A Visit To Mom

by Karen on December 18, 2013

in family, quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

Woke up to a full moon still up in the sky yesterday morning – this is looking out the sewing room window over the workshop which still has snow on it’s roof!  This was at 6:30 AM


We were out the door by 9 heading north to see mom for the afternoon.  I brought her quilt back to her that I had brought home with me last time I visited to wash – we were almost attack by old ladies as we walked down the hall – “what is that you are carrying” “let me see” “put it in room #6”   LOL – my goodness these ladies wanted a quilt bad Smile

We had a good day for a visit – it got up to 55 and it was sunny.  Went out to lunch and did some shopping, sat on a bench to visit in the sun for awhile – went over to Barnes and Nobel for coffee and more visits.  I was showing her my iphone and family photos on facebook that she hadn’t seen and Mike posted this photo of us and then other family were hitting “like” as we were sitting there – of course she was a bit amazed by the whole thing – she got a kick out of it.  (my hair might be a lot lighter than the last photo you might have seen of me – I quit dying my hair!  yes I haven’t had a drop of dye on my hair since the middle of July – I got tired of it – can’t really tell that closely in this photo but I have a lot more white than I thought I did – I will have to post another after it is all grown out. At this angle it didn’t all show up lol)


Good thing I made Christmas cookies for her – she almost grabbed the box out of my hand – “I knew you would bring cookies, I have been looking forward to them”   — good thing I made them!! wow she would have been disappointed if I had not brought that box!

So short post – here is where I left off on the quilt Monday night – will get in a little stitching last night and post it later.


Thanks for the embroidery links!

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Package Arrived

by Karen on November 19, 2013

in family, quilts

It used to be that if I ordered something from Hancock’s of Paducah I rarely received the order before 2 weeks were up – the last several times I ordered I received the package within days!  I ordered batting, muslin (on back order which I knew) and to topple the order to free shipping a couple of charm packages on half price sale Smile  The only problem I have with this brand of charm packages – referred to as Tonga Treats by Timeless Treasures is that though they look pretty folded the way they come – it means you have to press Sad smile also what I didn’t know is that you do not receive one of each print/style it is but  two of each.  But they are so pretty I will find something to use them for whether that is a small quilt or use for applique.


Somehow yesterday just got away from me without a lot of work getting done on a quilt – I did get the binding made but not attached to the quilt – that must have had to do with an hour long phone call with one of my sisters!  Kind of threw a wrench in my afternoon after I got back from grocery shopping and exercise – the afternoon was over!  But was nice talking to her and that was more important than sewing!


One of my many sisters-in-law is now a published author!  Greta started writing this book sometime ago and persevered.  She is now a full-fledged author.  You can find her book on Amazon – His Promise True – a historical romance that begins in 1823.  I just finished it this morning hot off the presses – well off the kindle that is Smile  I’m very proud of her.  Now besides being Dr. Marlow with a PhD she is also a published author.

More work on the other quilts but not much progress to show – maybe tomorrow?


A New Quilt and Family

by Karen on August 29, 2013

in family, quilts

First I wanted to share this photo of my daughter and granddaughter.  They are in Upper Michigan right now on vacation and they had a neat photo to share with me -  They were able to touch and feed a bear – it is 7 months old and is a rescue bear – I’m not sure what the details are with it but it was saved as a baby, I  love Ciera’s expression she is always excited to be with the animals.


Ciera and Utah – my wonderful grandchildren – getting ready to get on a glass bottom boat for a little cruise in Lake Superior.


Now on to quilts!  I know what is she talking about – a new quilt! – well I am in the process of three applique quilts – Love Entwined, — Floral Fantasy – which I haven’t worked on for awhile but I will get back to and Uncommon, Common Bride – just needs an applique border and it will be done – again haven’t touched it in awhile.

One hexie quilt in progress – two quilts in the process of hand quilting – so a new quilt – really – well I feel like just plain piecing an easy quilt.  A big block quilt – goes fast and use up some of this fabric.  I won a jelly roll last year sometime — it is kind of drab by itself and had me confused as to how to use it.  The colors were not calling to me.   I got out the Large Block Quilt book that I had mentioned a week or so ago and got to looking at it some more.

These  are the jelly roll strips all lined up – not very flashy or colorful are they!


close up


close up


The book


The pattern – finish block sizes are 18 x 18, finished quilt size is about 90 x 90 inches.


All the pieces cut and put in the box to work on when I feel like it – in between everything else!!


Who says we can only work on a couple things at once LOL.  I think I will start on this one next week sometime but not sure when – it will be ready for me when I am ready for it.  I chose the cream color background because I needed 5 yards and it was on the shelf waiting to be used.  The Jelly Roll is called “Orchard House circa 1868” by Jeanne Horton from Windham Fabrics.


It was a busy day – we drove over to a state park for a look and a couple short walks – in the evening I got a little sewing done but not much.

Stopping in the middle of a deserted road in Holla Bend Natural Wildlife Area – see if Utah can grab a branch hanging over the road – yes he can!



Just a little water falling over the waterfall.


Love Entwined – all the little flowers done now I am working on the blue daisy type of flowers – two done – six more in this grouping to do.




Grandson is sleeping so thought I would get a short post done before he is up and we are busy.  He is not much of a breakfast eater so I know I will not be doing any major cooking early which I rarely do anyhow Smile as Mike and I are not big breakfast eaters either.

Yesterday after we picked up Utah from his fathers side of the family we were off to a family gathering on my side of the family.  One of my brothers and his family who live on the east coast were visiting so we tried to get a lot of the family together.  Utah got to meet cousins of some sort meaning some are his mothers aunts & uncles,  first cousins, second cousins, first cousins once removed, twice removed? I get confused after awhile and then you just introduce as “another cousin”  most he either has never met or rarely has and of course this meant he didn’t know them.  As far as family gatherings go this was small as really less than a 3rd of the family was there and we numbered 36 people.

We met at one of my nieces, she has a farm out in the country so we got to see her baby goats of which two are being bottle feed. Utah feeding one of them for the photo – he really didn’t feel like doing this but did it for the photo Smile


After we got home from the long day out we settled in to watch a movie and I got my hexies out to put together more strings for the border on Patchwork of the Crosses.  I have two more ready to glue baste in place leaving me just one more long string to put together.


And that is it for today.  I’m not sure what we will be doing today with our grandson but I need to get off the computer and get myself ready for the day!   As he is 13 and doesn’t need grandma constantly there watching him I’m sure I will be doing some sewing here and there and will check mail occasionally also – have a great day everyone.


We have been busy with our grandson but we were home most of Saturday and while he was here helping Mike with some things and then watching a movie I got some applique done!  Then before I got to bed last night I typed up this quick post and scheduled for Sunday morning -

Love Entwined – progress!  This is what I have done on the center so far – not difficult if you take your time Smile  I have actually been working on this for two days now – the triangles that is – next step little flowers, stems and leaves.  This quilt is one that you need to take your time with and enjoy.  Do not rush if you are doing it.  I read the notes on the yahoo group and so many are trying to come up with ways to make it faster and easier – just take a breath – stop – and think about it – this is an 18 month BOM – enjoy the process – it is ok if it takes longer than 18 months to complete the top!  And always remember there is so much in this quilt that if you don’t have perfect leaves or flowers – really who is going to notice – unless you really want to win a prize with this just slow down and enjoy making it.


I did some fussy cutting on the light taupe purple.


I have shown the sunflowers now and then but have never stood next to them so you can see the height – Utah is now 5 foot 4 inches – grown by leaps this past year and look at the sunflower behind him – 7 feet + ?  I have torn out the flowers that were getting really ratty looking and I imagine in another two weeks they will be a thing of the past and all drying for the next month or two for me to harvest the seeds.


We went to the park last night after supper and saw a mink!  we spotted one last year and we were so pleased to spot another one while he was with us.


Our granddaughter is not visiting but seeing as I have been posting some family stuff I took a couple photos from my daughter – here is our 10 (almost 11) year old granddaughter Ciera – I wish she was here visiting too but she didn’t want to leave her parents yet.

She is a real card!  loves posing for the camera and can come up with a lot of great looks Smile we do so love her and hope to see her in September.

Well be out most of the day – we are delivering Utah to our son-in-laws family for their turn and we will get him back on Saturday.  I doubt I will get any sewing done unless we get home early – I don’t know if we are just making the run up there and back and stop and see anything – depends on the weather – we will be seeing my family next week so do not plan to stop with visiting today.