Happy Halloween — We got our Halloween pumpkins ready to put out for the evening – I really waited a bit for this, I had them for several days and didn’t get around to carving them – now they will sit out for one day!  We did these with the drill – I cleaned them – the really messy part and then Mike got out his drill and did them how I wanted them.  When I get done with them being decorations (1 day) I cut them up, cook them and freeze pumpkin puree.  (All the work is not done on the dining room so you are only seeing a little bit of it here until the work is finished)


With the lights out


Ciera’s pillow coming along – I do the embroidery by hand – several asked what thread I use for the machine – no embroidery machine here – just needle and thread.  I might put some loops on those pig tail holders like the photo on the pattern – I need to look at it and see what they looked like – I hadn’t put them on when I was putting the red “rubber bands” on.  Linking to Sarah’s Whoop, Whoop Friday.


Half a row of the color border added on Diamonds are Forever -the 2nd side and I worked more on it last night.


I also worked more on Floral Fantasy and got started on a flower.


And even though I know I shouldn’t have bought a pattern I did – I have been looking at this Christmas Redwork pattern  (which I have never done) for over a year and broke down and got it – maybe it will be ready for next year?  It will be a change of pace for me for making a quilt that is half embroidery.  Maybe a nice summer project for the embroidery?


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Diamonds are Forever

by Karen on October 28, 2014

in Diamonds Are Forever

Trying to get a photo of this massive quilt is so very hard to do!  I swept up the kitchen floor of all the dust and thought I would try it there and even that was hard to fit in – now you can truly see how small our dining area was before the remodeling started.  I am linking Freemotion by the River today I have also linked to She Can Quilt.  I am also linking to Esther of the Love Entwined fame – she is doing beautiful work on her quilt.


I thought I would put the hexies on the bed to get a idea of size – the two sides I have not worked on yet for the border is the area that I haven’t been sure of how many rows I need to make it fit the bed right-as you can see I think instead of the 5 additional rows that I put on the other two sides I might have to go with 6-7 rows.  With what I have been adding it will be long enough – it’s the wide enough that will need more work.  I will try it out on the bed again when I finish the border I am working on and turn it the opposite way and see how that works.


I did finish that row of white hexies last night while Melanie was over visiting – we have now switched to dinner on Monday instead of Sunday and we both were stitching for several hours and of course talking the whole time planning a day trip to Little Rock in mid- November to get in on a little holiday shopping after my morning doctor appointment (regular check) – our idea of shopping probably doesn’t match with some of you LOL – lunch first then we will briefly look at some stores to see decorations, go to Barnes and Noble for Peppermint Mocha and Williams Sonoma and a “fancy” grocery store to get some baking supplies  & candy we can’t find locally Smile – that kind of thing – seeing as I have to go anyhow – might just as well have a little fun.  I actually do most of my holiday shopping online and really don’t get that much anymore.  But I love to bake!!

I finally started to cut out pattern pieces for the “worry doll” pillow – Of course I traced out the name pieces wrong and need to turn them around – I might get more done on it today.  Ciera picked out the fabric – green top, blue shorts, aqua leggings & red shoes!



And What are You Working On?  I keep up with a lot of you through your blogs and know y’all are working on too many things like me!  So let’s start off- linking to Kathy’s Slow Stitching today

I actually got my Floral Fantasy back out – Yes really – I know it has been awhile, if I just concentrated on one thing I would be done with this beauty.  If you look at the border on the left I have one leaf left to finish and then only 3 borders left to work on!!  I am stitching a couple minutes here and a couple minutes there.


One side of Diamonds are Forever is pretty much done – now I will start on the opposite side and wait to turn the curve after both sides are done.  I had to get more hexies ready – the white ones that is and spent the last couple days getting a few more ready.  (and yes for those that wonder I will be cutting the last row all around the quilt straight)


The last 3 or 4? days of Dear Jane Blocks – Insanity Revisited – Row #8 is now finished.





The rollers are now ready to be rolled on down a little more – the final border might be in sight soon.


The refrigerator and stove are now moved into the new dining room so we can work on this floor – all the adhesive from the old tiles is now off the far end of the floor (about half way done) and we plan on working on it again today.  I think I will be cooking in the crockpot, electric skillet and the Dutch oven outside even if needed!  The only outlet for the stove is behind where it goes so I can not use it for the time being.  This is going to take a little while.  Mike is doing most of the work and I am “helping” when I’m not in the way!  I will be glad for the mess to be done.


Hope y’all have a beautiful Sunday – will be  unseasonable warm today – possibly in the mid-80’s!! But that is ok – we will be back to fall weather by Wednesday I think and maybe even a frost later in the week.


Today was one of those days – a little of this and that and still I’m tired! And I didn’t even exercise – I need to get back to the fitness center soon

I got both of the plants potted and I’m pretty sure from what I found on line and what the majority said is that the plant I brought home is a scheffleraTim is an expert and I will take his word for it although like he says he doesn’t see them stems ect.  The other plant I brought home with me was a rather limp Christmas Cactus.  I repotted it and found very little in the line of roots – I think this plant has been neglected Smile I will baby it, I put it in a fresh pot with fresh soil now too see what it will do.  The leaves which you might not be able to see in the photo are really thin and not plump at all.


The last of the zinnia’s and a couple roses


Little more work on the hexies for Diamonds are Forever and I worked more on them last night while watching tv.  I have used up almost all of my white hexies so I need to get some more ready.


Love Entwined back on the design wall while I give it some thought.  I’m not sure what flowers I want to put in those vases or how many.  All of  the little hearts are appliqued in place.  I am linking up to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict today


The patchwork in the photo above possibly is ready to quilt –  it is baby size right now once I quilt it and wash it it will be a little smaller – right now it is 48 x 48 –I don’t think I will make it bigger.  I also have the quilt on the end of the frame to machine quilt as well.  The patchwork will be machine quilted straight lines as well – I think my hand quilting for now will stick with one quilt on the big frame and everything else will be done with straight lines – I just do not care for free motion.

It is kind of hard to see this paint chip in the actual color but it is what I am thinking for the walls in the kitchen – it is called Apple Peel – I’m just not sure yet if I want to go that dark – the lighter one actually has a tint of the red in it – not really pink but so light of a tint that it looks white I guess it is called Ballet Slippers – it would be for the ceiling.  I’ve always had light color walls in this house for the rooms that are painted and I wonder if I will like it a year from now – I do not like to paint so I want to make sure it is what I want before I get it.  I have it taped to the wall right now so I can keep walking by looking at it – I think I need to go back to the store and get 5 more of the same and tape them all together so I can see it bigger LOL.


Flash sale for Halloween so here it is – still good through midnight Friday –

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Friday was one of those days where I got a bit done peeling old tiles up off the kitchen floor but not much to do with sewing.  I’m helping Mike with our dining room project which includes redoing the kitchen floor to make it look better with the dining room almost done – with the wall down between the two areas now it really needs it.  I should be able to finish it today.  I picked up some paint chips to start to figure out repainting the kitchen but have not come anywhere near making up my mind.


But I did get a little more quilting done on Thursday night on Dear Jane- not much but a little.


I got one of the bouquets for the corner of the Love Entwined quilt taped together and drew out 2 sets of 4 hearts that go next to the vase in the corner – I have decided that I well be doing the bouquets my own way – they are not going to be exactly like the pattern – I don’t want to get any flack but – this is just my opinion ok – there is too much stuff going on in the quilt for me – I want a little less applique.  My personal preference – I love the quilt and want to make it – I don’t know how much of it I will make though — but I do know that I want less in it.  Like I say that is just me – the quilts I have seen so far look great it is just more than I want to do.


More hexies have been added on Diamonds are Forever – I think I got about 10 more white hexies on the border while I watched the news last night.  I was disappointed that I missed the last 10 minutes of Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night due to a storm and didn’t see Scandal at all.  Before we left on our trip in early August we decided that we would be cancelling our Dish Network Package and see if we could make due with our antenna – we are at the limit of what is good receiving for an antenna as the tv stations are a good 65 miles from us – we have only tried going without now for a couple weeks and it is not working well!  We are only getting in ABC and CBS and only if the weather is good – the least amount of rain or wind and forget about it!  We are thinking of trying out Direct TV which we have never used before but have heard good things of.  I can watch most shows on Hulu or Netflix but we will most likely be giving those up if we go back to Satellite TV.


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Many warnings from a lot of you have come my way about the thumb joint problem about taking it easy and not over due.  Even though I am getting done with something’s I really am taking it much easier with my thumb then I used to.  I am watching how I hold my needle, watching how I hold the paddle thimble ect.  I am learning a new way to hold my thimble that doesn’t put any pressure on my thumb which means I am not using my thumb!! – a big switch up for me as I have always quilted away from me a lot at the frame – I am learning to do it the proper way – see the link – this means I am going slower and not getting done with as much but it is better because it is helping me – now I am quilting towards me or from the right –  a little more challenging learning the new proper way to hold the paddle thimble!!  Holding the paddle thimble properly and doing it my own way has caused the problems as I really spent a lot of time quilting the last several years – I have gotten done with a lot of hand quilting and now I’m paying for not taking my time.   Most of the time I do not have terrible pain  – I am trying to nip this in the bud before it gets worse by finding support for the thumb now so I can continue to do my hand work – I hope I haven’t given the impression I am in severe pain – I am not – occasional strong twinges but most of the time other than a dull ache it is ok.  This is not an “all the time” thing.

I got done with this much of Dear Jane – Insanity Revisited done on Wednesday night and it took an hour to do with a lot of little breaks during that time.  The lowest in the photo triangle had already been done.


Now when I applique I do not notice the pressure on my thumb and I do it the same way but I do wear a support glove on my hand when doing any kind of sewing now until I get the brace I sent for.  I got done with both of these Love Entwined vases yesterday.  I have always been able to applique quickly when I set my mind to it – I use a tiny whip stitch with thread that matches as close as possible instead of a blind stitch that many use.  I am linking up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today if you wish to run on over and see more quilts that others are working on.



Also on Wednesday I got more of my hexies done on Diamonds are Forever – this is what I was working on last night also while Gray’s Anatomy and Scandal were on so I’m sure I got done with more.  Little by little the projects will get done – just a little slower Winking smile  BillieBee’s is having the link up this week for hexies –