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Handful of Scraps, Hertfordshire Quilt, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

This quilt is just moving along so rapidly now – I actually sat down and quilted yesterday morning beside in the evening.  I pushed through and got to the end of the border in the morning then spritzed out the blue lines and let it dry in the afternoon while I was out and about.  Then I was able to roll it down late afternoon so it would be ready for the last border.

Murrieta Stars

When I get the quilt down to the last bit I like to detach it from the back rail so that when I quilt none of that striped leader gets caught under the needle, now the top is just attached to the batting and the backing – I have the leader pinned to the batting and backing as I place things like my Ipad on it and don’t want it to fall.  I will put the blue markings on the quilt as I go drawing about 12 inches at a time of the grid.  The last row of the colorful squares will have the X in them.

Murrieta Stars

I have Handful of Scraps out to work on today – I need to cut the border straight but before I cut I will sew on top of the area to hold all in place – these are hand stitched and I want to reinforce before it goes on the quilting frame this weekend. I have 5 bags of scrap batting to go through also – LOL – I’m sure I have enough, I will find the largest two or three pieces to put together and have the backing to stitch together as well – I will probably have to put two pieces together.  I like to have the next quilt ready to go on the frame when I take one off – I hate the bare look of an empty frame in the room – even though I won’t sit to quilt right away I like to have it on the frame to look at it and really get a good idea of how I will quilt it. Linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.

Handful of Scraps

Here is a close up of the area that needs trimming.  I will sew a little less than a quarter inch from the edge.

neutral hexies

All four sides of Hertfordshire are stitched but not attached to the center square – I will do that sometime soon when I am sitting watching the news or whatever but soon I will be busy with the binding of Murrieta Stars and that will be all the hand work I will do at that time so I can get done with it – I like to get my binding on right away not leave it sit for months.

Hertfordshire Quilt

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  • Kathi Jan 11, 2018

    You are making LOTS of great progress Karen. I am nearing the end of the UFO I have been focusing on and should be adding the binding I had already cut for it today 😀 Always a happy time!!! I love that handful of scraps will also have a scrappy batting in it in the end… no one will ever be able to tell I would think… it never is noticeable in mine either… but appropriate for it’s name for sure! Congrats!!!
    I too hate to see an empty frame. Even with my pvc frame… I have another UFO waiting to go in it.. I also will be giving my hands a break for a few days but will be nice to prep my sewing space for the new project! Congrats again on a near finish.. you will probably be done if handful of scraps is ready to go on today I would think!
    Kathi P. S… I am in love with the beginnings of Hertfordshire too!!! <3
    Kathi recently posted…Resetting for 2018!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      I put two or three pieces of batting together often for the quilts especially the couch size ones a nice way to use them up. it will take 2-3 more days to finish the quilting as I will not do it more than in the evenings most likely – other things to do in the day time and my fingers would be very sore if I worked at it continually. It isn’t a race 🙂

  • JoAnna Jan 11, 2018

    I’m getting ready to load my first quilt on my used Z3 that I bought. I’m planning on following your directions instead of the ones I got with the frame. Those directions said to tack the quilt to the frame – I made leaders instead and attached them with Velcro. Anyway, I’m a bit confused about how you remove the top from the leader – do you take all three layers off completely and reattach? Your quilt is beautiful!

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      does your Z3 have 3 rollers? you put the quilt top to the back roller and the front roller – and the backing and batting to the middle roller and the front roller – so what I do is simply unpin it from the very back roller and pin the top directly to the batting and backing – at this point it is resting directly on top of it and you barely even need to pin it

  • Kristie Jan 11, 2018

    Forward progress!!!! I can’t wait to see that hexie quilt quilted.
    Kristie recently posted…At some point I am going to have to stop…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      yes a couple more evenings of work and it will be done!

  • Ruth Jan 11, 2018

    Oh, that Hertfordshire is going to be beautiful!
    Ruth recently posted…Some layoutsMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      thanks Ruth – this one is going to be going slow for sure!

  • Deb Jan 11, 2018

    Your area looks so nice in that shot of one in the frame and the other across from it…such a nice bright shot for a dreary winter day 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Finish-a-Long 2018My Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      thanks Deb – yes this room is a bright spot on a dreary day which today will be – but it will be warm today which means a cold front is on it’s way. A high of 63 and a low of 22!! rain this afternoon and then cold air moves in for a week!!

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 11, 2018

    A very busy day working on a lot of eye candy! Hertfordshire is looking so pretty and Murrieta Stars is fast coming to a end, so many pretty projects you have going on. Handfuls of Scraps will be so nice to see in the quilting frame. I love watching all your projects coming together.

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      thanks Dottie – I’m working on getting backing and batting ready for the hexie quilt today and will continue quilting on the flannel this evening – trying to break it up a bit – my fingertips are sore but only 2 or 3 more sessions and it will be done, certainly don’t want to take a break now LOL

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 11, 2018

    Isn’t it exciting to near the end of a quilt? I’m like you — I can’t understand why anyone would procrastinate the binding step. It’s like running a whole marathon but then deciding to sit down in the road a few feet from the finish line!
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Ta-Da! Triangles On My Design Wall!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      yes that is how I feel – the binding might not be the most enjoyable part to do but it means the quilt will be ready to use or give away!

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 11, 2018

    I never wait to put the binding on, either! That is really my favorite part of all in the finishing, and then I really want to use the quilt, too. What color will your binding be for Murrieta Stars? I think you showed us one time, but I don’t remember. Love the close-up of your pretty hexies!

    • Karen Jan 11, 2018

      the binding is a little bit of all colors in the quilt – I used left over bits about 12 inches in each. I have heard of some who have put away a quilt for years because they didn’t have the binding on it!!

  • Kate Heads Jan 12, 2018

    I think it is so exciting when a quilt is almost done. Although I love the hand stitching part of the binding I never like attaching it to the quilt, I think it’s the thought of joining the ends I dread. I don’t have a longer but the thought of an empty frame I understand, it would look deserted and lonely but as you say by loading it up in advance it gives you time to think and plan, clever.
    Kate Heads recently posted…Done it!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 12, 2018

      I think the empty frame just really looks bare and makes the room look bare because of it. When I bought the frame their was a quilt on it ready to quilt so you could see what it looked like and that just really looked so nice. I have a tutorial on the side bar that shows how to do the binding ends really easy if you want to look at it. It is just one of many ways that people do it.

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