Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, Winter Wonderland

I skipped quilting at the quilting frame last night and picked up the Postage Stamp border to work on instead.  Half of the stem are now on the second border – a ways to go on this one still.  Always hard to get a photo of this one because of how long it is.


I tried to get a close up of the stitches by putting it close to the table light – the colors aren’t quite right but you can see the stitches.


Three of the six center pieces for the Handful of Scraps are finished.  I will continue to put these together then I think I will finish the center of this quilt before moving outwards on it.  I am getting the hang of the EPP and actually enjoying it.  I think the process goes faster than the other method I have done in the past.  I am linking to Quilt Story today for Fabric Tuesday where I won a prize this week!!  Always so nice.  I am also linking to Esther’s blog


I am about half way done with the row of blocks I was quilting on over the weekend – a lot of work still left on this one as these rows go a little slowly – kind of  boring really as they are all the same – but easy because of it.


To grow strawberries or not – that is the question – a waste of space?  Needed a good rinse as you can see – I have to pick them before they are really ripe or the critters get them.  So far I have picked two times with this amount several days apart so that means they get washed and eaten – certainly not enough to save for a dessert!  I tried growing strawberries another time and that venture lasted 3 years I think and still hardly had anything out of them.  A wire mesh cage would need to be put down over them I think.  When I think of what I can just buy at the store instead it leads me to think I need to pull the berry plants out when they are done and plant something else and forget about berries.  What I get is not worth the space.  Do any of you grow strawberries? How many plants or long of rows do you have to make it worth while to get enough to use?


Amazing the cooler weather we have had for almost a week now and will continue in the low 70’s now for the next couple of days – yesterday was a high of 60 degrees for the middle of May – not a usual happening here in north central Arkansas.  I haven’t had to turn the heat on to warm the house up, but it is close!  The sun wasn’t out at all yesterday and jeans and sweatshirt was the choice all day.  I won’t complain – I know the warm weather well be here soon enough and then we will complain about that.


Hexies and things

Handful of Scraps, Wagon's West (dresden plates)

I feel like I did not get done with much on Sunday – I know I was busy but it was one of those days were you do not feel like you got done with anything.

More hexies for another diamond shape for the center of  Handful of Scraps were cut out and basted – so that was one thing – that will make the 3rd one.


Here are the first two pinned to the wall.


One more square for Wagon’s West was in the box maybe I will put it on the back of the quilt – not really sure –  what I will do with it.


Hydrangeas are beginning to get ready and I cut all the roses that were left on the bush, we are to get rain off and on all week and it always seems like the rain ruins the blooms so I cut them and now they can start all over again.


I was  curious as to how many tomatoes had already started as when I was checking out the garden it seemed like I was seeing a lot of them – 3 dozen with 4 plants going.


Bunny rabbits on my trail – some evenings if I get in a walk around the property I will see anywhere from 2 to 10 of them, they try to stay nice and still and won’t hop away until I am almost next to them.


I am linking to Em’s Scrapbag today and Cooking Up QuiltsMCM#20.

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Wagon’s West

Wagon's West (dresden plates), Winter Wonderland

I don’t know if any of you remember the quilt I called “Wagon’s West” I started it last year when we were traveling in the motorhome – the squares were done with Inklingo and hand pieced – well some of them were hand pieced some by machine when we got home.  It has sat it aside for awhile now as I had grown tired of.  I love the quilt but got tired of making it.  Right now it is couch size – 56 x 70 and I think that is the size it is staying!  Yes I well quilt it and call it done.  I will do machine quilting on this one and continue to practice that art LOL  I will be machine quilting for a month at least most likely but I want to take my time with it and do a good job on it.   I have some of the fabric from the layer cake still in the project box and it is possible I will stitch a lot of pieces together for a multi-color binding – a lot of seams yes but they do not have to be on a bias – I can take tiny stitches and press seams open so it will lay flat better.   I have too many quilts in project boxes and really want to get some of them done this summer!  They do not all have to be big bed size quilts although I do like them that size.


I rolled Winter Wonderland down and this is it – the end is now in sight.  I thought I had seven more rows to quilt but it is 5 rows – each row has been taking about 4-6 days to complete.


For Slow Sunday Stitching I will be working on my hexies and/or the wool applique for the Postage Stamp quilt that I showed the other day.

An idea on how to use your over abundance of fresh sweet mints and other mints this summer. Chocolate Mint cookies!  I was going to post a photo of these cookies but they are on another’s persons blog – I asked permission but have not heard back from her so if you are interested in the recipe go to her blog to check it out using the link above.  I know I well have way too much mint for tea only so thought I might try this recipe out soon.

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Handful of Scraps

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, Winter Wonderland

Just more of the same old stuff today —  hexies – I can see why people find these addicting.  I know on the quilt that I did hexies by hand with a running stitch I found them easy and it might just be that that method is easier but it is always nice to try a new way for something different.  Yesterday I got more fabric pressed for them and cut out – I am only doing the pepping for one section at a time picking out fabric as I go.

I stuck these two up on the wall with a couple pins to see what they would be like – the top one is finished and the light blue area on the second is about half way done – a circle of six of these make up the middle of the quilt with a “flower” in the center – they are joined with a light color.  I have a lot of shirting’s and some others in the bundle that was included in one of bundles that I am using.


I don’t really know how much fabric I will be using of these pieces but these are the fabrics I am starting with.


This first section of stems is now stitched down on the border for the Postage Stamp and I have another ready to stitch this weekend.


Done quilting the center of Winter Wonderland and now it will be row after row of the remaining blocks – it will make it a little boring but as I roll it down I will be encouraged to quilt as I see the end coming in sight.


The garden is growing and growing as we have had a little rain here and there and I have not had to water it often.  I can tell my pots of mint family will be going crazy soon and I will need to get the dehydrator out soon and start drying leaves.  I will store in quart jars I think  if I have any – I know I have pint jars.  I use dried mint for herbal teas all year round and fresh by seeping in hot water and then either refrigerator for cold drinks or hot whichever I want.  Are there any special uses that y’all use them for?  I have spearmint, peppermint, sweet mint and lemon balm.  Any uses other than drinks?

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Thanks to all that order through my links I do appreciate it.

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A Good Start

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt

I just had to work on the first part of “Handful of Scraps” my newest quilt – and I managed to get done with one of the first center diamond shapes in my first EPP quilt ever.  I have made little EPP pieces here and there as applique flowers but never one that I plan to do a whole quilt.  Any quilt of mine that you might have thought were EPP where not – they were regular hand piecing with a running stitch.  I wanted to try something new to me for this quilt.  My fingers didn’t ache too much so that is great.  I do not intend to work on it every single day and will now take a day or two to work on the Postage Stamp quilt border.  EDITED: it was brought to my attention that some of the patterns in Edyta Sitar’s book “Handful of Scraps” have mistakes , I went to her web site and checked it out.  She has a support page where she lists corrects.  If you have the book you might want to check this out  go to the book cover and click and it will tell you if corrections need to be made — there are none in the pattern that I am making.

One shape down and how many to go?  These are 3/4 inch hexies.


One section of stems are fused pressed down on the second of the borders for the is quilt – I want to get all the stems done first then I will start on flowers and leaves – this way by getting the stems done I can better figure where I want to put flowers – I need to see if I can stretch my wool out that I have between the two borders without having to purchase more – I don’t know if that will be successful or not – I have plenty more green that I can tell I well have plenty for the rest of the stems needed and plenty for leafs as well.  I will work on stitching these stems down today and get another grouping pressed down as well I think.


This part of Winter Wonderland was worked on Wednesday night.  It is coming along nicely – yes someone asked this is queen size.  I think I have 7 more rows to quilt when it gets rolled down in a couple more days.  I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Fort Worth Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts.


I ordered the dark purple Fossil Fern from Crafsty ( I think that link will take you to the color I ordered  if you want a look)  for the backing of the Final Frontier and some King Tut variegated thread called Jewel Nile to do the quilting.  Now to order the batting — Craftsy didn’t have the size I wanted – so I must do some searches.

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Thanks to all that order through my links I do appreciate it.

The sale goes through the 15th.


Hexies, Circles and A Sale

Craftsy, Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

I think it will come to no ones surprise that I started a new project yesterday – working on just one thing was getting kind of tiring but also – I just about finished it!!  The circles have come to an end – well other than sewing the final sashing strips for the outside border.  I had decided to stay with the skinny sashing that I had been using – this will make The Final Frontier 100” square – but then thought of course with shrink up after quilting and washing/drying it will be a little smaller so I think I will cut a wider border for the outside edges maybe 3 or 4 inches – but for now  – all squared up



– I just didn’t feel like getting this sewed on yesterday.  This quilt was made entirely from Fossil Fern charm packages – (I believe these are sold out right now but they are on order if you are interested in them ) about 450 pieces of 5 inch squares and 4 yards of indigo blue fossil fern, so glad I have an extra 2 yards of that indigo for the final border strips–  Yardage for fossil ferns listed here.  I will need to measure and decide for sure how wide of strips I can go with before I cut.  I think I will order more of the yardage for the backing seeing as it is on sale.

Here it was spread out over the extended table before I got busy squaring it up.


When I was thinking narrow sashing I took this photo – but then decided I do have enough fabric left to make it wider – I will just need to piece it together.


Outside on the porch to enjoy the day with a nice cold glass of spearmint herbal tea freshly made from what I am growing – the tea was greener before the ice started to melt LOL.


and my newest project!  the cover of the book quilt by Edyta Sitar.  Edyta calls this quilt “Flower Garden” but I think I will be calling it after the name of the book – “Handful of Scraps” I will be using a lot of different colors in this quilt and sticking with about 3 different bundles that I have plus others as needed.


Part way started with one of the clusters for the middle of the quilt.


Don’t forget if you want to make your own Patriotic Quilt for Memorial Day or Fourth of July you can find the Boundless America the Brave fabric at Craftsy.


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