Diamonds Are Forever

On Wednesday night I got a little more quilting done and was able to roll the quilt down again and start to work on Row #6 – Row 7 half way though is the half way point on this quilt.


I didn’t have the light turned on and the flash was off, you can sure tell a difference in color but oddly enough this one below is closer to the correct color.  I believe I told you the light color batik is called “buttercream”


While the news was on last night I started to sew the finished row onto the Diamonds are Forever and because it is shorter I got it half way done.


We ran back to Little Rock again yesterday to pick up the camper in the early afternoon.  This time on the way home Mike went to Camping World to look at a few things and I left with the car and stopped at Kohl’s to buy a new pair of jeans – they had a lot on sale and I did find what I wanted but the store was so disorganized!   I’m amazed I found the size I needed, everything was thrown all over the place – different sizes mixed together, different brands ect – what a mess.

I need to run back to Little Rock for a regular scheduled doctor appointment and I think I will run by Barnes and Noble while I am there and pick up some of the tea I like as I ran out – can’t think of anything else and to think when I used to go to Little Rock years ago I would stay all day – now I run to one or two places and head for home.

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More on the Hexies

by Karen on July 24, 2014

in Diamonds Are Forever, Inklingo

Yesterday started out early – we brought the camper to Little Rock for servicing early morning – dropped it off and returned home in the car – they are busy and no appointments taken so you are lucky if you get it back the same day – if you bring it in early more chance of it getting done the same day – but that wasn’t to be yesterday! – we will return most likely by Friday to pick it up.  Just didn’t feel like doing any shopping and we were heading back home by 9:40.  Glad we did as middle of the afternoon we had another massive rain storm – lots of lightening and two inches of rain – power went out once again but only for an hour or so this time.  I did unplug all the electronics this time!

I didn’t work on the hand quilting Tuesday night instead I worked on the row of hexies for Diamonds are Forever and finished that row yesterday while watching the depressing evening news – we do not watch much tv while traveling and I tell you I will not miss the news one bit although I do check it on the phone or the computer – briefly.  I added the three hexies on the bottom right after I took this photo – the row is now ready to attach!  Getting there Smile


No other news for now!  Have you been busy?


Concentrating on Hexies

by Karen on July 22, 2014

in Diamonds Are Forever, Inklingo

Seeing as I have decided to set the 16 patch aside for awhile I thought I would concentrate just on the Diamonds are Forever quilt top and the hand quilting on the Insanity Revisited – wow just working on two – that is different!  Linking to Freemotion by the River today.  And here is a new to me link up Quilt Story: fabric Tuesday.  If you like to find new blogs to read for  more ideas it is nice to look at the links and see what others are doing.  You can check out more links at Esther’s blog she is beginning work on a POTC of her own now in between working on Love Entwined.

I got my last long row attached and if you look at the bottom you will see a string of 4 hexies – I put too many on it LOL – I do not know how that happened – maybe because in reality this is a complicated design!  I took one hexie off and used in the next row working on the side area where I needed three combined.


When I start a new row I always lay the quilt out and lay out the first piece, making sure I know what I am doing!


I got this much done on the new row yesterday.  I picked it up three different times to work on it – it doesn’t take long to hand piece once you get going (not EPP!!!) (people keep getting mixed up on that – hand piecing not EPP)


One of my favorite books – I need to find another one of hers – I think I have made three quilts from this book! Colorful and mostly easy don’t you think – if you have it that is.


Been busy running out to the camper off and on the last couple days cleaning and organizing –   At times there gets to be too many things added in during the trip and not taken out when we get home.  I still need to go through the small cabinet under the kitchen sink – where I stack my pots and pans and dish cleaning supplies – do I really need all this?  I have already gone through overhead cabinets and got rid of a few things and made space for others.  Maybe a little shelf under the sink to help stack things better and contact paper on the walls and “floor” of the cabinet to make it look cleaner – I’m thinking on it and need to take some measurements.


Well yesterday I do believe was the last day of our nice weather – it took all day before it got close to 80!  What a nice week it was – but I do believe the A/C is back on today.  Can you believe the first US moon landing was 45 years ago yesterday! wow time flies – did you watch it on tv back then?  I did – my brother John (died in 1975) stayed up and watched it together while the rest of the family slept!  One of my memories of something that I did with my brother who was only 16 months younger than I.

Part of Sunday was spent sewing the rows of the patchwork together.  I have used the iron press on tape to put small pieces of batting together – I just didn’t know if I wanted to bother to do that was all I meant in yesterdays post, but thanks for all the suggestions.  All the rows are together now and the quilt is 48×48.   I think I will just leaved it pinned on the wall now until fall and decide then if I want to make more patchwork for it or add a border of some type? not really sure what I want to do with it but I grew tired (bored!) of working with the 16 patch and well finish it in the fall – I’m too busy right now to even think of beginning to machine quilt either that one or the twin size “Steps through the Stars”that was finished last month.  It’s ok to leave something be once in awhile! I just don’t like them to sit and gather dust too long before they are finished!  Just noticed the photo is a little blurry – sorry about that.


Three more blocks were hand quilting on Insanity Revisited – yes for those that asked this is a Dear JaneIR is just the name I gave it.



And last night while our daughter was over visiting I finished the last long row of Diamonds are Forever – here it is laid out on the floor so I could make sure all the layout was right.  I started stitching the row together while we watched tv and visited – and I got almost done with it!  The one problem I have with the white hexies is the unraveling!  Kona Cotton is a great fabric normally – but when you hand stitch after awhile it seems like all you are doing is leaving bits of thread all over the place!  Linking up to Stitch by Stitch:Anything Goes Monday, and to Judy’s Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.


I will pick it up over the next couple days and finish stitching this row and get started on the next – that one will have 10 diamonds in it making it a bit shorter!


Did everyone have a great weekend!  The weather was just perfect here, I cut the grass while Mike has been finishing up some work on the house, grocery shopping done yesterday afternoon instead of today – I’m actually going to have to water the tree log planters today – we have not had rain in about 4 or 5 days now I think and the heat is going to start building up.

I have noticed that I have gotten some new readers lately and thank you so much for dropping by and leaving comments – I haven’t been on the computer very much the last couple days and haven’t responded to many comments – I do read them – Also thanks to all who order Craftsy classes and supplies from my links – I do appreciate it.


So many of you suggested that I bring along the final rows of Diamonds are Forever to finish when we travel and then add them to the body of the quilt when I get home.  This is a good idea and even though I have two quilting projects and the sock loom – I thought it was a good idea too as it is so close to being finished (other than a border that is)  Smile  so yesterday I got out my diagram and counted how many white hexies do I need to finish this quilt – then I got out my box of hexies to see how many I had.  I think (I say think because the photo is little and the hexies are tiny to count) I need 100 more.  I got busy printing out what I needed and was done quickly.  I think I had 105 printed out.  I am linking to a Quilters Readers Garden today and Confessions of a Fabric Addict



I sat down and worked on it for a little bit as I would like to be done with this last long row and have it attached.


More work on Wednesday night for Insanity Revisited – when I said I saw the half way point – that is what I mean – I see the half way point on the previous blog post photo but I am not there yet.


This is the block I pick up on last might.


Yesterday record low temperatures were set in Arkansas – it started the day at 66 degrees and dropped to 63 last evening – wow! can’t remember ever having a July temp that low because I believe the newsman said it was 1923 the last time it was this low? something like that anyhow.  What happened to global warming LOL.  I did have windows open for awhile and by late afternoon I was becoming chilly even though it was 71 in the house – I get chilled easily and the breeze coming in from the windows made me put on a pair of socks and closed half of the windows and shut the fans off!  I wonder what it will be like today – I’m going to visit my mom today and it is usually cooler up there in northwest Arkansas – we will see – a light cardigan is  coming with me – and socks! just in case they are needed.


77 for a high temperature yesterday in the middle of July – rarely seen here in Arkansas and we might actually get down to 58 last night! Talk about nice.  It was all about wandering around the yard and windows open while doing some sewing as well.

This is my big acorn squash plant that has taken over one of my log planters.  We always had acorn squash planted in Wisconsin where I grew up but I never tried it here in Arkansas – and where hardly anything in my garden has grown well this summer these plants have just taken off and I have about 8+ squash growing on them.  Now well they be ready for picking before we leave? That remains the question – I have two that are very green but I am not sure when they are considered ready!


Here is the oldest and greenest of the squash – do I have to wait for them to fall off or just twist them off – I need to google and find out!


Here is another – these are about the size of a man’s hand I guess – about what you see in the store.


Between too much rain and forgetting to water in between I guess the flowers are not doing too badly.


The roses have not been real prolific this summer but enough to be pretty.


The poor looking apple tree with the leaves and branches nibbled down from the deer – I wonder if it will look any better after it stays protected for awhile.  Looks kind of poor now.


Lilies all over the place like usual.


I did get some more 16 patch blocks done, 3 more blocks and I think this well be about 48” x 48” I might do about 2 more rows in length and it will be a good baby size.  I had to get into my box of white scraps and cut more 2.5 inch squares I had run out of them.  Linking to Lee’s Freshly Pieced Modern today and Lorna’s Let’s Bee Social.


Two hours of quilting on Monday night had me just about finishing a row on Insanity Revisited so I could roll it down – I will have finished the row last night and roll it down this morning I’m sure.



And a little more on the last of the long rows of Diamonds Are Forever– It has been suggested to take the last bits along to finish on the road and attach it to the main body of the quilt when I get back – I might just do that – depends on how much is left to do.


Another nice day today and I have the whole day to fill in – I was supposed to have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon and they cancelled on me yesterday afternoon like they have done several times in the past,  now I have to wait until just a couple days before we leave when I’m super busy – I hate it when that happens.