I spent some time at the sewing machine on Wednesday in the hot afternoon.  Two rows are now completely sewing together, the next two rows of blocks are sewed together in rows but not to the main body of the quilt as the very first two rows are.  Think elongated stretched out diagonal stars and you might see what I am calling stars.  “Stairs Through the Stars” is beginning to take shape.


A little more quilting on Insanity Revisited Tuesday night – I will be working next on the very edge of the quilt row – a pieced triangle, a plain triangle and the scallops.


Free Quilt Patterns – here is an update on an old unique site – has free patterns, a free Mystery BOM designed by Pat Sloan if you are interested in this type of site you might want to check it out.  This block is the center block of the Mystery quilt and it is the largest it says and from looking at it I think it is really pretty – love these colors.  The site shows the patterns in two color ways and there are 9 blocks I think they are up to block #6 right now.  The site has a side bar where you can change colors of patterns and has some design capabilities.  This site is on the side bar of the blog, but this site has been revamped and is different then it once was.

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Blog Roll

by Karen on April 3, 2013

in Blogroll, quilts

I just wanted to share a few blogs that I read that I love and wanted to share.

Have you all seen Patchwork Pink Caramel? This blog is in Japanese so you will need google translate to read it, but if you just want to look at photos! divine hand work – I mean this has to be some of the best hand work I have seen.  I am so inspired by this blog.  Right now she has a free Windmill pattern on it that I can just see me hand stitching from scraps. The blocks are just under 3 inches finished.  One would need a lot of blocks for a good size quilt but they are so cute.

Emily’s Cupboard is from England, lovely quilts and beautiful embroidery.

Geta’s Quilting Studio in Romania – her work must be seen – I’m not a machine quilter (or much of) as we know – you must see her trapunto work.  She is also working on hexies – beautiful, beautiful work.

Kathie from the good old US – Inspired by Antique Quilts – she is working on a really neat scrap quilt right now that looks like it just came from your grandmas house!  Just look at the header of her blog – I can’t decide which of those quilts I like the most.

I love Tazzie Quilts from Australia – she has just finished putting together a Mrs. Billings Coverlet that will be hand quilted.  I don’t know how many hexies are in that and she is working on a scrappy rail fence right now also.

Just thought I would pass a few of these along to you – I have so many blogs on my reader – I can’t share them all – one day I need to update my side bar and add more on to it.


Blogging and the next quilt to be quilted

by Karen on November 28, 2008

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Sometimes I think I spend more time on line looking at blogs then I do with my quilting.  Everytime I tell myself to get off of the computer and start work on one of my many projects I end up getting back on the computer later in the day.  I have gotten some work done though on the scrappy flower quilt.  One border is appliqued in place and I got started on another side of the border.  The large quilt on the frame is going nicely I have one section left to do  – I am on the final 12 inches of the quilt and of course though that is about 108 inches long! but then I will be ready to take it off of the frame and get the binding on it.  I have another quilt ready to go on the 3 roller frame when this quilt comes off.  It is a scrappy Irish Chain, about twin size – I have forgotten the measurements.  I have fabric for the backing but I need to stitch it together.  I have discovered that my placement of pieces of the Irish Chain is not correct.  Tough I’m not going to change it now.  The problem is that I was going to make this a queen size then decided not to and took part of the blocks off to downsize it to a twin size instead.  This will be my humility quilt showing that I make mistakes!!  It should have one more row of tiny blocks all the way around to make the blocks exactly right.  In the large white blocks I will do some kind of quilting design that will show off my quilting – maybe feathers or a flower.



Is This How The Average Family Is?

by Karen on November 20, 2008

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I have been spending way too much time on the computer these days reading blogs and what not.  I have to stop doing this – I’m not getting any work done on my quilts because of it.  I was reading one blog in particular which receives tons of comments “Margaret & Helen” I have it on my blogroll on the right hand side.  One comment in particular to todays entry caught my eye and I thought it was really sad if that is a good example of todays world:

“I heard a story about a father, mother, and two children who existed as mute entities in the same house. Mom, talking on her cell phone, picks up daughter and son from school. Doesn’t say “Hi, how was your day?” Keeps talking. Daughter focuses on her I-Pod in the front seat. Son turns on the video screen above his head.
They head for the ball field where son has a baseball game. Daughter complains she has to sit there in the bleachers–mom doesn’t hear because she’s still talking on the cell phone. Son forced to change into baseball uniform in the back seat because that’s just the way it is. Upon arriving at the ball field, all three go to their positions–son hoping mom will watch him on the field (yeah….mom’s still on the phone) Daughter stays in the car to listen to her I-Pod. Along comes Dad (give him credit that he shows up) and promptly opens his briefcase in the bleachers to work on his laptop. After the game (mom, dad didn’t notice the home run until they heard everyone shouting) the son sulks in the backseat and asks for McDonald’s. Mom groans and offers Arby’s (is that any better?) Dad passes them on the road home–doesn’t look at them because he’s on his cell phone. They arrive home and each one grabs their food and heads to their places again. Computers in the bedrooms and finally peace and quiet alone.  And we wonder why so many of our children are needing help?”

A real pity if this is the way of the American family!!!  Recently I have been thinking of things in the same line of thought and wondering if things today are really that much better than 20 years ago or so.  Yes we have come a long way in modern appliances and some of us can’t do without our microwave, cell phone, computer, dvr, ect.  But at least families had normal everyday conversations and knew what was going on with each other. 

I guess this just caught my eye today because I no I have been spending way too much time on the computer and not doing some of my daily activities.  The computer has taken over our lifes it seems.

So now I guess I better get off of the computer and try to stay off it for most of the day!!  And get to work on my quilting.  :)

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