Red & Green Traditional Applique

It was time to take the heavy quilt off the bed and put one of the light weight quilts on the bed – seeing as I finished this quilt in January and had not used it yet it got put on the bed yesterday as it is a light weight quilt!  All that work paid off – I love it!  Red and Green Traditional Baltimore Album


Sunday night’s work on the Patchwork of the Crosses – finished this end and rolled it down more.


After it was rolled down I continued to work on it and got this far and picked up here last night.


Monday afternoon it was hot outside – yes I hate to complain that it was hot LOL – but it was mid 80’s so I was inside off and on although I took the circles outside to the porch to do the prep work – gathering the circles.  Granny’s Got Style will have some lollipop balloon bouquets in the corners I think.  I can always take them off if I don’t like it after I get them laid out – I will bring it outside  later today or tomorrow to spread it out and see how I like it.  I am going to have curved corners on this quilt not your regular squared off edges.


The orange flower is now appliqued in place on the Sunny Days stripy quilt – my name for it.


So what have you all been up to?  I am linking to Freemotion by the River today and Ester’s Blog WOW Wednesday (in Australia it already is Wednesday)

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I went to my once a month quilt group for a change last night – for various reasons – mainly winter weather or not feeling the greatest I missed about the last two or three meetings.  I was amazed to see 22 people there last night – that is a lot more than usual – sometimes we are lucky to have 12 show up.  Everyone must have been glad for decent weather and clear roads finally and wanted to get out.

I brought the last two applique quilts that I made to show and there were a lot of other quilts there as well.  Needless to say I haven’t a clue who made them!!  I only knew about half the ladies and sometimes I can’t even remember all their names!!  I am horrible at names and always have been–no one wears name tags at this group.   I couldn’t keep up with it Smile  But here are the photos and I will show progress on my own quilts tomorrow.  Most of the quilts are tops that aren’t quilted yet and I do think that mine are the only hand quilted quilts most everyone around here has someone machine quilt their quilts, very few do their own.

I really liked the wildness of this one – so scrappy! And I’m sorry I didn’t catch who it belong to.


Cross stitch in the middle of this one and I believe the flowers are appliqued


Some nice sampler blocks




A Grandmothers Flower Garden in progress and I should know the name of the lady that was working on this as she was sitting next to me but for the life of me I don’t remember.


This was a quilt as you go – I didn’t catch how she was doing it but it is not done so she must be doing it in strips.


I thought this was a cute pattern


I chopped the top off of this one and I thought I had it all in



My Traditional Red and Green Applique


And my Uncommon, Common Bride


I didn’t stay late – it was just so crowded and noisy, I don’t enjoy it so much when it is like that and I prefer a smaller group – plus I was just plain tired!  There was hardly room at the tables to work on what we all brought with us to work on.  I do have my Friday morning group to go to this morning and it is a much smaller group – we have not met for the last two weeks as there were other things scheduled for the room that we use at the church so it will be nice to get back to that one.


We got about 2 inches of rain yesterday and the temperature jumped up to close to 50 degrees – wow a difference a day makes and now it is to be in the 50’s for the next 5 days or so – winter isn’t over by a long shot – I wish it was but I expect cold temps to come back the way this winter has been.

Thank you everyone for the compliments on my quilt.  I love doing applique and I have at least 4 or 5 more projects that I want to make where applique will be the main focus, one – actually make that 2 of them is from Deborah Kemball, I bought one of her books and a pattern – I would love to make both of them and get back to work on Love Entwined by Esther – but first I need to finish the Floral Fantasy by Michelle Hill.  Of course I will probably get back to work on Love Entwined at the same time.  I am trying to finish things though and not work on too many at a time – we will see how long that last, right now I am working on 3 things with one on hold.

Speaking of which the corners are now glue basted in place and ready for applique –  I will leave the rest of the border applique not on the quilt until I am ready for it as I would like to get these corners done first.  A lot more work to do on this one.


Here is the Red and Green laying on the floor at quilting today.  Everyone loved it and I love it too.  The quilt measures 93 inches – it shrunk between the massive amount of quilting that I put in it and letting it soak for hours, washing it 2 times and the dryer – it is still big enough to fit on the bed and that is what counts.  It has that lovely antique crinkly look that I love,  I have been asked I’m I planning on entering the quilt in a show – I never make a quilt specifically for a show, I don’t want the pressure and stress I make for me and my enjoyment.


The Red and Green laying on top of Joseph’s Coat – you can see the sides aren’t as long as I would like – but it is still plenty big enough.


This much of the Diamonds are Forever put together – I have an extra white piece in there LOL I just noticed it, I will be doing rows by the diagonal so when I get the next row ready to attach I will take care of that.   I have been working on this for about a week now I guess – I don’t know how often I will work on it but I hope to make steady progress.


I rolled the quilt Uncommon, Common Bride down on the hand quilting frame and got started on this area – it is coming along nicely.


Yesterday I  squeezed in finishing up the 4th wire basket of scraps!  I got it out the other day and it took me 3 days of work but I got that one done!  It wasn’t really hard to do this basket as a lot of the pieces were large enough to fold as fat quarters, all slightly smaller than a fq but I didn’t want to cut them small.  Now they just need to go in the proper boxes today and hopefully I will get busy on basket #5 which won’t have a lot of cutting as it looks like there are a lot of fq sizes in it.


The birds have been busy this week with the cold weather and as I sit in the sewing room I am constantly looking out to see what is around and to my surprised I saw blue birds! I rarely see blue birds – I don’t know which variety they are though – 3 on the ground and one more flying in for a landing.


A cardinal on an ice covered post.


I’m not sure what bird this is – kind of stripes on it, I don’t see it real often either – that is ice covered ground there from the storm on Wednesday night and Thursday.


And the feeders were ice covered again – but all was melted yesterday when the warmer weather moved in along with a lot of rain.


Hope the weather is treating you better wherever you are than it was earlier in the week.


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It’s Done!

by Karen on January 10, 2014

in quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

The Red and Green Traditional Applique is done!!!!  I am bringing it to the quilt group this morning and will lay it out to get a full photo of it – can’t get the whole thing in decently here at home and too wet outside to try Smile  No bleed in the quilt!

I made the quilt – needle turn applique – in 2010 and 2011 the blocks were completed.  Then it sat aside for awhile while I was quilting other things patiently waiting it’s turn.  Then in 2012 I decided I wanted to make it bigger to fit the bed and I added the applique border to it.  I designed the border myself by using a few photos of other quilts to get inspiration.  Total time making the top was estimated at 250 hours.  I put it on the hand quilting frame in June of 2013 and finished by the end of the year, it took 200 hours to hand quilt.  The first week of 2014 was spent adding the binding – total time on this quilt – 450 hours estimated give or take an hour here or there.  Here it is out of the dryer.  All nice and crinkly and shrunk up a little bit.  I didn’t take a final measurement but I will when I put it on the bed.  I wanted to take it to quilting today first though and I will take more photos there and then on the bed.  It should be close to 100 x 100 inches.  I used a variegated Red and Green King Tut thread to quilt.


I must have washed the red fabric more than I remembered.  The bleed wasn’t bad at all.  I soaked it in the tub first in hot water and detergent and the color catchers on the left – not bad – after awhile I moved it to the washing machine – first time through the color catchers in the middle a second wash and the color catchers on the right.


The big middle block














The patterns came from these two books.  Most of them from Jeana Kimball’s book.  I decided I wanted some wreath blocks and I like the ones in Marsha Radtke’s book so used 4 patterns from that book.


Part of the back.  The grid is three quarter inch.


The photos were taken late in the day I will try to get better close ups in better light soon.


Craftsy Block Of The Month

Conquer your fear of color with the 2014 Craftsy Block Of The Month! This FREE mini class introduces you to color theory with new lessons introduced over 2014. Sign up today to create a beautiful and colorful sampler quilt!

Not interested in quilting? Learn something new in 2014 with one of our many FREE mini classes! Try your hand at sewing, make a pizza at home, or learn to take beautiful family portraits. Commit to learning a new skill in the new year. Look at what you can learn for free here: Craftsy Free Classes


The binding is coming along on the Red and Green and as I write this last night  and know that I have only half a side of binding to finish I am pretty sure that as you see this post this morning it will be done.  There are a few places I need to fix things before I wash it.   This is a big quilt and as I rolled it up as I worked I had forgotten a few places here and there that had been quilted in the border design that I neglected to do on other motifs – mainly the big flowers here and there – those need to be finished before I wash – it won’t take more than another day most likely to fix these few spots.  I said that I fold my quilt to work on the binding –   I lay it on the floor and fold in half, then half again and again until it is about this width then over to the couch it goes and I drape it over my lap and work on it like this  – well it is actually a long piece – this is folded when I was not working on it – too much order needed in my life?  LOL – I am comfortable with it like this any time of the year.


I was asked which area on this quilt the Uncommon, Common Bride was already quilted when I put it on the frame – the very middle medallion where you can see the baskets in the corner – that area nothing else  except around the applique pieces in the next area – yes it is easier for me to quilt this on the frame then in the hoop – I feel I have better control over it – 75 x 75 is a little big for me to work in the hoop. It was too cold in the sewing room to work in there yesterday what you see on the border had been worked on over the weekend.  I will get back to it today – temperatures are to be much warmer – in the 30’s!  LOL who would think that was warmer – the heat pump works much more efficiently above 25 degrees. (it is an old heat pump I don’t know if new ones are better – I have heard not really that much better)


I have made copies of the templates needed for the corners of Floral Fantasy out of the freezer paper and while watching tv last night in the living room where the fireplace is I was cutting – maybe I will get to one corner this week – I have the green for the corner pieces picked out but I am not sure what color the flowers will be


I need to get the hexagons back out to work on again also – I don’t want it to sit too long – I have a feeling I could put these rows together quickly if I concentrate on it like I did with Joseph’s Coat – that one went together really well.  The Diamonds are Forever will be my take along project to quilt group but I also want to work on it at home – if it proofs too difficult to keep track of the design though by having it be my take along then I will just work on it at home – that is what I needed to do with Joseph’s Coat – I started to get mixed up and it wasn’t going well.


It is just too cold isn’t it?  And would you believe our power went out for 4 hours from 2 yesterday afternoon to 6 PM – it was only 24 degrees outside at the time – I haven’t a clue why but we found out that it wasn’t just us but about 1200 customers – thank goodness for a fireplace and a generator – the house stayed toasty warm–almost too warm in the living room.  Good thing I wasn’t baking!! I plan on doing that this afternoon Smile

I did get 3 sides of the Red and Green bound though – 2 1/2 of those were yesterday – I’m not sure if I will work on it today or not – maybe.  when I bind I fold my quilt nice and long and have it neatly over my legs kind of folding it as I go – do you do that or just draped all over you – I get too warm if it is all over me.


This much of the border done with the diagonal lines on it.    I like the way it looks and won’t put more on it.


I got a photo of a nice big “pileated woodpecker” yesterday from the window – he sure is busy on that dead tree – which needs to come down this spring – if it doesn’t fall down before then – thank goodness it will hurt nothing in it’s path if it falls before it is cut – I won’t be out there cutting grass that is for sure.


the birds are busy – it is cold out there.  Finches


A cardinal up in the tree


and I saw him fly down here and caught him with the light dusting of snow that we got yesterday.