Karen on January 27th, 2014

Finally I am pretty much finished – I still of course have to iron all those scraps on the ironing board and cut to fit in my boxes – but I have my shelves pretty much organized now.  I need to pick up a couple more photo storage boxes and that is it!!  I am glad to get this all done.

I had seen these pretty boxes at Dollar General the other day so I went back yesterday to pick some up – the larger 2 were $2.50 each and the skinnier one is $1.50 I’m sure all Dollar Generals do not carry all the same things but if you like them you might want to check them out – the top closes on the side with a piece of velcro.  They had boxes of larger sizes there as well all pretty like these and prices range from $1.50 to $10.00


I wanted to use these two boxes for fabric and to put these things in to the boxes that I just bought in above photo.  Needless to say I was sure some of this stuff would get tossed out – would you believe that I found at least 4 wrenches or screwdrivers in here that I didn’t even know I had – I have not a clue what they belong to but I kept them just in case!


Odd and ends and junk in one – never know if you will need it you know Smile


Things I know I will use – iron on batting tape, glue stick refills ect. Hand quilting supplies


Marking tools in another


Fabric on comic book boards – all of these pieces are at least 1/3 yard to 3 or 4 yards.


the boxes on the top with the purples/red/pink well be replaced with photo storage boxes this week – someone mentioned that if the box covered with the wrapping paper get wet it might bleed, I hadn’t thought of that.


These two bolts on the end need to be placed on top of the others at the other end of the shelf and that will leave room for more of the photo boxes.  I will take the lightest colors out of the brown/orange/yellow box (too crowded) and have them share a box with the pinks – just separate stacks.  I have one baby quilt folded on the shelf – that will be going to donation of something – I’m not sure which one – I might be moving that last box that has the black in it to the top shelve as well as it doesn’t quit fit there and is hanging off the end.


This shelve is the one above the cutting table.  These are all my bought on sale pre-cuts that I have – the two long thin boxes hold what Mike got me at Christmas time from a Craftsy sale – one has Robert Kaufmann 1 yard cuts (14 of them) they shimmer just a little bit and the other box has 50 Free Spirit fat quarters – a variety mix. (these are the boxes they came in, I folded the top back over the box and it all stays folded good in them)


this shelf above the ironing board/sewing machine area has my scrap boxes and the shelf below it has a variety of fat quarters – one on the right side is a Craftsy sale bundle I got called Russian Traditions ( I have a quilt in mind for it) the others well still get moved into boxes on this shelf but I need to get more boxes!   They will all be separated by color also mixing in with the boxes on the other shelves.  At least these aren’t all tipping over so they can wait.  I have one more box to put on the end of the upper shelf it has my 2 1/2 inch squares in it that I am still going through for the Granny Squares.


Little labels go in each of these boxes telling me what size squares are in them.


Nice and neat!!  I do have a small step stool that I use if I need to – but I have long arms and this is a short ceiling room and I’m tall enough that most times I don’t need a stool.


I’m sure you all are as tired of my organizing as I am :) so glad to get it in order though – it is something I bet most of us have to do now and then.

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Karen on January 26th, 2014

And one day getting closer to getting this mess of fabric organized! And I will be closer by the end of the week I hope – I feel as we are to get really cold weather again Monday – Wednesday that other than going to the fitness center to work out I will be inside hibernating so what else to do other than cook or clean!

I spent most of the day Saturday working on the last of the 6 wire baskets and then tackled the tumbling fat quarters on the shelf.  Among the fq’s were lots of pieces that were smaller than foldable size and/or that I did not want to reserve as fq’s – like ugly pieces that I knew I didn’t want to keep whole Smile  Right now I have a mess sitting on top of the little ironing board–  LOL well you look at that and that little bit of black sitting on the cutting table will end up there as well.  All of this is ready to be cut into useable pre-cuts.  My scrap boxes are going to be full by time I get done with all this and I haven’t even started on the wicker basket yet.


I do have some already pressed but then I got tired of that and went into the fat quarter piles.  Before you know it I was refolding and organizing by color and I accomplished a lot.  Here is just a peak at what I have done so far.  More to come in the next photo.  I think I will have all arranged by color and boxes by tonight.  I have a couple decorative boxes that I want to pick up that I saw at Dollar General and then I think I might have these shelves done!


My box of orange/brown/yellow is overflowing as I added more to it after I put this photo up – I think I will need another box and separate out more.  I was kind of surprised at how many I have in that color range – I think a lot of it was from when I was working on the rainbow Joseph’s Coat quilt – I got more than I needed in that line of colors I think.

I have used up all my comic boards for wrapping fabric around also – there was 50 in the package and I remember using a couple for something else and I will look for some poster board today to cut to the right size as I have a little more fabric to wrap.

I am going to have a lot of pre-cuts to make use of soon!

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Karen on January 23rd, 2014

After two days I finished the 5th of the 6 wire baskets that I wanted to get rid of – although the baskets were a good size they scraped up my paint on my shelves more than I wanted – they are now in the kitchen coming in handy for other things.

Thank you for all the suggestions on storage.  I have decided to go with photo storage boxes turned on their sides and regular packing boxes in the smallest sizes they come in – 6 x 6 x 6 (48 cents each at Wal-Mart) and 11 3/4 x 8 x 4 3/4 inches (58 cents each).

this is a fancy photo storage box (closer to $5 each) – Mike had two that he was not using that he had gotten for something years ago – he handed them to me today.  The lid is sitting under it for now and might stay there as you never know when you will need the lid for a box.  I have more of the same kind that the scraps go in.  I have several boxes that I can probably combine into one box as I don’t have a lot of the 3 and the 3.5 inch squares – that will give me one (the ones I have for scraps I get at Hobby Lobby with 40% at about $2.40 each est).


This is a cardboard box dressed up with wrapping paper – what I had an hand in the closet that didn’t have Santa on it.  This one was an experiment – I should put the paper on the inside all the way too so it looks like more than a packing box! Although really it doesn’t matter as it will be filled to the top with fq’s and the plain cardboard will not be visible.  I will wait to make up any more of these until I go through more of the stacks of fat quarters that are tipping on the shelf.  They all need to be pressed and refolded so I can see what I have – there are times I cut a piece off and then put it back on the shelf – if it has gotten too cut up it will be cut into pre-cuts and not stacked in the boxes.   The fq’s in this box will be divide by color also like the blue’s and greens are – I just stacked them here to get them off the table for now and to see how they stacked in the box.


The scraps that I ended up with out of basket #5 that are now pre-cut and ready to go in their boxes.


It is tiring going through scraps and I find I can’t do it more than two days a week – it wipes me out LOL.  Today I’m taking a break from it and will work on the Granny squares.

I come back to my scheduled post last night to add the following:

In an exchange of email with Audrey at Quilty Folk I realized I have no idea what kind of scraps are in the big wicker basket under the quilting frame –  so I dumped it out! what a massive  hill of color


All kinds of bits and pieces!


I found a couple perfectly made circles in here!


Half square triangle blocks and little squares already cut.  I can see this is going to take some organizing!  I think I will needto sit down to go though this mess, at the table with iron in hand.


It was so compressed down with time that of course now it looks to be double than what I thought was in it!


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Karen on January 22nd, 2014

For yesterday anyhow – I don’t know if I will work more on them today or not – I seem to only be able to stick with it for short periods of time.  Yesterday instead of making more granny blocks I got to looking at the remaining two wire baskets that needed to be clear out of scraps, got the iron in plugged in and got started.

In the basket I chose to start with I found a lot of fat quarters stuffed in there so I actually did a lot of pressing and folding – some pieces hung over the chair to be cut.  As I clean up this mess of fabric trying to organize better I am left in a quandary of how to store these fat quarters (or almost fq’s) on the shelves so they do not tumble over in the future – not all are quite folded the same as some are true fat quarters, some are slightly larger and some some slightly less.  I have to have them out so I can see them though and not forget about them!


How do you store your fat quarters? I think today before or after I exercise I will make a trip over to Hobby Lobby to get the flannel that I need for the design wall and also look at what they have in the storage bin area.  I might check at Wal- Mart too and see what they have.  I want to be able to stack by color groups no higher than 11 inches as that will fit on the shelf easily that I have and if in individual containers something that can either handle one stack or two stacks the width of one or two folded fq.

I got all of these fat quarters from the wire basket and  one stack that was on the shelf –plus some I pulled from the shelf that were neatly folded and as I knew they were fat quarters I stacked them with these.  As you can see I am organizing somewhat by color.


I have added more to the comic book boards by wrapping around the board and pinning in place – these pieces are most likely anything a third of a yard up to 1 yard – I’m not actually measuring all that much.


This much is left waiting for me to cut up into useable pieces to add to the scrap boxes and the jelly roll strips that I am using for the granny squares.  I can never believe quite how much I have stuffed in these baskets – I am finding fabric that I remember but thought I had used up they were so hidden in the baskets.


This much and one more wire basket to go through still!  this is why I would like to find some kind of containers to keep them in rather then just fold and put back on the shelf – they tend to tilt after awhile!


When I get done with the shelf – hopefully this year – this wicker basket is still waiting to be gone through – I put the 12 1/2 inch square ruler in front of the basket to show the size – and believe me – it is packed – I dread starting to go through it.


As you can see I don’t throw much fabric away – scraps tend to keep getting tossed in the basket and now I am faced with trying to organize it this year (my intention) and use it.  When I say I can make a lot of queen size quilts out of my scraps I mean it!  I might not have a lot of big pieces of fabric as I don’t buy much “yardage” other than background whites but I sure have the little pieces!

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Karen on January 12th, 2014

Sometimes when I have been quilting and creating a lot of quilts I get just a little burned out when thinking “what next.”  After making so many quilts last year I have reached a point where I do not know what new quilt I want to make next!  I’m sure I will come up with something but this last week I have mainly just been working on three things – Uncommon, Common Bride – hand quilting, Floral Fantasy – glue basting pieces for the corner applique and started on one corner needle turn applique, and last but not least Diamonds are Forever – hand piecing all those hexies in place.  Three quilts – all very different.  One quilt top is still in the “holding” stage – Love Entwined.  I have held off getting back to work on that one because I kind of want to get Floral Fantasy done first.  (I mentioned the other day of having ideas for a lot of applique quilts – but what about patchwork?)

So – “what next” – at this point I have no idea LOL.  I’m sure I will start putting together a scrap quilt of some sort soon – something easy – something machine pieced and then machine quilted as I am working on three hand projects.  But what!  I have been looking through my Pinterest page – on my “quilting” page — I have tons of ideas that I have pinned.

I have a canvas box more than half full of 2 1/2 inch strips to work with plus boxes of scraps that are cut into squares of all sizes – so something simple – something with 2 1/2 inch squares perhaps?  I’ll let you know what I come up with!


What would you suggest? Do you have a link to show – put it in the comment section.

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Karen on December 29th, 2013

Scrap work continues here in this house – I emptied the 3rd wire basket yesterday morning, pressed and started to cut in the afternoon. Again a couple larger than fat quarter pieces were found and I put them on the cardboard and put them neatly on the shelf.  This was waiting for me in the afternoon to tackle.  Some fabric I have found – actually quite a bit of it had been given to me over the years in trades as quite a bit I have come across is not something I would buy – just not me – mainly the novelty prints – I rarely do trades anymore as I was not always a happy camper with what I received!


I added another inch of 2 1/2 inch strips to my pile from the day before!


Now that I have the 3 wire baskets from this shelf taken care of I will tackle this mess before it falls down and then back to the other baskets.  Most of this will get wrapped around the comic book boards and be stacked on the shelve on end.   there are about 3 pieces of flannel up here that I am not sure what I will do with – I really do not use flannel much I need to check and see what size that white piece is – it might work out for a small design board? Well have to look at it.  Well I have been working on the scraps it seems like I keep remembering scrap patterns that I have in my box or on the computer and they keep fighting my memory to the top wanting to be made first!    What are your quilting plans for the New Year.  I will do a post on New Years Day of what got finished in 2013 in my quilting room – and what didn’t get done – do you reflect back like that too?


I got more of the Floral Fantasy block done last night – all that remains now is two flowers and the darkest purple towards the top of the design.


This much done on the Red and Green Friday night.


This much left to do – I think I can accomplish this by Tuesday night and say I finished it in 2013 – other than the binding that is! I have been trying to spend about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each day/evening at the frame and it is paying off.   Some of this well have been done last night as I write my post the evening before you see it.


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