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No post yesterday that is because there were two post on Thursday.  I write my post the night before you normally see it and schedule it for the next day – I forgot to change the date on Thursday night when I finished my post and it went out early – some wondered why no post on Friday and that was why.

I got my car back yesterday – so glad to have my wheels back!  They even washed/waxed/and detailed it – hasn’t been that clean in a long time – not that it is filthy normally but I had not been as good about cleaning it the past year as I normally had been – now it looks new inside and out again.

Two more birds to make and I will put the long rows together and see if I feel that I have to have more – if not I will get started putting the whole thing together.  Four birds were made yesterday.

IMG_4476 (2)

And the quilting from Thursday night after I wrote that last post.


Before I forget does anyone have Sue Garman’s pattern Afternoon Delight that you are no longer using and is in good condition – I wonder if anyone would be interested in a trade – I would love the pattern but it is so pricey –  I had plans to make it a couple years ago and never got around to it – I would love to do a scrappy version sometime in the future.  If you don’t mind parting with it let me know and we can discuss a trade – fabric, patterns etc


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  • Marianne Feb 10, 2018

    That Sue Garman pattern looks right up your alley! I don’t have the pattern, but I bet the little nine patches are 3″ or smaller. I had a pattern by Garman that I was going to do but then I gave up after making some of the nine patches. Could not get them accurate enough to suit me.

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      yes I too think the 9 patch blocks are probably about 3 inches but it is all those applique blocks that I mainly need the pattern for – the pattern is around $80 and would love it if someone had a used pattern willing to sell for half that at least 🙂
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  • Jill Feb 10, 2018

    We all take our cars for granted until they are out of commission. Wish I could help you with Afternoon Delight; it is not YET in my Wanna Make Stash. You have probably mentioned in previous posts the material you used for design wall. I apologize for asking but could you mention if it is batting, felt, flannel? Your bird blocks stay on so well and are not floppy. They are not flying away. Lol.

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I just used regular flannel for the walls. I wrapped really tight and put a lot of duct tape on the back. What really helps my walls in my opinion is that we we framed them to the wall with wood across all sides securing them to the wall – I think that helps to keep the fabric from sagging.

  • Jill Feb 10, 2018

    Thanks Karen! I see that a firm mounting makes a difference. Tomorrow or Monday, I’ll post about my design wall.
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    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I will love to see how you do yours

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 10, 2018

    Glad you got your car back! It is hard to be without one. I don’t have that pattern for you, but I’m enjoying looking at it – it looks amazing! I like the combination of pieced blocks and applique.

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I know I could make the nine patch blocks just fine but the applique! need patterns for those doubt I could design those blocks myself

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 10, 2018

    Wow, the pattern that you’re looking for is drop dead gorgeous. I can see why you want it. I’ve never seen it before and now I kind of want it, too. Nope, plenty of other ‘bucket list’ quilts first.

    I really like all your birds, looking forward to how you are going to arrange them in the final top. Will this one be hand quilted or machine quilted?

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I’m really not sure how I will quilt this one yet, I had thought by machine but we all know that is not my favorite, it would be done around the time I take the hexies off the frame so I might just pop this one on then?

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      oh and are you sure you do not want to do Afternoon Delight too 🙂 it is pretty – but I don’t want to pay 84.00 – I might have to find some applique blocks that I could exchange out for the those in the quilt

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 10, 2018

    I agree that Sue Garman’s pattern is You! I haven’t seen it before and hope someone can help you out. So glad you got your car back again. You’re birds look like the flocks of birds around here, they sit on the wires around the restaurants either to stay warm or hoping to get some food, lol! Love your quilting!

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I love Sue Garman quilts – the quilt world sure lost a good quilt pattern and quilter last year. There are more of hers I would like to make one day

  • Kathi Feb 10, 2018

    Karen, So happy you got your car back and didn’t actually miss a blogging day… I am glad I am not the only one that looks forward to you also! lol
    I love how festive your design wall is now… esp with those fun birds! Will that one get a machine finish or in line to be hand quilted you think??
    I am excited to see the texture when the one you are hand quilting now gets off and bound and washed! My fave part is photos at the ending 😀 All the time is worth it!!
    We have our house sold and our offer has been accepted on a home up north of here so we will be moving before end of the month… I will try to stay close to what you are up to though… you keep me sane when all else is going bonkers around me! lol Enjoy the cleaned out car too!!! Kathi
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    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      Kathi well answer you off blog as I have questions about the house and know you don’t want all that info out public

  • Sandra Walker Feb 10, 2018

    Glad you have wheels again! No on the pattern…Love the birds! Reminds me of Preeti’s and I love what she called it, My Twitter Feed! The quilt you are quilting is just beautiful!
    Sandra Walker recently posted…It’s Real and I’m Not Dreaming!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      thanks Sandra – I just looked for her and found her blog – and I searched for the bird quilt – the birds are a lot alike except her bird legs are at an angle – cute! there are so many bird patterns out there.

  • Sandra B Feb 10, 2018

    Glad you have your vehicle back!
    I had not seen that Sue Garman pattern before, but I love it! I love the combination of the nine patch blocks with the appliquéd blocks…. Really makes a striking quilt! I hope you are able to locate someone who has the pattern, who is willing to part with it!!

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I will probably just end up buying it – I could duplicate part of the pattern but the applique squares would be hard to do I think.

  • Kate Heads Feb 11, 2018

    That is one challenging pattern, just up your street, good luck in finding one. Every time I see bird blocks I want to make them, you are not helping me resist………….
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    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I wish I could find a used copy of this pattern but have not heard one peep from anyone that might have it. – Make a bird or two and see if it is for you.

  • deb Feb 11, 2018

    Hi Karen I have been trying to get that pattern as a second hander as well it is on my list to do I figure in about another 5 years quilters will be destashing and realize they won’t be making it. I love Sue’s more complicated patterns like this as well.
    On another note I absolutely love your birds they look fabulous!!
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    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      you to! I know of one person that made it and I think I will straight out ask her if she is willing to part with it. Thanks on the birds.

  • Diane Feb 11, 2018

    I was able to see Sue Garman’s exhibit at Houston last year! What a wonderful exhibit it was too! This quilt was hanging there! I am almost finished with Afternoon Delight, just have the borders to finish. A friend has asked for the pattern, but I am not sure she is still interested. I will see her tomorrow and find out for sure. I will let you know!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thanks understand your friend gets it first if she still wants it. Have you enjoyed making it? I assume the little nine patches are 1.5 inch squares (or strips) that is what they look like. I went to Houston the year before so missed seeing the exhibit I would have really liked to have seen it and have always loved her work – she is missed in the quilt world for sure.

  • Diane Feb 13, 2018

    My friend decided she did not want the pattern, so it is available if you are still interested! By the way the strips are 1.25 inches, you might not want to do like me and wait to do all of those at the end, insanity! lol

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      thanks Diane – I will get back to you in private email off the blog

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