Diamonds Are Forever

Don’t you hate it when you go to quilt group and forget something as simple as white thread!  Especially when it is the only project you bring and you are hand piecing!!  I grabbed my Diamonds are Forever box yesterday to run off for the morning and get there – start setting up my spot and no thread!    One of the ladies that lives only minutes from the church we meet at was nice  and  say she would run home and get some as there was no sense in me sitting just visiting for two hours with no stitching -  but as she was heading out the door another quilter was coming in – asked where she was off to – well no need she had white thread and was very willing to share – nice!  I was able to work after all and no one had to run anywhere.     This is where I am at now -


Added to the box a nice big spool of white thread when I got home before I forgot!  I am linking to Splish Splash Stash today.


Thursday nights work on POTC



I have a few more photos to share – Peacocks – at the Gardens on Wednesday – so lovely and posing so prettily.


this other one was at the entrance of the admittance building when we were on our way over to see the very pretty chapel that was built right next to the grounds about 8 years ago – no fee in that area so you can visit the church when you want to- I will post that tomorrow.  This guy gave us a show – he spread his fan out so beautifully and then settled down and walked away.






And then posed prettily on a rock with his shiny feathers straight on down.  I wish I was good at design – the peacock would make a pretty wall hanging!


I’m power washing the porch and the deck this weekend to get it nice and clean and ready for warm weather – of course in another couple weeks all the yucky pollen will have fallen and the porch will be covered in green & yellow pollen –  I will get the leaf blower out and blow it all off!  Of course on Tuesday a front comes through dropping us back to the 50’s daytime and 30’s at night for a day/night or two – but then back to the 60’s.  Sounds like it will be short lived.  Your weekend?  what are you doing?


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Floral Fantasy is now ready for stitching.  The entire border applique is glue basted in place.  I might have to move something here and there while I stitch and pin in place but overall this is is.  Keep in mind pieces will be smaller than they now appear as they have the seam allowance showing.  It will take awhile for the applique to be finished – give me a couple months at least if not more as I will continue to work on other projects in process.


Part of my process includes rulers!


Picture from the book – glue, scissors to trim here and there were needed, long nose tweezers – things I use to make the job go smoothly.


Once I figure out where I want the pieces the glue goes on in dots – a little will hold it and if it does come loose sometime while I’m working – that is ok, just reapply.


The applique was all prepped off and on yesterday during the day.  I continue to work on my Diamonds are Forever quilt off  and on  – I just don’t show it often as I haven’t really been working hard on it!  Here is a start on the 8th diagonal row.


More work on Patchwork of the Crosses almost every night.  This is part of Row 5 that I worked on Monday night.




Little quilting will get done today – near 70 today!  After several chilly windy days I’m ready for an outside day.  I am linking to Esther’s blog  and Freshly Pieced Modern  and Sew Fresh Quilts today if you want to look at some pretties


I continued working on the quilt on Monday and got the row attached.  I laid it out on the floor so I could figure out how to end with the white and I think I have it right – I will leave the last area – about 3 white hexies off until I get the next row made and attached this is to make sure I have the lay out right – think I do but if I don’t it will be less to take out.


Patchwork of the Crosses has been rolled down and work has begun on the half way done row of Crosses!


Here is a new project that I am working on – yes I know “new” I hadn’t posted anything about this one – this is a simple table covering that I made late last year that never got on the blog – I was showing  the basic’s of how to make a quilt top – nothing special I don’t remember the measurements off hand – I think 40 x 40?  I got to looking at it this past month and it was just laying there looking empty and I thought really if I was going to use it I had to add something to it.


Looking through things I found this pattern that was given to me by one of my quilting on Friday morning group member – it is by Kim Diehl – I like the flower – and I only need four and I can call this top finished!


Two of the red petals are appliqued with the black inset – the others need glue basing and then the circles in the middle are already glue basted as a set.  It fills in the block pretty well – I’m not sure if I will add the rest to the block or not – the stems going out to the tiny flower/leaf combo in each corner?  This is a big applique unit so it well go quickly although I only have one set ready for stitching.


I am linking up to Esther’s WOW Wednesday today and Lee’s Freshly Pieced Modern. and Sew Fresh Quilts – so many blogs now have link ups, its a great way to find more blogs to look at!!

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Finally I got back to my hexies yesterday.  I thought I really need to make at least a little bit of progress on this one so it couldn’t be called a UFO – I do not call my neglected projects UFO’s because they are always WIP – works in progress Smile I am linking to Judy at Patchwork Times today

I am attaching the 7th diagonal row of “Diamonds are Forever”.  I will need to add a little bit of white to the ends though.  I was cutting the pattern just a tad short so I wasn’t sure how I was going to be ending these rows – this is the first to get to the longest point so now I can figure that out.  When I get done with all of the rows and attach them I will then know for sure what size this will turn out to be and decide if there will be an applique border – an applique border would give it a very old fashioned look I think.  Maybe I will be done with this one by the end of the year?  Don’t know right now — I just work on it now and then.  I will keep it out for a couple days and continue to attach this row while the news is on in the evening – even though I never like the news it is a routine and I watch it and hand stitch and curse at the politicians at the same time LOL


More Prairie Points made for the 3rd border of “Granny’s Got Style”, I think I have enough and hope to work on pinning them to the border today.


A little bit of spring brought into the house yesterday.  The earliest of the daffodils have already died off and these are the next variety’s that are now flowering – I have at least 2 to 3 areas of the yard that will have more daffodils come up in the next month.


When you are quilting do you usually have the next quilt top picked out to work on next?  I have one more quilt top waiting in line to be quilted – I will have more by time the POTC quilt is finished but I have decided that next up is the second Dear Jane quilt that I made – I finished it at the end of 2010!! it’s about time to get it on the quilt frame finally.  I just hadn’t been in the mood to quilt it for some reason, but it will be next.  I will show it tomorrow.   This one is a two color quilt – red batik – a Princess Mirah fabric and a buttercream water color batik ( a hint of yellow in it instead of a red/white combo)

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Yesterday was not much a sewing day for me.  I went to the Friday morning quilt group so I grabbed my “Diamonds are Forever” box as I was going out the door as I had used it on Thursday night also – I had not touched this top in close to 3 weeks I think so it was time to get some work on it.   Between the two sewing sessions I got part of a row that had already been started back to having some progress on it – I will continue to work on this row again and see if I can get it done by Friday next week and continue working on it again in between other things.  Friday afternoon I went for a 3 mile walk at the trails with my daughter, we took our time and when we got back home she had more visiting to do with her dad – so the afternoon pretty much got away from me.


Other than that I had not touched the quilting frame for a couple days due to one reason or another so really no progress on the Patchwork of the Crosses – I did get it rolled down again the middle of the week, and do some quilting  last night and will show progress tomorrow this is the area I will be starting on – the middle of this row of crosses.


I did get some more quilted on the baby scrappy quilt – down to this side of the quilt for the border, then I need to go back in and do some line drawing to fill in some empty blanks in the setting triangle area – those areas will not take long – this is already taking a little longer than I had thought it would.


For all of us that like to make quilts from Jelly Rolls here is a link to get free patterns, scroll down through the post to get to the list.  At this same link look over to the right on the side bar this is a listing for more places that have free patterns, I know I might have some of them on my blog but this list is longer!

This weekend we are finally getting some spring like temperatures and early next week we might actually get near 70!  So ready for it – I do no though that like usual March is an up/down in weather and I’m sure we will have some chilly days too – I just hope it won’t be in the 20’s anymore!!


As I try to make at least one Granny Square every day I continue to work on the little 4 patch blocks and I might have enough to start putting a baby quilt together.  I have not made a baby quilt in awhile and really need to get a stack put aside.  Using the pattern I showed you yesterday will be the one I make first.  I was going to lay them all out to see what I have and ran out of space on the cutting table – this is 36 x 24 inches Smile there is a little stack in the middle of the patches that I couldn’t fit – I do indeed  have enough to start baby quilt #1 and the way it looks by mixing up with background fabric I have enough for more than 1 right now.


I did finish attaching this row of Diamonds are Forever on Monday night and it is ready to press before I start the next row.


One more Granny Square finished – that gives me 8 more if I do 6 x 6 – I’m still thinking on it – the whole point is to use up scraps so I might go for queen size still.


This much snow out here still to melt –I didn’t realize it until I posted this photo that I caught a bird in flight across the snow.  This snow will melt quickly as today is the last cold day predicated  in the weeks forecast – 60 maybe by the weekend!  I glanced out the window as I drove by the front area of the yard today as I was going to the fitness center and I actually saw more daffodils popping out of the ground – I will take a new photo of them as it warms up some more.


I have not been putting in much time at the quilting frame since I took the Uncommon, Common Bride off of it – my fingertips were sore – the Olympics are giving me the break I needed I think.  I’m sure I will sit now and then though this week to work on it – but no new photos of Patchwork of the Crosses right now.

Run on over to Lee at Freshly Pieced and see all the works in progress going on