Bird Brain

Bird Brain, Morning Glory

Lots of sewing got done on Saturday – it was a chilly light rain kind of day.  Nothing to do after I got home from exercise except sew or read – right? and I wasn’t in a reading mood so sewing it was.

I got long rows of birds sewn together – all of them!

IMG_4487 (2)

Then I cut sashing for in between the rows – the sashing is just on the wall – not sewn in place and yes the rows are hanging  uneven on the wall you aren’t imagining it LOL – it is hard to hang things straight on the wall I think!  Once the sashing is in place and all rows are sewn together I will decide on borders to make it larger.  Right now it is about 62.5 inches long but only about 50 inches wide I think  so I need a little more length and a bit more width.  I really hate the thought of making 7 more birds for one more row but I might need too – but before doing that I would have to look over my brown fabric for sure as I am running low and would need the same two that I am using for more sashing and I don’t think I have enough for that and for the top and bottom sashing so it will have to be wider borders of some sort.   Mike says it looks like the birds are on a lattice in a garden.  Linking my scrappy birds to Quilting is More Fun than Housework  .

IMG_4490 (2)

Applique on Morning Glory from Friday night while the Olympics were one – two tulips now done and the bird on this side.  I had trouble with the tail and improvised as part of my fabric frayed badly as I was unpicking to redo but in the end it turned out great – I actually tucked a small piece under the tail and made a new middle feather – the fabric blended really well by cutting out a piece of the print that matched.  Then had trouble with the beak area (the beak is not a separate color as the pattern shows it this way), trimmed of a little piece and reshaped it slightly.  For Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will work more on this and the quilting.

IMG_4493 (2)

The birds were going crazy out the sewing room window as I was sewing – this and the next taken through the screen.

IMG_4481 (2)

I tried to brighten the color on this one a little and adjust and it isn’t quite right, but the cardinal is red as it should be!

IMG_4485 (2)

No quilting was done on Friday night but I did do some last night.

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  • Bird Brain is so bright and cheery and downright fun!
    Frugal Little Bungalow recently posted…Hand Quilting: Little Hands into Family & Friends QuiltsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      it is a fun quilt – so modern though that I’m surprised I have made it LOL

  • Wendy Feb 11, 2018

    Love the Bird Brain quilt! It does look like they are on lattice. So cute! Your applique piece is lovely. You do such nice applique work.
    Wendy recently posted…Creativity WednesdayMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thanks Wendy, I am glad the birds are about done and I love the slow stitching of the applique too

  • Kathi Feb 11, 2018

    Loving Bird Brain progress and I love the appliqued tulips too… sooo beautiful as is the cardinal you enhanced… I <3 love seeing what is outside your windows!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…February is speeding by here!!!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thanks Kathi, I will be glad to be done with the birds though

  • Jill Feb 11, 2018

    Appropriate post title 🙂 Good BIRD progess on design wall, Morning Glory and feathered friends in your yard!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      yes working on bird brain and looking at the birds going crazy out the window was entertaining. Whenever it is cold and wet in the winter the birds seem to go into an extra frenzy getting the food. We get a lot of finches here

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 11, 2018

    Look at that cardinal! So beautiful! We don’t get them here, so it is always a treat to see them somewhere else. The birds were busy at our house yesterday, too – it snowed a good part of the day, and that kind of weather always seems to make them extra hungry. The birds in your sewing are looking great, too! I love how Bird Brain is coming along, and your applique bird, too!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I didn’t remember you do not have cardinals there – I always see so many birds when we visit Colorado that I didn’t remember that – bet you have other red birds. We get a lot of them here. Birds everywhere here – outside, on the design wall in the applique LOL – i need to fill up the bird feeder again!

  • Liz Feb 11, 2018

    Love how bird brain is progressing. Keep going…
    Liz recently posted…Those Flying GeeseMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      it is getting there and almost done – I’m ready for it – I get to the point of a quilt almost done and I’m ready for a finish

  • Gail Feb 11, 2018

    So fun to see all your colourful birds…pieced, appliquéd and the live models!
    Gail recently posted…It’s Still Snowing…My Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      yes lots of birds here

  • Jayne Feb 11, 2018

    Bird Brain! I love it! The sashing really gives it the lattice look! It looks like each bird is caged!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I will be glad to get the birds done although they have been colorful to make – I mean fun lol

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 11, 2018

    Birds, birds and more birds. All of which are lovely! I’m really liking the William Morris piece. So intricate.

    When you quilt something like this, do you worry about the multiple layers? Some places on Aunt Lottie’s Garden will have three layers plus batting and backing. I’m concerned about hand quilting through all of that.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      when I hand quilt an applique quilt I usually go around the applique pieces and then decide where to take some stitches in the applique piece – if the piece is small it doesn’t really need it but if the applique piece is large then it does – sometimes instead of going through a piece with 3 layers I will go around the third layer or maybe just take a couple stitches here and there – sometimes have to resort to stab stitching which I normally do not do.

  • Ruth Feb 11, 2018

    Cute birds! They’re going to make an adorable quilt. And that applique! Sigh.
    Ruth recently posted…Another finished!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      The applique is moving along – but I am finding this fabric frays more than I thought it would so have to really be careful around tiny areas – some I find I am reshaping slightly so it doesn’t happen

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 11, 2018

    The sashing is so lovely, I love it! You are so lucky to have those beautiful birds outside your window, especially that cardinal. Ours come back in the spring. Such lovely stitching on Morning Glory. Have a happy slow stitching Sunday.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I leave seed out for the birds all winter so normally have birds around a lot – I do not see them this close to the house in such large amounts once I stop putting the seed out which is in April usually but I will see them on the bushes and trees then

  • Dot Murdoch Feb 11, 2018

    Your bird quilt is so happy, Luv all your colorful birds…..Have you tried lightly starching your appliqué fabric??? It helps control the fraying…..

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      No I had not tried starching as the pieces I show on the piece are already glue basted in place but I have thought that was something that might be done – on the pieces that I think I might have trouble with in the future I can starch and only put a few pieces on at a time if need be.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I meant to add Dot that none of these are batiks – I never run into this problem with batiks! I actually love needle turn using batiks instead – but I loved the colors in this fabric line and got it instead

  • Dot Murdoch Feb 11, 2018

    Yes, I agree batiks are great to appliqué with, very little fraying….But I have found that starching my fabric helps with the fraying problem…..Good luck on finding the SG pattern..

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I will try that on the next grouping of fabric pieces that I use –

  • Shasta Feb 11, 2018

    You really do have birds on your brain today! Both of the projects are so different and yet both are so pretty. I love how you have the birds on pedestals!
    Shasta recently posted…Crazy Quilt StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thank you Shasta, trying to put the rows together today before I sit and hand stitch but I keep getting distracted!

  • Suzanne Feb 11, 2018

    The bird blocks are amazing!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thanks Suzanne, I had meant to work some on them today and keep getting sidetracked

  • Paula Budinger Feb 11, 2018

    Your Birds are wonderful. I’m enjoying each one. The staggered setting looks like perches. Your appliqué is charming. Can’t wait to see the finish. Where do you live, having so mmany birds at your feeder? They must have flown down from up here in icy WI.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I am in Arkansas – funny you mention Wisconsin that is where I grew up!

  • Cathy Feb 11, 2018

    I love seeing the red cardinals here against the white snow. They are fun to watch out the kitchen window. Those bird brains do look like they are perched on a trellis and morning glory is glorious. I love applique but I don’t love doing it myself unless it’s something pretty easy so have to admire the work of others.
    Cathy recently posted…Getting Ready for the HoopMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I love cardinals too sometimes we get a little variety of other birds with red and blue but mainly the finches and cardinals to the feeder and some nuthatches.

  • Angela Feldbush Feb 11, 2018

    Your bird quilt is almost as pretty as the real thing. Love the way it is coming together.
    Angela Feldbush recently posted…What a DayMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thanks Angela!

  • Karen Feb 11, 2018

    What a fun quilt. Well done.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018


  • Cynthia Brunz Feb 11, 2018

    I wish we had cardinals. They look like such pretty little birds!

    I love these scrappy birds. You could add a border with some birdhouse blocks in there and that would look pretty cute!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : Scrappy NewsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I want an easy finish not more work like birdhouses – although that is a good idea but not for me

  • Jenny Benton Feb 11, 2018

    I LOVE your rows of birds!!!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      thanks Jenny – they are pretty cute – now to decide on some kind of quick border to make it a little larger

  • Kay Feb 11, 2018

    Wow so many birds on the feeders, far more than mine. I love the pieced birds but I think the applique ones are my favourite as I love applique so much

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      this bird quilt is not me 🙂 I usually do applique birds as well, this one is for my daughter – she loved the birds so I said ok

  • Belarmina Feb 11, 2018

    Karen esos pájaros son espectaculo !!
    Buena semana

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      yes the birds are pretty aren’t they

  • CathieJ Feb 11, 2018

    The bird quilt is great. I agree with your husband that it looks like the birds are on some kind of lattice. Your applique bird is pretty too. I like the fabrics. The birds have been quite noisy and busy in my neighborhood too. I think Spring will soon be upon us.
    CathieJ recently posted…Olympic craftingMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      I hope spring will be here soon – it will be near 70 for two days then back to 40’s I hate this up and down weather

  • JanineMarie Feb 11, 2018

    Those birds outside are aware of all the cool bird projects going on inside!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2018

      lol – yes I think so – they were busy again today

  • Sarah Feb 12, 2018

    Bird brain is great, I like that you’ve off set each row. That cardinal bird is beautiful! Is is quite a large bird?
    Sarah recently posted…Winter Olympics (yay) and slow Sunday stitching (yay, yay)My Profile

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      it is one of our larger birds , maybe double the size of a finch?

  • Quilter Kathy Feb 12, 2018

    Such a great bird post… stitching ones and real life ones!!

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      lots of birds around here LOL

  • Kate Feb 15, 2018

    Both of your birdie projects are looking great. You’ll be all ready for spring when you finish both projects.

    • Karen Feb 15, 2018

      thanks Kate – I am ready for spring and we have a warm front come through during the night and woke up to 63 degrees this morning – I have a feeling storms might be coming in!

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