No Quilting

by Karen on April 10, 2014

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Yesterday we were out of town all day!  Really I didn’t get home until close to 8 in the evening and that was with stopping to get some Chinese food on the way home.  We spent the day at a Garden that is about 75 miles south of us called Garvan Woodlands Garden.  A very beautiful place full of plants and trails and we walked just about the whole place – we missed just part of one area.  It was a bit greener there being south of us but we are catching up quickly here with some leaves on the trees and the dogwood ready to open any day now.  It got up to 75 degrees!

When we first started out the building towards the gardens I thought we were too late to see the tulips look magnificent but we weren’t – the first ones that we came to didn’t look that good but then we went a little further and they met expectations.   So today this is not a quilting post but I will share some photos and I think I will share some for the next week or two as I took 174 photos! the wonders of digital cameras.

Some of the many azalea’s were open in full bloom – we were here last about 3 years or more ago and the azaleas were wonderful but we had missed the tulips – this time some azaleas were open but not near what they were last time – but we saw most of the tulips.  Even trade off.  All of these photos I took with my little digital point and shoot camera a Panasonic Lumix .



Redbud tree


Dogwood tree


Small waterfalls


And tulips!






The lizards are out basking in the sun – yes spring is here!!  we might get a couple more cold nights but when these guys are around you know it is warming up.


Another species.


I will put in a few more photos all week of our day spent at the gardens and I’m sure I will get back to quilting this evening – it might be close to 80 today! wow what a difference a couple days make – of course next week is supposed to have a couple cool days back in!

Thanks for all the comments I received yesterday – I normally try to answer them all but I was just too tired so I didn’t answer any mail when I got home – if you needed an answer let me know Smile  I always appreciate all the nice compliments y’all say about my quilts and the work that goes into them.


A Hike

by Karen on October 7, 2013

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Yesterday no quilting was done until evening.  It was such a pretty day that the fabric and hoop were put aside until evening.  We spent the afternoon at Petite Jean State Park about 35 miles or so from us.   This is a favorite park of ours for camping in Arkansas and hiking although I do admit we do little camping in Arkansas.   Normally the time of year that we camp is when we are traveling to other states in the middle of summer to the beginning of fall and we go to the Rocky Mountains.  Much prefer dry heat to humidity.    Summer in Arkansas is so humid that we escape!  I do not find it pleasant to camp in humid weather when you would want to stay in the A/C – kind of not what camping is all about right.  We scouted out campsites while we were there to see which were our favorite sites so we can reserve on line and keep the list handy someplace.  It is always nice having a level spot or just the right scene right.  We try to go in the fall at least once to this park.

This is one of our favorite hikes – beautiful scenery, lots of rock steps going up and down, little water pools, lots of water in the creek in the spring normally – this time of year not so much.  The sign is very much true to it’s word – we are usually done in 1 1/2 hours as we were yesterday.


One of the first boulders that you see. and the trail goes down right next to it  – and keeps on going down for awhile.


One of the first little “waterfalls” – much bigger in the spring of course Smile  007

First of many sets of stairs


Looking up – clear skies!


Little bigger waterfall here.


Pretty mushrooms


One of two bridges to cross on this trail – at times the water is almost to the top of the bridge and when that happens it means there has been too much rain to go on the trail and that the trail is closed!  this has happened a few times over the years.  We are very much going down into a very narrow valley here – not really a canyon but kind of if you know what I mean – it is narrow and we have gone quite a bit down hill.  Looking back at Mike on the bridge.



A tiny lizard basking in the sun – it is small this was with zoom lens this little guy is only about 3 inches long including his tail.


A rock “bridge” very thick rock here a nice little area to go under to continue the trail – if the trail has too much water in the area there is another trail that goes over this.


I squatted down under the “bridge” to take a photo of the top of the rock inside.


Another bridge and the reflection – this is just after the above photo


Another lizard this one was smaller than the first one I saw – I would say 2 inches.


These skinny trees are called “Devil’s Walking Sticks


This is the reason why – always watch out for them in certain areas for hiking on this trail – I do not think we have ever seen them on the other trails.  Thorns are on them.  These make good hiking sticks though when the bark is stripped off along with the thorns.  We both have a stick that we bought at the gift shop here about 15 years ago and they are still in excellent condition.


So that was how we spent our Sunday – what did you do?  Hope the weather was pretty wherever you are Smile  Back to quilting today and I’m not sure what – do you have a lot planned today?

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Antique Shop

by Karen on October 5, 2013

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While we were visiting our daughter in Wisconsin she took us to a nice antique/flea market type of store – you know the type – some stuff is really nice and pricey and other stuff is junk and who really knows what is worth the price and what isn’t!  This one I believe is on the west side of Madison.  I don’t remember the name.

Anyhow I don’t have anything to write this morning so here is a glimpse of the shop.  There were quilts hanging all over the place!



cute chair





A cute flat iron – but look at that latch on the front of it -


I have never seen one like this – you lift the top and put coals in it to keep it hot!






Love this chair – there are two of them that go with the table.  I didn’t even look at the price but I thought it was so cute!


Lastly was this cabinet? or bureau? so many tiny drawers – I was thinking fat quarters and threads and notions – how about you – Ciera is thinking about it.  By the way she is about 5 foot 2 inches – this is a tall cabinet.


Hope you all have a good weekend – it is supposed to rain today and a front coming through – so glad – it will make the humidity go away and the temperatures will drop!! A taste of fall, might even get down to 40 to 45 for a night or two – so nice Smile  I think a hike at a state park is in order for Sunday. Shouldn’t even get to 70 degrees!!  I do feel for you all in North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming that are getting snow – really!!


Millhouse Quilts

by Karen on September 28, 2013

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I have rarely come to visit my daughter here in Wisconsin without running over to Waunakee (about 10 miles from her ) to visit Millhouse Quilts.  A fantastic quilt shop – I would almost refer to it as my local quilt shop LOL except I have to travel 14 hours to get here!! go to the link above and you will see the inside of the shop – an old mill converted into a store.  (on their web site if you go to the about us – you can see the inside of the shop through a series of clicks.


I stuck with not getting any fabric unless it was on sale and I found this little bundle of fat quarters that will go with my Japanese Taupe’s for Love Entwined – needles, and batting that I needed to restock as I only have a partial batting left and would have to order on line to get the Quilters Dream that I like.  I did noticed that the store had not marked their batiks up to $15 a yard yet like some stores that I have seen the past 6 months or so – most of theirs are still in the 11-12 dollar range.  I have two quilt tops at home – Carousel and a 9 patch that are closer to a double size than twin size so I got two double size batting’s.  I think I will try to machine quilt the 9 patch but I am not sure on the Carousel yet –


the other side of the bundle


The cheese sign is in the distance from the campground but nearby – but what I wanted to show was this monster custom RV that someone has here at the campground! can you believe this thing – the size of a semi truck!!  3 or 4 slide outs – must be the same size as some very small homes that you see!! Wonder what kind of gas mileage this one gets? They sure can’t get into most state park camping sites I bet! They would have a hard time negotiating some of the roads inside the state parks for sure and to get in the campsite – no way!  I have never seen one so large before. (I do wonder how it looks inside – some of the big ones are very, very nice) but I wouldn’t want it – we wouldn’t be able to go to the parks we like.


Today (the 21st) is cold, cloudy and windy – 56 degrees and wind chill in the 40’s I would say.


The Last of Copper Falls

by Karen on September 26, 2013

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EDITED:  9/25 – wow has today been a busy day – I got the camper emptied out and everything put away! Groceries bought, laundry done and put away!  I guess I am the energizer bunny.  Really when we get home from trips no matter if I am tired or not I just want to get things put away and get back to normal if you know what I mean.  Are you all like that – my husband always thinks I am crazy and should just sit and relax but I can’t until I get things put away.  I even got the quilting table cleared up and all the new things put away.  I will wait though until all these scheduled post are finished before I start to post the quilting things – only a few more scheduled posts from the trip and I will be back to a quilting blog.

I should be able to get back to working on quilts and the sewing machine on Saturday – I have picked up the Pinwheel quilt the last two nights while watching NCIS and Criminal Minds and have gotten a few more blocks quilted.  I really want to get that one done.  So back to the scheduled post concluding our stay at Copper Falls and the beautiful trail we took


There was just so much to see that I will end it with this post and hope I covered everything!  It was all just so pretty.


I’m honestly not sure if these were the last steps! I should have counted them but I have a feeling I would have lost track!


I love how the water came over this area and you could see the brown tinge of the tannin that dyes the water – it is from the tannin in the trees (downfall) it had such a sparkle to it.


The way the sun shinned on this one it gave it a red look.


Nearly to the end of the trail and as I am walking I glance down and see this very thin piece of black – what appeared to be a ribbon – I kept walking then back tracked and looked closer – sure enough it was a snake! and a yellow band of color around its neck.  I just looked it up – it is a Northern Ring-Necked Snake.   It was about 9 to 12 inches long and thinner than my little finger which is thin.  I had never seen one like this – it is harmless – you could tell too as it didn’t want to move at all and we were able to get photos of it.


And then just around the corner (we were nearly finished the with the trail) we saw this huge wasp nest in a tree quite a distance from us, zoom lens used.


Good bye trails – it sure was a beautiful place to visit.


Now after all that I think we deserve a cookie break – next post Smile


More on Copper Falls

by Karen on September 25, 2013

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EDITED 9/24 evening:  we arrived home late yesterday afternoon after two days driving from Wisconsin, thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers you have sent to my son in law and my daughter.  We will be seeing them again soon for the funeral in a couple days.  Nancy died shortly after being taken off of life support yesterday morning- it was for the best she wouldn’t have wanted to be kept alive by machines – do any of us really?  We were glad that it wasn’t long and drawn out for the families sake that can be very hard.  I have several more post besides this one scheduled and I will be back to my normal routine soon.  We need to empty the camper today, do laundry, grocery shopping – the list never ends does it.


scheduled post:

I took so many photos like usual that it is always hard to pick out what is right to show  and share – I’m probably throwing out too many – so just skim on through.

Down the stairs to another bench – isn’t this one pretty nestled in the rocks.


More mushrooms!


part of the trail and more steps!


Another bridge


Isn’t this one pretty – I love that rocky bluff – we will take the trail that continues on up to it and then swing around into the trees.


And look at this steep area to climb – and it has such a nice wooden bench to rest on – but you know when we got to the top it didn’t have a bench up there to sit on – which would have been nice because I kept trudging along thinking there would be a bench up there – my legs were wobbly by time I got up there!


Looking back down at the bench


The Cascades – I just picture this one too in the spring.


More steps going down to another view – this one we had to turn around and go back up as it was down to a view and then up to the path – a good place to take a break – more on this lovely trail tomorrow.