Patriotic Table Topper

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More on my Patriotic Table Topper  – Happy to report that last night I finished the machine quilting and all that is left is binding and washing/drying.  This project has taken me a little longer than I thought it would – instead of easy wavy lines or whatever I chose to customize it – what was I thinking LOL

One of my little Moda Frivols box came in handy – I used one of them to keep the little half square triangle blocks in until they were needed.

011 (2)

A couple finished blocks up on the wall grew into a top eventually.

012 (2)

Before I could call the top done I needed to get my border sewed which involved sewing all those tiny above mentioned squares together – 1 inch finished.

001 (3)

And my table topper using the Craftsy Boundless America the Brave line was done.

001 (4)

The border of my design to hopefully complement the pattern – aren’t the colors bright and vibrant – the only thing I would have chosen differently with this bundle is to have the neutrals a little lighter.

003 (3)


008 (3)

Machine quilting

001 (6)

A close up

004 (3)

I will show the topper again after I get it bound and washed – give me a couple days.  I hope everyone has a great weekend – we had 1.25 inches of rain yesterday morning and more to come last night – as of 7 PM when I was writing this it had not started – maybe another 2 inches? well at least we didn’t get what other parts of Arkansas did.

I hope to get back to my Quilty 365 The Final Frontier quilt this weekend in between working on binding.  I think I have about 75 more circles to make.

Craftsy’s flash sale on some supplies and kits  continues through May 1 –  up to 50% off —  I’m glad I got my flannel quilt kit last time as I checked and there are no more!

Boundless by the yard is 35% off right now – 1 yard is $5.20

Boundless Solids by the Yard - None

If  I hadn’t gotten the flannel quilt kit in the last sale I would be getting this one – isn’t it pretty.   This is of course a “Laundry Basket” design one can tell Edyta Sitar’s work at a glance  “Dream Catcher” quilt can be found here. Oh well maybe it will still be there when my budget is betterunlikely huh –  this quilt is 65 x 65 inches – my fabric budget just isn’t going to stretch right now but I would so love it!!!

Moda Color Daze Batiks Dreamcatcher Quilt - White


A Fabric Bundle

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Around the time that I ended up having eye surgery at the end of February I had been givien a bundle of fabric from Craftsy to make something and give a review on it.  I of course had to delay this as my vision was so poor.  Over the last several weeks I have been busy working on a Patriotic looking table runner using the new Craftsy solid line called Boundless – America the Brave.  This is the fabric I was given to work with.  These strips are 6 inches wide by the width of the fabric.  Many shades of red, blue and neutral are included in this bundle of 25 strips.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make and had to go through some books while my vision was coming back.  (The bundles do not all come in 6 inch strips some are 5 inch you need to look through the sizes available in all the colors.)


The many shades included in the bundle.  I have used many different solids over my time as a quilter and I have used Kona Cotton which I think are a little heavier than this line of fabric and I have used Bella Cotton which I think is lighter than this Boundless brand.  So like  Goldie Locks and The Three Bears – this fabric is just right!


As I was to review the fabric I thought I first needed to see if there was any bleed in the dark red and dark blue – I put them in  bowls of water with a color catcher for hours – the color catcher was still white and the water clear hours later.  I figured it was ok to work with!


I chose this pattern to do – narrower than the pattern in the book – I decided for a table topper.  The pattern is in the book called “Quilted Living” by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs.   (this is a “It’s Sew Emma” publication)  The pattern is called “Streamers”.  I decided a table topper in this patriotic fabric would be just right for Memorial  Day at the end of May and The 4th of July also – maybe on the table to decorate that whole time period.

001 (2)

I gave it a scrappy look mixing the neutrals wherever.  The first rectangular block up on the wall.

002 (2)

The pattern calls for you to do the piecing like this and then cut off the triangle at the top.

004 (2)

leaving all these bits behind – I decided to keep those for the border that I was going to do to have the pattern mine.

007 (2)

Giving me all these little blocks – 1.5 inches!   You know me – I can’t waste fabric!!

003 (2)

I have been working on this project for awhile now and have been taking photos along the way and I will blog about it for the next several days catching you up to where I am now with it – struggling my way through machine quilting LOL –

Craftsy is having a flash sale on some supplies and kits right now through May 1 –  up to 50% off you might want to check out the Boundless line – it comes in more colors than those that I was given:

This very colorful array of solids called Crayon Box

Boundless Solids Crayon Box Pre-Cuts - None

Modern Brights

Boundless Solids Modern Brights Pre-Cuts - None

There are more bundles – grays, tangerines, truly traditional, grasslands, modern tradition and it goes on and on  – go have a look and you will see the many colors that are offered.


My Walks Around the Property

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another nice day it was – no A/C humidity was much lower! Back to April weather so I was outside again. I’m reading my second good book in a couple weeks – this one is John Sandford’s newest – Extreme Prey.  I did finish the stems on the first border for the Postage Stamp Quilt.


Small whip stitches on the sides and a running stitch down the middle. I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today for her  link up.


Now on to my walk.  I have been asked what does the area look like that I walk in – not a manicured lawn for sure – more like woodlands.  I have also been asked how big of a place do we have – not all that big as acreage in the country goes.  we have about 3 1/2 acres we bought 34 years ago when land was much cheaper than it is now.   One acre next to the house is all forest and I would say a 1/4 of the land at the very back of our acreage that runs the length of our property at the back of our area is forest.  Too thick with brush to walk through.

In back of the house I walk down towards the trees.  Warning lots of photos this post.


I go into this small clearing in that area and go around that mound – it is in this area that I found 6 more Redbud trees growing the other day! I love redbuds – they will stay.


Most are small but a couple of them are about 3 or 4 feet tall – I always watch where I walk outside as the ground is uneven and there is a possibility for snakes of course.  Watch where you go and you will be ok.


I come out of the area next to the  woods and start to go around this part of the trees – that is the workshop in the distance.


Head out this way into an area that used to be a pasture but we are letting trees grow here and do not use it for anything.


I walk through the middle of this that is where I keep it mowed to – this year we decided to not mow the whole area but to see how many trees will grow instead.  The blue building is across the road and our neighbors workshop.


I go just about up to the road and turn back and go along this tree line – this is where I was clearing out some brush the other day where I told you I found about 9 Redbud trees growing.


This looks back at what used to be a pasture this is where the previous several photos are just at a different angle.


Here I turn and head back to the front yard area.  I want to clear out more of this brush and pick out what trees we want to keep and clear out around them so they can breath and grow tall.  We have several maples in here, oak, elms, redbuds, several cedar some I have no idea what they are – many to choose from.


I walk along the ground cover and turn in between these trees.  You can see how I keep my path mowed so I can see where I am going!


A lot of this ground cover is a Vinca plant – I bought about 2 six packs of plants about 25 years ago and planted it and then we had to dig it up for some reason I don’t remember what and transplanted it here – and it has grown and grown – I dig it up by the shovelful when I want to start it some place else and you normally can’t even tell where I dug a short while later.  There is a drainage ditch here from run off from the road – we are close to the top of the ridge so a lot of water runs through here (and the front yard) when it rains heavy.


I usually do 4 to 6 laps around this walk of mine several times a day if weather permits and finish off with a check of the garden – strawberries


My first experiment with Cabbage and some onions mixed in as well.


My first tomato of the season.


Back up to the house I check my pots of mints this one is spearmint.


Next to the area where the mints are I go up the steps back to the deck where the roses are, so pretty and all opening up.


So there you have it – After I wrote this last night I went out to sit on the deck for awhile with my box of circles – I hope to get a couple done before I get back to my book – more sewing soon – promise!  I am taking a couple evenings of quilting off as I have a sore finger from over use – sticking it too much LOL


The Final Frontier

Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

My Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier is coming along great.  The longest diagonal row has been attached and now they all get shorter from here – but that also means I need to get busy and make more circles!

This stack of 31 blocks is all that is left in my project box from the around 200 that I had when I started to put my rows together!  I have another 25 or so in the living room in another box ready to applique.


When I got the long row attached with the sashing I got out the tape measure to see where it was at – 98 inches!!  once the setting triangles are squared off and I add another indigo sashing around the outside – a little wider than what is here now it will be wide enough and long enough – I was aiming for 100 inch square at minimum.  EDITED:  I am linking to Audrey’s Quilty 365 post for April 30th – although this post was written early in the week I went back and found it.


Another angle – now for all the rest of the rows I will need to move that big coffee table out of the way for a photo – I do have easy glides underneath it so it makes moving it a little easier.  I am linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Sew Fresh Quilts.


It was a very humid warm day yesterday – we actually put the A/C on it was so humid – very uncomfortable – storms coming in – so that is why I got done with some sewing – it was too muggy outside to sit and enjoy the porch all morning!  Hope to get some more sewing done tomorrow.


Circles and Quilting

Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier, Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I really didn’t get a lot done – other than transplanting some purple coneflowers in the morning I spent a good part of the day reading my book.  Finally found a good book to read and it is hard to put it down.  I haven’t had good luck recently with some of the books I have loaded on my kindle.

I did get a couple circles appliqued but I didn’t press that row I did the other day and it is still hanging over the quilting frame!


I have continued to quilt almost every evening on Winter Wonderland –coming along nicely.  Linking to Esther today.


I will get back to all my projects soon – but now back to my book!


Another Nice Day

Winter Wonderland

I said I was going to stitch yesterday and I found myself outside more than inside – it was so nice again.  I watered the garden and planted some more seeds, cut the grass, did laundry, sat on the porch reading a book – and didn’t stitch all day!!  This week is to have rain off and on though so I bet I get some sewing done.

I had decided recently that I needed to step up my exercise.  Those stubborn couple extra pounds on the butt, thigh and stomach area do not seem to want to come off and I’m not all that great about dieting.  I do not need to loose much – 5 pounds maybe and I’ve been saying that for a year going on two.  Luckily I am not short – 5’7.5” and light bone structure – so exercise needs to be stepped up a little.  I have a Fitbit and 8 days in a row now I have done 10,000 – 12,000 steps – it varies for everyone on how many miles that equals but yesterday I did just under 5 miles and 62 active minutes.  I well try very hard to keep that up and not be lazy.  I do a lot of walking here at home going round and round the property that is not in the woods, I have a path almost beaten down LOL 5 times around it is about a mile.  I never do my exercise all at once but it is broken up 10 minutes here, 30 there and on and on.  I exercise at the fitness center too 3 or 4 days a week so it isn’t all done here at home.

Some quilting did get done on the quilting frame Saturday night and progress was made – today I want to get one or two rows of the circles added to The Final Frontier – wish me luck but the David Baldacci novel “The Last Mile” is calling to me.  This time of the year will find me more outside for the next month or so unless it is raining – By June it will get hot and then I will be sewing more again.


How about all of you do you find you take a break from quilting /sewing when spring comes and that you do not do as much of it until the heat comes and you are inside with the A/C running?