It’s Done!

Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

Quilting is done on Murrieta Stars – 97 hours of hand work, now on to the binding.  I unpinned it from the rails and spritzed more lines out that I had missed and hung it over the rails to dry over night and then Saturday I got the binding on it.  Now ready for the hand work.


On the floor in the living room where I was trimming off the excess on the sides.  The color on this one and the following are much closer to the actual color.


The binding all pressed and ready to go.


The back closely matches the front but a different design on the fabric but the same line of fabric.


Getting the binding on.  This big nice cutting/design work table sure handled this quilt well.

IMG_4241 (2)

Took a couple more photos in the living room and the color of the quilt shows up so much better in there for some reason.  (I do have daylight bulbs in the sewing room so it isn’t bad lights)



A very rich color and not a hint of green to it like some of the photos in the past have shown maybe the wood color of the wall clashed with the color of the quilt – and that isn’t next to it in the living room?   I will be linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching and working on this binding.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework .


You can certainly see how much smaller Handful of Scraps is than the quilt that just got off the frame.  This was a pretty easy quilt to get on the frame and didn’t take much time at all.  I really am trying to refrain from quilting for a day or two – don’t know how long that will last.


A close up – the line on the wall right above must be a reflection of the led lights that are now on the underside of the rail that goes across the frame to hold the notions – it isn’t there really.  If it isn’t one problem with taking a photo in here it is another!


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  • Marianne Jan 14, 2018

    Congratulations! That looks like a cozy quilt – for your bed?

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      I will try it out on the bed and find out if it is too heavy for us

  • JoAnna Jan 14, 2018

    Karen, it is beautiful! You are like the energizer bunny!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      well not quite that fast but always doing something

  • Mary Jan 14, 2018

    It turned out beautifully!
    Mary recently posted…A Finish as 2017 EndsMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Mary

  • Barbara Jan 14, 2018

    Wow, I really love the colors of that quilt and the quilting seems perfect to me, it lets the quilt itself sing. Can’t wait to see it on your bed.

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Barbara looking forward to seeing how it looks and if it is too heavy for us

  • Gail Jan 14, 2018

    What a lovely quilt! I love the multicolour binding too. Have a relaxing time stitching today. I’m looking forward to seeing how you quilt the new on in the frame.
    Gail recently posted…Fancy Forest Finally Finished!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Gail, I love using multi-color binding, one side done and on to another side today

  • Celia Jan 14, 2018

    Congratulations on your finish, your quilt looks lovely, beautiful quilting as well! Will look forward now to seeing how you quilt your hexagons.

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      I was looking over the hexies yesterday trying to figure out an easy design to quilt and I’m still thinking on it today – it will involve straight lines for sure and some outline

  • Deb Jan 14, 2018

    I’ve loved this cheerful yellow quilt from the get-go! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Flooding, Ice, Snow & QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      I wasn’t sure I was going to like it when I first open the package – it looked a little dull to me but then when I opened it and started to spread it all out I loved it.

  • Mary Jan 14, 2018

    Your quilting is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it with the binding.

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Mary

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 14, 2018

    The scrappy binding is going to be perfect for this quilt! It is really nice to have the length of table to the left of the machine to hold all the extra quilt. I have that, too – we bought a 5 foot Ikea table a few years ago and my machine sits at the end to the right with the extra space to the left. I’ve always been happy I chose that. Enjoy your stitching today!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      yes having that space to the left really is wonderful, I have never had that much space before

  • Kristie Jan 14, 2018

    Very pretty! I love the background fabric that you used in this one. The binding is one of my favorite steps. I’m anxious to see how you quilt your hexies.
    Kristie recently posted…Totally Unexpected…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      binding is relaxing and I will find a movie or some netflix shows to watch today while I stay in from the cold

  • Liz Jan 14, 2018

    Congrats. I know that will provide you with great warmth in cold weather. Enjoy watching your progress as always.
    Liz recently posted…Processing ScrapsMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Liz – I am curious to find out if this flannel quilt will be too warm for Arkansas winters – we only get a couple weeks of really cold weather most of the time and right now have 2 quilts on the bed one wool batting and one cotton – the flannel quilt is front & back flannel and cotton batting – it feels heavy and will probably be ok by itself

  • Sandra Croley Jan 14, 2018

    Congrats on such a beautiful finish! …..and another beautiful start! Yes, try to take a couple of days to rest your hands. I’ve been appliqueing a bit more than usual so I can have a quilt ready for hand-quilting by February and I’m starting to really feel it 🙁

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      it is mainly the fingertips right now – they never get raw but I do poke them a lot as I can’t comfortably wear anything on the underneath finger I’m one of those that just has to feel the needle actually come through to push it back up

  • Kathy S. Jan 14, 2018

    Just gorgeous! All that hand work is stunning. I love the fabric you used for the back and how it is the same color and fabric line as the front. Great job!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Kathy, I really like this quilt too – I have one more flannel quilt kit that will make a quilt about the same size, I hope to get to it later this year.

  • Susan Riley Jan 14, 2018

    You ARE my mentor! It is truly terrific & you should be so proud. 🙂 Susan

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      aw thanks Susan, nice to have readers like you

  • Jocelyn Thurston Jan 14, 2018

    All I can say is Wow. This is so beautiful and so wonderfully quilted. I’m in awe of your skills!
    Jocelyn Thurston recently posted…Orange Isn’t Just A Colour and Hubby UpdateMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Jocelyn, this is a pretty quilt and I’m glad I made it. My first flannel quilt – after 250+ quilts in my lifetime of making quilts it is about time I tried flannel!
      Karen recently posted…It’s Done!My Profile

  • Vicki W Jan 14, 2018

    What a great finish! I love this quilt. HOS looks like a weekend quilting project compared to MS!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      LOL – I’m figuring the quilting on the hexies will take about 6 weeks unless I take a lot of breaks on it for some reason. One side of the binding got done yesterday and I hope to get another side or more done today – if I ever get out of my robe and dressed and get going for the day.

  • Jayne Jan 14, 2018

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed watching this one develop! It’s gorgeous and I bet after 97 hours you would like to take a break…almost…

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      🙂 yes 97 hours of only a few nights off here and there of quilting one to two hours a time at it – the fingers are saying don’t quilt for a week and the eyes keeps looking at those hexies now saying grab a needle and get going

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 14, 2018

    Oh Karen, it’s even more beautiful finished! Your quilting adds so much texture to the quilt, I can’t stop looking at it! Love it, so warm looking. The backing is simply perfect too, congratulations. You better take a little rest after all that quilting! Handfuls of Scraps looks so small, I had no idea it was so little when finished even though I’m making one, lol! How wonderful you have all that space for your quilt. Enjoy stitching your binding.

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      I’ve been saying all along that the hexie quilt was actually small 🙂 I think everyone kept thinking it was larger than it is – after quilted and washed and dried it might end up being a wall hanging – it might be too small for a couch cuddly quilt

  • Donna Jan 14, 2018

    Beautiful quilt!!! Congratulations on getting a finish so early in the year!!!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks! I actually finished this one from start of piecing the top to finish the quilt in less than a year!

  • Deborah Jan 14, 2018

    Wow I love this quilt the colors are so great together, enjoy putting on the binding.
    Deborah recently posted…Slow Stitching bits and Some Sunshine.My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks – one side of the binding is done and I have a feeling the tv will be on this cold day and some hand stitching will be done, I was just getting a second cup of coffee and looking to see what to watch/listen to

  • Kathi Jan 14, 2018

    Congrats on finishing the handquilting on Murietta Stars AND getting the binding on it… looks totally yummy waiting for you there in the sofa shot too!
    I love that you loaded Handful longway up instead of across… should go quick depending on how you quilt it I agree. I like the idea you mentioned in a previous comment of making it into a wall hanging 😀 Keep warm during this cold snap and have fun with all your quilty projects friend! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Another UFO completed!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      I have a feeling it will be more wall hanging size then cuddly size after it is washed and dried – I think right now it is about 56 x 62 or 56 x 70? something like that I have forgotten! Ready to get back to the binding on this cold day and pretty with the dusty of snow that we go but at under 30 I’m not going out 🙂

  • Fred Jan 14, 2018

    Beautiful quilt, all hand quilted!!! And your pictures are great too 😉
    Fred recently posted…Rainbow quilt / RSC block 2My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thank you for stopping by and I will be checking out your blog too
      Karen recently posted…It’s Done!My Profile

  • Fred Jan 14, 2018

    Beautiful quilt, all hand quilted!!! And your pictures are great too 😉 (I’m trying again to post a comment, without my blog url this time…)

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      if you are a first time commentator I always have to approve the comment first because of spam – this comment came through fine.

  • Jill Jan 14, 2018

    Awesome finish, Karen. All the bits of time quilting here and there added up to a lovely quilt. Your stitcing and use of a large frame give it neat, tidy and square quilt. Onto the next one!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      yes onto the next one – I try to quilt 3 or so quilts a year if I can – never do get caught up!

  • Quilter Kathy Jan 14, 2018

    SO so beautiful! Congratulations on finishing all that quilting!
    Love the scrappy binding…. enjoy the stitching today!

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks – taking a break – almost done with the second side

  • gayle Jan 14, 2018

    I’ve been admiring this quilt for months as you so diligently and beautifully quilted it! Congrats on a gorgeous finish!
    And I always like the binding part – sitting with feet up and enjoying the glow of a job well done.

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      yes I have been enjoying the binding and getting caught up on NCIS LA – I haven’t watched it all season but have been recording it – almost done with two sides between last night and today – thanks for stopping by

  • Sandra B Jan 14, 2018

    Beautiful finish, Karen! I always like to see the quilts when they first come off the frame…the quilting stitches seem to come to life, and, even more so, after washing…. Love the scrappy binding. Congratulations!!
    Love seeing Handful of Scraps on the frame. I know you have shown lots of pictures of it, but the low volume fabrics show up better in today’s blog post, for some reason. There is a lot more variety than I had realized…. I always say the more fabrics, the better….just gives the quilt more personality!!
    Our temperatures in Virginia have taken a plunge again! With snow in the forecast for Wednesday, then back in the 50’s by the weekend! What a roller coaster!! As much as I like these warmer days that keep popping up, I hope we don’t end up with premature spring blooming…we had that happen a few years ago, then when spring actually got here everything had bloomed and it was a drab spring…. I hope that doesn’t happen this year…. Time will tell…

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      the weather has been up and down here too we had snow on the ground this morning and melted already and only 36 for a high but the sun was out – down to 10 maybe tuesday night and then back in the 50/30’s here – well be nice after this cold spell. I know I have said it before but I am ready for spring.
      Yes lots of neutrals in the back ground of the hexies. Two sides of the binding are just about done on the flannel

  • Cynthia Brunz Jan 14, 2018

    A whole lot of love went into that quilt! And it sure shows. It really turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : More Blue BlocksMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      love and work!

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 14, 2018

    Wow, Karen! Congratulations! NINETY-SEVEN HOURS?! That’s impressive. It’s just beautiful.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Look What’s On My Wall, Y’All! I Cannot Follow the Directions, After AllMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      97 is nothing compared to some LOL – I think the most hours put into quilting a quilt was near 200 on one but I don’t remember which one now

  • Sandi Jan 14, 2018

    It beautiful! I love the colors. Hugs,

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      thanks Sandi – I’m very pleased with it too

  • Sarah Jan 14, 2018

    Your quilt is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see it with the binding on! The energiser bunny comment made me laugh!
    Sarah recently posted…Seascape and hexiesMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      LOL – me too – I guess I am so used to hand quilting on my big frame that 3 months for a queen size is normal to me (as long as I have time to work on it almost daily!)

  • Janice Holton Jan 14, 2018

    Oh Karen, what a satisfying finish! It is GORGEOUS! I have a question about your binding technique. Do you iron your binding in half before you clip it down? Or just clip it in place?
    Janice Holton recently posted…First 2018 Finish!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2018

      I iron it in half first – I have seen that way done the most although I have heard that some do not do that. It works for me though so that is how I do it.

  • MaryLou Jan 15, 2018

    Your finished quilt is just beautiful – love the scrappy binding which sure
    adds a wonderful spark to it also… Looks so warm and cozy – will be waiting
    to see how it sleeps… lol Such pretty quilting…. love it…

    • Karen Jan 15, 2018

      I will get busy later today and finish the last side of the binding and put it on the bed for the next several cold nights well take a photo

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