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Finally got the Round We Go box back out and got another one ready to work on and made great progress with it – these really are easy to make and if I remember right (it has been such awhile since I made one) it was taking me about 2 days of off and on work to make one.  I got one cut out, glue basted and have most of it done.  I will try to get one more made this week and then I will have 3 months of blocks done for it leaving 9 more months of blocks left to do – 4 a month is what you were supposed to try to do.   I was keeping up until I moved back into the quilting room and got busy with other things!

Cut and glue basted


The star is stitched now to add the outer ring

IMG_4323 (2)

The finished ones on the wall – a couple of them I am pretty sure I will redo as they didn’t turn out how I like – well I shouldn’t say “redo” as I will keep the ones I don’t like and maybe turn them into big pin cushions – or mug rugs or something.  I’m thinking I could join two for a huge pin cushion top and bottom – stuff and walla done.  Just kidding – too big for that really.  They could make a nice size mug rug though back to back – reversible – or maybe hot pads?  The top left and the second row last on the right – the designs don’t stand out enough in my opinion.  I am linking to Love, Laugh, Quilt – and Small Quilts & Doll Quilts MCM #103 Cooking up Quilts – and Em’s Scrapbag


I fixed my mess of borders on the Hertfordshire Quilt  as well as I am going to and added the sashing on – it is now 17.75 inches!  and I counted pieces just out of curiosity and it is around 190.  It is far from perfect but you know that is the way of life right – and I’m not fixing these section anymore.  I figure if this much is right under 200 pieces and the quilt grows to 88 inches square and all the pieces in this quilt are small you are talking close to 2,000 pieces or more– I think it will be good enough.  I do not make for shows – I make for me.


For those of you that didn’t see the photo of this quilt finished – here it is – now you see why I say a mistake won’t be all that noticeable and after looking at this photo I have a feeling there are over 5,000 pieces in it not the 2 that I said.  Hertfordshire Quilt pattern by Carolyn Konig in the book by Quiltmania called Creating Heirlooms One Stitch at a Time.

Hertfordshire Quilt

A couple days ago I had mentioned loosing a ruler and reordering it and then finding it – got to talking to several of you of where the rulers are stored and why I don’t notice them all that much – here is Mike’s corner of the room – the peg board in back of him on the corner wall is mine – I really don’t see it all that much so tend to forget what is there – I need to start looking more and thanks for the hint from one of you to use binding clips on the rulers that do not have a hole to hang from – I tried that on one of them and it works great.  Mike’s peg board is the big almost empty one – if he doesn’t start to use it soon I might have to take it over – you have been warned Mike (he reads the blog most days)


A little quilting on Handful of Scraps from Saturday night.


A close up


and another


I have ordered for myself a subscription of the  7 day FREE trial on Craftsy Unlimited to try out and see how I like it  – have any of you ordered? how do you like it?  I will let you all know what I think of it after I have had time to look it over a bit.

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  • Kristie Jan 22, 2018

    Nice to see you back to working on it! 🙂 So many wonderful things going on. I also keep my rulers on a peg board. I only recently got it put up and I just love it.
    Kristie recently posted…On the longarm…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      Peg boards are handy for rulers but I don’t find them attractive in the least 🙂

  • Marianne Jan 22, 2018

    I saw that deal for Craftsy unlimited but decided not to go with it. I don’t always watch the classes I have all the way through – I pick and choose through the lessons sometimes. And I’m trying not to buy too much fabric or anything else these days. Have you investigated It’s a group buying thing. I order batting through them when it comes up because I love Quilters Dream. They also sometimes have Aurifil thread which my machine likes.

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      no I have not tried massdrop have heard of it though I’m really not sure how it works

  • Susan Riley Jan 22, 2018

    Karen-1 of the bloggers did a pro/con. 1 of the cons was that you lose all of your current classes purchased if you let it go. I have too many stockpiled to let that happen! That is just such an ambitious quilt that I get the vapors just looking at it 🙂 Susan

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      I will only work on the quilt when I feel like it so maybe that won’t over whelm me.
      you are not supposed to loose your classes – the person that did should get in touch with the company

  • Kathi Jan 22, 2018

    Getting back on track this week… I am reading your blog again 😀 Never did get a chance to read back and catch up. I look forward to seeing what you do with those 2 round we go blocks you don’t like the colors on as well.. and what you replace them with. A hot pat or bowl cozy or rug mug all sounds delightful.
    I love love love your fixing on Hertfordshire … looks like you have more chances to perfect your string of diamonds blocks for this quilt in future rounds too! lol
    Is your pegboard made black or did you paint it to be black? I love it that way !!! I am hoping to have pegboard wall in my sewing room in our new home when we get this one sold and are setting up in wherever we land… I would like the black kind if you bought it or painted it that way though is the question.
    Love your stitching on your current quilting project… is that just 1 variegated thread or are you using lots of different colors of thread ?
    I can’t wait for your appraisal of available quilting courses on the unlimited version of Craftsy after our chat about it. I would love to do it but can’t guarantee I would get my money’s worth on that until we do get moved. Thanks for taking one for the team and finding out for all of us! <3 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Slow Sunday Stitching and Photo Challenge… Yippee!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      the thread I am using for quilting right now is a variegated. The pegboard is black metal – yes this same border that I had trouble with is used in another border -at least I will no what to look for by then and hope to have it right that time.

  • Deb Jan 22, 2018

    Love the pretty plaid in the latest Round We Go 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Baby Quilt Progress & Small Slice of LifeMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      thanks – these go pretty quickly

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 22, 2018

    Hertfordshire is an amazing project! I can see why you plan to take your time and enjoy the process – it will be an heirloom quilt! Is most of it meant to be EPP? Glad you had a chance to work on a Round We Go block, too. I have lots of orphan blocks (made and then didn’t like or use for one reason or another) and I think they would make great potholders. I even have the special batting for them – just have to stitch them up!

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      Hertfordshire can be done any method, in the book the templates are for EPP but it tells you to add a quarter inch of your are going to hand piece or machine piece – really the order border that I feel must be EPP is the final border although those with a lot of machine ability could machine piece that one as well.
      I have the special batting for pot holders too

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 22, 2018

    Ooh, your little Round We Go stars are beautiful, Karen, and that Hertfordshire quilt is going to be AMAZING!! When you look carefully at antique masterpiece quilts, they are never 100% perfect, either. Perfect is only for machines, and it’s the little inconsistencies that make a handmade quilt truly special. I mean little inconsistencies like the practically invisible ones you’re talking about — not major problems like ruffled borders and holes in seams! 🙂
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…A Slice of Elation, Topped With a Dollop of Misery: Design Wall Monday, With Machine EmbroideryMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      I will be glad if I finish this quilt so I am not letting little pieces that are uneven bother me – like you say as long as it is square in the end and not ruffled I will be happy.

  • Emily Bailey Jan 22, 2018

    Your EPP circle blocks are lovely.
    Emily Bailey recently posted…Moving It ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      thanks Em – other than picking out color I find these so easy to do!

  • Belarmina Jan 22, 2018

    Karen me encanta tus nuevos edredones.
    Me encantan las estrellas!!!

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      thanks – I have a lot more of these circle stars to make – one day they will get done

  • Jocelyn Jan 22, 2018

    Those Round We Go stars are so pretty, love them. But you have so many lovely projects to be stitching on and your stitching is so perfect.

    • Karen Jan 22, 2018

      thanks – I have too many going on right now but enjoying all of them!

  • Elzaan Jan 23, 2018

    Why do I get the feeling the Hertfordshire quilt can fall into the same category as the DJ quilts – insane?! Those are a lot of super tiny pieces!
    Well done on the progress on all your projects.
    My rulers are in a drawer or in my “quilt mag” bag, or on the counter…so in short they are everywhere LOL
    Elzaan recently posted…Stil Speletjies Boeke (Quiet Books)My Profile

    • Karen Jan 23, 2018

      Yes I can kind of see going slighty nuts with the Hertfordshire quilt! I think most of us seem to have rulers in 3 places or more and then loose them!

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