Joseph’s Coat

I worked on and off all day yesterday drawing the design on the quilt getting it ready for machine quilting.  I was finally satisfied with it after having spritzed the design off several times because I messed up on it.  There will be more quilting in the print areas but will decide on that when the white areas are finished.  I crawled around pin basting for an hour – it didn’t really take all that long  – the quilt is about 61 x 74 right now.  Of course now I have no quilts to baste when I take the red and green off the frame hopefully sometime next month – I guess I need to whip up another top!  I said when the frame was empty I would baste one or more quilt tops on it and not have to crawl on the floor.


My lines to follow – yes there will be starts and stops – but this is the way I want to try it – we will see how it goes – you know me – I will finish it, might be awhile but it will get done.  Sometimes when I get started on something I just keep going until it is done – I would like another finish before the end of the year.


Here is an old quilt that I washed and dried earlier today – made back in the 90’s hand pieced/hand quilted – polyester batting Smile before I learned how much I love cotton.  This one just gets folded up and put over a rack, I don’t really use it anymore I have so many.


The quilt is in pretty good condition but I found this one red spot on it – I sprayed and rubbed and some came out, I think a red marker got to close to this quilt at one time and it won’t come out anymore Sad smile I see a loose thread too, it looks like a knot popped out.


I was able to roll the Red and Green quilt down again on Friday night and got the left side border area done and ready to move on the blocks – and look more and more of the last border is in site – it is a wide border, one more time and it might all be showing.  I love the 2nd block from the left! those twirls Smile


I have been trying to remember to change quilts out on the bed and this time I decided to take Joseph’s Coat back out and put it one the bed.  It is a heavier weight quilt and we will need it – chilly all week – night times in the 20’s to 30 the news says.  I took the Star Quilt at the foot of the bed back off the wall and washed it to get all the dust off (that is an old one – 90’s again but I did use cotton batting on that one).  The Christmas quilt is now hanging in the living room in preparation for Christmas – I don’t decorate early but it is the only time of the year I hang the Christmas Baltimore Album up so put it up early.  I’ll show that after I get Christmas decorations up.



It’s Finished!!

by Karen on November 17, 2012

in Joseph's Coat

I began Joseph’s Coat the summer of 2011 and finished it last night.  Sixteen months of hand work.  The complete quilt right down to the binding has been done by hand.  The quilt measures 99 x 101 inches finished after a slight shrinkage from washing and drying (well more than slight, I think it had been about 104 x 107 inches – the backing had not been pre-washed and I use cotton batting).  I did not keep track of piecing time but estimate somewhere around 250 hours – I am going by other quilts that I have hand pieced in the past.  It took 111 hours to hand quilt it.  I used the Inklingo method of printing out fabric ironed on to freezer paper for the templates and used freezer paper templates for the background pieces as I wanted to get the most out of the layout for the pieces – odd shape!

Batiks and Moda Marbles had been collected for several years before I felt like I had plenty to work with and still I ended up finding more of certain colors to get my coat of many colors.  I estimate about $290.00 spent on this quilt, this includes all fabric (a lot on sales) batting – Quilters Dream, Select (mid-loft) 100% cotton batting, and the backing fabric purchased on sale.

Now the photos Smile

outside in the sun – I was standing on a ladder looking down trying to get the whole quilt in the photo with Mike below making sure I didn’t topple over.


A few close ups of the colors





On the bed – several angles to get all the colors once again – hard to do, this is not a really large room.



Just noticed off to the side I still had my dirty sheets on the floor – I was changing the sheets out before I put the fresh quilt on the bed.  I’m thinking maybe some black pillow cases to go with this quilt? I don’t do pillow shams – extra work you know when making the bed in the morning.


The backing


The color catchers! good thing most of the fabric was pre-washed – I obviously didn’t get them all.  I had no bleeding into the fabric though so that was good Smile


16 months of work – glad to have it done!!


Me – I’m working on several things at once like usual.

I did manage to finish Joseph’s Coat binding last night!! Wow what a big heavy quilt this is – this will be my new favorite winter quilt for awhile.  It goes in the washing machine and dryer today and then I will take photos.  I was going to take photos yesterday but the binding was not done so I decided to wait.  When I finished the binding last night I kind of just tossed it on the end of the couch until I could take care of it today – take it from me – this is the 3rd quilt I have put scallop binding on and it is a pain the butt!


This quilting frame comes in handy to line projects up.  The Christmas wall hanging will be quilted this up coming week and should go quickly – I intend to have it done by the end of the week.  The other quilt you see there is one I haven’t worked on for awhile –”Lucy Boston: Patchwork of the Crosses” I have about 16 to 18 – 12 1/2 inch blocks finished and I am in the process of putting them together with the 1 inch aqua connecting blocks.  When that gets done I will decide if I will continue this quilt to queen size or go for couch size.  Lastly – the quilt on the frame Bow Tie Medallion– now that I have decided the quilting patterns it should move a little faster than it has the last week.



When I get the Christmas Wall Hanging finished I will get the Common Bride quilt top basket back out and get to work on the next steps – I just want to finish that wall hanging first – 3 projects for a little while should be enough – but who knows – I have other quilt tops calling out to me.

What I want to make starting next year:  – 1 -a brown/white(shirting’s) log cabin, 2 - a William Morris Applique quilt, 3- possibly a EPP hexagon quilt (long term project), 4- a pattern of my own design using Fancy Dresden Plate designs from Inklingo.  I am rethinking the Sedona Star Pattern from the quilt show web site – I’m just not sure it is still calling out to me.  Whatever I make in the upcoming months will most likely be hand pieced/needle turn applique so that I will be taking my time with them and continue to be able to try to catch up on my hand quilting.  The only one of these that I would machine piece is the log cabin and maybe some baby quilts.

Do you have plans for what you want to make in the upcoming year already planned or do you go with it when the inspiration hits you?


Bow Tie Medallion

by Karen on November 16, 2012

in Joseph's Coat, quilts

I think I have finally settled on what designs I am quilting on the Bow Tie quilt.  It took awhile as it does sometimes.  I don’t want to over do it on the quilting.  I want to keep it simple yet there are some fairly good size areas to work with.  I had already been using this larger stencil for some of the spots – I was using half of it in some places and the whole thing in others(although those had not been quilted yet) then when I was looking through my container of stencils (a cardboard box folded in half and taped down to hold them flat) I found a smaller version of the same stencil.  That will work also.


The smaller stencil will be turned a little bit and then it fits in the areas you see below.  The larger stencil I will use in various ways – the whole thing, a half, and three quarters.  There will be outline quilting 1/4 of an inch inside of pieces and on the large bow ties another half inch inside from that 1/4 line also.  I don’t know if you can see how I did it on the large pink color tie but it is there.  I used my blue wash out pen to draw some out right now so I would see how it looks but from now on I will just draw them as I need them and then most likely wash them out as I get done with the quilting each day – makes for nicer photos Smile


Quilting group had been cancelled the last two Friday mornings – I have lost track – I think it was the last two.  Should be held today- I will go and see and work on my binding – only one side of Joseph’s Coat is left to do!!  I know we don’t meet the Friday after Thanksgiving and then it seems like it is not real regular in meeting until after Christmas as people are off doing other things.  I will try to get a good photo of JC – but one side is left to do so it won’t be completed – I also want to get a photo after it is washed and dried.


Binding Continues

by Karen on November 15, 2012

in Joseph's Coat, quilts

Finally I can truly say I am making progress on the binding for Joseph’s Coat.   After a very slow start to get this quilt finished I worked on binding for several hours yesterday.  I have 1 1/2 sides of the binding completed.  I do like the look of the black with all these colors.  Here it is on the floor after I completed one side and I got it down to the floor to re-fold it to start working on another side.


Gentle dips and curves on the top and bottom of the quilt – the deeper curves are on the sides of the quilt.


I have been quilting on the Bow Tie quilt as well.  I have not made a lot of progress on this one though.  I have been trying to decide how I will quilt all the sections and when I do this with no set plan in motion it takes awhile.  I will draw one thing out then decide no I don’t like it and get the water out to wash out the blue lines and need to wait for it to dry before I try again.  What I have drawn out on the large bow ties and I have two of the quilted is how they will be.  The area I am undecided on still is the big white area that is next to the smaller bowties.  I’m not sure what I am doing there.  These lines might get washed out as well.


Now as far as the Christmas Tree is concerned.  I have had quite a few people tell me my iron was too hot and that is why the pieces are not sticking to the background.  I for some reason thought it said to use a hot iron and I went back to read the instructions after the comments and find that it was to be at silk setting which was 2 settings cooler than what I had.  About half of the pieces stuck in place really well though at hot setting.  I also had a comment from someone who said I didn’t have my pieces close enough together – this is the layout that was in the pattern and that is what I am going by.  I wouldn’t even think of starting over again as that is what I would need to do because half of the pieces are stuck down really well and I already have all the red pieces stitched down and about 1/3 of the green – if I really thought I would have to start over again I would just toss it in the trash – I am not a perfectionist!  I will remember in the future though to re-check the setting on the iron – fusible though is not something I intend to use often as normally I needle turn applique.


Have a great day everyone!


Rainy Day

by Karen on November 12, 2012

in Joseph's Coat, quilts

It was such a cloudy dreary rainy day yesterday.  I barely stepped foot out of the house all day.  We went from 62 degrees Sunday to 32 degrees this morning! The leaves are all falling off of the trees faster and faster now.  You can tell winter is on its way to Arkansas.  I still have plenty of leaves on the trees to say it is fall, but they will be disappearing fast over the next two weeks I am sure.

Seeing as I spent the whole day inside yesterday one would think I would have gotten done with more than I did but I was in a reading mood and would read awhile then watch tv and sew.

I have about 2 1/2 sides of binding on Joseph’s Coat sewed done on the front side – still all that stitching to do on the back side of that, but at least it is getting done.   I pin each curve down and sew and then go on to the next one.


When I get to the peak – the inverted area of the scallop I hold it in one hand kind of spreading it out and take stitches in that area and then go on.  It is hard to get a photo of it.  But you have to do the stitches in a V type of shape – make the V upside down of course.  When it is time to stitch to the back you need to use scissors and trim a little bit to get it to turn.  I am certainly not an expert on scallop binding so do not take my words as instruction – this is just how I do it.


I only worked on this border for a short while yesterday – I had thought to get it done but never got back to it.  Maybe today.


I was looking at blogs yesterday and someone showed this pattern that they were working on – and I had one of those “light bulb” moments – I have that pattern!!!  Where did it go to and when did I get it? last year, the year before?  I found it, I found a roll of fusible that I had stashed away and I just might get to it this week.  This is something I could actually finish before the holidays if I put my mind to it. So a question on fusible as I do not use them much – seeing as this is a wall hanging and most likely would not be washed do the fusible pieces actually have to be stitched down or can you just iron it down and then quilt the wall hanging however you want to do it?  this would be one of those projects seeing as it is small that I could actually practice machine quilting on.  I would not want to do an all over stitch though as I wouldn’t like stitching over the red and green areas but for the back ground area only.  I like to quilt with the design in mind not over it.