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Although I added a couple more birds to the wall I didn’t get done with as much as I would have liked to.  I was out much later in the afternoon then I thought I would be and that put me far enough out in the afternoon that by time I got home it was getting too close to time to start preparing supper that I sat at the computer for 30 minutes or so and answered email and read more blogs instead.  Six rows of six birds in each I plan one more bird for each row – then I will put the rows together and work on a border to make this quilt large enough for a couch size.  I’m getting burned out on birds LOL.  I have some left over pieces from most of the colors and  joined with scraps it will be either a piano key border or some kind of “crazy quilt patchwork” type of borders, I will have two birds left over so they might go in two corners and maybe make two more for one in each corner.

Bird Brain

IMG_4470 (2)

Handful of Scraps from Wednesday night.  Quilting might not progress quickly over the next 10 days or so – I like to watch the Olympics in the evening when they are on as I do enjoy the Winter Olympics.  I mainly like the skating –  and some the skiing and snow boards – so some nights I might quilt and some nights I won’t and progress will be made on the applique instead and maybe some of the EPP – I have the Round We Go to continue working on and the Hertfordshire quilt – both have been sitting for awhile now.


Morning Glory – after I took this photo I got the other red tulip done.  Next well be the bird legs and then the bird body.


Work is still going on the shawl LOL – my this is a slow project.  I want this shawl large enough that it will cover my waist line in back as I get a cold back and want it completely covered.


Folded on the couch – I have been totally making up this design as I go and I have 3 more skeins of yarn to use if I desire – at times I think I could still make this into a shrug by stitching together arm sleeves on the ends LOL – but I would probably end up ripping it apart if I did – before I would do that though I will make it so it is deeper in length to cover my back and then pin the “sleeve” area to see if it would work and go from there.   My main problem with a heavy shawl like this is that it tends to droop and fall – if it stays a shawl and not a shrug maybe a couple big buttons?  We will see – one more thing I have seen on some here and there on pinterest is patch pockets to hold your phone, a tissue and whatever – maybe?


Do you watch the Olympics – what is your favorite?  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict Crazy Mom Quilts

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  • Sandra B Feb 8, 2018

    Karen, when I saw your post, I was thinking I had already seen one today….then realized it was a second one!
    Your shawl is really going to keep you warm….
    Yes, I do watch the Olympics….don’t watch the summer ones, but I love watching the winter ones….I love the ski jumps, and the bobsleds, but my favorite event is the Luge…don’t ask me why, but I have always liked that event!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      I meant to schedule this for morning and didn’t change the date on it 🙂 you got it early. I usually write it in the evening and schedule it for morning. I love the winter olympics too – and will be in the living room most nights but not all nights so the quilting will need to be done in the daytime instead!

  • Marianne Feb 9, 2018

    I love the birds – they’ll make an adorable quilt. Maybe I’ll make one myself one of these days.
    I like to watch the Olympics but Paul doesn’t. We did watch a bit last night, though. The skating is always fun, but I also like the skiing. Today’s local paper listed about 15 Vermonters, including a couple of locals, who are in the Olympics so our news is full of them. And of course, I have to cheer for the Dutch speedskaters.

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      I will watch the parts I like and skip a lot of it, I don’t sit and watch for hours for sure unless the skating and skiing is interesting. I will be glad when the birds come to an end – ready for something new!

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 9, 2018

    I love the skating, and turned it on to watch some last night, just in time for our cable to go out! So, I never got to watch any at all…maybe I will have better luck today! It looks like you will have lots of good stitching to do while they are on.

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      I forgot all about it last night but intend to watch some or all of the opening ceremony’s tonight. yes if I get tired of the applique I will switch to EPP or the crochet – plenty of projects for the duration LOL – I will just have to quilt at other times of the day – grab 20 or 30 minutes here or there so I can still make progress the fingertips aren’t bad right now so really do not need a healing break

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 9, 2018

    I’m late today, I had lab work and errands to do. I like to get it all done in the morning, less people and waiting. Your shawl looks so nice and warm, such pretty colors. Morning Glory and your other hand projects will certainly keep you busy while watching the Olympics. I like to watch the skating too.

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      beautiful day here before rain starts tonight – 67 in town – went to the fitness center and then went and got my car – I’ve got wheels again 🙂

  • Belarmina Feb 9, 2018

    Karen me alegra que disfrutes de un tiempo de televisión.
    Yo no la veo nunca, no soy capaz de ver 5 minutos seguidos.
    Esto mismo le ocurría a mi madre ¿herencia?
    buen fin de semana

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      you do not enjoy watching much tv if I understood google translate? Some people are like that – I do not watch all day long and then in the evening I do like to watch/listen while sewing

  • Linda Feb 9, 2018

    I love the skiing and luge. I also like the skating but hubby not so much so unless I tape it, I don’t see much of that sport. I am also fascinated with speed skating. Skating and racing…..!

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      hubby isn’t picky on what is on the tv, he might watch some of it and might not – I think I watch more of the Olympics then he does.

  • Melody Feb 10, 2018

    I LOVE the Bird Brain Quilt. I discovered this blog after the quilt was begun. Is there a published pattern for that quilt? I want to buy a pattern!

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      I bought a pattern but later saw a free one on pinterest that looks the same but I think is smaller – I did not read the pattern so do not know – the link to the free one:
      The link to the one I paid for: I ended up changing this one up a bit as I didn’t care for her instructions – I made a copy of the bird block and then cut templates, the legs are long on some and short on others – this is one that you can really do as you like once you see how you want to make them.

  • Deana Feb 11, 2018

    Well, don’t let yourself get burned out on those super cute birds. They need to be joined in a quilt and not be a UFO because they are so dang cute! I wish you well.
    Deana recently posted…Deana: weekend progress = two finished churchesMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 12, 2018

      I won’t not this close to an end, they are cute –

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