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Morning Glory, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

So the next step for Morning Glory is to start glue basting pieces down and then applique in place – then glue baste more pieces down and applique and on and on it goes until the piece is finished.

Picking up from yesterdays post I got some of the leaves cut out and some acorns and starting with the leaves that need to go behind the branches I got started – just a little bit of glue drops – do not need much.  I do half of an area and then finger press it down flat.  Make sure you do not put the glue on the area you will be turning under to sew.


Then I pick up the opposite side and do the same.


Then the branch goes down over the top dots of glue on the back of it too and then finger press into place.  At any time if you think a piece is too uneven you can gently tug the piece back up and redo it.  From looking at the photo the center looks a little off center to me so I will gentle take that middle branch back up and reposition it.  Sometimes if I have already started my needle turn and I see a piece needs to be reposition I will use my short applique pins instead of gluing the piece back down – I don’t like to do a whole piece with pins though as my thread gets caught in it although I know some people who only use pins – the nice thing about quilting is we can all do this whatever way we are comfortable with.


The glue I am using is Roxanne Glue Baste It.  I have used this glue for a long time and I’m pleased with it and it last a very long time as you use such a little bit at a time.  I see I cut off the top of the glue bottle in this photo – it has a long thin applicator so you do not even need to lift all pieces, you can just put it under pieces and dot glue here and there.  I picked up a lot of my applique tips from quilter/designer Pearl P. Pereira – here is a link to her page.  She is the one that got me started on Roxanne Glue.  I get it cheaper at the link above though on amazon with prime membership there is no shipping so I turn to amazon first.  One thing I have found handy if you buy this glue with the long applique is on Pearl’s site under her notions she sells some really thin “cake testers” which fit into the applicator to clean out any clogs – but it works best it you wash and rinse after you use and make sure the applicator is clear of glue – store upright if you do not have a screw top – I lost mine!  I had an instructional DVD of Pearl’s at one time but I have lost track of it – luckily I think I learned all I could at the time.


I love having my thread cabinet right at hand to select thread to applique.  I got this cabinet years ago when I sold a quilt – it was a good investment – the thread and the cabinet together I got for a very good price.


I lay threads out over the pieces and pick the one that matches the piece the closest to use.


This is the piece I am done glue basting now and will start the stitching today probably – I couldn’t work on anything else until I got my table cleared off as it took up the whole space.  Linking to Small Quilts/Doll Quilts today for Design Wall Monday  and MCM#100 – Cooking up Quilts .

IMG_4158 (2)

I rolled Murrieta Stars down and this is where I pick up at.  Have a wonderful 2018!


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  • Jill Jan 1, 2018

    I am enjoying your steps and progress on your applique process. In my opinion, hand applique is more enjoyable vs on the machine, specifically with the Hertfordshire tree as it is quite intricate. Murietta stars will soon be completed. Happy New Year.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      I have started two new quilts the applique tree is in a quilt called Morning Glory – Hertfordshire quilt is EPP no applique – thanks for stopping by I prefer by hand also

  • Teri Dingler Jan 1, 2018

    Do you remember where you purchased the thread case from? That is my favorite thread to work with.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      No I don’t and it was about 10+years ago that I got it – I know I ordered it on line – I did a search yesterday so I could link but I couldn’t find one – it is possible a place like Joanne’s could maybe order one? I really don’t know

  • Kim Webb Jan 1, 2018

    Happy New Years Karen.
    I’m looking forward to watching your new appliqued project grow day by day. It is going to be beautiful.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      thanks Kim I hope to sit down and do some stitches at some point today

  • Jayne Jan 1, 2018

    Fun seeing your progress! Keep it up…I’m loving the play by play!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      thanks jayne!

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 1, 2018

    The Roxanne’s glue looks like it works really well, especially with the tiny nozzle! Love the way your tree is looking – very intricate!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      thanks Diann – now to start stitching –

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 1, 2018

    Your tree is looking so good already, Karen, so pretty. Thank you for all the pictures and step by step instructions on your way of doing it. I’m glad I can go back on your blog and refresh myself when I start on my Morning Glory. I’m also going to check out your link. Have a wonderful New Year too. We have some sun today, but it’s 15 degrees this morning in the DFW area.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      it got down to 8 this morning – finally on it’s way back up and hit 10 finally lol – had to start the fireplace this morning – don’t like using it as the wood fire bothers my sinuses but it was down to 64 in the house – the fireplace heats it up fast but it is a “stove” and puts out way too much heat after awhile and then you roast – so like to just have small fires thought out the day
      the narrow applique works great for the glue but it does get stopped up at times so the little pieces of metal – cake testers or whatever you find that fits helps

  • Kathi Jan 1, 2018

    Love your thread cabinet for sure!
    Enjoying seeing your new project come to fruition too!!! Your quilting is coming along nicely too! Happy 2018 Karen!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…On your mark… get set… DONE!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      thanks Kathi – I love this cabinet too and so glad I purchased it over 10 years ago – I’m sure I haven’t even used all of the original spools still and have replaced many others – 3 of each color can fit in the slot it came with one of each

  • Debbie B Jan 1, 2018

    Happy New Year, Karen! You do such beautiful applique work. Thanks for sharing!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      thanks for stopping by! happy new year to you

  • Barbara Jan 1, 2018

    I have used that Roxanne’s glue baste it too-I think Harriet Hargraves recommended once in a class that I took fro her. It works great. Happy New Year1

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      Yes it is pretty widely available – I think a lot of the “expert” teachers use it – happy new year!

  • Sandra B Jan 1, 2018

    Love seeing all the steps for preparing your glue basted appliqué, Karen…. The fabrics you are using are beautiful! I have done a lot of appliqué, but nothing as intricate as your Morning Glory. I am really enjoying this already, and you are just getting started! Thanks for letting us follow along…
    Guttermann thread is my favorite. So nice that you have the cabinet with all the colors right there! I have a good sized stash of thread, but nowhere as much as your cabinet holds. I have my thread in a large clear glass cookie jar, so I can see most all the spools easily. That seems to work out pretty well for me, but it does take up room on my sewing table…
    We are still in the frozen tundra here in Virginia! Never got out of the 20’s today…tomorrow more of the same, but I think we will soar to the 30’s on Wednesday…never thought I would be excited to have temps in the 30’s!! The crock pot will be getting a workout, for sure….making chili tomorrow and staying in. Will take care of any needed errands on Wednesday.
    You are so close to finishing up the quilting on Murrietta Stars! What a perfect time to finish up a flannel quilt….

    • Karen Jan 1, 2018

      here too didn’t get out of the 20’s and maybe single digits again tonight – well be glad to get back to 30’s/20’s!! soup tomorrow for sure – made bread today and had the fireplace going to. Thread storage takes up room – so glad for this – more of other kinds of thread in two plastic bins

  • Colleen Jan 1, 2018

    I read on line that some glue basters use the plastic “string” that is used to attached to clothes to stick in the tiny glue top to keep it from plugging up

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      I have not heard that and not sure how you would get it in the area that would need to be cleaned

  • Beth Jan 2, 2018

    Roxanne’s was the first glue I bought (without any knowledge of basting glue) and I really like how well it works. I still have my first bottle because, as you said, it takes just a small dot to hold. Have fun with your stitching project. It looks like it will be beautiful! Thanks for sharing your post on Main Crush Monday!

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      I just ordered another as this one is beginning to get low and by time I am done with this project it might be empty but I have only gone through 2 or 3 other bottles in 20+ years of quilting and one was because I didn’t put the screw top on right and it dried up
      Karen recently posted…New Years Day–Cold!My Profile

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