New Years Day–Cold!

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it was so very cold here yesterday and again today what a way to bring in the New Year – although I know plenty of you in the states were in the same shape (or worse) then we were  – we in the south take pride I think in whining and complaining about cold weather  LOL – woke up to 8 degrees – normally it would be in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s so that is pretty cold more of the same for the next couple of days.  We always know it won’t last real long – but hey it isn’t supposed to be that cold here!

I think I spent most of the day taking care of the fire place and maintaining a small fire – if you get it too big the living room is roasting and the rest of the house is too cold – we only use it when we have to – we had to yesterday –  I stayed mainly in one room yesterday – in this case because it was the warmest room in the house.  Heat pumps are the main way houses in the south are heated and they do not work well at 8 degrees! when we woke up the house was 64 degrees and that was way too chilly for me although I remember years ago in Wisconsin growing up without central heat and it was that or lower I’m sure when we got up mornings before we went to school.


When I was making supper on Sunday I managed to cut my finger – left hand thumb– so not in use too much for sewing but found it awkward to hold the applique today but did get some done.  Hopefully it will no longer be leaking blood today and I can go to a regular size band aide today – I didn’t visit the ER  – they probably would have just glued and maybe I should have done that myself –  just been taking care of it myself, clean it, wrap it and do again if needed.


But I did get a little applique done – this much of the tree trunk

IMG_4160 (3)

More of the shawl worked on


this much of the quilt – good thing that was my left thumb or nothing would have gotten done but reading!  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.


and the space heater was near by last night while working more on the quilt – the sewing room is in the back of the house – with the fireplace heat running the heat doesn’t come on much because of where the thermostat is and that means the back room is cold – didn’t spend much time back there yesterday or last night.


Hope it warms up soon for all of us!!  (I really don’t mind a regular winter but this artic dip to the south is too much)

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  • Marianne Jan 2, 2018

    Brrrr! It seems everyone is having deep freeze cold this week. 24 below this morning here in VT but we’re going to have temperatures of 12 today which is a lot warmer than in previous days. I just love the sun we get when it’s cold. It’s nice for hand sewing. Take good care of that thumb. I know how clunky it can feel with a finger out of commission, and it makes cooking/washing dishes really difficult.

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      I’m using little finger cots to keep it dry when needed they are pain to get over a clunky bandage on a thumb though – warmer today woke up to 12 instead of 8 🙂

  • Deb Jan 2, 2018

    ouch that poor finger!

    Another cold one here today ; it is 8 degrees right now which is better than the 1 degree of yesterday, though! 🙂 There will be school delays. They generally delay when it is under 10 degrees.
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    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      12 today instead of 8 !! I think my grandchildren in WI have school delays as well from what my daughter said yesterday

  • Kathleen Jan 2, 2018

    Sorry about your thumb and hope it heals quickly. I love the cold weather and staying in with the warmth of the fire. Very cozy. Looking at your tree reminds me that I have something similar and need to get it out and finish. Yours is coming right along

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      yes I hope the thumb is better today I will check it later and hope it no longer starts leaking blood as soon as I start to clean it off like it did yesterday – I had just sharpened my knifes the week before of course and kind of forgot and wasn’t as careful as I should have been. Hope it is warmer in the house today – when the fire place is going the sewing room is too cold to sit comfortable

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 2, 2018

    Our house is cold in the mornings, too, this time of year. I’m used to it, but I felt bad for my mom who was visiting from Arizona last week. She was a good sport about it, though – just kept covering up in more layers that I offered her! Glad you could still enjoy some handwork in spite of your thumb, and hope it gets warmer for you this week!

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      it will get warmer each day and be pretty much back to normal daytime temps by the end of the week 20’s still today – but tomorrow 30’s and high teens for lows – the house won’t be as bad then, it is when it gets below 20 and stays there for a long time that the house gets really cold – if it is just a couple hours it won’t be so bad and I won’t be needing to run the fireplace for hours on end instead just a couple hours in the morning to heat it up a little. Yes visiting from Arizona at this time of year would be a bit of change!

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 2, 2018

    Oh that thumb looks like it would hurt trying to do things, keep it dry and let it seal itself. Working on your shawl would probably help to keep you warm too. Your tree looks good and so does your quilting. This morning it was 25 in the DFW area, maybe a warm up coming soon? Stay warm and take care of yourself!

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      it is slowly warming up and by tomorrow might be in the 30’s daytime so that will help and by the weekend back in the 40’s I think – the nights are getting better – high teens instead of single digit’s fireplace going this morning but then should be able to let it die out and be back in the sewing room this evening with a space heater next to me if it is too chilly – think the finger is sealing now and will make sure to keep it dry. Yes working on the shawl helps to stay warm – I drape it over my legs 🙂

  • Sarah Jan 2, 2018

    Hope it warms up for you soon, but at least it gives your thumb time to heal!
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    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      yes it seems to have been a fairly good deep slice with that knife – it will heal – just one of those kitchen things!

  • Kristie Jan 2, 2018

    I sure hope your thumb heals quickly. I enjoy seeing all of your projects that you have in the works. It is cold here in KY too. No school today due to the cold temps as they said it was just too cold for the kids to stand out waiting on the buses. We live in a very rural area.

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      wow and my grandchildren had to go to school in Wisconsin and it is -8 degrees!! – my grandson is old enough to drive so he drives he and his sister, doesn’t have to take the bus that way

  • Debbie B Jan 2, 2018

    So sorry about your cut thumb! Darn knives! Heal quickly. I agree about the cold temps. I’m along the Atlantic coast of Florida, south of Jacksonville and they are talking the possibility of snow flakes…what??? It’s really cold and no sunshine for several days. That is not normal. Glad you have the fireplace. Wish we had one. Keep warm

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      I just saw that on the news that you all in Florida might get snow – all the children in the area will love it

  • audrey Jan 2, 2018

    It’s been a cold winter already for sure. I think my favorite thing to do when it’s chilly in the house is burrow down under my hand quilting. At least the quilt will drape over my lap and help keep me warm! Hope your finger heals quickly. So annoying!

    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      well at least it is the left thumb and I’m right handed so can still do some things – I’m quilting tonight seeing as I didn’t last night – it was just too cold in the sewing room but I will even if I have to put a space heater near by for 30 minutes or so

  • JanineMarie Jan 2, 2018

    Good luck with your thumb. I have a feeling it will heal well on its own. I had a rotary cut glued a few years ago and looking back I think I should have either got stitches or let it heal itself. The glue seemed to keep the skin separated enough that the area is still numb. It does serve as a handy reminder, though, to be careful with the rotary cutter. Stay warm, and Happy New Year!
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    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      yes I think I usually have luck with cuts healing on their own – for kitchen accidents I have never gone to the ER but of course would if I felt like I had to. Thanks for dropping by – Happy New Year!

  • Jill Jan 2, 2018

    Ouch on your thumb. A slip of the knife happens quickly. At least you can manage some hand work. I hope it heals quickly. All the weather people are talking how widespread is the deep freeze. Gee, it hurts to go outside in the metro Detroit area.
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    • Karen Jan 2, 2018

      that is how it has been here in Arkansas but at least we know the daytime temps are back to above freezing tomorrow – the nights well still be chilly for a couple more but then back to normal – this has lasted a little longer than normal – I hear Florida might have snow tomorrow – and my sister who lives in Williamsburg VA will be getting snow too it is all over the place

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 4, 2018

    It’s been way too frosty here in Charlotte, NC as well. Goodness, your thumb looks like a more serious injury than I had imagined! I hope it heals up quickly for you and doesn’t hinder your sewing projects. It’s a good thing you didn’t sever it completely, although you’d probably just sew it back on, wrap it in a bandage, and keep on quilting… 😉
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    • Karen Jan 5, 2018

      the thumb is almost healed – there was no need for stitches 🙂 deep but not that deep. Although when you say I would sew it back together it reminded me of my brother who lost part of a finger about 30 years ago – he was working in a chicken plant he was only 18 at the time and planning to go into the military – he got his finger caught in the machinery – hit the emergency button, grabbed his shirt off over his head to wrap his hand in, yelled down the line to find his finger and didn’t wait for an ambulance but had someone drive him to the hospital with his finger – he couldn’t have his finger attached, but the military took him anyhow and trained him as a surgery room assistant at one of the base hospitals. No panic in that guy!

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