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Star Crazy

by Karen on March 29, 2012

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I had a good visit with my daughter yesterday and even though we wandered through a few stores the only thing I bought was a new peeler to peel oranges!   I needed it as the old one had broke!  $3.99 Smile  after we both realized we really didn’t want to shop we ended up at a walking trail and had a nice walk and talked the whole way.  Of course the problem with that was I was in sandal’s – I now have a blister on the bottom of both of my big toes Sad smile oh well, I will stick a band aide on them and lay off of the fitness center for a day or two and will be good as new.

Last night on my feedjit reader – side bar above the map I could see that a lot of people – a lot more than normal — were dropping by my site and they were all going to the Clover Bias Stem Maker Tutorial that I did last year – just out of curiosity as no one left me a comment – how did you know to stop by my blog and look at it?  Would love to know – please feel free to leave a comment when you drop by I love knowing what brings you here!!

Now on to Star Crazy – I got to work this evening – I was going to work on Joseph’s Coat but changed my mind.  When working on the quilting frame I do not have access to Net Flex except through my computer as the blue ray player is in the living room – this is how I set things up —


The lap top sets up well on the top end of the quilting frame.  What was playing – the second part of  the old western mini series Lonesome Dove – I loved that mini series.  I had watched the first part of it a couple months ago and they had the second one available in 4 parts so I have been watching it lately as I quilt.  I just move the computer down the frame as I need to move Smile

I got this much done tonight – tomorrow seeing as I will skip the fitness center until my toes heal I will probably work on Joseph’s Coat – I’m trying to get in time on all of them – slowly they will get done!



I was asked if I could show how to use the clover bias stem maker for applique by one of my readers.  Use the link above to see where you can buy it and what it looks like.  The bias stem makers come in a variety of sizes.  For all of them, cut the width of the opening plus a 1/8 to 1/4 inch on each side for the fold.  For the 1/4” that I am using I cut 3/4” inch strips of fabric.  If you have a 1/2” maker you cut your strips at least 1 inch ect.

1 – First you cut your fabric into bias strips.  I am using a stem maker that produces 1/4” stems, cut as many strips as you need.


2- turning to the metal side of the gadget use a pointing object such as a stiletto to slide the fabric into the slot.  The fabric will fold automatically as you pull it out and press, you do not need to fold anything to get started.


3- pull it out just a little bit to make sure the folds are even and you are ready to start.


4- with your heated iron press down the edge that you pulled out, then gradually slide the gadget to your left while you press down on the folds on the right (if you are right handed – otherwise reverse order if you are a lefty)– you will get the hang of this and it goes quickly – just keep the iron down and keep pulling the gadget in the opposite direction.


5- by keeping your iron down the whole time you will find you come to the end quickly and it all stays folded in place because you are pressing at the same time you are pulling the Clover product.


6- When I am done I press the folded side one more time to make sure it is all in place, then I turn it over and press from the top.  Word of warning – if you decide to use spray starch after you have flipped it over it is possible from the moisture that your folds will come unfolded.


Now I am ready to cut and glue baste in place.  Using my glue I dot on both sides of the fold to keep it in place.


Press with your finger lightly and it will stay in place – you could pin if you prefer or pin and basting stitches.


Part way done.  I will finish glue basting the stems in place then applique these flowers and stems in place then add a round of green at the base of each flower where the petals join the stems.  All of this will be needle turned applique in place then I will go on to the next round of applique which includes a different type of flower and the pineapples – with 27 tiny red circles in each 4 pineapples – won’t that be fun Sad smile


I hope this helps.  These are inexpensive gadgets and I have at least 2 or 3 different sizes.  There is some fusible tape that you can also purchase that goes with these.  I have tried it and use it sometimes but I have found at times it shows through to the front and also when you iron it down it doesn’t always hold – or maybe my iron isn’t hot enough? I just know I have not always had luck with it.  If you use the fusible tape you put that in the gadget also.  The tape would go on the opposite side of the gadget – on the top – and you just move it along at the same time and your iron would be on top of the fusible tape.