A little early for it but we did get snow – yesterday morning it looked pretty – but boy was it cold – we had the fireplace going all day and it probably will be going again today too.  The dogwood always looks pretty covered in snow/ice.  I am linking to Freemotion by the River today, and Quilt Story and one more – Esther’s blog: WOW.


We ended up with about an inch but a lot of it was melted as the day went on – but because of a lot of our yard is in the shade it will stick around for a day or two.


A little work on Tumbling into Insanity.


Rounding off the corners on the top there of Diamonds are Forever – the next row all the way across will be the prints – then quite a few more rows of white.



Progress on my Insanity Revisited Saturday night – I am almost done with row #10!




Just a peak of the unfinished kitchen floor– making progress – my stove and refrigerator are both back in place in the kitchen – I made cookies! I baked potatoes and meatloaf – it was so nice to have my stove back – I wish I could have bought a new stove to match our refrigerator that we had to replace a couple years ago – but I am waiting for the stove to fall apart before we do that expense.  I have certainly missed baking the last several weeks.  More floor area to finish as you can see, trim to do in the dining room, cabinets to varnish and countertop put in but slowly it is coming together and most of it – probably not quite all will be done for Thanksgiving.


I had a box of frozen cookie dough that I had ordered from our granddaughter when we visited them in September – school fundraiser – 4 dozen cookies frozen and ready to bake were delivered last week – I just had to immediately turn my oven on and bake cookies.


I never did get around to working on the hexies yesterday – instead I got out my box of mini tumblers that you might remember traveled west to the mountains with us – I haven’t touched them since the end of September – I decided seeing as I was waiting for my specialty ruler and pattern to arrive for the other quilt I showed the other day I would get the tumblers out to work on.

Tumbling into Insanity began as a hand piecing project but because of my hand pains I will be machine piecing it instead – plenty of hand piecing going on with the hexies and the applique with Floral Fantasy.  These are the 2 1/2 inch scrappy tumblers.  I am linking to Judy’s Patchwork Times today and to Marelize’s Stitch by Stitch.


I don’t know how long I will work on it before I tire of these little pieces and switch to the bright colorful fat quarters for the new quilt – bigger pieces too so it will go faster – but that is the nice thing about quilting – one can change projects as desired!!

We didn’t wake up to snow yesterday – finally started to get a little sleet in the evening and the weatherman says it should be snowing in the nighttime –and sure enough – I am writing this at 9 PM Sunday night and it is snowing – I do hope it is just a little bit – we still have leaves on the trees here – I don’t want the branches to get too heavy this early in the season.


I guess I will find out in the morning how much more snow accumulated. Not much more than a dusting right now.  I haven’t even gotten around to putting the chair cushions away yet.



Tuesday was a busy day – mainly inside for me – cold weather has hit almost all of us hasn’t it.  I did run outside for a short while to get my sweet mint & spearmint plants in pots from the garden to take in for the winter so I can enjoy them inside and carried a couple arm loads of firewood up to the porch.  Then it was mainly an inside kind of day for me.

More circles were appliqued –  two of the borders have them sewed on.  I have 11 more circles to applique and then whatever I need for in the corners when the borders are sewed onto the quilt and then of course a wavy vine all the way around.  This scrappy patchwork with not name is coming together.  I am linking to Freshly Pieced Modern today, not that any of my quilts are really all that modern!


More Hexagons are printed for Diamonds are Forever – on to the final two sides.  I spent the time watching the news last night clipping off the ends of the hexies – this can be done with your rotary cutter but I like to just clip them while listening to the news.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today.


This is where the quilt is for now – I am not sure how many rows will go on each side – they will begin with 2 rows of white like the sides already done, then 1 row of color and 2 more rows of white – then we will see how many more to finish it off to the right size.  This quilt is rectangular which isn’t normal for me so it is a do and see as it goes kind of thing.  I have about 25 inches in width to add to this quilt.


This is the area of Floral Fantasy that I was working on Monday night – I have the inside area of the leaf on the left and then the complete leaf on the right to do before I move to the second grouping of applique on this border.  And as you can see I haven’t decided if I will leave that gray piece the way it is or fix it – truthfully it isn’t bothering me all that much right now but I wonder if it well when I’m finishing and quilting – then it will be too late.


One way I keep warm in a chilly old house when the cold weather hits is to make my green hot tea in a thermal mug and just pour a little at a time in my cup as I tend to get distracted from sewing and go back to get a drink only to have cold tea!  I sometimes use a tea cozy with my tea pot but that tends to get cold after awhile too.


The last of the roses from the garden – I got those cut while I was taking care of the mint because they would have froze by this morning for sure.  I dug up some of the rosemary last week as you can see an edge of the plant in this photo too – makes the kitchen smell nice too Smile


It really doesn’t seem like it should be this cold already and for us in the middle of Arkansas it is in the low 40’s for the week daytime and 20’s at night – I do feel for all of you north of us where you got hit with the snow already although from growing up in the north I know that really isn’t that unusual like the news is making it out to be.


Drive across Wyoming

by Karen on September 18, 2014

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On the way out of the Teton campground we saw a total of 5 moose in 3 different areas, I managed to get one photo but it is not clear.  But there are two there.  Glad to have seen them we had hoped to see moose at the Tetons and we did.  Surprisingly though we didn’t see many Elk the entire trip and we normally do.


We had a pretty drive across Wyoming from the Tetons but it is kind of boring with some beautiful scenery here and there.  I sewed more that travel day than most of the other days.

One of our last views of the Tetons with a layer of low lying clouds in the middle – looked very strange.


Back to “Badlands” type of scenery


And gorgeous redrocks


a pretty river


Parked at a rest area – this is on a highway not interstate and there were several nice rest areas.


Shows how isolated this part of Wyoming is. Highway 26.


At our campground in Casper – we are on the very end, you can see our car.  The skies look like winter with the cold front coming through and as I posted earlier in the week we did have a snow storm and ended with about one inch of snow on the car and ground but not on the roads – it got down to a low of 24 the lowest on our trip so far.



Snow Storm In Wyoming

by Karen on September 11, 2014

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I thought I would post today from where we are right now – in the middle of a early fall snow storm – LOL – well it isn’t heavy snow of course but remember we have been living in Arkansas for the past 34 years so it is darn cold today!  We got to Casper WY from the Tetons yesterday afternoon as we had been watching the weather forecast and knew it was coming.  Not knowing how bad it would actually get we thought it better to get out of the mountains before it came.  We are at about 5,000+ elevation here and it has been in the 30’s all day, snow off and on – not collecting on the ground and hopefully it will continue to melt as it does hit the ground.

We ran out for awhile this morning and got laundry done – such a nice laundry we found – amazing really as most times they are not that great to look at.  This was across the street from the laundry this morning.


Yes an electric or gas fireplace on one end, books for the kids to read, movie tapes for them too – how nice to keep the kids occupied.  I have never been in one this nice as I rarely use laundry’s except when we travel.



Taken from the window of the car this morning on our way back from doing the laundry.



the campers driving past our spot – we are on an end and the big ones circle around us to the big spots.


Looking out the bedroom window – would have been much pretty setting in the mountains with the snow falling – but better to play it save then get stuck in the woods for several days before you can get out – have heard that some places are getting inches of the white stuff.


top number is the outside temperature.


Another one going past – at this rate this campground is going to be full before dark – some people might get stuck camping in the Wal-Mart parking lot tonight Sad smile not my ideal place to camp but some people do it – you can park and they do not charge you.  All those bright lights would keep me awake at night though and it just doesn’t seem safe even though a lot do it.  But it is a better place to be then on the road!


Well take it from this transplanted southern gal – I prefer warmer weather for camping – at least in the 50’s!!  so glad warmer weather is supposed to return tomorrow!!  This is what is on the ground right now at almost 5PM I will let you all know what it looks like in the AM Smile a light dusting of snow now clinging to the greenery on the ground by the picnic table.





There really isn’t much going on new here – I did get more quilting done in the evening on Insanity Revisited.


Slowly progress is made – but it is slow!!


Mike spent part of the day cleaning the outside of the  camper – yes you can get on top of the camper and walk around on it, spraying it down, cleaning and checking caulking ect.  I’ve been slowly putting things away in the camper, going through things, taking things out and putting other things in.  Little at a time it gets done.  All well be ready for next month – so glad I can blog openly and know the house will be taken care of while we are gone – aren’t house sitters great!!


It has gotten hot enough and sunny enough the last couple days that I had to spend some time watering the little garden and the log planters – I had completely forgotten about watering as it has been such an usual summer that I have barely watered anything all summer.  I went out last night to cut some spearmint and the peppermint pot looked horribly drooped over – I had to start watering right away – I hope it will look better today.

Enjoying the roses while I can.