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On Friday I started to read a book by Lisa Gardner and it really held my interest from the very beginning.  On Saturday I kept at it – other than a break to run to the grocery store and doing laundry — and didn’t even pick up a needle until evening – after I finished the book.  The book is  Touch and Go – published last year and right now  Amazon for Kindle has it for $2.99 .  I have read other books by her but never has one of her books kept my interest where I didn’t want to put the book down.  Here is a little synopsis from Amazon “Ten minutes after walking the elite Back Bay townhouse and investigator Tessa Leoni already doesn’t like what she sees. Signs of an abduction. Clearly the work of professionals. At best, the entire family has been kidnapped. At worst…”

I took a few stitches on the baby quilt and got done with the corner I showed yesterday, didn’t work on the Granny Squares but I did work on the Patchwork of the Crosses Friday night after I got off the computer.  I finished the row I was working on and now have the first of seven rows of the Crosses finished!!   I guess I need to really try to get in time almost every day on this quilt if I am going to finish it by fall which I would love to do.


I can tell already that I will only be doing about a 1/3 of a block at a time now as the little blue squares rest just above the roller so I have to have room to move and couldn’t roll it down as far as I would like to – which means I will get across the width faster but will be rolling it down more often.  This is the block I started on last night.


Isn’t this One World Fabrics: Shop | Category: Japanese Craft/Quilting Books | Product: Floral Bouquet Quilttea cozy just so cute – I have a a page on Pinterest  with some really pretty hand work ideas .  This cozy is designed by Yoko Sato the link goes to a book of hers—I look at all this really delicate handwork and just want to make it all!!  Some of the designs are so complicated looking.  She is such a great well known quilter.  On my blog sidebar I have a link to Patchwork Pink Caramel– the name of this blogger is Sakae Yoshihara – she does a lot of work that might be designs of the designer above – I’m not sure if the translation is right.  Sakae’s work is so pretty and delicate also – her blog is in Japanese but using google translator you can sometimes figure out some of what she writes – but she has such beautiful photos of her work and work of her students (I believe if I understood right) even if I can’t understand all that she writes I love looking at the photos – such beautiful hand stitching.  (In My Opinion – Google translator does a really poor job of translating at times!)

We are prepared for the winter storm once again and hope other than being cold it will not be too bad and that we won’t get a lot of ice – but I’m pretty sure we will get at least some ice and then snow – we are all ready for some warmth aren’t we!!  At least it won’t last more than a day or so.


Morning started out chilly but we knew it was supposed to warm up.  My daughter Melanie and I had plans to talk a walk!  Yes it was that kind of weather yesterday.  But first because the morning was chilly I got some sewing done.

Two Granny Blocks yesterday – yahoo I’m on a roll.


I have decided to do queen size and continue making blocks.  I will start to work on color arrangement when I get the sixth row done and then start to sew rows together so I will have more room on the design wall.  I will still be able to control the layout colors because I am working with scraps and will be able to just step back and see what colors will work.  No sashing.  I’m not sure about a border still.


The scrappy baby quilt is growing also – this is laying on two pieces of flannel that for the time being is laying over part of the quilt on the frame – a very temporary design wall LOL.


Wednesday night I took a little break from the Olympics – they do not seem to be holding my interest as much this time as they do sometimes – I did have the tv on in the room and glanced at it now and then but went to bed early and just wasn’t really paying attention to it – I did get more done on Patchwork of the Crosses though Smile


Here are photos from where Melanie and I took our walk – the temperature!  52 degrees when we finished.  This is not a really long walk but by taking the little side trails it is probably about 1.5 to 2 miles – it took us an hour to walk it.  It is not just straight in and out, it does have inclines and areas to walk down to the river to look at scenery – which is why it took an hour – we look for birds and critters – this is a fairly new park on the edge of town – about 12 miles or so from where we live.




This is a walking/bicycle trail with benches here and there to enjoy the scenery.


And here at home up on the ridge we still have snow that is disappearing rapidly.


And the daffodils are still growing


My sister in law Greta is running a Valentine Day sale on her book - His Promise True, available as a Kindle download for only $.99 – the link goes to her blog with a link to Amazon there.



by Karen on November 30, 2013

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Once again I spent the day quilting and reading.  I don’t know if some of you might remember a movie from about 10 years ago staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks called “Catch Me If You Can” – I recently got the book (amazon) on my kindle and had so much entertainment reading it the last several days – all about a very young real life con man back in the 1960’s called  Frank Abagnale.  This was not a free kindle book – but it was something I wanted to read and paid for it.  If you want to be entertained it was a fun read – although of course this kid was breaking who knows how many laws at the time he did become a respectable upholder of the law after a time spent in prison in his 20’s and has worked for the FBI.

I took the Uncommon, Common Bride quilt outside yesterday in the sunlight to take a few photos to get stitch work better – I normally keep any quilt top that I have the blue lines from the Mark Be Gone pen on out of the sun light as I do not know what damage it will do as you are to have no heat on it – so keep in mind this was outside in the sun very briefly and then back in the house




I am glad to finally be done with the center of the quilt and now start on the borders.  There will be more grids on this border after I stitch around all the appliqué.


I managed to finish the rest of the white blocks on this half of the quilt Carousel.  Still a long way to go.  Even though it already feels like I have been machine quilting forever on this quilt –most likely because of all the twisting and turning to do these squares – it really hasn’t taken that long – I am keeping track of my time – so far 3 1/2 hours – I keep track of the machine quilting time because I am supposed to oil my machine every 8 hours of work – some say you can tell when it needs it by the way it sounds – I can’t figure that out yet so I keep track of my time Smile  I haven’t quite decided how I will quilt the print area yet but as I quilt the white areas I am thinking about it.  I will do all the white first then decide.  How often do you all change the needle?  Right now I was thinking when it was time to change add the oil? (I was thinking cars Smile)


Don’t forget the sale continues on Craftsy — links on the side bar– the sales last until December 2 – all classes are $19.99 fabric is on sale too and so is yarn.


A Little Mess

by Karen on August 12, 2012

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I normally show photos of my sewing area when it is clean – some of you have commented in the past that they have never seen my sewing room messy – well here it is Smile you can barely even see the table right now!


The sewing machine is just sitting up there right now because I intend to make some flannel drawstring pants so I hadn’t put the machine back in its bag when I finished the quilt top the other day.  I needed my computer/sewing table back to being a computer table for now so the sewing machine was put up on the side table there.  Flannel is cut out but it is all folded up for now and on top of the cutting table right now along with the two books I had tucked under the sewing machine so it would be at the right height when in the Sew Ezi Table.  I had enough flannel left over to make a short dropped sleeve top to go with the pants – we will see how that goes – I normally do not make clothing!

I thought about sewing today but somehow I have spent more time reading than sewing!  I found another free book on kindle that I downloaded and I started to read – nice and light reading – nothing heavy – make sure you check the price first if you want it, the free part doesn’t always last long.

Love Will Find A Way

I think I will get the pants made tomorrow instead or this evening – then the top if I am feeling really energetic – right now I think I will also dye these after I make them – white gets so dirty – maybe a hunter green or a blue – leave the top white or a different shade? Pants for sure are getting dyed.


Today my aim is to get all the yellow circles ready for the Red and Green Applique – the flower centers.  After some time yesterday going through my mylar circles I finally had to cut one down to get the right size.  I have several packets of precut circles that I had gotten here.

Only problem was none of them were the right size!  I finally took the smallest out of the packet that holds the “bigger” circles and cut it down using the largest of the “smaller” circle packet as a template if that makes any sense to you.

This is drawn out on the wrong side of the fabric and then using my circle applique method found here I will make up the circles today.


I can get the circles done today but I don’t know what we are doing this weekend so starting the glue basting of all the flowers and leaves to the first border might wait until Monday.  Other than circles I will be doing some quilting on Joseph’s Coat. I only quilted 30 minutes yesterday so I really want to get a bit more accomplished today.  My excuse for yesterday is that I was out on the porch reading for quite a bit off and on all day.

I’m sorry I don’t remember now where I saw it– as sometimes I read way too many blogs — but a book was recommended on someone’s blog – if that someone reads this send me a comment and I will add a link to your blog as I know you put a lot of book recommendations on your blog – the author is Julie Hyzy – I had never read the author but went to Amazon to look and see what she had.  They aren’t free to the Kindle but I wanted to try one so I got the first of the series called “State of the Onion” I really enjoyed it and it was a nice relaxing entertaining read – it is about a fictional chef at the White House and murder.  It is not gory or obscene – lol  just a relaxing story of a chef trying to catch a hit man running around the White House and Camp David – and a plus is a lot of recipes at the back of the book.  I liked enough that I will be getting more of the series.

So today I will make up time at the quilting frame and put the Kindle aside for a little bit today and get some quilting done!  I might even get another POTC block finished – if I really stick to it that is – depends on if the weather today doesn’t get hot and sticky – we will see -


Sometimes because I do so much by hand for piecing, applique and quilting I just don’t have anything new to blog about- progress is measured in small doses – today is one of those days.  I am working on the same projects but don’t feel like there is anything new to up date on those.

Joseph’s Coat is coming along nicely and I quilted for 1 1/2 hours last night – but basically unless you are really looking at photos – it doesn’t look any different -  see it looks the same – I am finished with the very palest of the yellow colors though.


POTC is coming along as well but I didn’t do any stitching  – I did spend time yesterday cursing at freezer paper and my printer while I was trying to print out fabric – I need a lot of white pieces for this quilt top and it was white fabric that I was printing templates on.  I really and truly think I got ahold of a bad batch of freezer paper sheets though as my fabric doesn’t want to stay on it.  I have never had that problem before but this Bella White doesn’t seem to want to stick.  I have washed the fabric as is advised to do and using a very hot iron with no steam as always.  I am not a beginner at freezer paper and have never run into this problem before.  In fact sometimes I have to reheat the freezer paper to pull it off of the fabric.  I’m beginning to think it is a combination of this fabric and the freezer paper.  I finally got the fabric printed out that I had prepped and even though there was a little waste I have enough to last me a couple weeks once again.

This is what a sheet of the fabric looks like when you have printed on it.   There is a little waste, but if you really want to do it right you can custom size your printer to print exactly the right size on to your fabric.  I just set aside anything that is still useable size after I cut what I am using and rinse it out and the ink come out and that piece will go in the scrap pile (which I have not been working on by the way – one day).  the piece shown has no useable area but some have several inches on one side.  I use a rotary cutter to cut the rows of templates and then when watching tv or whatever I snip the ends off with scissors.  Some people will stack these and then use a rotary cutter for the whole process but I feel like I might line it up wrong and don’t want to get off the lines.


This is what I mean about snipping the ends off – you can see here what I mean.  Busy work yes, but I don’t mind keeping my hands busy and really doesn’t take a lot of time if you are just sitting watching tv.


I’m glad I found these little bins – they really come in handy for keeping templates together for this project.



Ok, other than the above projects that you have seen  – what have I been doing – reading!  I found a perfectly wonderful novel that took up the weekend for me – I did pay for this one, but just 2.99 – Have you all read this one by Cynthia Lee Cartier “ My Way Home”  Here is a link to it on Amazon – just click on the book cover and it should bring you to the link.   I have never read anything by her and I just loved this book and stayed up until 11 last night to finish it.  I will need to look and see if I can find anything else by her.

My Way Home

And here is my new laptop – I just love the photo that I chose for my screen saver – it is from the Rocky Mountains last year on a hike we took.  And I love the new computer now that it is all set up and I don’t have to keep asking Mike where something is and why isn’t it in the same place it was on the old computer – I drove him nuts yesterday I know.


So I guess I have a blog post after all – just a lot of insane chatter as though we were all here in the same room – a bunch of quilters in the sewing room together chatting as we are piecing and quilting Smile have a good day everyone – keep your fingers crossed for rain – we actually are not to get in the 100’s today and have a 30% chance of rain this afternoon – chance are the rain will miss us but I hope we get some.