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Bird Brain, Handful of Scraps, Morning Glory

Ok lets get started.  After getting the applique ready on Tuesday I sat down in the evening in front of the tv for a short time to watch NCIS current season show and got started on the applique for Morning Glory – I continued on it last night while the news was on thinking I would finish one piece – almost but not quite.  The long green leafy area on the left is the one I am working on – if you compare it to the right you can see how much smaller it now is without the seam allowance showing.


Here are some close ups


I am using a “celery green” color and it blends in so well you really have to look for the stitches – I do kind of a tiny tiny whip stitch – not quite a blind stitch – this really works if you have thread that closely matches.  I am using my stand by – the Gutermann 100% natural cotton from my 100 spools thread cabinet.


You can possibly see the area I worked easier from the back?


Bird Brain — During the day yesterday off and on I sat at the machine and got 4 more birds done – each one takes about 15 minutes, I usually sit and make two of them and then go do other things and come back at some point in the day and make more.  Each block with the “branch” sashing at the bottom is about 7 x 8 inches I haven’t quite figured out the size still as there will be sashing in between the rows as well.  I will be glad to get this one done and back to work on the Hertfordshire quilt – the next border is a doozy and well take some time – I think I am going back to EPP on it for accuracy’s sake.


Handful of Scraps from Tuesday night


and it got rolled down again!  The end is now in sight!!  So pleased – this one is sailing away – I will need to decide what goes next!


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  • Kathi Feb 8, 2018

    WoWEE Karen! Your applique piece you are working on is just LOVELY <3 I am excited to see what you will be epp for Herfordshire 😀 I love your Birds… so fun!!! And your quilt is so awesome and seeing the top is just gonna increase your momentum so I do hope you decide on your next project 😉
    We made an offer on a house in rural town in NC… keep us in your thoughts that "negotiations" go quick and sellers really do wanna sell… then there is inspection etc. Hoping to be moved by end of the month if NC can move that fast! lol Will see 😀 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Making good progress here on my Colorful Whole Cloth Quilt and MORE!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      did you house in Florida sell, or making the offer in NC in anticipation of it selling? Hope all works out well for you I know you are excited for a new start.

  • Vicki Feb 8, 2018

    Your applique is really beautiful!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      thanks Vicki

  • Wendy Feb 8, 2018

    I agree that your applique is beautiful, so neat and those tiny stitches! You are buzzing along on several projects! So fun to see what you are up to!
    Wendy recently posted…Creativity WednesdayMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      always working on too many projects, one day i will slow down to one at a time

  • love the morning glory fabrics in the closeup shots 🙂
    Frugal Little Bungalow recently posted…Winter Storm Liam & Little BasketsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      aren’t they pretty – really not fabric I would normally buy and a new line at that – a splurge for sure but I thought they would be perfect in this Morris pattern – and they are Morris fabric

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 8, 2018

    Your work on Morning Glory is beautiful Karen. So exciting to see the end in sight on Handfuls of Scraps. Your birds are so colorful and look like they’re about ready to fly around your sewing room, lol! Such a large flock, just lovely. Love seeing all your projects you’re working on. You’re just like a busy bee, always going at full speed!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      I have 10 more birds cut out and then we will see if I need more or if I can make do with putting colorful blocks or some thing around the sides for a border

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 8, 2018

    I really enjoyed the close-up of your applique, Karen! Pretty stitching and fabric! You will be finished with Handful of Scraps before you know it – do you already have the binding figured out?

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      the binding will be one of the neutrals that was used a lot in the hexies – it is a cream with a blue design that looks like stripes

  • Kate Heads Feb 8, 2018

    I love needle turn appliqué, for many years it was the only appliqué I did. Heat’n’bond just doesn’t have the same effect. Your bird blocks look wonderful on the wall, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
    Kate Heads recently posted…Nearly nearlyMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      thanks – I have never been able to get used to a fuse on applique and needle turn is the method I turn to most – I have tried a few others but never like it as well – something calming about needle turn 🙂 The birds are coming to an end soon! I think I will do a pieced border of some sort and stick with 6 rows of birds 7 in each row so nearing an end!

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 8, 2018

    Love the close ups of your applique. I’ll have to take some close ups of the GFG blocks as I do them. Needleturn is my go-to technique as well. Learned from Elly
    Sienkiewicz’s very first book! Man, that takes me back. I still have not made my Baltimore, but it’s on the bucket list. Along with a Hawaiian quilt.

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      yes I learned from photos and a video from Elly as well, I think I still have one of her videos – I’m sure I don’t do it exactly as hers as she is a master for sure! I never made an actual intense Baltimore album, but have made several that are closely to that style

  • Sandra B Feb 8, 2018

    Karen, the fabrics you are using on Morning Glory’s appliqué are beautiful! Thanks for showing the close-up views….it is interesting how much we learn by seeing how another quilter makes the fabric choices…. I would not have thought to use a larger scale print for such small appliqué pieces, but it really adds a lovely look to those pieces, much more, I think, than a small print would have….
    The bird blocks are really coming along…you always have such great borders on your quilts so I am looking forward to seeing how you finish this one off!
    Handful of Scraps will be done, and off the frame soon! Anxious to see what goes on the frame next!!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      I don’t know if I would have chosen these fabrics but when Moda announced they were doing a William Morris fabric line and showed photos and then I looked at Michele’s pattern and she has some close ups I thought how good these would go with it. She has such a great sense of color that I am following closely to the colors in her pattern – after all that is what attracted me to it – the colors and the design

  • Susan Feb 9, 2018

    Your applique stitches are beautiful – truly a work of art! Love the birds too!

    • Karen Feb 9, 2018

      thanks Susan – I have liked working on the bird blocks but will be glad to be done with them if you know what I mean – 3 more to go

  • JanineMarie Feb 10, 2018

    I love the texture your prints give to the appliqued designs. I’m always amazed at how many different projects you have going– and how you keep them so organized. Always a treat to see!
    JanineMarie recently posted…DrEAMi Doll QuiltsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 10, 2018

      thanks! sometimes I wonder how I keep them organized too and I do have two put aside that I haven’t worked on in a very long time – some of you have probably never even seen them LOL

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