The To Be Quilted Box

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Handful of Scraps, Hertfordshire Quilt, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Retro Air Ship Propeller’s, Williamsburg Beauty

I was looking to see if I had cut binding for the flannel quilt Murrieta Stars after someone asked if I had from the scraps and thought I better look.  Down came the box off the top shelf where the quilt tops are stored that need “to be quilted” – binding found.  I was pretty sure I had put some aside but I was surprised to see I had it sewn together – a scrappy binding from left over scraps.  It just needs pressing.


And while I had the box down I went through it to put it in some order and see what I had and what had backing fabric picked out and did a project have binding fabric put aside – some do some don’t.

I  think I will quilt the hexagon quilt next – Handful of Scraps when I take the flannel quilt Murrieta Stars off of the frame – it is the smallest of the quilts waiting in line and won’t take a long time to quilt as I am sticking with simple quilting.  I had a fabric on the shelf that will be big enough for backing I believe. I think this pretty old fashion print would look nice with it.


The other small quilt that I have that needs to be quilted also had binding and backing put with it – I called it Williamsburg Beauty and I finished it at the end of 2016, it was made from l leftover applique blocks that were to have been in another quilt that I decided to not make after I had these blocks and three more that are still in a box done – I will quilt these two smaller quilts first then go on to the larger quilts which all need a backing.  This one has the backing as you can see (it is folded in half) and the binding is leftover brown fabric that is the same as the final border.


Then I have the 3 larger quilts to do.  Fall Harvest on the left – the brown fabric will be the binding.  Retro Air Ship Propellers – in the middle has some red strips for binding and Tumalo Trails on the right side– no binding fabric or backing – but it is very scrappy so I will find something to go with it eventually.  All of these quilts were done in 2017 although the baskets and the retro air ship propellers were started in 2016 I believe.


So I have enough quilting to go on the quilting frame for 2 years at least!  Each queen size quilt takes me 3-4 months to hand quilt sometimes 5 months – the smaller hexagon quilt and Williamsburg Beauty should each take about 6 weeks to 2 months depending on what all I am doing and if my hands hold out lol.

This much quilting got done on Murrieta Stars on Thursday night


And this much to do last night before it got rolled down


I got the Hertfordshire Quilt box out and started to look over the pattern again to see what was next for it and made copies and ready to start the EPP process of picking out fabric, cutting and sewing – I have been asked why EPP when it would go faster if I did it by machine – The why is because I have 5 quilt tops waiting in line to be quilted!! so why rush – I will have the accuracy of EPP for these tiny pieces as I am not the most accurate of machine piecer!  I will eventually get back to Bird Brain and I am using the sewing machine for that one – Morning Glory is being needle turned appliqued and yes there is still Round We Go which is being EPP as well. – one day I will get caught up – maybe!  (and lets not forget there are a couple other long time UFO’s in boxes – one day? two applique projects – Love Entwined which hopefully will one day have the center done and a wool applique which is supposed to have 6 blocks I think and I have one done)  By doing a bit of the quilt tops by hand right now I will slow things down a bit and maybe get caught up on the quilting?  Plus I have 2 plastic bins of scraps in the closet and one shoe box full of scraps that I think I should cut with the accuquilt dies and have put aside for scrap quilts.  I might use them more if they are already cut and I have so many scraps I would love to use them up.


Hope everyone had a good day and that you are not in the middle of a blizzard, a flood, or whatever but that you had a very nice day.

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  • Deb Jan 6, 2018

    It was nice to revisit these beauties 🙂
    Deb recently posted…English Paper Piecing : StarflowersMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 6, 2018

      thanks Deb – I made too many last year and can’t keep up with them

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 6, 2018

    You have some beautiful quilt tops waiting in the wings! Looks like it won’t be long before Murrieta Stars is ready for binding. I’ll enjoy seeing how you quilt Handful of Scraps, too. No terrible weather going on in Colorado right now – it’s been in the 40s and 50s this week. I’ve been outside walking instead of at the fitness center!

    • Karen Jan 6, 2018

      it will be nearing 50 today here again as well – for us the single digits are a thing of the past although we always no we can get that unexpected freezing weather back – our nights are still in the 20’s – rain tomorrow. I will be glad to get Murrieta Stars off of the frame and get a smaller lighter quilt on the frame – it has been such awhile since I used my small quilting needles I’m wondering if I will manage!

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 6, 2018

    The quilts to be quilted are all so pretty, so nice to see them again! I’ve forgotten some of them lol! You certainty are going to have your fingers busy quilting! Thank you for all the pictures, I love seeing all your quilt tops and quilts. Beautiful sunny day here with a high in the 60s.

    • Karen Jan 6, 2018

      thanks Dottie many hours of quilting ahead

  • Kristie Jan 6, 2018

    So many beautiful quilts. I love watching your progress when quilting them. They are all lovely. I agree about “why rush” take your time and just enjoy the process….that’s what it’s all about anyway.
    Kristie recently posted…12 More Blocks…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 6, 2018

      for sure! when I was waiting for my quilting room to be finished and not quilting was going on I was making too many tops!

  • Sarah Jan 6, 2018

    You have some real beauties waiting to be quilted. Glad you didn’t get hurt in your car shunt! Not sure what the young man driving was thinking, trying to blame you!!!
    Sarah recently posted…Rainbow Scrap Challenge – BLUEMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 6, 2018

      I know I was kind of shook up about the accident though it was minor and got to thinking about it and thought maybe the young man had never been in an accident and was too and not thinking of what he was saying – can never tell – I will just be glad to get the report next week so I can get the insurance stuff moving.

  • Sandra B Jan 6, 2018

    Love seeing all the quilt tops again, paired up with their backing and binding fabrics, for the ones you have selected already…. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt Handful of Scraps…
    So glad that you were not hurt in the accident, Karen….
    Weather in Virginia was sunny today, but still very, very cold…low tonight is predicted to be down to 2 degrees! Will still be in the 20’s tomorrow, then warm up a bit….looking forward to that! On a couple of the warmer days, we may get some rain…that will help wash away the remaining snow…when I was growing up, my father always said that when snow didn’t melt, it was waiting for more to come….I hope we have seen all the snow we will get for this winter!! I know that is wishful thinking!!

    • Karen Jan 6, 2018

      my sister said it will be down to 3 for her tonight – still ice on the road in places she said and she works nights as a nurse and is working tonight will have to watch the roads closely as she goes in tonight.
      Yes I am looking forward to this big stack of quilts being quilting – I wonder how many I can get done with this year as I know I will be completing more tops!
      hope it warms up soon for you!!

  • Willeke Jan 6, 2018

    Hi Karen, thanx for your nice comment on my blog…*Ü*…

    It’s so hilarious…you are a real quilt girl and I’m a cross stitch addict… But we can enjoy each others work… Your quilt needle must have a turbo…everytime I look over you have done so much.

    Happy to hear that you didn’t get injured by the accident… Wish you a great and healthy new year…

    Big hug, Willeke
    Willeke recently posted…Peace and Cheer…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 7, 2018

      my daughter does the same type of stitching as you do I believe, so different then quilting but love to see it. I always love to stop by and see what you are working on.

  • Janice Holton Jan 6, 2018

    Happy New Year, Karen! I can’t remember if I’ve already commented on your blog this year or not so just covering my bases in case I haven’t! So glad you your car accident was minor!
    Janice Holton recently posted…2018 Planning PartyMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 7, 2018

      thanks for stopping by Janice and checking in. Hope all is going well in Idaho – not too cold for you this year?

  • Kathi Jan 7, 2018

    So nice to see the projects you have coming up and the binding to go on them is mostly there too!! And to recap where you are with WIP’s as well.. what a nice post you made out of a lot of work to just find out whether you had binding cut for Murietta stars or not!lol I so enjoy your posts and progress!
    Have a blessed weekend friend! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…On your mark… get set… DONE!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 7, 2018

      yes I had binding cut! it was nice to see – a little more work and it will be done. I wasn’t sure what I had in the box just knew it was heavy for sure – I was glad to see I have backing for two quilts and binding for some.

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