Square Within A Square Within A Square

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt42_jpgI finally have the 5th row attached to the main portion of the Patchwork of the Crosses – I say finally like it has taken so long – about 2 or 3 nights?  Not so long really.  Now it is nice and pressed and put back in its box for a little bit until I decide if it will grow – which I have a feeling it will – just not for the next several weeks Smile  Right now it is probably a baby crib size 48 x 60 inches.  I have been very pleased with the way it is turning out though and I have a feeling I will get back to work on it soon.  I love the bright colors with the white fabric.


I haven’t showed Square in a Square for awhile and I have not worked on it much this month – just busy on other things.  The quilting is very easy on this quilt and each block only takes about 40 minutes to quilt it – right now it is under 11 hours of quilting . Most of what I show here in this photo is done.


26 more blocks to quilt after I finish this block #16 that the hoop is around.


the simple quilting I am doing on it – outline around each – you can’t see it clearly but there is quilting around each color in the blocks.


Just keeping it simple.  This will be a very soft quilt with this amount of quilting.

I do have to run to the grocery store today as much as I hate the thought of it.  I was too busy with outside work on the weekend to do it.  I have to get some last minute things plus things that we are out of.  If we get snow on Christmas it is possible that I won’t get out of my driveway for a couple days and I need a few basics.  I could well survive a week or more on what is in the house Smile but if I can go to the store and pick up more milk and things then why not?  We live at the top of a ridge which at times is not plowed until a day or two after a snow and if I don’t have an emergency I don’t bother to drive downhill for 3 miles to leave the house other than to walk around the yard looking at the snow and filling the bird feeders.  I don’t drive on snow much anymore so why try it if I don’t have to.


I have had several beginning quilters ask me how I’m I making these colorful black/red/white squares.  I am sure there are pattern instructions out there somewhere in blog land but as I’m not even sure if there is a name for this I’m not sure where to direct you.  These have been in recent years referred to as “Modern Blocks” why? I don’t know – surely quilters have been making these for years.  Maybe it is because of the newer designs used in fabric?  I sometimes think it is just that the new designers of quilting blocks want it all to sound fresh and “modern”!!

So here is a tutorial for those of you who want to know how to make these blocks – if you know how to use your sewing machine, or hand piece you will learn it quickly.

1- For each square you need 3 colors – cut a 2 1/2 inch block for your center from one color, from the second color cut 2 – 2 1/2 inch blocks and 2- 6 1/2 inch strips.  From the 3rd color cut 2-6 1/2 inch strips and 2- 10 1/2 inch strips.  I use the assemble line process so I stack them up in order they will be used.


2 – grab your center block and one of the 2 1/2 inch blocks from the next color and sew your 1/4 inch seam, for assembly line you leave it in the machine – sew as many blocks as you have assembled – I have 5 of them here I think. (this is also referred to as chain piecing)


3 – when you are done with this group cut apart and stack them in order so your pieces will flow for the next section. Now you sew the next 2 1/2 inch square to the other side. When you are done, cut them apart and stack.


4 – now I take them to the ironing board and I press the seams open – you can press to the side if you want to.  For hand quilting (I don’t know if this will be hand quilted or machine quilted) it is easier to quilt through seams that are pressed open.  Please forgive the scorched up board I really need to get a new one or make one.


5- now take your 6 1/2 inch strips of the same color and again do the same way – sew one side, cut apart and then do the other side.  Take to the board to press your seams.  When doing it this way I sew without using pins – it goes faster and it all lays flat.


This is what you now have.  A Square with in a Square


6 – now take your 6 1/2 inch strips from your last color selection and repeat the steps you have already done finishing with your 10 1/2 inch strips last.  My completed block with the seams pressed open.


the front, when you are done with your blocks trim them straight.  Make as many as you want to make – it just depends on how large or small you want your quilt.  Now you have a Square within a Square within a Square!


What I have so far – yikes! I am running out of room – I think in a day or two I will need to get the big portable design wall out.  I am making more than I thought I would have and I still have about half of my strips left to make more blocks out of.  I think I will need to just stack them up from now on until I get the design wall out. This is not the final order of the blocks – I will play with it and move things around until I am satisfied with color placement.


I hope this has helped you beginners out there in blog land – I am not the best at step by step, if you have questions – ask! Smile