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Yesterday I worked more on the baby quilt and made progress but it goes slow so I didn’t take a photo – I will tomorrow most likely.  I did get a little more done on the Granny Squares  – it is getting heavier though and my flimsy design wall is beginning to sag a little LOL – I think when I get done with this quilt and get all off the wall once again I will get a couple insulation boards (the thick blue kind) and wrap them in the flannel and gently nail the boards into the wall so hopefully it will stay put better.  Right now the flannel is just stapled to the wall with carpenter staples, but they didn’t go in well.


I really didn’t get much else done though as the dentist usually takes a bit out of me.  I have a jaw problem and dental work always makes it quite sore for the next 24 to 48 hours so by mid day as the Novocain was wearing off my jaw begin to throb.

Hopefully I will get more done today – the weather is finally clearing up and it was above freezing most of the day yesterday but I still had a hard time getting the car out of the driveway to go to my dental appointment – it was middle of the morning and still only 24 degrees at that time.   Mike had to finally get in behind the wheel and maneuver it to the top of the driveway so I could drive away!  I say the “top of the driveway” our driveway really isn’t that steep – it is a slight incline to the highway but the ice was so thick on it – as the sleet melts in the rain gauge so far I see 1.5 inches of water in it!  That is a lot of sleet that we had.   Next winter I think a couple bags of salt for driveway will be kept on hand – we could have used it 4 times now this year.

Interesting note on this product that I found yesterday:

Steam a Seam 2 and Lite Steam a Seam 2– I do not use this product very much as I don’t do fusible often but when I read Debbie’s post yesterday about needing to order more soon and wanted a certain size and wasn’t sure where she could get it  – just out of curiosity I did a search – if you have been having a problem finding it here is why



Craftsy has 3 quilting classes on sale right now if you want to check them out:

1 – The Classic Double Wedding Ring with Gail Kessler

2 – Traditional Blocks Made Simple with Anita Grossman Solomon

3 – Free Motion Quilting A Sampler with Leah Day


What else is there to do when it is cold outside, ice on the ground – for me it is reading, sewing, quilting, sometimes baking – clean the house – yes that had to be done too and toss in some laundry as well.  Now maybe it will be warm enough to get out of the house today – hope so!

Yesterday I got busy with the sashing on the Granny Squares.  The long strips are just pinned up on the design wall right now – I need to make 4 more strips – 2 for the sides and one each for top and bottom and then maybe I will get started sewing those strips on.  After I get done with the sashing strips I will decide on the border – I think I know what I want to do but not positive – I want it to be queen size at least.


More quilting on Patchwork of the Crosses – these areas done on Sunday night while listening to the sleet hit the window of the sewing room



I have been getting quite a few questions again from people seeing this metal “stick” on the quilt and asking what is that sitting on the quilt – it is my hand held thimble also known as  a “paddle thimble link here.  Yes it does take some getting used to – when you get used to it you do not want to use another when sitting at a frame – my opinion – you can quilt in any direction you want to go without twisting your body like a pretzel.  I have 2 of them – I had three but I traded one to another quilter.  I have been using this thimble for years – I really do not remember how long – ages!  It is perfect for anyone with joint problems, sores on their knuckles from numerous medical conditions and cannot wear a regular thimble because it rubs your knuckle– or because you just want to use it in any direction you want to go.  I wrap the handle with numerous things because in the winter when my hands are cold they feel dry and it tends to slip out of my grip – blame it on arthritis and cold hands.  It doesn’t need a “gripper” unless you want to put one on it.


Little further with the baby quilt but I am just picking it up now and then and not working steady on it – that big needle kind of bugs me – big stitch quilting takes some getting used to I think.  I am getting close to half way done with the border then I need to go back and fill in the big blanks in the half square setting triangles.


Have a great day everyone.


On Friday I started to read a book by Lisa Gardner and it really held my interest from the very beginning.  On Saturday I kept at it – other than a break to run to the grocery store and doing laundry — and didn’t even pick up a needle until evening – after I finished the book.  The book is  Touch and Go – published last year and right now  Amazon for Kindle has it for $2.99 .  I have read other books by her but never has one of her books kept my interest where I didn’t want to put the book down.  Here is a little synopsis from Amazon “Ten minutes after walking the elite Back Bay townhouse and investigator Tessa Leoni already doesn’t like what she sees. Signs of an abduction. Clearly the work of professionals. At best, the entire family has been kidnapped. At worst…”

I took a few stitches on the baby quilt and got done with the corner I showed yesterday, didn’t work on the Granny Squares but I did work on the Patchwork of the Crosses Friday night after I got off the computer.  I finished the row I was working on and now have the first of seven rows of the Crosses finished!!   I guess I need to really try to get in time almost every day on this quilt if I am going to finish it by fall which I would love to do.


I can tell already that I will only be doing about a 1/3 of a block at a time now as the little blue squares rest just above the roller so I have to have room to move and couldn’t roll it down as far as I would like to – which means I will get across the width faster but will be rolling it down more often.  This is the block I started on last night.


Isn’t this One World Fabrics: Shop | Category: Japanese Craft/Quilting Books | Product: Floral Bouquet Quilttea cozy just so cute – I have a a page on Pinterest  with some really pretty hand work ideas .  This cozy is designed by Yoko Sato the link goes to a book of hers—I look at all this really delicate handwork and just want to make it all!!  Some of the designs are so complicated looking.  She is such a great well known quilter.  On my blog sidebar I have a link to Patchwork Pink Caramel– the name of this blogger is Sakae Yoshihara – she does a lot of work that might be designs of the designer above – I’m not sure if the translation is right.  Sakae’s work is so pretty and delicate also – her blog is in Japanese but using google translator you can sometimes figure out some of what she writes – but she has such beautiful photos of her work and work of her students (I believe if I understood right) even if I can’t understand all that she writes I love looking at the photos – such beautiful hand stitching.  (In My Opinion – Google translator does a really poor job of translating at times!)

We are prepared for the winter storm once again and hope other than being cold it will not be too bad and that we won’t get a lot of ice – but I’m pretty sure we will get at least some ice and then snow – we are all ready for some warmth aren’t we!!  At least it won’t last more than a day or so.


Millhouse Quilts

by Karen on September 28, 2013

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I have rarely come to visit my daughter here in Wisconsin without running over to Waunakee (about 10 miles from her ) to visit Millhouse Quilts.  A fantastic quilt shop – I would almost refer to it as my local quilt shop LOL except I have to travel 14 hours to get here!! go to the link above and you will see the inside of the shop – an old mill converted into a store.  (on their web site if you go to the about us – you can see the inside of the shop through a series of clicks.


I stuck with not getting any fabric unless it was on sale and I found this little bundle of fat quarters that will go with my Japanese Taupe’s for Love Entwined – needles, and batting that I needed to restock as I only have a partial batting left and would have to order on line to get the Quilters Dream that I like.  I did noticed that the store had not marked their batiks up to $15 a yard yet like some stores that I have seen the past 6 months or so – most of theirs are still in the 11-12 dollar range.  I have two quilt tops at home – Carousel and a 9 patch that are closer to a double size than twin size so I got two double size batting’s.  I think I will try to machine quilt the 9 patch but I am not sure on the Carousel yet –


the other side of the bundle


The cheese sign is in the distance from the campground but nearby – but what I wanted to show was this monster custom RV that someone has here at the campground! can you believe this thing – the size of a semi truck!!  3 or 4 slide outs – must be the same size as some very small homes that you see!! Wonder what kind of gas mileage this one gets? They sure can’t get into most state park camping sites I bet! They would have a hard time negotiating some of the roads inside the state parks for sure and to get in the campsite – no way!  I have never seen one so large before. (I do wonder how it looks inside – some of the big ones are very, very nice) but I wouldn’t want it – we wouldn’t be able to go to the parks we like.


Today (the 21st) is cold, cloudy and windy – 56 degrees and wind chill in the 40’s I would say.


A New Bag

by Karen on May 22, 2012

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Several years ago I won a piece of hand dyed red fabric from Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber.  I hate to admit it but I lost track of that piece of fabric – it got tucked down in between several pieces of fabric among the short stacks – I forgot I had it.  I found it recently and I immediately once again wondered what should I make out of it.  I love the large tote bag that I made last month and the pattern came in three sizes.  I decided to make the medium size bag.  I have been busy today making this bag and I got some work done on Joseph’s Coat too – more on that one tomorrow.

The fabric.


First I pieced together a charm package of squares to use for the inside lining.


I had enough of that patchwork for two sides and one pocket.  I used some of the red for the center piece and one more pocket on the inside.


I am pleased with the look! The front.


The back


Two inside pockets, one outside pocket and I put a loop inside to hook my keys on.  Now tomorrow I need to shop for a new wallet – this one is going to be a large purse – I can fit my kindle in it for times I want it with me.  I can fit brochures in it when at museums and such – I can never fit them in the purses I normally use (smaller than this), my camera can be tossed in,  I’m going to get a couple small flat cosmetic types bags for organizing and it will be set!

Thank you Vicki for the win – sorry it took me so long to make something out of it!!


Some Fabric Sales

by Karen on May 17, 2012

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Nothing new going on here just the same old stuff– I continue to work on Joseph’s Coat and Star Crazy so I thought today I’d let you know of some sales going on.

Head on over to “the twiddletails store” Anina is having a sale – a clean up sale as she calls it.  I have ordered from her in the past – nice reliable service!

Also the Fabric Depot is having a sale – I have ordered only a time or two from them but remember them being reliable also.

For those of you who have the Go Baby, or the AccuQuilt full size – do you really think they are worth the money you spent on them?  Are you constantly spending more money on them buying new dies and trays.  If you are a hand quilter and often a hand piecer are you pleased that you bought it or does it mainly make sense to get one if you are constantly cranking out one quilt after another.

I have heard so much of these things but the other day I went into the site to look at them and start to add up prices – my goodness – talk expensive!!!  If you go to the AccuQuilt website and write down which machine you want, then start to tally up all the pieces you need – trays, mats, dies WOW it gets pretty darn expensive!  Those dies – well you can’t just get one Smile, I think I got up to $1,000 and said ok I don’t think this is for me – now if I won one that would be something else – but to buy – give me your opinions –if you have one why did you buy it? Do you just not like to cut with a rotary cutter, scissors – Now I totally understand if you are putting kits together, have a handicap with your hands like severe arthritis or whatever – but I think I will stick with my rotary cutter and scissors for now.