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Handful of Scraps, Round We Go, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

Quilting from Tuesday night – I finished up the area I was working on Handful of Scraps and rolled the frame down to the next section.  Lighting wasn’t quite right and I got a little shadow in this.


The opposite side that I am now working on.


Finished up the Round We Go block – there wasn’t too much left to work on that one to finish it.  It is the last block on the 3rd row on the right.

IMG_4350 (2)

The two blocks that I am pretty sure I will replace is this one – as you can see the colors are totally different then the rest – I kind of got into a theme of each block having red i it and a lighter background and this one totally is not that LOL the little pinkish red strawberries just are not big enough to count.


The other one is this one – the center pieces I feel shouldn’t have all been the same color – it kind of makes it loose it’s star pattern because of it.  The others of that same pattern are made the same but for some reason I can see the star pattern better – is it the center color that changes this one or the dark color next to the point?


Finally I got around to taking down my Christmas wall hanging and have Floral Fantasy (designed by Michele Hill) back on the wall.  Freshly washed and dried.  Michele is the designer of the Morning Glory applique top that I started recently  – the finished quilt sometime down the road will be about the same size as this one and I plan on rotating the two quilts out on this wall.

Floral Fantasy (pattern by Michele Hill)

Here it is a little closer – needle turn applique and hand quilted several years ago.


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  • Kristie Jan 25, 2018

    Your blocks and quilting are coming right along. Love your quilting hanging up…so pretty.
    Kristie recently posted…Piecing right along…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      thanks Kristie, I like as much hanging up as I can have as then it reminds me to work on it all!!

  • Karla (threadbndr) Jan 25, 2018

    I agree on the green round block; it just doesn’t fit in with the others. But I like the second on and it does fit in colorwise, Unless the final layout needs that block to be more ‘star like’, I would leave it. I think it looks different because your color choices made the star points a lesser element, bring out the center hexagon shape.

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      that could be. The green block was the first one I made then I started to pick out more red colors and kind of like that so stuck with it

  • Barbara Jan 25, 2018

    I think the reason it looks different is because the star points are too similar in value to the background. Beautiful quilts Karen!

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      yes if the dark gray that I used had been lighter it would look a lot different

  • Celia Jan 25, 2018

    I do like the way you are quilting your hexagons, and that appliqué quilt is stunning!

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      thanks Celia, I quilted a different hexagon quilt like this too and liked the way it turned out I some go around every hexie but that is just too much work – I love my applique quilt!

  • Ruth Jan 25, 2018

    Oh my gosh! The applique quilt is gorgeous! So is everything else, but that quilt! Wow!
    Ruth recently posted…It’s amazing what a photograph can doMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      thanks Ruth – I love that applique quilt it took me a couple years to do it and I expect Morning Glory will too

  • Deb Jan 25, 2018

    The quilting is coming along quickly and welcome back Floral Fantasy. That green with the strawberries doesn’t fit with the others, no but it is cute and could be a mug rug or something perhaps.
    Deb recently posted…Moving Forward on the Baby Quilt and StarflowersMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      That is what I was thinking too – a mug rug or even a hot pad to set a dish on, I have the right batting for that. I was so slow putting my Christmas wall hanging up and then so slow to take it down I was barely even noticing it, the other day I glanced up as I walked by it and thought that has got to come down January is almost over!

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 25, 2018

    Floral Fantasy is wonderful! That looks like the perfect spot for it to hang. I can definitely see what you mean about the green round block not fitting in. My thought was to try a pink fabric for the background pieces instead of that green, but maybe a whole new block would be better. You’ll find something fun to do with the green one!

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      I would have to make all the rest of the blocks scrappy and no red but other colors to make it all go together right and sometimes I think that is what I should do – I don’t know why I started to make so many with the red or dark pink in it. I keep telling myself to change up the colors and get more scraps out!

  • Wanda Hanson Jan 25, 2018

    It is the light star tips that are the problem. They are almost the same value as your background pieces. If they were a shade darker you would see the star. Why not just take out the background pieces on the green ones and replace them with a pink print.

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      sometimes it is very hard to take apart EPP projects because of the whip stitching on the back and easier to toss it then take apart. Also because it is by hand you have to make sure you knot threads off because you might have traveled the thread and it isn’t always obvious. I might try that though and see what happens. Yes I see what mean about the star tips on that one they do blend in to the background

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 25, 2018

    I feel bad for the Round We Go blocks that you are rejecting! 🙁 Isn’t that silly? Like they have feelings or something… I know what you mean that they don’t go with the others, though. I like how you have a setup for displaying large quilts on your wall and rotating them out, too! In my house there is one throw sized quilt out on a sofa and two twin bed quilts that I made on my sons’ beds (both looking pretty tattered and needing replacement), but nothing hanging on the walls. All of my other quilts have been given away.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…First Quilt Finish of 2018: “Math Is Beautiful”My Profile

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      over the years I have given quilts away but keep in mind I have been quilting on a very regular basis for 25 years with a quilt here and there before that – I made my first quilt 43 years ago and then another then I didn’t make another for about 5 years. The living room wall is the only wall that is in the right place and big enough to hang a quilt – all other walls are windows and shelves or windows not spaced right to hang a quilt. Just that one wall and then there are spaces for small wall hangings here and there. I have 2 racks over flowing with quilts 3 folded and on top of a dresser, a cabinet full of finished quilt, space bags under the bed with old quilts that I do not like anymore and don’t know what to do with lol each of my daughters have about 6 quilts or so the grandchildren each have 5 I think, my mother had 3 and I dispersed those to my sisters when she died, LOL – there are too many quilts and I keep making them

  • Sandra B Jan 25, 2018

    Love how the quilting is coming along on Handful of Scraps, Karen…. I really like how you are using a simple quilting pattern….it just feel right!
    Glad to see Floral Fantasy again… It is an amazing quilt and it looks great hanging on the wall!
    Love the latest blocks for Round We Go…. I can see how you could go either way with changing out the blocks that are different, or with keeping them in, and adding more fabric variety….I know in the end you will end up with a great quilt, however you decide to go!

    • Karen Jan 25, 2018

      I will be thinking about this quilt for a week while I take a break from it and need to decide to go more scrappy or not and leave them all in and make a few changes or take them out.

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