Six Rows of Birds

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I think I will not do borders but check and see if I have enough fabric left to do two more rows of birds – I really didn’t want to do more birds but I just can’t think of something that I want for borders and thanks for all the suggestions.  As sick of piecing birds as I have been it will be better to have more birds then a border I do not like.  Right now the quilt is 50 x 62 and all the rows are sewn together – I want it at least 65 width.

IMG_4501 (2)

And I tried to capture the quilting close up for Handful of Scraps, some have said they couldn’t see what I was doing in the neutrals.


And here is what I am doing on the diamonds and hexie flowers


I rolled the frame down and this is what is left.


I managed to cut and glue baste one Round We Go block to have some thing different then applique to work on when I am watching the Olympics – this one has a bit more pieces then the ones I have shown and it looks like a mess sitting here on the flannel board but maybe there will be some improvement soon.

IMG_4504 (2)

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  • Jill Feb 13, 2018

    Totally understand why you may be tired of bird piecing. Sometimes when I am stumped, I google or pinterest quilt borders. I prefer outline quilting on hexies.

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      I rarely ever outline hexies it seems to take way too long and I wouldn’t want to outline every hexie in a quilt

  • Jill Feb 13, 2018

    Totally understand not quilting every hexie. The hexie flower outlined quilting seems to need it such as you are stitching.
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  • Kathi Feb 13, 2018

    Maybe you can cut out your remaining birds and give it a bit of a break until next week so you aren’t so over the bird making??!! Just a thought anyway… I love your Handful of Texture you are making of your Scrappy hexi quilt!!! Soon it will be off the frame too 😀 the Round we go blocks might be a fun and different diversion… enjoy watching the olympics!!! Kathi
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    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      first thing I need to do today is measure my brown fabric and make sure I have enough for all the sashing – then cut birds 🙂
      I needed a little break from the applique so that is why I started a Round We Go also that quilt has been set aside for some time now and though I better make at least one star!

  • Marianne Feb 13, 2018

    I think it will make a lovely quilt with more birds and agree with someone up above – cut some out, take a break, then have a marathon of sewing. I am pin basting my gray quilt today and hope to start quilting. Am using up various spools of gray thread – don’t know how I got so many shades!

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      yes I think that is the best plan, but I don’t do marathon sewing days, I hate sitting at the machine for hours at a time, I will sit and sew and take breaks, – it will take me a week or more before I get two more rows sewn probably – but there is no deadline so that is ok, I just wanted to be done is the only thing and get back to other quilts LOL

  • Deb Feb 13, 2018

    Such a pretty quilt of birds! I am terrible at picking out borders for quilts. I think they look great as is =). Love the way you are quilting the hexagons. It is adding such great texture and highlighting the shapes well. Maybe take a break from the birds and work on something else for a couple of days?
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    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      yes! I am measuring the brown fabric today to see what I have so I no how many more sashing strips I have and will go from there – maybe next week! I do need a break from them.
      thanks on the hexies – I quilted a different hexie quilt like this once and it went much faster than outlining each hexie for sure and I loved the texture it gave.

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 13, 2018

    I like your new Round We Go block – perfect colors for Valentine’s week! Making Bird Brain bigger with more birds rather than a border seems like a good solution, too. They will be fun and colorful! I know how you feel about just being ready to be done with a project, though – I often get to that point and really have to push myself to finish.

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      yes – I am just measuring fabric to see how much brown I have – I am working with two pieces that there a yard each so it is getting down to the wire on them – I think I have enough – but who knows I might have to find another closely matching. I do not think I will turn on the sewing machine until next week though 🙂

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 13, 2018

    Yes, I think you need a little break from the birds, you’ve been working on them so hard and fast. I really like your Round We Go block, such a pretty combination. I like your idea of no borders on the bird quilt, I think it will be so pretty. Your outline quilting is a good idea too, I’ll do mine that way when I finish it. Thank you for showing such good close ups of the quilting.

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      yes I need a break from the birds. I measured the brown to make sure I have enough and I do to add two more rows of birds. but I will wait until the end of the week or next week to pick back up on them

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 13, 2018

    Good luck with getting your ‘flock’ to behave. I well know the ‘I want to finish, but I don’t want to work on it’ mindset. I have no advice, because you see how well that binding is coming along! LOL

    Your ‘valentine’ round is so pretty, even with all the ‘tails wagging’. Now that Aunt Lottie’s Garden is on the applique, I miss having some EPP to work on at the office over lunch. I have a small section of hexis that are going into ‘It was the 80s’, I should make up a little kit and leave them here until I’m done.

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      having a project bag to work on at work in your down town sounds like a good stress reducer also – I used to do that when I worked, I always had an applique block with me back then.

  • audrey Feb 13, 2018

    I just love your birds quilt, but can see why you’re tired of making them. Have you thought about purposely leaving some blocks plain and without any birds at all? It might make for good relief in all the repeats.

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      If I hadn’t already had all of these rows sewed together your idea would work, but the blocks and rows are already in place – I will just add a row on each end – 14 more birds – I can handle it

  • Sandra B Feb 13, 2018

    Karen, I know you have grown tired of making the Bird Brain blocks, but I love them! And the sashing strips are great…I think I agree with your husband, that they look like they are sitting on lattice….
    I really like the fabrics for your next Round We Go block! Perfect for February, specifically, Valentine’s Day!
    I was working on some hand piecing last night and watching the Olympics….I had to put my stitching down when Chloe Kim was up, for the half pipe event…She was great!! And as young as she is, there will be a few more Olympic competitions in her future!

    • Karen Feb 13, 2018

      I missed Chloe Kim’s performance but saw replays today – I did see Shaun White’s tonight, I am winding down and watching a little skating now – I finished the round we go circle this evening, I think tomorrow will be back to applique. I am waiting for some glue stick refills to arrive – tried the school glue and I do not know how some use it – it is so wide and bulky very hard for me to use on EPP although I know some do – I prefer the skinny refills even if I have to order them – I guess I will need to watch the sales and almost order in bulk LOL –

  • Deana Feb 13, 2018

    I love your birds, and the way you chose to set them together is perfect!
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    • Karen Feb 14, 2018

      thanks Deana.

  • Glenda Feb 15, 2018

    Oh gosh you are quilting two quilts at once!!!!! Just love the bird quilt top Karen, your colours a so lovely and the wee bird has so much personality LOL You really have made the cutest bird !!!!! stunning Around We Go block, Oh to have the time to stop long enough to make pieced blocks again !!!!! I’m hoping to pick up on my DJ again some time this year but it is almost two months gone of 2018 and still not much finsihed that I want to finish LOL Cheers Glenda
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    • Karen Feb 16, 2018

      no right now it is one being quilted and a whole lot being made LOL

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