More Quilting and EPP

Handful of Scraps, Round We Go

More of the same old stuff – other than quilting and piecing, occasionally picking up the shawl to work on I have been doing the same old things the last couple of days.

Handful of Scraps


Almost got to the end of the “row” but I have just a little bit left here to finish before I roll it down once again.


I worked rather steadily on the star I showed yesterday for Round we Go and will finish that up today.  I have found that putting the Craftsy Unlimited ap on my IPad and the phone I will watch it more often.  Usually at the fitness center I watch a Netflix show on my phone while I am on the bike and the treadmill to make the time go faster for me (I need to be distracted from the work I guess) and by having the Unlimited on my phone I can put a class on and watch it and if I need to play it again when I get home I can to try something out. I might find I will finish the classes better by doing this.   So far I have nothing but good to say about the Craftsy Unlimited but I have only used it for two days so not ready to do a review.


You remember I mentioned at the beginning of the month that I was involved in a fender bender – a young man hit the back of my car – well wouldn’t you know we ran into problems with settling everything so I could get it fixed – finally last week we got the police report so I could make my claim and found out from the insurance company that the man listed as his that he had cancelled his insurance policy about 5 months ago!!  So we have to fill through our insurance policy instead.  What a pain – finally got all the paperwork settled an insurance adjuster came out to the house last last week and gave us the estimate and all the paper work, our insurance company got in touch today and said the check is in the mail.  Mike brought the car in to the guy he wants to fix it and the parts are ordered and will be taken care of in early February – he is busy – the car is drive able so that is ok – good to go with someone whos work you trust.  Now the insurance company will try to go after the young man to collect the money that his insurance company would have paid if he hadn’t cancelled them, he might be getting a fine on top of that and a check mark on his driver’s license? I don’t know how it all works but it is no longer our problem.  They will deal with it.

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  • Marianne Jan 24, 2018

    That’s too bad about the young man’s insurance. Rates are high for young men and he probably couldn’t afford it (or he is a bad driver!!).

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      I don’t know but it is against the law and he will be fined, I don’t know if they would ever be able to collect the money from him though unless they garnish his wages. Insurance is high for young men especially but you can pay monthly if you have to

  • maxine lesline Jan 24, 2018

    The reason rates are high for young men is that they are far more reckless drivers than others…and insurance companies know that they will pay out more.. What a pain… and tragedy !

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      it is a pain for young men especially seeing as they are not all reckless they all pay for those that are!

      • Karla (threadbndr) Jan 24, 2018

        As a parent of one of those young men who wasn’t so reckless, having JC pay a good chunk of the difference in our insurance rates was one way we started getting him to act like an adult and be responsible. It was hard for him some times, but he did it. I’m proud to say that other than one ticket for screeching his tires to show off his antique car, he didn’t cause any trouble.

        • Karen Jan 24, 2018

          Our grandson has to pay for a good chunk of his insurance too – it is what they need isn’t it. I’m sure there are a lot of young men that are responsible and they pay the price for the ones that aren’t

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 24, 2018

    I always enjoy the peek at your Handful of Scraps stitching – you must be getting used to the smaller needle again! I started going to the gym with my husband about a year ago (we belonged to different ones before that) to walk on the treadmill, and being able to watch a show on Netflix really helps me pass the time. I often watch it when sewing, too, or listen to podcasts. So sorry to hear about the insurance troubles – that is so frustrating!

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      yes I am getting used to the smaller needle and have not bent one yet! Although I have dropped that little needle more times than I can say! yes watching something on my phone really helps me exercise my time away – the fitness center does have numerous tv’s on the wall but never something I’m interesting in enough to captivate me and hold my interest

  • Deb Jan 24, 2018

    Glad to hear the car issue is getting settled.
    Deb recently posted…Moving Forward on the Baby Quilt and StarflowersMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      yes now to get it fixed – scheduled for early February

  • Thimbleanna Jan 24, 2018

    I love the way you’re quilting those hexies — it’s going to be beautiful! Sorry about the car wreck mess — doesn’t it always happen that way?

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 24, 2018

    Oh, goodness! Insurance hassles are a waste of valuable quilting time, aren’t they? Your EPP projects are gorgeous and I like your idea of watching a Craftsy class while on the treadmill! I bought ONE Craftsy class, way back in September of 2015, and I STILL have not watched any of the lessons!! 🙁
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…First Quilt Finish of 2018: “Math Is Beautiful”My Profile

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      I have done that too – buy classes and never get around to watching them and then I thought well I watch old tv shows and series on netflix at the fitness center why not a craftsy show with the unlimited – if I need to re watch something again I can always do it at home and take notes if needed

  • Marsha Cooper Jan 24, 2018

    Here I am again, seeing your hexies and wishing for time to get my own back out!
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — A Little is Better Than NothingMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      well get them out join me 🙂

  • barbara woods Jan 24, 2018

    i finally quit buying classes , no time to watch

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      I have many purchased that I have not even started to watch still but I am trying to make time now while on the bike or the treadmill to take the time to view

  • audrey Jan 24, 2018

    Your hexie quilt is looking SO good with the stitching! Amazing how stitching can add so much life and texture. Hope your insurance continues to work with you and bummer about having the claim on yours instead of the culprit. 🙁

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      for sure – the accident we had 7 years ago ended up on ours too for the same reason the party that hit us didn’t have insurance! I just do not understand it in that case it was a young man that hit us the same as this time. Our insurance company never was able to collect any money from him as he didn’t have any to give
      I agree on the hexie quilt I will enjoy quilting it!

  • Belarmina Jan 24, 2018

    Karen me encantan los dos trabajos.
    Me alegra que se resolvió pronto tu problema de tráfico.En España va más lento.
    en mayo hará tres años . En Madrid un loco de la bicicleta. se saltó un semáforo.
    a una velocidad endiablada el coche que iba delante de nosotros lo esquivo asi se empotro en el nuestro. Reparamos el coche adelantando nuestro dinero, mis problemas de ansiedad se van pasando.
    Esperamos que la justicia lenta!!! resuelva un día

    • Karen Jan 24, 2018

      if I understand right you were in an accident 3 years ago and still waiting for the pay out from the insurance! that is a long time – some cases here take longer but for smaller accidents it is usually paid quickly I believe – but 7 years ago another car hit us and demolished the car and that time too it was taken care of quickly.

  • Susan Jan 26, 2018

    Awesome hexies! So sad about your car. Years ago, I was hit by a red-light runner with no license and no insurance. Airbag broke my hand, and fortunately, my insurance (AAA) covered it all. No idea what they got from her.
    Susan recently posted…Improv Freehand Cut Striped FabricMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 26, 2018

      it has happened to us once before and they told us they were not able to collect anything in that case – won’t be surprised if it is not the same in this case – at least this case was much cheaper and no injuries

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