Beartooth Highway Part 2

by Karen on August 22, 2014

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There was just such pretty scenery and things it is always hard to limit myself on how many to post – sorry if I bore you.  My girls look through this though to so I am sharing with family as well as my readers.

Here nibbling at some greenery is a “pika” kind of like a mouse or something.


A chipmunk – fat little thing and of course people were tossing them food and they shouldn’t do that.


A smaller one and little different specie?  Hubby had his back to it and thought it might jump on him – had to warn him – didn’t want him screaming like a little girl (right Anna – Thimbleanna will know what I mean Smile )


Almost at the end of the drive is a pullout area with a small trail where you can walk around this waterfall – it is amazing the water is so full and runs fast.


You walk across the bridge and look up and then look to the other side and see more – walk back to the parking area and cross the road and see more





And close to the parking area the tree tops are almost level with the road – and here are pine tree cones so close I could almost touch them – the bridge is very, very high.


On to Yellowstone National Park in the morning – I wrote this on the 14th and should be able to schedule a lot of post that I have written the last couple days of things we saw – we know we always find spots in the park where we can get on our cell phone hot spot and check mail and in with family – always make time to schedule post too Smile  We will be in Yellowstone for 5 days – hope to get some good shots of the animals – I’m not sure if we are driving down to the Grand Tetons too – we have seen these areas so many times over the years that it is ok if we miss it this time.


Beartooth Highway

by Karen on August 22, 2014

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A beautiful scenic high into the sky drive!  This is the second time we have seen it and it was as great this time as it was 7 years ago when we saw it.  This highway runs on the Montana/Wyoming border, some in each state.

It is going to be really hard to whittle my 140 photos down to a little bit so I might do two post on this one too like I did on a different one.  This drive started for us in Cody Wyoming after we picked up the part we needed for the pump in the camper.  The rain had stopped and it did look like it might clear up.  We will end up in the alpine tundra country high in the sky.


Pretty little brooks and creeks along the way.


Some sections of the road you just look like you are going to drive over the mountainside.  this is a very curvy road – not for everyone!  Take your time – don’t go fast and watch for animals and crazy drivers of which we didn’t see any – everyone was taking their time.


Trees growing out of rock the higher you get.


Almost to the top of the highest point of the road you come to a rest area and a very scenic walk out to an edge.  They were actually working on the rock walls 7 years ago when we were here last.


Got someone to take a photo of us– it was windy off and on – excuse the bad hair day – had it pinned up in back – need a hair cut again.  I think my hair is getting whiter!  I’m still not used to it since I stopped dying it last year.  It is almost easy to let your hair grow out when traveling so you can pin it up or put it in a pony tail – mine isn’t long enough for a tail but I manage to scrape it up in back and pin it with a clip and barrettes.


Long way down!


Beautiful lakes


We are right up to what is left of the winter snow here – about 10,500 feet elevation


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Flower Baskets

by Karen on August 20, 2014

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Cooke City is very close to the campground that we are at for the 13th and 14th and it is a cute little town – a tourist trap in a way but a nice place to stay if you want to go into the Yellowstone park from the northwest side.  They have the most beautiful flower baskets which I cover (over cover?) in this post – but they are so pretty!




These are something like my tree log planters at home – except more decorative.


And we made a stop in to the general store – a landmark



I hope to have some progress on my “tumbling into insanity” soon, we will see -


Drive Across Wyoming

by Karen on August 19, 2014

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On the morning of the 13th we headed out early to drive about 5 to 6 hours to a campground about 20 miles or so from Yellowstone.  Our reservations for one of the campgrounds in the park didn’t start until the 15th so we had two nights to stay outside of the park.  The drive across Wyoming was beautiful, going out of the mountains to the high desert country and then back to the mountains again.  It was a tiring day though and I was ready to get to the campground.  It is pretty but not as good as the previous campground.

Here is some scenery on the drive across from the middle of the state to the northwest corner.

Looking up at the mountains I could see a window in the mountain I guess you could call it – that is what I am calling it.


And here we are down in the desert area which is about 5000 feet elevation – we had camped the previous night at 7600 ft and drove up to 9600 in the morning, we are now camped once again at about 7600 feet elevation.


See that twisting road down there – that is where we are headed.


It got cloudy for awhile and that mountain peak is what we see from the campground.


The campsite


All set up for the evening meal


This time brownies are in the Dutch oven – you put charcoal under it – about 6 to 8 pieces (you start the charcoal first) and about 12 – 20 pieces on top depending on what you are making.


They turned out ok, but as brownies go these were a bit too moist – but edible as you can see by the half empty pan – but they were very thin! we weren’t total pigs. Smile



South Fork Campground part 2

by Karen on August 18, 2014

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It was just so pretty there and we were only there for one night on our way to Yellowstone.  We will need to remember this place and come back sometime.  At the end of the campground for campers/motorhomes ect you can cross the bridge and there are 5 tent camping sites – so we crossed the bridge for our walk – gorgeous scenery!


The creek/river?


A trail off from the tent sites – we walked just a short way – thunder in the distance and the sky was getting gray.  It was already 6:30 we didn’t want to go far – we had a full days drive under our belts already and were tired.


flowers all over the place – over 10 varieties in a small area that I saw.



The sky clouding up


The aspen trees growing out of the rocks



The nice smooth dirt road going into the campground was just a short distance from the paved highway.


We love this kind of country!!


Very Pretty Rustic Campground

by Karen on August 18, 2014

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This campground that we were at on Aug.  12th is the kind we love the best – very pretty and off the beaten path.  It was rustic – no hook ups – this is dry camping – you fill your water tank and dump your other tanks (sewage) before you get here.  We are at a little over 7,000 feet elevation.  The day before and most of the day driving here we were at about 4,000 feet – it takes a little getting used to – you move a little slower, drink more water – getting a little dizzy is not uncommon.  We will be at this elevation or more for a good part of the next 3 weeks or so-so it is good to get used to it.



And one of the best things about Mike turning 62 earlier in the year is he now has a Senior Pass that lets us camp at half price in some parks – this being one of them!  $8 a night – not bad when you are on a budget.


Our campsite


Our visitor


The facilities if you wish to use them Smile – I’ll stick with my own thank you!


The water! Crystal clear – fresh and crisp


And here I am – trying to get in high elevation shape – we took a walk in the evening -


Mike liked this one – he thought it was silly cute – adjusting my hat – those things make me itch after awhile – but it is good to be in the habit of wearing one as the higher elevation the stronger the sun.  Wish I could get those arms toned up LOL


I am going to divide this campground into 2 posts one after another for the 18th as I have so many photos to share as always and it wouldn’t be easy to upload with all these photos!