Dear Jane – “Insanity Revisited”

Back in 2005 I started my first Dear Jane quilt and finished it, I finished the top in 2008 and it sat aside for about a year before I quilted it – and finished it!!  but crazy me when I got done piecing it in 2008 I really missed working on those little bitty pieces and started a second one in a totally different color pattern.  I finished the the second top in less time – finished in 2010.  The first is called “Insanity” and the second was “Insanity Revisited” as I felt surely I was insane at times to begin a second one!  I am linking up with Freemotion by the River for Linky Tuesday today.

So this is the second Dear Jane – Insanity Revisited which will go on the frame when the POTC comes off of it.  I still need to put the scallop border on it – but I do that by attaching strips to the sides and then draw the scallops on – quilt and then cut the scallops after I take it off the frame.  The scallops will be the buttercream fabric and the binding the red.


The first Dear Jane “Insanity” on the side bar if you click on it you can find the old stories about it.

I am FINISHED with this project that took me 4 years and 9 months to make.

I was cleaning a lot yesterday morning – pulling furniture out from their spots so I could vacuum underneath and in back of, (believe me I do not do this often!) when I realized my vacuum wasn’t really working all that well – it is not old – well how many of you actually clean out the underside of your vacuum – I must admit to having forgotten to do this for awhile – look at all those threads caught up LOL – I had to sit on the floor with little scissors and start to cut it all out – no wonder it really wasn’t picking up the dirt very well.


I had a nice big nest when I got done with it!  So let this be a reminder to you – check the underside next time you get your vacuum out Smile


this is where I pick up on Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) last night – then roll it down and work all the way across and I will be half way done!


I mentioned a possible border for the Diamonds are Forever hexie quilt – I have always liked this applique border and this might be what I choose to do.


Ready for more circle prep work for the “Granny’s Got Style”  I thought I had a photo of the Prairie Points that I did yesterday – I have the whole chain attached to the 3rd row – I will show it later.


Don’t forget to enter into the giveaway for the pressing tool for the Prairie Points – drawing on April 1st – leave a comment at this link – I am 84comments – help me get to 100– this is the most I have gotten for a giveaway before Smile thanks to Susan K. Cleveland for donating the prize!

Here is a link to a new fabric – made in the US with cotton grown in Arkansas and the  fabric made in South Carolina!  Hancocks of Paducah is selling it now – has anyone used it and have an opinion – good price and lots of colors – solids only for now.


On my design wall (floor in this case) for Monday is the Dear Jane quilt “Insanity Revisited” all four of the borders are sewed on now I need to decide on what color the scallops will be – the butter cream or the red.  Go on over to Judy’s page Patchwork Times to see what everyone else has going for Design Wall Monday.

The quilt as it is now:


With butter cream scallops and red binding.  The scallops will only be about 3 inches deep so it will be closer to the red area in the triangles than it looks:


With red scallops and cream binding:


Right now I am leaning towards the butter cream scallops and the red binding – any opinions?  I will wait a day or two before I cut the next strips on which the scallops will be cut after it is quilted.  I will mark the scallops with either chalk (on the red) or pencil on the cream.

Now on to the room.  I am placing finished quilts and tops to be quilted on the shelf underneath, below the shelf are project boxes.  In the far corner I have a little easel that holds a 12 inch sandpaper board with felt to hold blocks to look at before sewing and while sewing to make sure arrangement is right. The small ironing board and a 16 1/2 inch ruler slide in next to the wall.


Above the table by the thread cabinet, I rearranged and put some of the red and green fabrics that I am using in the applique project in the yellow canvas box – there was room for some of the books up there (I do have a book end holding one end in for when I take the box down)


Above the quilting frame – fabric off of the bolts and folded.  Blue canvas box has 2 kits that need to be made, the pink has salvage edges, the dark blue has patterns.  Room on the top shelf  for a little more books if I want.  I have a lot of books out from under the frame but still have some down there.  All the photos are now on the wall:


The corner that is cut out of the above picture – the bowls have things like binding clips, t-pins and the top one has an assortment of thimbles.


Under the quilting frame – yes still a lot of stuff but believe it or not it is organized Smile the small red bag way in the corner area is the Featherweight bag, my smaller quilt hoop, the big red bag is full of scrap batting, the light box on edge next to it, the book shelf still with too much stuff, but no where else to put it for now, the flowered bag has the Janome, the green tote has yarn and a partially made afghan.


Nothing changed on this wall for now.  I might take the florescent light down that is under that shelf.  I have an Ott light clamped on that one cabinet and I can turn it to face the sewing machine if needed or hook it to the SewEzi table if needed. On the other table is another Ott light that folds down.  I will leave the florescent light for now until I know for sure if I need it or not.


Overall view – hard to get it all in.  The box on the floor has presents in it that I still need to wrap – I’m kind of poky on that!  I have been asked how did I make the Stain Glass Dragon wall hanging – you can see at this link.


I am getting caught up pretty good! Now I guess I better go make some Christmas cookies – continue to think about the scallop edge color and read a book.  Soon enough to get things messy again with the design wall out and getting the Star Crazy quilt put together.  In the meantime I will get back to quilting this big quilt again.


The quilting bloggers contest continues until this evening at midnight:

Quilting Bloggers is having a contest of Christmas quilts – I entered my “Christmas Memories” in it.  You can go here to vote for your favorite and go to the weekly themed contest.  They are giving some nice prizes and I would so love to win one of these prizes Smile help me and go vote for me – but really only vote if you really like it best!

Mike got my cabinets assembled yesterday – parts of doing that I couldn’t do – I did get all of the handles on though.  After he got them assembled I got busy going through junk drawers/baskets ect.  So much stuff!  I got so busy right away that I totally forgot to take a before and after photo but if you go back to this entry on my blog you can kind of see what I have although underneath the cutting table on the shelve it was over loaded with baskets full of things. Here is a link to an even older photo of the sewing room – this one shows the countertop that I placed the computer on and the mess that was normally under the table.   Here are the new caddies or cabinets as I refer to them more as.  One on each end of the cutting table.  Seeing as I forgot to take the before and after photo’s I thought I would take one when it was messy and going through everything trying to find spaces for things.


The SewEzi Table with the desk top insert in place so I have my computer here right now.  I also have a small lap desk that I can use for the computer when I have the sewing machine out and can take the computer into the living room when checking mail/reading blogs ect.  I don’t use my sewing machines all of the time like you all do will just have one of them out when I am actually using it.  It doesn’t take that long to set up and I have a bag for each of them for storage and place the sewezi insert for each machine with the machine so it is ready for use.


It transfers out easy – take the desk top insert out and put in the sewing machine insert and place you machine in (move the pins and bobbins out of the way of course).


Part of the mess right now while I organize:




One border sewed onto the “Insanity Revisited” quilt (Dear Jane) I will work more on that today in between organizing some more.


I did work more on the room last night and have a lot of things in the drawers – I think I still have 3 empty ones Smile they fill up fast.  I want to organize under the quilting frame as well and also the fabric shelves.  I think I will take some of that fabric off of the bolts and fold as it takes up too much space – flat folds will work out better in this space.  The photographs are going to go up on the wall above the quilting frame under the shelve.  I want to try to put it all in such a way that I can move at least some of the books up to eye level so I can see what I have.

More ph0to’s will be taken when I straighten it all up – I have a feeling that will be next week – so much stuff to go through – I am finding patterns I completely forgot I had plus little notions and things that had disappeared Smile


(EDITED:  Quilting Bloggers is having a contest of Christmas quilts – I entered my Christmas Memories in it.  You can go here to vote for your favorite and go to the weekly themed contest)

Done!!  well with all those pieces that is.  The blocks are all put together in 13 rows of 13 blocks in each.  The triangles are all put together into 4 borders of 13 pieced triangles and 14 plain triangles.  The corners are made and ready to attach.

What is left to do: I need to add a 3/4 inch sashing of the butter cream fabric all around the main part of the quilt.  Then I attach the borders.  After that comes a border of butter cream to make the scallop edges out of.

Right now before all of that this is what is done – the last corner – easy one here – all reverse applique.  In the original and also on my first DJ I pieced the star out of two fabrics, in this one I decided to just reverse applique the whole thing – it made it so much easier.


Here is the quilt laid out on the floor with the borders and corners ready to be sewed in place after the thin sashing is sewed on around the rows of blocks. This is not the correct placement for the borders and corners – I didn’t get the book out to see which went where – I just laid them down to take a photo.


I will get started today with the sashing and work on it for the rest of the year.  I have way surpassed my time on this one compared to the first Dear Jane I did.  I think I will be about 80 hours faster on this one – I guess that is what happens with practice Smilepractice makes perfect LOL (that is what one might think unless they have made this quilt too and examine and find all the little mistakes – but it is such a busy quilt no one will notice with this many pieces!)

I had a good day with my mother yesterday.  The weather held out good and I got off to an early start – I was on the road by 8 I think.  We got some shopping done, lunch, afternoon coffee shop for some coffee for me and tea for her.  I stayed within my goal of getting home before dark as I hate driving at night.  It was just getting dark when I pulled off the interstate and had 10 miles to go on the highway for home.

Mom loved the little tablecloth and it was in place on the table when I left.  I brought along some fresh homemade bread that I made late in the day on Wednesday (I will need to post that recipe at a later date – it turned out really great), brought some canned applesauce from November for her and cookies – she loved it all.  So glad I was able to get up there to see her.

Now I just hope she doesn’t get sick!  On the way home I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold and this morning I do not feel that great – maybe it is just being tired and I will feel ok later – hope so!


In between baking bread and making cookies I managed to get done with the 3rd corner!! It was not a real difficult block but with 47 pieces it did take awhile.  I started it this morning then worked on other things.  This afternoon I sat back down and worked on it some more and then again this evening.  Again the flash was used so the color is not quite right but any of you who are following this progress know by now that the background fabric is a creamy buttercream – tint of yellow to it.  The stars are reverse applique.



Dear Jane Borders

by Karen on December 14, 2010

in Dear Jane - "Insanity Revisited", quilts

Yesterday was a very busy day in sewing.  As I told you all I had finished my last triangle several days ago and I got started sewing the last border triangles together!  Finished with them and also got one corner block sewed last night.  Three more corners to do and then I can get the borders in place.

The four triangle borders, I was so glad to get these done Smile


My first cornerstone done, I couldn’t get the light right for this one – the buttercream background is too pale – the color is the same as the photo above.  These are 6 inches in the square area and taper almost 9 inches long – kind of shaped like a kite or ice cream cone.  This one had 30 pieces in it – the next that I will be starting on later today has 67 pieces in it – yikes! that will be fun Smile


Now on to my experience with machine quilting yesterday with my Janome – thanks to whoever it was that told me I do have the capability to drop my feed dogs on this machine – I eventually found that in the book but I didn’t need to do it with the way I just did a straight stitch.  I do not know my machine – LOL – I use it strictly for piecing and have never machine quilted.  I guess I will learn if I try it again – at this point that is doubtful but who knows for down the road.  Also thank you to all the others that sent advice along the way yesterday!!

It took me 1 and 1/2 hours to do this little table topper.  I did take breaks but not enough – I have a lot of trouble with arthritis in my neck and shoulders and woke up this morning not feeling all that great – I am having a flare up of the arthritis this morning!  I will need to get the neck wrap warmed up and in place around my neck and do neck stretches today.  How do you all put up with how noisy the work is when you are using your machine all day!!   1 1/2 hours of sewing and listening to the machine drove me nuts.  Hand work is so different and I find it much more relaxing!!

Here is the table topper – it soften up nicely in the wash which did surprise me because this morning when I was looking at it I thought it so stiff from the quilting.  I was surprised when I took it out of the dryer and found that it had shrunk up nicely and felt soft too.


I use 100% cotton batting – Quilters Dream – I love the crinkly look after it is washed and dried.  The 24 inch square shrunk to about 22 1/2 inches which is the normal shrinkage.

A close up – if I ever do this again I will need to have a lighter foot – I tend to go fast on the machine so I can get done – but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to go straight – something to work on in the future if I try it again.  I had my stitch set to 2.8 and I think it worked out ok. I quilted it the way I have seen on a  Australian blog that I read – Red Pepper Quilts – she does a lot of small quilts and does straight stitching which I like.


This is the back – a pretty plaid from the stash.  No puckers from stitching – just from the shrinkage!  I used the basting spray that I had bought last month which doesn’t work out well for hand quilting but worked out just fine on this small piece.


The squares are left over pieces that I had from my box of Moda Sampler Squares that I had bought at the beginning of the year that I used in my “Going In Circles” quilt.  I still have two little bundles left over.  The background fabric and the plaid from the stash – the batting was scraps pressed together using the heat tape that I told you all about a couple weeks ago.

So when you machine quilt how often do you take breaks to keep your neck and shoulder muscles from tensing and if you have arthritis in those areas do you do anything special?