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tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt15_jpgFinally I got back to my wool applique eggs – trying to get at least one done for Xmas – either to hang on the tree or to eventually have enough to fill up a bowl for a decoration.  Each egg has four sides, you can either make them all the same or change them up – I imagine you could even just have one side decorated to show and the other three plain.  I will do the stitch work on these and then decide if it will be four or one.


I used a little glue to hold in place and seeing as these are little pieces the tweezers came in handy.


I said I didn’t have any Christmas decoration up and went into the bedroom to get something and remembered I had the wool applique from last year that I made stored away and hung it up in the sewing room as I have something else hanging where I had put it last year.

IMG_3924 (2)

Murrieta Stars from Thursday night — besides working on this I need to get back to my Round We Go – the challenge was 4 circle stars a month and I only got done with one in November – I guess it is good I wasn’t “officially” working with any group on it.


One of my Black Friday purchases arrived this one from The Fat Quarter Shop – I had ordered one more piece of fabric that was clearance but it didn’t come in the package and they had subtracted the amount off of the total so I assume they no longer had it – I had checked off the box that said no need to contact me – these are for nothing in particular 1 yard each and I’m very pleased at how well they go together – although I had not planned a project for them I do believe these with another gray and a red would be enough for a small quilt I bet.  I thought the quilt on the cover of the book was rather neat and easy looking  – another “maybe” next year?


And well it has been almost two weeks for the ferns in the house – well 2 weeks for one and a week for the other and I am sweeping up piles of dried leaves already LOL – these are not going to last long I bet.  I will give them a good watering tomorrow – I think I will do that on the porch and and spray them off good – and then when they dry a little bring them back in – then it will be cold by Tuesday so no more outside showers for them.  I went ahead and ruffled the plants on the underside to have more of the dried stuff fall off and ended up with a dustpan full of them when I swept them up.  The new roof on the house and the shop is done!  Thank goodness I don’t know if I could have handled one more day of so much noise!  It was dark when they got done – I will take a photo tomorrow I haven’t even gone all around looking at it finished – it was too dark, Mike was out there a lot though and all is well.


And I missed it but Craftsy started a 12 Days of Craftsy Sale that started yesterday so I missed one day – sorry – so if you are interested in seeing a daily sale for 12 days start checking – Day 2 is today and Day 12 is December 12th

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  • Kathi Dec 2, 2017

    Excited to see how your wool egg pieces work out… and if it is 1 or 2 or 4 eggs these pieces are the beginning of in the end! Those look like tiny pieces for sure!!
    I love your little splash of Christmas/winter artwork in your craft space 🙂 Your progress on Murietta stars is awesome too! Sorry your ferns aren’t thriving indoors like they did outside this year … maybe daily misting is needed to replace the humidity they don’t get from outdoors.
    Have a great weekend and I love the fabrics and stuff you got from Fat quarter shop too! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Amethyst Stars… 2/3 complete!!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 2, 2017

      I daily mist LOL – outside is just a lot more humid then a house with the heat turned on – granted it isn’t coming on much but off and on even that the house is not humid. Ferns always do this to me which is why they are normally not in the house!

  • Ruth Dec 2, 2017

    I love the projects you share on your blog. I admire the focus you have !

    I look forward to seeing the wool eggs progress. I am interested in wool so looking at your project for inspiration.

    Thanks for your blog.

    • Karen Dec 2, 2017

      thank you Ruth for taking the time to leave a comment – I’m not real experienced with wool – but giving it a shot

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 2, 2017

    I’m glad you have your peace and quiet back again, plus a new roof over your head. My ferns shed on my porch too when I let them dry out too much. I think its just the nature of the beast, lol! I love the quilting on Murrieta Stars, it’s going to make this quilt really special. I better not check out Craftsy, my DH just brought in my quilt kit that I ordered on Black Friday plus another package. It’s been like Christmas around here, with packages coming every day, lol! My daughter sent a beautiful fresh evergreen wreath, so I guess I’ve started decorating for Christmas even though I’m still working in the yard and need to plant my daffodils this week, lol!

    • Karen Dec 2, 2017

      understand what you mean about the sales, I am waiting on packages, one some new shirts and another of some yardage from craftsy that was on clearance – get it while the price is low LOL – I might try sticking ferns in the shower and let them soak for a bit but will need to make sure none of the leaves go down the drain – it would clog it up 🙂 yes glad the roof is done, same color as before but better shingles – now lets hope that doesn’t have to be done again in our lifetime!

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 2, 2017

    Do you use blanket stitch for your wool applique? It will be fun to see how those little eggs come together. I like the gray and red fabric! It’s always a treat to add something new to the stash and then wait and see what you might do with it!

    • Karen Dec 2, 2017

      I was going to do a blanket stitch but it wasn’t quite that – I’m not sure what stitch it was – kind of a whip stitch but straight up and down – I’ll post a photo on tomorrow’s post.

  • Deb Dec 2, 2017

    These eggs are a fun project to see 🙂 Glad that the roof noise is over ( I know what that sounds like ) Those ferns…oh my it seems as if it is going to be hard to keep them alive over winter without greenhouse conditions …
    Deb recently posted…This & That ; End of NovemberMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 2, 2017

      I put one of them in the bathtub today and gave it a very good soaking and spray and let it sit there for several hours then kind of shook it off a little and put it back – I will do the other one in a day or two – maybe weekly showers will help? we will see LOL to be determined on how long my patience with them lasts 🙂

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