The Best Laid Plans

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I really had intended to get my Morning Glory pieces glue basted in place – but things happen and plans change.  The morning out took a little longer than planned – we needed to bring the car in to finally get the repair work done from the fender bender last month – the check finally arrived, the parts were in and we brought it in.  We decided to not rent a car but share the truck – thought it would be only a couple days, but the couple days are going to turn into a week – should be ready for pick up on Friday or Monday – darn – oh well – still sharing the truck – Mike not working any more so we will just go to the fitness center together instead of our separate times that we normally do.

After dropping off the car we headed to the Social Security office as when I tried to get all of my paper work done on the computer Friday it kicked me off and said I had to do it at the office!  That took a little longer than expected, but everything is done and set up and it was actually nice to talk to a person about it all and had some questions answered.

Finally home, had lunch and we headed to the fitness center for an afternoon workout like I usually do – Mike prefers mornings.  Got home and I was setting up to get Morning Glory glue basted in place and we hear the front door opening and a shout out from a little girl saying “Aunt Karen where are you!” Melanie (off on Mondays) had picked up her great niece from school and Aniya demanded a visit to us.  So instead of me glue basting Morning Glory the  box with the 1.5 inch fabric squares  came out along with  a glue stick (I really have to re-supply Aniya’s art drawer and get new crayons and school glue sticks she was using my fabric glue!) Aniya was coloring pictures and using a few fabric squares to make a collage – she loves the box of tiny fabric squares.


When I a little six year old demands a visit I think we must drop what we are doing and entertain!  after school snacks are put out and the camera is ready and photos taken.  She also showed us how well she is reading – kindergarten and she is reading well and writing a lot of words and was voted the Student of the Month for the whole grade school for this month – the teachers nominate a child and then it is discussed among the teachers at a meeting and voted on – they decide on numerous factors including behavior and grades.


So it was after supper before I got back to Morning Glory and have pieces laid out – well check placement today before I start gluing – generally in the right area I think I will get the ruler out and measure a few pieces here and there then get busy.  I think I need to pull it in a little closer to the tree trunk but most is ok I think.  I am linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap Share — and Esther’s Quilt Blog


The area quilted on Handful of Scraps from Sunday night.


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  • Marianne Feb 6, 2018

    We got rid of our second car when we moved to the condo which has a one car garage. It took us a while to figure out sharing the one car, but, eight years later, we are doing pretty well with it. I am more organized than Paul and try to do all my errands at the same time. He is the type who does an errand, comes home, goes back out, etc. He also gets rides from a friend who’s often going to the history center, too. But I’m sure you’ll be glad to get your car back.
    How lucky you and Aniya are to have each other! She seems really sweet. There are times I miss not having grandchildren so I would go for a substitute now and then.

    • Karen Feb 6, 2018

      sharing a vehicle for a week is not bad but I prefer a car and we will be using Mike’s big truck so most likely I will just let him do the driving!
      yes I love having Aniya around, she is like a substitute grandchild as mine are teenagers now and have never lived close by

  • she’s so cute playing with the fabrics…I was reminded of playing with my grand aunts button jar when I was little
    Frugal Little Bungalow recently posted…Several projects in progressMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 6, 2018

      I hadn’t thought of a jar of buttons LOL – I might have to look around and see if I can find one someplace to stick in the art drawer.

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 6, 2018

    What a great idea to have a box of fabric squares to play with and make artwork with! I love that! Your Morning Glory block looks like it is ready to go! Do you peel off the freezer paper and then glue? I did some freezer paper applique on a quilt years ago (took a class at a LQS), but I think we left it on and cut away the background fabric and pulled the paper out later on. It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember! 🙂

    • Karen Feb 6, 2018

      this way of applique is a little different than you mention – the paper is on top as I trace around the piece and that is my seam allowance – I do not glue the seam under for prep work – this is needle turn. The paper keeps the piece less flimsy and I find it easy to glue baste the larger pieces in place with it left on like the long curly branches with the leaves on each side of the tree – the other pieces I will take the paper off before I glue.
      The box of 1.5 inch squares are being saved for another postage stamp quilt but Aniya loves the tiny bits so when she does come over – which actually isn’t real often I let her choose what she wants – rarely does it amount to more than 10-15 pieces – I like to keep her interested in fabric so that one day maybe her interest will go to sewing? I wouldn’t mind teaching her to make a small quilt one day if she shows interest – she does love the quilts and I gave her one when she was a baby – she probable needs another one day in the future!

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 6, 2018

    I’ve found when a husband retires, a lot of plans change, lol! It’s so nice to have a little person around like Aniya. Two of my granddaughters are teenagers, two are over 20 and one grandson about to graduate from high school. My great-granddaughter is three years old, but lives too far away. I guess that’s why we have two little dogs to keep us entertained! Congrats on getting your social security, so many people don’t make it. I remember I was so excited. Morning Glory is coming alive!

    • Karen Feb 6, 2018

      yes it is nice having an occasional visit from Aniya – she is fun to be around – of course I just see the fun times – I have heard she can have a bit of a temper too LOL. yes nice to get the SS money started and glad the paperwork is out of the way!

  • Vicki V Feb 6, 2018

    HOS is moving along so quickly!

    • Karen Feb 6, 2018

      it sure it – pretty much as I thought – I think i said 6-8 weeks and that is where it will be

  • carla Feb 6, 2018

    We plan to eventually go to one car but Tom went out and got a new truck last week. It’s a full size and I don’t think ill drive it much. His little truck was doable but this one seems like a tank. I won’t claim SS till 2021. Hopefully by then the online function will work better.

    • Karen Feb 6, 2018

      most of the time the SS site works just fine – we knew what the problem was – no big deal. I doubt we will ever go to one vehicle we each like to have a vehicle to run around in when we need one also we live in the country so if you have trouble with one it is good to have a back up – isn’t like you can call a taxi!

  • Glenda Feb 7, 2018

    Oh Karen what a special wee girl she must be and how she enjoys her visits to you, I LOVED her drawing I can see a quilt there/ Id make it as it is, just love the head and tail on that quant body. Your morning glory is lovely very different to mine LOL Reminds me of William Morris designs. Happy quilting Hugs Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…WOW or WIPs with Esther 7th Feb 2018My Profile

    • Karen Feb 7, 2018

      good eye Glenda it is a William Morris design from Michele Hill down in Adelaide

  • Jill Feb 7, 2018

    A hiccup in the best laid plans happens to all of us especially when we least expect it. Aww….Aniya is such a sweetheart and for a 6 year old to show interest in fabric (in any form) is good. Yes, we drop what we are doing for the precious little ones.

    • Karen Feb 7, 2018

      she is a real sweetheart and I’m glad she includes me as family – she brings a smile to my face the minute she walks in the door

  • Karla (threadbndr) Feb 7, 2018

    My granddaughter is just a turning 5. This is such a fun age. And they are so creative! I also hold out the hope that I can teach her how to sew, like my grandmother taught me. (and probably on the same vintage Singer Featherweight LOL)

    • Karen Feb 7, 2018

      it would be nice if I can influence her to learn to sew one day but seeing as I only see her occasionally I doubt I will. I don’t see her on a real regular basis, she is my son in law’s great niece and spends a lot of time in their house, they help with her after school care

  • Lynette Feb 7, 2018

    Your Morning Glory applique is going to be gorgeous. What a fantastic idea to have little squares available for art play for young people!
    Lynette recently posted…WIP – Learning small-scale ruler spacingMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 7, 2018

      well the little squares are actually in my pre-cut box of 1.5 inch squares from my scraps – I keep boxes with all sorts of sizes – but I figure I can always spare some seeing as I have so many scraps and no intention to use them for awhile

  • Linda Dutch Feb 7, 2018

    Lovely applique block, are you going to hand or machine sew it? It’s great when the little ones enjoy our fabrics as much as we do! Thanks for sharing with ‘sew stitch snap SHARE’
    Linda Dutch recently posted…sew stitch snap SHARE #19My Profile

    • Karen Feb 7, 2018

      this applique and really about all my applique is done needle turn by hand.

  • audrey Feb 8, 2018

    Your applique is looking so wonderful! All that lovely detail.:) And so much fun to see the little girl playing. It’s definitely a good time to drop everything else and just enjoy!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2018

      I’m glad I am getting my applique mojo back – it disappeared for awhile

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