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I really couldn’t get in a sewing mood on Sunday for some reason, I did get done with a little on several projects though but it didn’t feel like a productive day  – it was a rainy chilly day so it was an inside day – it actually “snowed ice pellets” two different times that we notice, not snow and not really sleet, but little tiny circles resembling ice.

I got some sashing sewed on the left side of  the birds but never pressed them, 4 pieces and need to do 3 more then sew all of those strips together and decide on a border.  I would like to do a pieced border – I think – but it has to be something easy – I have already spent more time on this quilt then I ever intended to do.

IMG_4500 (2)

while I watched some Olympics on Sunday afternoon I got a little more applique done –three more pieces of the red flower need to be done –then I start the other side.  Linking to Em’s ScrapbagSmall Quilts and Doll Quilts  —  MCM#106 —  Love, Laugh, Quilt –this morning.

IMG_4497 (2)

A little quilting from Saturday night


Bird watching from the sewing room window and I spotted a pair of doves – one flew off before I could take a photo of the cute couple but then I as this one flew away I saw where they went.


Up into the tree above the workshop – bird photos are taken through the screen so rarely a clear photo.  Maybe more will get done today – would like to get the body of the bird quilt finished so I can measure and figure out a border – Melanie is supposed to be dropping by later today to visit so maybe I can get her input on it seeing as it will be going to her.

IMG_4496 (2)

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  • Marianne Feb 12, 2018

    You could just pick one of the brighter colors in the quilt – yellow? turquoise? – and do a solid border of that and call it quits. Maybe a pieced border of strips of the various colors, maybe random lengths? I’m just putting the last two wide borders on the gray quilt and that will bring it up to about 65″ square. Time to quilt it and move on.
    It’s been very gloomy here, too. Hoping for sunnier days ahead!

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      I don’t have many large pieces of fabric for borders and none that match what I have in the quilt – I have some smaller pieces that could be pieced into strips, I really need to look through the shelf and see what I have – I don’t like to just cut say for instance a 8 inch wide piece and slap it to the quilt to add width, I want it to really go with it and frame it nicely

  • Kathi Feb 12, 2018

    I know you say you are tired of Bird Brain but I am just LOVING it … so whimsical to me… I look forward to seeing your border/s. Sorry your weather is not ideal to being creative though! I love your applique progress USA is doing well in the Olympic games it seems … when they are able to have them based on the weather issues happening over there being so cold and windy!
    Have a blessed day! Taking our car to the dealership for an issue before moving away… pray we don’t get stuck there all day today! lol Kathi
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    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      hope your car can be taken care of quickly and that no parts or anything will be needed. Yesterday was just one of those dreary days of winter – well be glad for spring like all of us. I will try to get the sashings and rows all on today and then contemplate the border – it was all made from the scraps so I need to find pieces that go with it right for the border.

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 12, 2018

    Do you like to sting piece? Something like a piano key border, but less structured (maybe different widths of ‘bars’) might be fun for the border on Bird Brain. You could bring in as many of the colors in the birds as you have scraps left.

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      I have made a lot of piano key borders in my time and that was one idea I had but then looking through my box of left over bright prints I find a lot of small pieces! So now I am contemplating just how much time do I want to devote to a border – possible cut some pieces into squares and join them to make strips and then add some of the browns and a yellow that I have is one idea. I will think about it today while I try to finish joining the long sashing pieces to the bird rows.

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 12, 2018

    We see lots of doves here – always in pairs – sometimes the male will be doing a little dance for his mate! I’ll be interested to see what you end up doing for the border of Bird Brain – that’s the part that always slows me down. I need to cut and sew the borders on to my son’s YBR quilt, but have been putting it off!

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      I didn’t want to do an intense border that takes a lot of time but I have a feeling to finish it off right it will take some time!! – I’m always in a rush at the end to finish – but I think I will just need to slow it back down and do the side borders first and see what I want for extra length – not as much as the sides will be needed and just take it one step at a time

  • Rebecca Grace Feb 12, 2018

    EVERY quilt I make, I end up spending way more time on than I planned to!! For your birdies, which I absolutely adore, I would do some kind of leaf border with lots of green leaves, like the birds are all perched up in a tree. You could do fusible applique leaves to accomplish that quickly, or pieced maple leaf blocks or something like that. I’m sure your other readers will have lots better ideas for a faster finish, but I just see leaves…
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    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      I do love your idea but I don’t want to spend that much time on it and for me doing leaves I know would take me time as I don’t like to work with fusible’s – just me I know but I just don’t care for the feel of fuse’s after the quilting and washing and drying is done they always feel stiff to me – maybe it is because I know it is there and I don’t care for the stuff? when I get done with sewing the rows of birds together I need to dump out the treasure chest box that is holding all the left over fabric from the birds and see what I have and go from there – I do thank everyone for their ideas – yours is one of the best!

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 12, 2018

    I’m sure you’ll come up with a good idea for the borders on Bird Brain, maybe your daughter will know what she wants. It’s been so dreary here too the last few days. Yesterday we had some icy roads with some car accidents we saw while we were out. I’m yearing for some sun, but it’ll be in the 40s today and tomorrow and warm up on Thursday. I love the pictures of the doves, we have them too and they are my favorites. Your Morning Glory is looking so pretty as your quilting is on Handfuls of Scraps.

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      top is now put together so I can now think about the border seriously might even take a day or two away from it to refresh my mind 🙂 warmer here, cold yesterday – we are heading for a short warm up like usual then it will drop again!

  • Susan Feb 12, 2018

    Bird Brain looks awesome with the sashing on the bottom – great choice of fabric! Not quite sure what I’d do for the border either – sorry I can’t help.
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    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      thanks for your in put – I might just do a little more sashing – not really sure either – I will think on it a couple days

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