Are You A Black Friday Shopper?

by Karen on November 28, 2014

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tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt16_jpg                  I am not a shopper – I do Black Friday Sales on the computer sometimes when I know there is a good deal going on like at the Crafty Sales on Classes (go through the links at the bottom of the post) today through Monday but I do not go to the stores.  I will look through all the on line shops that I normally shop at to see what sales are going on – but I do not like to go to the crowded madness at the stores.

We really do not do very much in Christmas presents any longer and the older I get the more I hate how commercialized the holidays have become.  I know it isn’t just me that thinks that Christmas has become all about expensive presents – remember when you were a kid and depending on the size of your family you might have gotten one or two presents.  I came from a family of 12 children and we all got one present each – on a good year (dad must have had a part time job!) we might have gotten two presents each and we were happy with them – and they were not expensive presents.  It was more about the holiday spirit and the joys of opening a present and having Xmas cookies and candy, putting the tree up and playing in the snow (well of course snow depends on what part of the country you grow up in).

I hope all in the states had a good Thanksgiving – we had a good time with our family but they are now off to Northern Arkansas to visit our son in laws family before they head home at the end of the weekend.  It is always kind of strange having a house full isn’t it when you are not used to it.  Your routine is shot!  The kitchen needs cleaning constantly – I do not know how many times I did dishes!  Normally I fill the dish washer and run it once daily or every other day.  The last several days the dishwasher was going twice a day and dishes being washed by hand in between  —- BUT it was so good to have both of our daughters and their families here to visit Smile

Ciera with her pillow


Utah with his game


But now I need to get back to routine I need to clean house, do laundry –and then I’m going to do some sewing!  I might put up the temporary design wall also to put the Kansas Twister on and start to arrange the rows.  I have about half the pieces cut and need to sew a lot of white triangles to the big color pieces.

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Happy Thanksgiving

by Karen on November 27, 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone in the States!  We have made way more pies than a family really needs – pumpkin and pecan are our favorites.  Why do we bake so much?  Of course some of it ends up in the freezer and you have desserts already for an occasion and no baking needed.  Pie well be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner – LOL – too much for sure!! And the turkey and mashed potatoes are needed and all the regular food for the holiday meal — we well be busy all morning preparing the huge meal and then live off of the leftovers for several days.

The daughters are enjoying the dining room.


The Scrabble Wars begin – from the left and around the table – Ric, Jessica, Ciera and Melanie


Granddaughter Ciera working on pretzel sticks and other things – some of this is continuing on the road with them to the next house they visit – it isn’t all going to stay here!


And the telephones have been out for the games.


Grandson Utah is mulching the leafs – getting outside and enjoying the countryside.


Have a great day everyone – we go back to a quite house once again tomorrow – must get back to the fitness center and work off all these calories and back to working on the house – get that varnishing on the walls and cabinets done!

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Another Update

by Karen on October 18, 2014

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I have had so many nice comments and emails about my mother and her stroke that I wanted to update you all that she died this morning and is not suffering anymore.  We placed  her in a hospice house on Wednesday and she died this morning around noon – she never woke up from her stroke on Monday and just stayed asleep the whole time.  All of my siblings, one of my daughters and almost all of my nieces and nephews and quite a few great ones also were able to spend time with her before she slipped away from us.  I can’t say enough good things about the Circle of Life Hospice House in Bentonville Arkansas – they not only take care of the patient but they take care of the family as well even when it is as large of a one as we have.  She had 12 children – 4 girls and 8 boys – 27 grandchildren and 31 great-grand children and 1 great-great-grandchild – she also had 2 son in laws and 6 daughter in laws that she counted as her own children and they all loved her too.  She lost two of her sons over the years and a daughter in law also.  (I think I have all the numbers right).

Mom was 89 – would have been 90 in December.  Here she is back on her wedding day.

My mom and dad together – Dad died on October 16, 1993 and Mom on October 18, 2014 – we kind of thought for sure that subconsciously she would slip away on the anniversary of dads death just because she wanted to but she hung on for two more days until all of her children were able to be at her bedside and then within hours she was gone.

this photo is one that my daughter Melanie took of her Granny about 5 years or so ago.

I came home for a couple days of rest and then a couple days away for the funeral and packing up of her assisted living apartment with my brothers and sisters and the sons and daughters in law- we will work on this together – I will be back to blogging soon.  I had hand work with me with so much sitting and chatting and waiting and made progress on my hexies I will show progress when I get through the next week.

I’m doing alright – Mom lived a full life and truthfully I have been expecting this for a long time – sadness of course – depression no – she suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for years and had been in a lot of pain – it was hard to see her in such pain.  She had gotten very frail in her last 15 years being wheelchair confined for the last 12 years or so and using two canes before that – she was ready to go and we had to let her.  I guess I am a realist – you face life, live it while you can and then you leave memories built up over those years for those who loved you.  It is just the way life is.


Blogging Break

by Karen on October 13, 2014

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I will be out of touch this week – my mom had a stroke this morning, we don’t know what the outcome will be right now — she is almost 90 years old.   She lives 2 and half hours from me so we will be doing some running back and forth.  Keep her in your thoughts please – this is a photo of mom from several years back.  I can tell you right now hospitals need more comfortable chairs to sit in and let the family have more access to the doctors!!  Trying to get information from them has been driving us crazy.



A Bundle of Fabric

by Karen on September 28, 2014

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Quite a few years ago I went on a bus trip to a quilt show with the Rogers Arkansas quilt guild.  My daughter’s mother in law, Nancy belonged to the group and she asked me to come with her as a guest – a chance for us to get to know each other better.  Last year on September 24th (my birthday)  she passed away– way to early and never got a chance to use up her small stash of fabric and patterns.  She always referred to herself as a “wanna be quilter” she wanted to quilt but only made a few small pieces here and there but always wanted to do more.  After she passed away my daughter and the other daughters in law helped her husband go though her things to decide what was going to whom and what was being packed up for Goodwill or whatever.  Jessica (my daughter) got some fabric and quilt patterns – she wasn’t sure if she and Ciera (my granddaughter) would eventually use some of the things or not as Jessica is not a quilter.

It was decided that they would ask me to make a quilt out of some of the items for Ciera.  It was funny seeing what they had picked out though as it was the pattern and bundle of fabric that Nancy had picked out when we went on the bus trip to St. Charles MO about 10 years ago!!  I recognized it right away.  I remember encouraging her to buy it as she was eyeing it and then putting it back then picking it up again.  She said she didn’t know if she would ever make it and sadly she didn’t.  But I will make it for her and give it to our shared granddaughter – what better tribute!  I will make up a label for the back of the quilt saying something like “pattern and fabric purchased by Grandma Nancy and quilt made by Grandma Karen”  don’t you think something like that would be a good way to put it on the label?  I could entitle the quilt “Nancy’s Stars” or something like that.  I know I have some white fabric or other light color to use for the white in the pattern and I’m pretty sure there is enough in the bundle to make it – if not I can find enough from my own stash.


So Nancy this quilt will get made! I’m not sure who you had intended it to go to – but one of your granddaughters will have it.  I am linking to Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Stitch Sunday – getting in the mood for quilting again as soon as we get home in a couple more days.

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Visiting with Family

by Karen on September 26, 2014

in family, places

It’s a good thing that I decided to not go shopping at the local quilt shop while visiting our daughter – I really had to remind myself to stick to sales only like I said I would at the very beginning of the year – and Craftsy is having a fall sale on fabrics, yarns, kits – get your supplies now!!  I am going birthday shopping Smile my birthday was on the 24th just a couple days ago and I get to pick out my present(s)  I have already been looking at the sales recently and wondered when the big sale would start – things well sell out fast so don’t wait for the last minute.

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You know you are in Wisconsin when you see these kinds of signs:


The trees are turning to fall colors


Our campground here is nothing special, some KOA’s can be attractive and have lots of trees, this one doesn’t – they are growing some but it will be awhile before they start to provide a lot of shade – our spot has no tree Sad smile but that is ok, we are barely here anyhow.


Instead we are with these people!  we are lucky the campground is only a couple miles from our daughter and son in law – here they are with our granddaughter – our grandson was teaching karate lessons that morning so he wasn’t with us – he is 14 and a 2nd degree black belt – he teaches all ages!  He has been doing karate since he was 6 years old.


Here he is is – relaxing after working all morning!


This is Ciera she is 12 on Oct. 1st.


We visited a farmers market in Madison that we do every time we come here – love it!


We attended a high school football game as the family supports the local team and it is something they do so we came along.

Ciera’s birthday is one week after mine (mine was the 24th) so we went birthday present shopping, she picked out a book and fleece fabric so that I could help her make a “tie blanket” I didn’t even know what that was mainly  being a quilter – but she found a video on line and we figured it out – Joanne’s had a sale on fleece and she picked out her colors.  Evidently the kids all like to have these for sleep overs and she didn’t have one.


Utah demonstrating how the dog Marley likes to get in the trampoline with him – he just jumps on up through the opening there and jumps around too.


As you all know I have been traveling and scheduling posts in advance so I could keep up with my daily blog – as you read this we are on our way home finally, we are in the last week of travel having left our daughter and Wisconsin behind us this morning.  I will be back to all my quilts soon and back to work on them too.  My thumb is finally feeling better.  I have barely sewed in almost 2 months now and will need to make sure I don’t over do it when we get home.  I will need to start making more of my quilts with the sewing machine and take my time with the hand quilting – those two hours every evening quilting might need to be cut back to one hour instead.  It really helped my thumb taking a break from quilting.