28 Birds

Bird Brain, Granny’s Gone Crazy, Handful of Scraps

The birds have been moving quicker since I cut all the pieces – cutting one bird at a time was slowing me down I guess – also I decided this quilt had been hanging around long enough at the barely started phase and I needed to prod it along.  So Bird Brain now has 28 birds!  I think today or tomorrow I will take the other projects off of the wall and let Bird Brain take over until it is done.  I think I have 16 more cut out and ready to work on.  When I get done with those we will see how many more need to be made.   What is a good size for a couch quilt – I always forget – I make so many queen size!   Right now this quilt top is taking up most of my work space so I haven’t gotten around to cutting and glue basting the applique pieces for Morning Glory – as soon as the bird blocks are done I will take a day or two to get more prepped on that quilt.  The 30’s print triangle quilt will wait until this top is done and Morning Glory center panel has more prepped on it then the work table will be free for the strips.

Bird Brain

Handful of Scraps worked on Thursday evening got the center area diamonds done going across the section.


And last night I was ready to get back to work on this area


After I showed the tiny hexies Granny’s Gone Crazy – earlier this week I decided to get the hexies sewn in place that I had prepped – I think there were 5 of them – I got those stitched and I made one more that is waiting for me to put in place.  I think I will leave this box in the living room for now so it will be handy to pick up for 5 minutes here and there  and get more made.  I have been told now and then that I need to let this quilt grow into a small quilt, lap size or whatever but I really doubt I will have the patience for it – these are half inch hexies – would you have the patience to make a couch size out of these?   The bigger hexies above are 7/8th inch hexies – much easier to do – right now I will keep trying to get it to grow into a table runner and we will see from there ok?  This project has been fun for using the little bits of scraps instead of tossing them – I suppose it is a project that could go for years and years if one wanted to.


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  • I quickly checked Stars and Spools / nice couch quilt here. I had it at 65 x 65 / I’ve done others a big longer….but it’s a favorite of my son when he’s on the couch and it works well at that size
    Frugal Little Bungalow recently posted…Several projects in progressMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      that sounds like a good size – I might make it a little bigger than that so when it is washed/dried/and shrunk it would still be that size! my quilts always seem to shrink so much I need to make them larger than what I want the finished size to be.
      Karen recently posted…28 BirdsMy Profile

  • Vicki W Feb 3, 2018

    I love the bird blocks!

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      thanks Vicki – I will be glad to get them all made and move on to another, can’t believe I started these – the first one at the end of summer and they have been basically rarely touched until recently

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 3, 2018

    I can’t imagine making 1/2 inch hexies into a couch size quilt! That made me laugh when you wrote that! Handful of Scraps always blows me away with the size that you made it up to. Your birds are looking wonderful – fun to see more and more of them!

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      I saw on one blog that a quilter used 1/4″ hexies and it was a great wall hanging and I saw a couple at a quilt show by Japanese quilters using that size and they were queen size!!! the patience – beyond belief – I used 1/4″ inch hexies once to make some flowers for a applique border and that was enough for me at that size

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 3, 2018

    Your birds are simply so lifelike sitting on their branch. I’m glad you’re going to work on this one until it’s finished, it will be so pretty and colorful. Your daughter will love it, I think you said it was going to be hers. I’m still working on my Hertfordshire quilt, slowly but surely, I really like this quilt. I’m almost to where you are, but doing it by EPP is slower than machine quilting. I did work on it while visiting my family, but not as much as when I’m at home. I guess I was enjoying my family too much, lol! Have a wonderful Saturday!

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      I think I will go back to EPP for Hertfordshire – the part I tried by machine was so off we will see when I get back to it. There are other quilts on my list to piece by machine after all. Yes the birds is for my daughter that lives near by she requested it.

  • Warm Quilts Feb 3, 2018

    Love those colorful birds – you’re making great progress. I cannot imagine making so many hexies but that’s only because I’ve got so many other projects going on at the same time. You’ve provided great inspiration – thank you!

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      it is hard to keep up with hexies when making a lot of quilts at the same time – but that is what I do – I have 7 in progress and one always on the hand quilting frame!

  • Tu-Na Quilts Feb 3, 2018

    Bird Brain is going to be a beautiful quilt worth tweeting about. I love your Granny’s Gone Crazy no matter what size you make it.

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      thanks Karen – I’m getting into the birds now, it took me awhile – I don’t usually do anything modern – or not much anyway

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 3, 2018

    Quarter inch on a side hexis? The mind boggles. There’s no room under there for the seam allowance! The ones for “Aunt Lottie’s Garden” are an odd size, thanks to my Great Aunt’s piecing. 13/16, so just a smidge over 3/4. That’s plenty small for now.

    • Karen Feb 3, 2018

      1/2 inch on the sides, I have done smaller for a flower on applique but they were very hard to hold onto for sure! I have heard of some that do 1/4 inch and I don’t see how they do many of them. The quilt on the frame right now are 7/8th inch

  • audrey Feb 3, 2018

    You’ll know when you want to quit working on Grannies Gone Crazy. You won’t want to make another stitch! lol Love seeing Handful of Scraps getting some beautiful stitching done to it. There’s just something about hand quilting that is mesmerizing.:)

    • Karen Feb 4, 2018

      that is kind of what I think too – I hope to get it to table runner size, I really doubt it would be bigger

  • Gail Feb 3, 2018

    What a great flock of colourful birds! All those little hexies…wow! Beautiful quilting too. Lots of fun happening in your sewing room.
    Gail recently posted…This and ThatMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2018

      yes a lot happening in here, sometimes I wish I was the type to do one at a time but that hasn’t been me in a long time

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