Glacier National Park #1

by Karen on September 1, 2014

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We got to Glacier on the 25th of August – Monday and I have not kept up with writing every day so now here I am looking back through my photos trying to decide where I was and when!  That is why I like to write every day!  Heading into the park – photo taken through the window as you can see – not a great photo.


We have a nice big campsite but it gets very sunny between 1 and 4 but that is ok because it doesn’t last long, we have a tarp to hang from the awning for additional shade and we are not here much in the early afternoon normally.  This first day here we decided to just relax as we drove around a little bit and start to see things the next day.


and in the evening the awning goes up and we have this big space


chicken fillets cooking and potatoes and greenbeans – roasting in the propone skillet.


Just a 3/10ths of a mile walk from the campground is Apgar Village where there are a couple small lodges and several stores – ice cream!  We walk to this village every evening for a short walk to get in a final stretch of the day – and to work off ice cream or whatever!


the lake is by the village also – the mountains pretty in the distance.


One of the shops


the street leading into the village area.


Driftwood by the lake – we are here for a whole week so we will have plenty to see and do and the weather is good this week!


Our first walk in the evening on the way back into the campground we look up and saw this huge owl above us – he posed so pretty for my camera didn’t he (she?)  this guy was big!!  This is a Great Horned Owl.


I decided to get the dutch oven out the first night and make some apple turnovers – I had some apples that needed to be used, a can of grand’s biscuits and here they are – flatten the biscuits out with your hand – I precooked the apples with a little sugar, cinnamon, and 1/4 cup water – let them simmer for awhile to soften up slightly.


fold over and press the edges together – I moistened a little so they would stick – some had a little too many apples on them.


put parchment paper in the oven and place four in at a time and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.


a couple of them that had too many apples in them came open but they still sure tasted good – we had some for an evening snack and more for breakfast the next morning.


the dutch oven set up – kneeling pad for checking on them, red gloves for the hot work and an evening fire started.


thank you all so much for taking the time to leave comments and I appreciate you all keeping in touch.  It is nice to have email contact when I didn’t think I would have any service here at the campground at all – it was a surprise.  The cell signal is not very good though and comes and goes so I’m not trying to do post while here other than scheduling them.


Phillipsburg, Montana

by Karen on September 1, 2014

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What a tiny town to have so many flowers!!  This little place has been decorated to the hilt.  On our first evening in this area north west of Butte we decided to take a little drive to see what was in the area and found this little gem of a town.  Flower baskets like crazy – yes they grow so well here – when we lived in Idaho years ago I had the most wonderful garden of flowers the cool nights just really do it I think.  So here is a tour of this little town.  This is mainly a one street town and then the side streets have houses on them, a grocery store and gas station are on the edge of town – every thing on main street is pretty much eatery’s of one sort or another, taverns, gift shops, ect.  And of course we didn’t get there until about 6:30 and everything but the bars were closed.


The post office almost the only fairly new building in town.


I immediately thought of Miss Rosie’s patterns when I saw this!  So cute, never see that name – it is a gift shop



Close up of the sculptures – these are all over town and have price tags on them- made of dishes!  Lowest price I saw was $110.00 – I might have to think about making one of these – a dead tree branch a little bit of metal and some gaudy dishes!



These appeared to be hitching posts of some kind but must have an urn or something attached at the top for the flowers.



Antique store


the items in the windows of the antique store were display only (and closed so didn’t go in)









Moving right along on the Tumblers – I made a lot of progress today (Aug. 21st) a bit of a rainy day and we were in the camper for most of it.

I got this much pressed before we took off this morning – we had a late start as we were not going far – just 3 hours north west getting us closer to Glacier National Park.


I spread it out over my kitchen workspace and laid colors out for the next 4 rows so I would have them ready to stitch on the days drive.


I now have two sections ready to sew together!  I haven’t measured but I think it will now be about 30 inches wide by 20 inches high.


As you can see on the above photo I had to get the heavy quilt out last week when at Yellowstone, it will be staying on the bed now for some time to come I bet – it is a 2 quilt kind of trip this year.

The back window is starting to get a bit dirty with all the roads we have been on and the rainy weather we had – this is looking out at the campsite – all the white ribbons around the trees are for a beetle treatment – a worker was going around while we were getting settled in marking trees for treatment.


Settling in for some reading while it was a bit rainy outside – made a pot of tea and got my book out ready to recline on the bed!


Our campsite – another rustic – no hookups – and it was rainy off and on so we didn’t get the chairs out or the table quilt – we do get days like this when we travel.


From our door we can see the “bear box” across the drive – for those in tents if you can’t store you food and cooking utensils in your car you store them in these bear proof boxes that are scattered through out the campground.  Bear have been sighted in the campground but who knows when – these are rules that have applied for years now for safety.


The “facilities” a short way down the road – and really some of these are really clean – they make them so much better than they used to with the way they ventilate now and cement floors to make cleaning easier  – the water pump is a short distance from that.


flowers in our site.  Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be more rain (the 22nd) so some time in the morning we will take off in the car and go exploring – maybe back to Butte and see things, go shopping, see a movie or something – and drive around seeing things.  Very few campers are here today, we will be here for 3 nights, I wonder if it will get busier – nice and quite although we are very close to a road that has traffic but it seems to have gotten quitter since evening came.



I have made a little more progress on the Tumbling into Insanity and it is growing – I had taken these photos on 8/24 so it has grown more by now I’m sure. The bed in the camper is the only place to lay it out so excuse the log cabin quilt underneath it – I am working on the 3rd section each measuring 20 x 15 I believe.


Now back to the Ghost Town, this building had been a store at one time.


I like how they left the wall paper on the walls, just hanging there – you really have the ghost town affect.  Dishes in the cupboards, some furniture you can get a better feel for a room with these things in here I think


I like how they had signs by these items on the table – I never would have guessed what this wire contraption was  – a baby walker! wonder how many safety filiations that would break now days!



I have no idea what these berries are but they sure looked good – wish they had been raspberries! but all I saw were finished off by critters I’m sure!


What lovely pine trees.


This was a neat exploration for the day – lots of walking and going in and out of buildings.  Nice people working there that were available to answer questions and chat with.  The day was chilly but at least the rain held off until after we got back to our campsite.

Next post will be from Glacier National Park


Mammoth Village

by Karen on August 28, 2014

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One last area of Yellowstone to visit is the northern most village of Mammoth – it used to be an army post at one time – the park was administered by the army at one time before the park was established.   Park employees and others actually live there.  There is a hotel, post office, museum and other buildings.

I thought it was really neat how the flowers are protected from deer and elk – maybe buffalo too?




The sky is changing fast – we head to the grill for some ice cream and a table to wait out the storm.


We wait awhile but can see it isn’t going to stop soon so make a dash to the car and start the long drive back to the campground – we are about in the middle of the park – a big park = you can spend a lot of time driving seeing things.


Weather clearing up and we spot some elk – disappointed this trip – very few animals beside buffalo have we spotted this trip – but great to have seen the bear and the wolves.




well this is it from Yellowstone – on to Montana now and well be up at Glacier National Park soon.  I hope I haven’t been boring you much – really doubt that Tumbler quilt top will get done before we get home LOL – haven’t touched it some days – the sock loom will have to wait – I looked at it and can’t figure the thing out!!  Maybe I will have another look soon.


Trail to Artist Point

by Karen on August 27, 2014

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Now for this sight you can drive to the parking lot and take a short walk to the falls – or like us and gluttons for punishment you can take a 1.6 mile hike through the woods and go up and down until you get there, take a look and break and turn around and head back!

This was an interesting poster at the beginning of the trail – I had no idea that President Gerald Ford had been a park ranger at one time!


this trail started at the same place we had been at the previous day but turned a different direction.


and off we go into the woods.


Over a bridge – by the way you are rarely on a trail by yourself – there is constantly people behind you or ahead – once in awhile like this one for a short time we seemed to have it all to ourselves.




Don’t get too close to the edge – I’m behind a barricade here.



The trail hugs the mountainside in places.


A different view of the waterfall and the canyon


Later in the day it was off on a drive to an area called Mount Washburn – on the way up we saw no animals whatsoever!  I had just used this bathroom about 5 minutes before I took this photo – I had walked to the opposite end of the parking lot then turned and here comes this buffalo – he had actually went right up to the bathroom door – turned and walked away – I had just came out of that facility!!  Can you imagine the expression on my face if I had opened the door and seen this big guy looking back at me!!


Here he is rubbing his head on the garbage can- the park does belong to these guys Smile