she comes over on Saturday with Melanie to make Xmas cookies.  What is your favorite cookie that you make at Christmas if you do?  I used to make many different kinds but over the years have it narrowed down to about 4-8 different kinds – a lot get sent home with Melanie!   I cut the recipes down a bit so it doesn’t make as many – when the kids were small they loved making cookies too and we made so many varieties it was crazy.

IMG_4011 (2)

They are a lopsided and not as neatly made as they should have been but I tried LOL

IMG_4012 (2)

A little more on Murrieta Stars – I forgot to spritz out the blue lines but will do it when I get done with this next section.  Thanks for all the encouragement on the new quilt to start next year.  I will show the applique quilt and fabric that I have for the other challenging quilt that I want to start.    No I haven’t forgotten the Round We Go circle stars or the tiny hexies that will be a table runner or the birds or the wool applique wall hanging – I will continue to work on all of those too – I am crazy I know working on so many – but I know many of you have 15 or more projects in the works so I don’t feel badly that I start and work on about 4-7 at a time LOL.  I am linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.

IMG_4013 (2)

And a big thank you to Gabriele from Germany who has sent me a pair of hand knitted wool socks again this year.  Gabriele has made me 4 pair of wool socks over the years and I absolutely love them – they keep my feet toasty in the winter – I get very cold feet in the winter – they also protect my feet well in hiking boots when we go to the mountains traveling.  The very first pair that I got from her about 5 years ago is still being worn today – the knitting and wool has stood up to wear so well.  Thank you Gabriele!!  This is such a beautiful color isn’t it.


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  • Marianne Dec 14, 2017

    My favorite Christmas cookies are YOUR ginger cookies. Delicious any time of year, but I don’t make cookies much through the year. These are the big request in this house!

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      I keep forgetting those ginger cookies that you love – I never make them for Xmas but make them other times of the year – I love them and have for many years.

  • Wendy Dec 14, 2017

    My favorite cookie is called a Mint Snowball. The dough is a bit like shortbread or a Russian teacake. It is rolled into a ball, baked, then dipped in mint frosting and rolled in flaked coconut. Very tasty with a cup of coffee! I think your eggs are cute and will look just fine tucked in a bowl. Those socks are very pretty; what a nice gift!
    Wendy recently posted…Magnolia Mystery ProgressMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      You need to share that recipe on your blog it sounds good. If I make any of these eggs for being Easter Eggs I will cut the pattern down a little to make them smaller. I need to look for a bowl for these eggs.

  • Terry Dec 14, 2017

    Hey, the eggs look fine for first time making. Just enjoy them. Beautiful socks.
    Terry recently posted…A Shop HopMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      I will enjoy them – I will do the simple X’s up the seams though and try to learn the stitches another time.

  • Rebecca Grace Dec 14, 2017

    Ooh, those little wool flowers are beautiful! I love them. Although I am curious about the Play Dough in the photo with your Christmas decorations. 🙂
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Pineapple Log Cabin Therapy: Block 34 of 42, etc.My Profile

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      The Play Dough is for Aniya’s Xmas present – it needs to be wrapped and was sitting there to remind me.

  • Belarmina Dec 14, 2017

    Karen precios tu centro!!
    mañana me voy a ver amis pitufos.
    esperan ansiosos para hacer las galletas de manzana.
    ¿te puedes imaginar mi bolsa en el tren con nata, cortapastas y los utensilios para hacerlas?

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      traveling baker – yes carry it all in your bag so you can make special cookies with nieces and nephews – you will have fun

  • Tu-Na Quilts Dec 14, 2017

    I love a good rolled sugar cookie. We either use egg yolk paint to decorate them and then bake or make baked heart shapes into reindeer. I posted about those last week. Those socks look wonderful, soft and warm. I need a Gabriele friend, too. Those eggs would make good pincushions. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

    • Karen Dec 14, 2017

      I love sugar cookies too and will have some help making those this weekend. I never thought about pincushions but yes they could be used for that as well as decorations. I am very glad I have a Gabriele friend – she is the best!! Isn’t the internet one of the best inventions ever 🙂

  • Deb Dec 15, 2017

    the eggs are fine ; just don’t get play doh on them, lol! I still love the scent of play doh !
    Those socks are such a wonderful gift! I suppose out of all of the cookies, the rolled, cut out and decorated sugar cookies….if nothing else we have to have those 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slow Stitching in the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 15, 2017

      the play doh is now safely wrapped and under the tree!! I think I like spice type cookies the best and you press them in wooden forms from the “old country”

  • Lisa Simon Dec 18, 2017

    What a nice friend you have! I have one pair of hand knit socks that I cherish. They are so comfy!

    • Karen Dec 18, 2017

      aren’t they though – I love them and so grateful that she made them for me

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