Badlands #2

by Karen on August 16, 2014

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I showed the plant life yesterday – here are the animals – we saw at least 20 mountain sheep which we have never seen here before so that was so nice to see.  I take almost all animal photos with the zoom lens and do not get anywhere close to them!  So if you think I am getting too close I’m not – the camera works pretty darn good for a point and shoot –Mike got me a Panasonic Lumix HD AVCHD Lite 12xoptical zoom several years ago and it works great.




A really big herd of Buffalo now roam the area.



And beware of Prairie Dogs – do not get close to them – they do carry the plague and signs are posted throughout the park.  They are cute though aren’t they.




What did you do yesterday – did you freeze?  It seems like a big freeze has come through part of the states.  I wasn’t really outside that much although I was a little bit and it was darn right chilly.  So what did I do yesterday afternoon – make cookies of course – nothing better on a cold day then fresh cookies and some hot green tea or coffee!  I have begun to get hooked on two kinds of Green tea that Barnes and Noble’s sells in their coffee shop area and finally ordered some on line from the company that makes them!  I have cut way back on my coffee intake.

You can find the recipe for these Ginger Cookies here.


The lighting wasn’t good and my blue pen is running out of ink so it is not very clear but this is the idea for the white areas on Carousel.  I was going to do the same thing on the prints but I decided instead to maybe outline the pieces and “echo” the pattern.  I will show as I go along.  I made mistakes so I am going to spritz this out and start again today with a fresh pen.  I will get what I want eventually.  I didn’t center the first square as precise as I want it to be.


Got this much done on the Red and Green Thursday night – I’m not sure what I will watch when I finish MI5 – I am in the 8th season half way through, I think there were 10 seasons – I really like this show even though they continue to kill off the regulars on the show which I guess means they are only semi-regular Smile  as sometimes they barely even last a whole season! I have never watched a show that killed off their cast as much as this one does!  It took a little getting used to but once I realized the characters might not last long I got used to it.


At Friday morning quilting I finished stitching the blue part down on Floral Fantasy and one of the yellow flowers, both centers on flowers and part way on one of the yellow flowers.


I have been looking through the Primarily Quilts book by Di Ford and I love the quilt called Phebe. (link is to a company that sells the pattern as a BOM — I would do it from the book)  But I don’t care for the center medallion all that much – I think I will replace the center medallion with a floral arrangement from one of Deborah Kemball’s patterns instead.  Or possibly several arrangements mixed up into a vase – Deb’s patterns are nice to do as you can take flowers from many patterns and arrange really as you like)


Birds are flocking to the new feeder that I put out a couple weeks ago – it took them awhile to find it but I filled it the second time yesterday and they are coming.  These birds were stubborn and wouldn’t face me.


I need to take down the extra big hook that is hanging in this photo I used it for flowers in the summer.  The rain put a little water in the shallow green bowl and they enjoyed swooping in for a drink.


This Downy Woodpecker was finding all the seeds the others were dropping – normally I see them on the pecking on the tall wood post in the upper photo.


The photos are so much clearer without the window screen in this window.


A Good Start To The Day

by Karen on October 1, 2013

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Now that we are back from our trip one thing I want to do is continuing walking.  Yesterday  morning – early for me – I think I set off at 8:30 for a walk at our local nature trail.  As I was half way around the trail I was taking I spotted 5 or 6 deer – this was new for me I had never actually seen them here although I knew they were there.  This is the same trail – different area where the alligator is sometimes spotted!  I had my phone in my pocket and got a photo.  This area is normally a pond – I do not know why it has been drained – almost all of the creeks and ponds at the park right now are dry or almost dry–they are fed by the Russellville Water Shed – this is not because of drought – but must be from some management plan.  This is a nature trail so I do not understand it as animals live here and have to have water – there is of course some water but not near what there normally is.  It used to be in this are you could spot the blue heron’s.


As I tried to get a little closer they took off!  Nice way to start the day.


I spotted another one as I got around to the front side of this trail that you can’t see from the above photo – the other side of the trees but the photo didn’t turn out good – the camera doesn’t zoon in enough on the phone.

Then last evening from the kitchen Mike spotted 3 more deer in the back yard and I got a photo of a young buck.  This is taken through the window screen so it isn’t very clear.


This is as far as I have gotten on the Large Block quilt – I didn’t buy the book that the pattern is in I won it which is why I am trying to make several quilts from it.  Yes they are easy quilts Smile  (lol I have been asked by several now the last couple days why I am making such a easy quilt and why did I buy the book and I take no offense to the questions) it uses up the stash and sometimes I like to take a break from a complicated quilt LOL. I don’t think I am going to like this one very much – the colors are totally not me!! – the pieces are all cut out though so I’m making it – I really am thinking of bright red sashing or something to break up these blocks a bit – totally bright colors would have been a much better choice for this quilt. I really and truly goofed on this one choosing that jelly roll to get rid of with it.   What do you all think – bright red sashing to break these blocks up and bring some life to it?  What the heck am I going to do with this one! I think I will practice more machine quilting for sure as I don’t want to waste my time hand quilting one I don’t like.  I hope someone will like it.


The other quilt I am working on since we got home last week is the Pinwheel quilt – all of the blocks are quilted and now I am working on the border.  Thank goodness I have color in this one!


The border


The blocks – this is not big stitch quilting but close – I have not been trying for little stitches – I just wanted to get it done – it is not heirloom quality and I have too many to quilt to try to be super good at tiny stitches on all of them!!


The spider lilies cooperated nicely this year and just about half of them opened just before we got home with another bunch opening right now.


There are about 40 flower spikes in this area.  I have them now scattered in about 4 different areas of the yard with these two areas having the most of them.



Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin

by Karen on September 24, 2013

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EDITED (scheduled post):  We are on our way home from Wisconsin – our trip was cut short as our son in law’s mother is in critical condition and the family needs to come home to Arkansas to be with his family.   Jessica’s mother-in-law Nancy and I went on a quilting trip one time about 8 or 9 years ago – we traveled from Arkansas to St. Charles MO with a large group of quilters from North West Arkansas on a tour bus.  We had a blast!  She invited me along as it was with a guild that she belonged to at the time.  She referred to herself as a “wanna be quilter” LOL — I remember she bought a kit for a child’s quilt – I wonder if she ever made it :) I’m really not sure if I ever asked her.  We never really stayed in touch all that much other than e mail now and then and an occasional phone call.  Our children lived out of state most of the time so we really didn’t get together.  I would run into her now and then when I took my mother shopping on my visits to that area.  Nancy will be taken off of life support today – she will be greatly missed.

I have blog post scheduled through the 28th .  I will get back to a regular schedule next week I’m sure – My daughter did a post on her blog All She Cooks  and she features another apple pie that I made although this one was a regular pie not in a dutch oven!

Mom's Apple Pie Recipe

My scheduled post:

On our last day at Copper Falls we took a most beautiful hike in the woods that went to two waterfalls and a cascade.  Pull on your hiking boots and be ready for steps!!  We are going to work out those calf muscles quilters Smile  seriously my muscles are still hurting today!!

this is what we are going to see – and there are steps after steps – some made out of rock and some are built out of wood, bridges to cross also and so many beautiful views that I don’t know what I liked best.  We hiked for only two hours but got in a very good work out.


Pinecones not brown yet – not mature – sure are pretty.


First bridge to cross – the park trails I believe were first built in the 1930’s.


I love rivers!


the first of the steps!


Just imagine how full and fast these rivers must be when the winter snows are melting and it is early spring


Cuts through the rock over the years.


More stairs – I swear there were steps around every curve!


The first of the waterfalls.


One thing surprising to see is this fawn and her mother – they were right off of the trail grazing and they didn’t leave when we showed up – normally they take off into the woods when they see people, not these two they just kept eating and would occasionally look up and watch us  – we took photos and quietly just kept on walking down the path.


the mother.


What a nice place for a break – more on this trail tomorrow.



I need to move my bird feeder to another area so they won’t mess up my little garden when I get it planted but in the meantime I was enjoying them this morning while I was checking my google reader for blogs that I enjoy – no I haven’t made the change over to bloglovin or feedly as of yet – I’m waiting to see what the reviews are.

A pair of doves


Two varieties of woodpeckers


I’m not sure what these two are – one with a very reddish head the other plain.


The one with the red head at the feeder.


the gold finches are getting brighter every day


I have been busy today going in and out – 82degrees! (and maybe 34 Friday night!) – while in I have been working at prepping my applique block and I now have it ready for glue basting – I will work at either a Patchwork of the Crosses block tonight or quilting at the Bow Tie Medallion.  The light color on the block is actually a light purple although it looks more gray here.  I changed colors out from what I showed this morning.  Seam allowances here on these pieces so it all looks larger than it well be, I need to prep the two circles shown on the bottom of the block and then all will be ready to glue baste.


I’m going to be checking out a sewing machine tomorrow – CJ is selling her Juki and is giving me first dibs on it.  I’m going to try it out and see how I like it – she only lives about 12 miles from me.  I have heard such good things about the machine and hers is practically brand new!  There are quite a few bloggers who use theirs for both piecing and machine quilting.  I have been trying to get into machine quilting a bit more to save my fingers for the special quilts  and my janome just isn’t strong enough – the motor sounds tired at times if you know what I mean it is working too hard  – it isn’t a work horse.  It is a low end machine.  My janome doesn’t do free  motion well at all – or maybe that is me LOL Smile  but I have heard that the juki does much better – if I get the machine I will be practicing that a little as well.


Last night was the first pleasant night that I can recall that was perfect for a walk out at the lake – and this was actually the first time this entire summer that I felt like doing that!  It had just been too hot.

Such a nice evening and we were lucky to see a mink searching for food last night just before  sunset.  It is not a really good photo of him, but he was too skittish to get very close to him and this was with the zoom lens.


And other of him, he ran back around us and I got him in a different position.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize they were quite so small.


A variety of cypress trees that grow near the lake.


these are the seed pods up close – kind of weird looking


This is the visitor center at Lake Dardanelle State Park


The next POTC block started.  This one is #18 – a little blurry – sorry about that – I will take another photo when it is finished.


I decided to go with the aqua and green batik for the squares that join all the blocks – I will put 4 blocks together soon so I can show you all how it looks and also so I can make more progress Smile  I have a lot of pre-cut 6 inch squares (plus more yardage) of these two fabrics that I was going to use for another project several years ago that turned into a table topper instead of a full size quilt – I need to use up these squares and thought it would be perfect for this project.  The joining squares are 1 1/2 inch with the seam allowance included.  For those that don’t remember this is an Inklingo project where you print your templates on fabric from your computer.


I finished the last little bit of a row  on Joseph’s Coat last night and gave the quilt another crank down – almost the end in sight now – Row number 10 the last section is still to be unrolled.  So nice to know the end is almost in sight!


It is cloudy today and so far not hot! Time for me to do something other than sitting at the computer or sewing – have a great weekend everyone.