Handful of Scraps

Handful of Scraps, Morning Glory

About my thread that I am using for quilting — several have said they couldn’t tell what color I am using so here are close ups.  I use King Tut variegated thread for some of my quilting.  Some say they do not like it for quilting but I have been using it off and on for years with no problems – yes of course now and then I have a tangle or a breakage but not often enough for me to stop using it.  I have lots of spools.  Sometimes I will order two spools for a quilt and then only use one spool and a little more on another so it has gathered up over the years.  I get my King Tut thread from Red Rock Threads.com – no affiliation, I like their service and their prices.


I never believe you have to have thread that perfectly matches your quilt fabric.  I know for machine quilting you want your thread to blend in well but hand quilting you want your stitches to stand out.  Connecting to Em’s Scrapbag  and Love, Laugh, QuiltSmall Quilts Doll Quilts



This is the area that was quilted on Saturday night – I picked up from here Sunday night.


All the pieces that I wanted to prep for Morning Glory are cut out and traced around for my seam allowance now I am ready to glue baste in place – today if I get to it.  I have one more grouping of pieces to do after these are appliqued in place.  I leave the papers on until I glue in place as I number them – like paint by number – easier to keep track of that way.


It is to be cold today – yesterday I took a walk at about 2:30 in the afternoon, the sun was shining it was a pleasant day at 56 degrees.  About 45 minutes after I came back in the house I could hear the wind chimes blowing and thought wow it wasn’t windy when I was outside I checked out the window and it was blowing!  I checked the outside thermometer and in 45 minutes the temperature had dropped almost 10 degrees – within two hours it had dropped 20!  Last night down to 22 degrees.  And I had found buds on the daffodil plants!! Crazy they do not know we have 6 more weeks of winter I guess – they will open anyhow they always do!!

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  • Teri Dingler Feb 5, 2018

    I, too, use verigated threads on some of my quilts I hand quilt-I say quilter’s choice! And I like it on some! My tulips are popping through! It isn’t as cold as in your neck of the woods but I am looking forward to warmer weather.

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      it is nice to use all different kinds of threads isn’t. I have a variety of bulbs peaking through but the daffodils are the largest I think – well I take that back the iris greens never seem to die off and I can see some of it all winter but they are much slower to flower than the daffodils – woke up to 18 this morning!

  • Your stitches look beautiful. School delay this morning….very icy out and then checking the weather it looks as if Tuesday & Wednesday we are to get more snow…
    Frugal Little Bungalow recently posted…Several projects in progressMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      we have no snow or ice here but across the state line 125 miles north Missouri has a mess, my sister was sharing photos on facebook last night from her friends near Springfield of the interstate and semi’s all over the place – I guess it iced quickly and lots of accidents must have been backed up for miles

  • Kathi Feb 5, 2018

    I have an assortment of different Perle cotton and regular hand quilting weight threads I like also for the same reasons! I love seeing your quilting up close too… lovely stitching and I love how the verigated thread changes as you stitch 😀
    It got cool and rainy here quickly yesterday afternoon also… guess winter isn’t over for any of us! lol Have a blessed Monday my friend and keep up the good work on your applique… hope you get it glued as you like! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Making good progress here on my Colorful Whole Cloth Quilt and MORE!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      yes I hope to get it all glue basted in place today but one never knows the direction the day will take – sometimes I never get around to what I want to do!

  • Liz Feb 5, 2018

    YLI also makes a good hand quilting thread.

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      yes they do I tend to use YLI for hand piecing

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 5, 2018

    I’ve never tried any Superior Threads, but have always heard good things about them. Do you use anything like Thread Heaven on your thread when handquilting? I use it when I’m stitching binding, but didn’t know if it would be good for quilting. My daffodils aren’t up yet, but we often have spring snow here in March and April and the daffodils always seem to survive! They’re very hardy.

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      I rarely ever use Thread Heaven which I guess is a good thing as they have retired and quit the business with no one buying them I believe – what is out there to be bought is supposed to be it from what I heard. I have used YLI hand quilting thread but was so limited in colors but recently someone told me they have more colors available, I will need to look. I don’t know why I first tried the variegated thread King Tut but I happened to get some someplace and tried it and liked it.

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 5, 2018

    Yes, over in Kansas, we had that huge temp drop too – 50s to teens between Saturday and Sunday. Luckily here in Topeka, the snow wasn’t preceded by rain, so we missed the “ice under snow semi trailer skating rink” this time. We had that the last round.

    I like winter, except for the diving in ice and snow part. Spring means I have to start working in the yard again. It takes up SO much time every weekend when I’d much rather be stitching.

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      I love the warm weather because I love my porch and do a bit of stitching out there – I do my yard work too but I have to limited myself on how many times a week I do it and how long so I don’t ache too much – if it doesn’t get done it doesn’t get done! About 125 miles north of us they had the interstate with semi’s all over the place it looked a mess from the photos I saw – I hope it is cleaned up and no one died.

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 5, 2018

    Your quilting stitches are so tiny and pretty. I like the look of variegated thread in your quilting too, so pretty. Morning Glory is looking good, thank you for showing your method with such clear and beautiful pictures. I saw a bunch of daffodils blooming yesterday close to my house. I was so surprised to see them so soon, a promise of spring for sure. It was 68 degrees here yesterday and this morning it is 27 with a high of 48. I’m ready for spring!

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      I always love seeing the daffodils start as I know even if we have cold weather that it really and truly is coming to an end – even though this week is chilly and now they are saying on Tuesday into Wednesday it might be a mix or a little ice – hope it stays north of me!

  • Emily Bailey Feb 5, 2018

    Your quilting looks beautiful!
    Emily Bailey recently posted…Moving It ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      thanks Emily 🙂

  • 9658 Textiles Feb 5, 2018

    I am so jealous of everyone’s weather and the fact that bulbs are almost poking through. Up here in the north we still have a month of winter 🙁 It is so cold here -13F with a windchill of -22F. I love the hand stitching! I admire your patience!

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      well technically we are still winter in fact we might get a little ice Tuesday night/Wednesday morning although I think from the map we will miss it – will be close though – February for us in Arkansas is so weird – 18 degrees this morning and the rest of the week to be in the 50’s/30 range – we have not had snow this winter or ice and only had frost on the windshields a couple times – we very often have a snow storm in early March and then spring arrives overnight (almost) – I’m dropping by your blog to see your work – you are new to me 🙂

  • JanineMarie Feb 5, 2018

    I hadn’t thought of using King Tut for handquilting. I do use Superior Treasure and love it. My machine lives King Tut for quilting—but I’ll have to give it a try with the needle sometime. That’s for the idea!
    JanineMarie recently posted…Throwback Thursday FridayMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 5, 2018

      my last machine wouldn’t use King Tut well, I will have to try it with my new machine! – thank you for the idea 🙂

  • JanineMarie Feb 5, 2018

    Sheesh! My auto correct messed up that comment!
    JanineMarie recently posted…Throwback Thursday FridayMy Profile

  • maxine lesline Feb 9, 2018

    Karen As you have no post today…I am hoping you are okay… Thinking of you.

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      I write my post the night before and schedule in the morning – last night I wrote my post and forgot to change the date so it posted last night which was intended for today – all fine here

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