Karen on September 18th, 2014

While we were at Casper waiting out the snow storm I got some more work done on the tumblers while watching a movie – it is growing but slowly.  I have continued to have trouble with the arthritis in my thumb and the thumb brace has done nothing but make it hurt more to the point that I quit wearing it.  The doctor did say it didn’t work for everyone.  If it continues I am sure I will just have to move more and more to machine work and save my fingers for applique.

Here are 3 sections of 10 rows x 10 rows sewn together now making the quilt top 20” x 45” I believe.  It is not pressed.


After we left Wyoming the countryside started to get a little boring to me – everything is pretty in it’s own way but there are less animal sightings of course once you get out of the mountains so more and more while we are driving from campground to campground the sewing is reappearing – I draped it over the chair to see how it would look – I now have another section done – it is growing – there is one section on the seat of the chair that has to be sewed to the main part it is just resting there.  At least now I can say progress!  This last section will make it 20 x 60”  getting there Smile


The links in the post here will lead you to the sale of the classes – all classes!!  Now might be the time for me to purchase a class or two on knitting socks seeing as I haven’t been able to get the sock loom figured out.  There are about 2 of them I believe that I might try out.  I will need to check out the quilting classes of course also and see what is there for me to view when I get home.

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Karen on August 30th, 2014

Moving right along on the Tumblers – I made a lot of progress today (Aug. 21st) a bit of a rainy day and we were in the camper for most of it.

I got this much pressed before we took off this morning – we had a late start as we were not going far – just 3 hours north west getting us closer to Glacier National Park.


I spread it out over my kitchen workspace and laid colors out for the next 4 rows so I would have them ready to stitch on the days drive.


I now have two sections ready to sew together!  I haven’t measured but I think it will now be about 30 inches wide by 20 inches high.


As you can see on the above photo I had to get the heavy quilt out last week when at Yellowstone, it will be staying on the bed now for some time to come I bet – it is a 2 quilt kind of trip this year.

The back window is starting to get a bit dirty with all the roads we have been on and the rainy weather we had – this is looking out at the campsite – all the white ribbons around the trees are for a beetle treatment – a worker was going around while we were getting settled in marking trees for treatment.


Settling in for some reading while it was a bit rainy outside – made a pot of tea and got my book out ready to recline on the bed!


Our campsite – another rustic – no hookups – and it was rainy off and on so we didn’t get the chairs out or the table quilt – we do get days like this when we travel.


From our door we can see the “bear box” across the drive – for those in tents if you can’t store you food and cooking utensils in your car you store them in these bear proof boxes that are scattered through out the campground.  Bear have been sighted in the campground but who knows when – these are rules that have applied for years now for safety.


The “facilities” a short way down the road – and really some of these are really clean – they make them so much better than they used to with the way they ventilate now and cement floors to make cleaning easier  – the water pump is a short distance from that.


flowers in our site.  Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be more rain (the 22nd) so some time in the morning we will take off in the car and go exploring – maybe back to Butte and see things, go shopping, see a movie or something – and drive around seeing things.  Very few campers are here today, we will be here for 3 nights, I wonder if it will get busier – nice and quite although we are very close to a road that has traffic but it seems to have gotten quitter since evening came.


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Karen on August 30th, 2014

I have made a little more progress on the Tumbling into Insanity and it is growing – I had taken these photos on 8/24 so it has grown more by now I’m sure. The bed in the camper is the only place to lay it out so excuse the log cabin quilt underneath it – I am working on the 3rd section each measuring 20 x 15 I believe.


Now back to the Ghost Town, this building had been a store at one time.


I like how they left the wall paper on the walls, just hanging there – you really have the ghost town affect.  Dishes in the cupboards, some furniture you can get a better feel for a room with these things in here I think


I like how they had signs by these items on the table – I never would have guessed what this wire contraption was  – a baby walker! wonder how many safety filiations that would break now days!



I have no idea what these berries are but they sure looked good – wish they had been raspberries! but all I saw were finished off by critters I’m sure!


What lovely pine trees.


This was a neat exploration for the day – lots of walking and going in and out of buildings.  Nice people working there that were available to answer questions and chat with.  The day was chilly but at least the rain held off until after we got back to our campsite.

Next post will be from Glacier National Park

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Karen on August 23rd, 2014

Well we got to Yellowstone National Park on the 15th.  The campground is way busier than I like and crowded of course – you do not have large campsites and we are usually out so much daytime that we rarely set up much  outside – usually tired by time we get back from running around all day.

The last couple evenings I decided to go ahead and get a Lemoyne Star block done and put the tumbler’s aside for a couple days.  The Star block went together really quickly.  If I remember right I have enough fabric cut out for 40 blocks to put together for a wall hanging.  I don’t think it will be more than about 40”square – estimating – with sashing a little bigger.  If you wish to see some hexies though stop over at Angie’s blog A Quilters Readers Garden and skip on around the blogs I have linked my tumblers there as she said that was ok too.

Here it is ready to work on.


I put this much together one day – these are 4.5 inch blocks.


Not pressed, I don’t have electricity at this campground and I doubt I will take time to press until sometime next week or – I feel it turned out straight though even if it doesn’t look like it here.  I didn’t think to bring a rotary cutter to trim now a square ruler so that will wait until we get home.


This shot taken through the window of the camper on our way to the campsite – the buffalo were out full force to great us.


Big things aren’t they!


And shortly afterwards – not 30 minutes into the park there was a traffic jam which means only one thing in Yellowstone – a animal of some sort has been spotted – we parked inquired to the nearest people – a grizzly bear has been spotted on the other side of the rode up in the hills – there is a ranger out in the area of field where people have congregated to look.  A ranger almost always seems to show up quickly when a bear has been spotted to keep stupid people from getting too close.  Seeing as he was out there Mike got the zoom lens ready on his camera and out there with the crowd – knowing to stay where ever the ranger says to stay – the bear was quite a distance as even with his zoom this is the best he got:

Here is the ranger and the bear (bear is further away than it looks)


see that hump close to the head – grizzly’s have that.



I do wish it had been closer so we could have gotten better photos – we need to get Mike a better zoom lens!  (I do not mean dangerously close!!! I just mean a little closer than the 3 or 4 football field’s away that it was to give you an example of distance – I stayed right next to the car even at that distance LOL)


An eagles nest up high in the tree I believe.


A good size deer the antlers were really neat and you could see the felt on them




Did you know Craftsy offers free mini classes?  they have quite a few of them on various subjects – quilting, baking, stamping, gardening, drawing, Color Theory – ect – and they are FREE!! I have several of them and really enjoy these mini classes because sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat!! (not to insult a gnat LOL but really sometimes I don’t want to sit for hours )

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Karen on August 21st, 2014

Edited:  August 20 in the evening.  I have been scheduling posts as I come to a place with service.  It has been few and far between!  I planned on catching up with my blog reading tonight but found I had over 300 blog posts in my feeder – hopeless to try to read them – I have glanced at many quickly and left no comments, just didn’t have time.  I have been thinking of all of you though and thank you all for so many nice comments of our trip. If you have left a comment which needed an answer I have tried to do so but sure I missed some here and there – real time – we are now in Montana and have left Wyoming behind us although I have a weeks worth of posts scheduled – hope you enjoy them!  I have been able to check my email and respond on my phone but have not had success blogging from my phone.  I like to keep blogging almost every day and go through my photos at the same time.  With the program I use for blogging “live writer” I can write the post save it, and then when I have service I go back in and schedule it.  I have linked my tumblers to Angie’s A Quilters Readers Garden although they are not hexies she said that the tumblers were welcome :) so you might want to go on over and see the hexies that others are working on.


“Tumbling into Insanity” has been moving right along.  When I get done with the second set of 10×10 row rectangle I might put it away and reach for one of the other projects I brought along for a change so far though 11 days into the trip I have not gotten bored with it.

It has been growing!  I timed myself out of curiosity and each row of 10 tumblers takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to sew because I am looking at scenery at the time – when I am sewing in the camper I’m sure it is a little faster – to sew a row to another row it takes about 10 minutes.  So this little amount has taken somewhere between 6-7 hours to do – and all while sitting back and enjoying the scenery or relaxing in the camper.


Oops wasn’t watching what I was doing in the car good enough and messed up not once but twice – the one on the right is upside down – had to rip.


My sewing kit in the car – believe it or not I rarely have to use that clover needle threader, even in the car I can normally thread my needle with out it.


We had a minor problem with our hot water heater/pump and had to run down to Cody from the campground we were at – 1.5 hour drive! to get a small part for it (luckily Mike knows how to fix things like this) – it was a rainy start to the day so that was ok – I checked as soon as I had cell service and there was a quilt shop in the small town – Friends and Company quilt shop (Cody, WY)– the name is on the opposite side of the building as that is where the street is but you actually go around the building to the parking lot. this shop too mainly aimed at machine quilters and machine embroidery – the staff was very friendly!   I wanted to see if they had some “thread heaven” to coat the thread I am using to make it easier to use – they did!  I picked up that thread I am using at the last quilt shop I visited in South Dakota and I find it twist and frays a little on the end (the shop I bought it at looked like it was mainly aimed at machine quilters and even though I did ask the lady if she had any hand quilting thread – I don’t believe she really knew now if it worked good).  How I wish I had tucked my white YLI spool in the basket – I had thought I would use a different color that was more of a blue/white color – but I do believe I am tossing that one – the Mettler cotton with silk finish is not what I like either even if it is a good thread – YLI as soon as I find it – if I find it before I get home.  At least for the Lemoyne Star wall hanging I do have some gray YLI.


All of the places out here seem to have a lot of hanging baskets and they are so pretty and big!

(as of this post we have left Yellowstone and are now in Montana – where I’m not sure – we are winging it and will end up in Glacier National Park eventually but watching weather – well put it off until next week as cold weather is moving in there right now and I want it to be warmer than 45 and 30 for a low when I am there so I can enjoy myself!)

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I just checked the sales out while I was on line and saw that some of the quilt kits are priced really low and you get a lot of fabric in them – one thing I do is look to see how much fabric is in the kit – if I don’t like the pattern but I do like the fabric it is a great time to get it.  Some of the 50 fat quarter piece boxes are way low also – Free Spirit has one that is marked down to $63.99 – I have ordered these in the past and they are a great collection of fabric pieces.

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Karen on August 19th, 2014

I really and truly have made progress on the tumblers and I haven’t grown tired of them yet.  My first “block” finished – 10 tumblers to a row by 10 rows.  For some reason I thought this would end up being a square it isn’t obviously.  This piece isn’t pressed but I have a rough figure of 16” x 20” so now I need to figure out how many I need to make for a quilt about 104 x 104.  I’ll deal with that later – Smile math not being my strong suit – I will need to get the calculator out!


I mentioned I was going to get a new light to put around my neck for when I didn’t have good light – I have had the opportunity more than once now to try them out – I have two and I brought them both with me.

Not great photos but here they are – the one on the left sucks big time! Total waste of money in my opinion – I got it for $15 from Keepsake quilting.  The one on the left works great. I have actually had it for 3+ years but didn’t use it much as the strap that went around my neck itched like crazy on my skin.  I took it off and put a ribbon in it’s place – I have to tie it in a bow at the back of my neck but it works – the light is much more powerful and bright.  I got that one from Karen Kay Buckley’s site.  I do not have internet as I write this so I am not linking to the products – I will if I think about it before this post and if I remember otherwise ask me about it and I will get the info to you later or google the name.


Someone asked what does Mike do for relaxation on these trips – I have my sewing and reading – he has his computer Smile really this is what he always does – he edits his photos and if we have connection he is on it off and on just like I do in between our hikes and stuff – can’t hike all the time you know and sometimes it is not nice outside – between some places having more than their share of bugs the weather is not always the greatest.


Some else asked “Are you really comfortable in a small camper” not all the time no – sometimes the chairs get uncomfortable, if my back starts to ache or we want to stretch out – there is always the bed!  Use it like a couch with pillows tucked behind you.


big pillow brought along, lovely view out the windows and I’m ready to recline and stretch out!


And of course I must enjoy looking at this quilt – shoes off before getting on the quilt!!


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