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Murrieta Stars is coming along and will come along faster now that I decided to forego flowers or anything fancy and just get on with straight stitching on this flannel quilt.  This half of the quilt in the section across that I reach is now done.


This much to go before it gets rolled down and one row of stars is complete and 5 more rows of stars to complete – I am working on the second row of them right now.


I am putting together a small quilt from the charm package that I won mixing them with a charm package of Kona Snow that I got on a daily deal from Fat Quarter Shop I think for 99 cents – so with a backing from the stash and batting pieced together from left overs you are talking basically a small free quilt – I will probably mail this off to someone in need of a donation quilt – if anyone needs a small quilt let me know – I’m not sure what the size will be and a border will be added to make it large enough to use.


A little work is started on the left hand side of Handful of Scraps – I figured I better get back to work on this and get it finished.  I do not know what size it will be still but I will add the three rows on to the left side and then decide from there – this will make the quilt 56 x 62 when I finish this section.

IMG_3825 (2)

Leaves were mulched in this section of the yard and yes a little more will fall down and need to be cleaned up but it won’t be as much as what I took care of the last 3 days.


All the mulched up leaves are being dumped all around the raised beds to keep weeds from growing too close.  And yes this area needs to be mulched still too!  It never ends in a yard this big.


I still have some marigolds and petunias growing – looking pretty still but straggly.


I still have some roses growing too – this one taken through the sewing room window

IMG_3819 (2)

the pretty trees in back of the workshop

IMG_3815 (2)

And the ferns are still alive on the porch – I am keeping an eye on the nightly temperatures and only have protected them once for two nights – will possibly have to do that again for a night or two – I wonder how long they will stay alive – I really think they will die if I bring them in the house and have little natural light for them in the winter and the house gets too dry for ferns.


More yard work to do but very windy tomorrow they say so maybe it will be inside work instead?


Stick On Thimbles

Sewing Notions

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I couldn’t find something in the new sewing room – after all the organizing I guess that isn’t unusual – I don’t remember if I had mentioned what it was I lost – it was a small case to keep my stick on thimbles.  I had gotten it some years ago and it is very handy to have  – they don’t sell it anymore – I liked it enough that when after two days of looking and not finding I thought about buying another as it wasn’t pricey – just handy – well it is no longer being sold – of course isn’t that the way it usually it.  I didn’t see them listed anywhere.

Well yesterday when I was thinking about what to do with the hand quilting on Murrieta Stars I remembered some darker thread that I have for the Midnight Garden Wool Applique that I started last year and has been sitting aside for nearly a year now – I remember where I put the box of thread to go with that project and low and behold –I found my thimble case plus two extra stick on thimbles – in the thread container!  (and an extra pair of scissors that I would have missed sooner or later also)


The metal circle on the center in the lower portion is the one I use now – I forgot to move it I had sat it there so I could take photos – linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict Crazy Mom Quilts


The two sitting above it are extras that were made just a little differently when they first started these.  I like the one at the very bottom as it has a ridge all the way around and the needle stays in that area – the other ones have no ridge so the needle isn’t as easily controlled.  I can not wear regular thimbles – I can’t have anything with a ridge type of thing like regular thimbles close to my joints or I get small cysts forming and I find leather thimbles cumbersome.  If you know you do not need to change the sticky pad you can stick it to the round circles on the case and just peel it off to use next time that is why I have this stuck on it like that.


They come in this little plastic case now it is called Thimble Pack Plus and has the sticky pieces for the metal thimble and one for your under the quilt finger which I do not use and one for the finger on top plus the leather pieces.   I much prefer the case above for traveling.  The link goes to Amazon but they are available at some quilt shops and on line quilt shops as well.


This is how I use the thimbles – even though I have extra metal thimbles I can not wear two of them at the same time and have my fingers cooperate – if I wear one on my thumb it just doesn’t work out so I use a leather stick on thimble on it.   I use the same leather thimble sometimes for a week – the other one has the little white sticky pads that you attach to it (show in the above photo stuck to the two in the plastic container) for me again I can wear the same one for almost a week before it will no longer stick.  Maybe I’m just lucky? I have heard of others though that use them too.  I quilt with both fingers – going towards me or away from me, and side to side – with a floor standing frame that is possible although you do turn your body this way and that but I am used to it and it is how I do it.


Oh and what did I decide to do for quilting Murrieta Stars in the blank spaces – just a grid.  I tried out two different colors of thread and different thicknesses also and just didn’t like it – I think the flannel just distorts the design – I had never quilted flannel before so this is a learning experience – I like quilting on flannel – but I think it is best to keep the design simple.  No new photo of it – I have all the thread picked out from the sunflower and spritzed the designs out with water and needed to remark my grid on it and get busy.


Sunflower Quilting hmm–not sure

Bird Brain, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Round We Go

Ok I am disappointed with the sunflower quilting in the plain square in Murrieta Stars to the point that I might pick it out and choose something else.  I do not like it when you stand back and can not see what the design is – another color thread – or just too much for the flannel –  close up–

IMG_3797 (2)

From a little further away – I decided to not quilt last night until I could decide if I wanted to keep it – I almost think the other flower that I used in the border might suit it better – not so many lines and that would show up better.

IMG_3798 (2)

Here is the flower at the very beginning – it doesn’t show up really well either – I think flannel makes for designs harder to see – maybe just a grid would be better on this plain squares?  I feel like I am wasting my time putting in a flower when you can’t make out the design well.


Other than pondering over the quilt above I did make one more bird and so now there are 12 of them.  Bird Brain coming along.

IMG_3795 (2)

Round We Go – and now there are 9

IMG_3799 (2)

I won a little give away a week or so ago and this arrived in the mail from Quiltmaker – a nice little package of fall color charm squares.  Thank you Quiltmaker.




Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier, Round We Go

On Monday night I get a bit more quilting done on Murrieta Stars – it really is coming along nicely – I do get bent needles but only when I am going through some thick seams and got a strange hold on to the needle by accident.  The needles are working out otherwise.

IMG_3783 (2)

A close up of the stitches – the actual color of the fabric is somewhat between the two of these – can never get this color just right.


Almost done with this one and planned to finish it last night while watching NCIS.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts Midweek Makers #98Jo’s Country Junction — and Quilt Infatuation.

IMG_3791 (2)

Aniya’s 6th birthday is at the end of the week and Melanie brought her over to open a present I got her – a big jug of craft supplies

IMG_3787 (2)

And she had made this for me before she left – she also threaten to steal my quilts and bring them home with her – she is so silly – and yes she has one that I made her but she wanted The Final Frontier that is back on the bed – she can’t have it – it’s mine LOL

IMG_3790 (2)

The Final Frontier made last year and finished at the end of the year – my winter quilt – wool batting- hand quilted, needle turn applique

IMG_3794 (2)



Design Wall

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Round We Go, sewing room

A design wall really comes in handy when you step back and look at colors – why I didn’t think to pin the Round We Go circle to the wall to see the colors I don’t know why.  I agreed with all of you yesterday that the star points needed to be different then the pretty light green I had selected first.  I really don’t know why I it takes me awhile to pick color sometimes.  So I got my red/pink box off the shelf and started to dig through them and I found one that suited it.  I only needed to re-do 3 pieces so it was an easy fix to cut and glue baste the pieces – here it is pinned to the wall.

IMG_3774 (2)

And I got it part way put together yesterday


I love that my boxes of fabric are now neatly organized.

fabric shelf

It is so handy having this cupboard in the corner of the room part way behind the door – it is out of the way and handy at the same time.

quilting supplies storage cabinet

This part of Murrieta Stars was done on Sunday night while playing Word With Friends with my sister in Maryland – we have an on going game for several years – we chat at the same time and I quilt while waiting for her to play her turn and type in her chat.  Occasionally there is more than one game going on and I am also playing and chatting with my daughter in Wisconsin at the same time that I am playing with Vicki – multi-tasking LOL – I am almost always listening/watching a Netflix show or Amazon Prime – no wonder I can watch shows more than once – I miss a lot the first time around LOL.


I rolled Murrieta Stars down yesterday morning and now it was set up to work on it last night – this is the area I am starting at and now the first row of stars is about finished, only one square in each block needs to be finished and I will start working on the sunflower in the middle of each plain block.  I will not be able to reach the whole sunflower in each block this time though so I will need to roll it down one more time after that to finish the tops of the flowers I think or at least the grid – I will roll it back to get a full photo of a sunflower later.


I didn’t get done with any yard work yesterday but I did get over 12,000 steps once again for the day! my goal now that I am finally achieving 10,000+ almost every day is to aim to 11,000-12,000 a day – my ultimate goal is 12,000 every day.  I want to be in shape for my age (65) and still be able to do things when I get well into my 70’s without difficulty if I can.

Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.





Round We Go

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Round We Go

Thought I better get back to Round We Go if I am going to keep up with 4 a month – I have not done any this month.  I thought I selected the colors right, now I look at the photo and think the light green triangles might be too light.  Do you think the Star shape stands out enough or should I look for a shade or two darker or even go with the same shade used in the bigger “almost” red pieces?  I haven’t started the stitching so it can still be changed – I messed up on a couple of these and really trying to select the star colors better so they stand out!


Got done with this are of Murrieta Stars Saturday night.

IMG_3769 (2)

And worked on marking this area and started the quilting last night.

IMG_3770 (2)

Fall Harvest is now folded and put away in the “to be quilted” box and I took Handful of Scraps off the wall as I will start to get back to work on it in the next couple days.  There are two applique projects that are not on the wall and maybe I should put them up so I remember them!! Hope to get back to work on them soon.

IMG_3771 (2)

It was so nice yesterday – I got to work outside and got a lot of leaves raked up and ready to get mulched with the mower this week and spread mulch all around the garden area to keep weeds from growing.  Mike got a new battery for the car – I had a dead car yesterday, luckily we were at the same place but had taken separate vehicles (fitness center) as we were going to different places when we got done with our workouts  – was able to jump start the battery and brought it home so Mike could check the battery out – yup needed a new one – the week before I had a flat tire in the driveway – had been a slow leak from a nail – what next? hope that is it!

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