Winter? Don’t Think So

Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars - Flannel, Retro Air Ship Propeller's

What happened to winter? it is near 70 here again – I spent about an hour yesterday raking up leaves out of the flower beds – I still have 3 more beds to clear and I really have to think about getting some tall fencing wire to string around my raised beds this year – the deer went crazy last year and destroyed my green beans and sweet potatoes.  I better get that done before it is time to plant the garden seeing as we will be home again this year and not traveling as Mike’s contract job will go into next year.

I did get time in for a little bit of sewing and will be finishing up a hexie for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy.  This one finished – one of 8 needed to finish up the main part of Handful of Scraps.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework.


And this one needs to be finished, I thought I had it all thread basted as it was all stacked to fool me and then realized the ones on the bottom of the pile were not basted.


One Retro Air Ship Propeller block cut out and waiting for the machine – I’m not sure if I am happy with the fussy cut circle in the middle and might trade it out for another and save this one for another one – even though the colors do not have to match up or go together – this is scrappy after all, I just do not think I like it with this one.


Anyone remember this pattern that I got in a kit last year – flannel – well I have it out and will hopefully start it next week or the week after – I think it is about time – it might be closer to two years since I got it actually.


My computer seems to be on its last legs and it is time to get a new lap top – the fan is constantly going (well almost) and it is running hot – I have been unplugging it and shutting it off after writing my blog post or when I need to use it and using the Ipad mostly.  I’m not sure when I got this one – maybe 4 years ago? Doesn’t seem like a long enough time.


The Thread

Handful of Scraps, Retro Air Ship Propeller's

I will take a couple days away from the Scrappy Stars as I said — I will  be machine quilting it and in the meantime I need to decide on what color thread – I do not have much as mostly I have small spools but I have begun to gather up a small collection of cones and that is what I use for the machine quilting.  Now to decide – the light blue or the gray?  I will decide over the next couple days.  I will also look over the smaller spools that I have and see if it is possibly that I have enough of any of them – doubtful!  I have found the best thread that works for my Juki is the Presencia #60 – I know there are other threads out there and a lot like Aurifil, but when I got my machine from another quilter she told me that for some reason it seemed to work the best with Presencia 60 weight and I tried some others to see how they were and almost always had trouble immediately with the tension – I am not good with tension!!  I went back to Presencia and never have trouble – I think I will stick with it.  I don’t like tension issues LOL – I need to get more colors though – the white is for piecing and the blue and gray are new – the light lavender was used on two other quilts.  The cones really last a long time.  I have smaller spools of black and beige.


Yesterday was a particularly lazy sewing day – we had not been home for a good part of the day as Mike was off and we had things to do – getting home in the middle of the afternoon didn’t give me time to really sit and sew – I did get this part of a hexie done though for the Handful of Scraps.


A little bit of basting was done on Thursday so I have one more about ready to work on.


I got the project box out for the Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks to take a look – I think I might try to work on one or two of these this weekend.  They have been neglected – more scraps to use up but I have to use larger pieces for these – I look through the fat quarters and almost fat quarters.  I’m linking to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


A new Craftsy fabric in the Boundless line is out – have you seen this quilt kit that uses the Boundless Flower Shop fabric – this kit is called “Mirage” by Janice Ryan.  The kit is $98.15 it makes a quilt 64 x80 inches and has 11 yards of fabric in it.  The link will take you to the kit where you can click on more photos to see the fabric up close – pretty!



Scrappy Stars–Finished

scrap quilts

Yes the top is done!  Nice feeling to have another finish this early in the year.  Bigger than I had originally intended – but this is a nice size and I can still do the quilting by my machine if I want to.  The Juki can handle a big quilt.   I’m not rushing into quilting it immediately I plan on taking a short break from it!  Finished at 79 x 92 inches.  I could have made it square like I do a lot of mine but it would have meant doing one more row and I was running low on a variety of aqua fabric and only have two colors left.

When I started the 16 patch centers this box was full of 2 inch squares – now–  A very noticeable dent has been made in the 2 inch box!!!  And that is a good feeling – sometimes when making a scrap quilt you feel like no progress was made in the scraps – this time there was.  I was down to mostly browns and greens and of course the white which I had not used.  I managed to find enough color variety to finish the last sashing last night.


The Scrappy Stars top finished!  And it does look totally different than I had originally planned – once I added the scrappy sashing it completely changed the look of it.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Fort Worth Fabric Studio and A Quilting Readers Garden.


A close up.  I used the Accu Quilt cutter for some of it – I do not have one for the 2 inch squares and most of those had been cut a long time ago – the white squares are 3 inches finished cut with die # 55701 and the star point units are made with #55703 also finishing at 3 inches – you of course do not need the die’s I just happened to have the right size and made use of them.



When Life Gives You Scraps

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, scrap quilts

You make scrappy quilts! I think everything I am making now is coming from the scrap bins or fat quarters.  Anything smaller than a fat quarter I call a scrap – some of you might not but I do.  What do you call a scrap?

Tuesday night I worked more on hand quilting and can now say that the 6th of 8 rows of the Postage Stamp quilt is finished – I laid it out on the floor to try to take a photo of what is left to do.  Looking at it from the side the border and the two rows above it need to be quilted.


I will continue here in the middle and work my way out to one of the sides when I pick it up again.


This hexie for Handful of Scraps is now thread basted and ready to work on.


The final row of Scrappy Stars is made but not attached – I had a killer headache yesterday and it bothered me all day – the blocks got sewed and then put aside – I hope the headache is gone today and won’t come back – rarely do I have a headache last all day like the one from yesterday did.  I have 3 long sashing’s to make.   A question:   I have had several readers ask if I was making the same sashing for the sides – my thought was of coursewhy was it questioned?  When you make a pieced sashing do you not attach long rows of pieced sashing to the areas between the rows, the top, bottom and sides?   Do I do it differently then some of you?



A Busy Sewing Day

Handful of Scraps, scrap quilts

I think I spent almost all day with fabric yesterday other than an hour at the dentist to find out that I need another crown but that it could wait until early next week – I wasn’t sure when I made the appointment what was wrong – just that I had a sore tooth – turns out it is a cracked molar! oh well it doesn’t hurt a lot and Monday it will be taken care of – I was just glad I was able to get in right away to have it looked at.

Between cutting hundreds more hexagons for Handful of Scraps and sewing dozens of two inch squares into sashing for Scrappy Stars – a lot got done on such a rainy day – a light rain all day was needed in our area.  Of course a lot gets done in the sewing department some days because I spend a lot of time by myself – Mike is working some crazy hours sometimes and I have the house to myself and food only gets cooked if I feel like it and I do make use of leftovers.

Two more hexagon  flowers are needed for each corner of this quilt that has taken at least a year to get to this point – – actually I just looked it up in my little notebook that I jot quilting things down in and it seems I started this quilt on May 12, 2016 so not even a year still!!


this well be one of the new hexies


and all the rest – over 200 neutrals cut and 8 hexie flowers now in the can- most need to be basted and sewed.  I will be working on this over the next week or so.


AccuQuilt dye for hexies makes it easy fast work once you figure out what fabric you want to use.  (Also the sale at AccuQuilt continues through the month Buy More Save More – ALL GO Dies on sale now.)  (this die that I have cuts both papers and fabric for one inch hexies – I also have one that is for 1/2 inch hexies)


10 short sashing strips for the last two rows of Scrappy Stars and one of the 4 long strips needed still.


One more row of blocks needed to be put together – the long row of sashing on the top is just laying there right now for the photo – that is the first step to work on today before getting the last row put together and then make the 3 long sashing strips to finish this quilt off.


Hope you had a great day!  Linking to Scraptastic Tuesday, Sew Fresh Quilts , Jo’s Country Junction , My Quilt Infatuation,  & Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers


Wool Applique

family, Handful of Scraps, Midnight Garden

Yesterday I didn’t touch the Star Quilt – I decided to finish the wool applique block instead and it is except for the embroidery embellishing that will take place when I get ready to put all the blocks together.  Seeing as I have just started this wall hanging it will be awhile before all nine blocks are finished and ready to put together!

So here is the first Midnight Garden block done other than embroidery!


My stitching isn’t perfect but hopefully I can improve that as I go along – I mainly used wool thread which is harder to use then regular embroidery thread or perle cotton.  I did use Thread Heaven to coat the strands and that did help but you have to be careful or your thread can break – gently as you pull through the fabric.  I do not plan on washing this wall hanging so if there is any fraying of wool it should be ok.  I will use tape to mark quilt lines if needed or I might just do a free style hand quilting on it – right now I was thinking diagonal lines but that is a way off so plans can change.


The dotted lines show you were the embroidery embellishing should be.  I think I will do the parts by the center of the coneflowers though before I set it aside and then do the tendrils when I put the blocks together as they are meant to overlap the blocks and create more of a joining if you know what I mean.  Linking to Esther’s Blog today.


As this photo shows – the pattern is by Deborah Kemball.  I’m not sure which block I will do next and just noticed those tiny orange flowers are on every single block!! darn it those were a pain to do.  Which block should I plan to do next?


I did get Handful of Scraps out to see what the next step was and could I start stitching anything before I made the final 8 hexie flowers – I need a row of neutrals all the way around – well that is except for the hexies on the top and bottom and both sides – you leave one side with none.  I have to cut and make more hexies though – I have no where near the variety that I need but I was able to get started and put about ten on total and took this photo right after I got started.  At the very upper left you can see what I mean with the neutrals outlining the pieces.


This is all I had left to work with.


Mike surprised me on Monday night with an early Valentine present – he is working late tonight – I really wasn’t expecting anything as he had gotten a nice jar of dark chocolates for me when I got home from my sister’s and I thought that was an early Valentine present!  Pretty dark red roses with some lilies to be opening any day.


In the bag – a supply of dark chocolate to last me a half of a year!!  Really I do not sit and stuff it in my face – I allow myself 2 or 3 pieces a day as “they” say dark chocolate is good for you in moderation LOL – so I treat it like a medical thing –and  if you believe that I have another story for you LOL


As I mentioned yesterday my web server has been having a bit of problems and we have learned they are doing “work on it” which means over the last month there are times when the blog doesn’t show up – if you have experienced that when you come to look – yes I know about it – and no there is nothing I can do about it or nothing that I know of.  One of these days I hope they have solved the problem and that it will be working all the time – if it isn’t there when you come to look please come back later in the day – it seems to be mainly night time and early morning when it happens.

An unplanned dental visit today – I have had a sensitive tooth the last couple weeks and they fit me in to see what is going on with it – I should have time to work on more sashing this morning though – I would like to get those final two rows of the Scrappy Stars finished – if not today then in the next couple for sure!

My daughter Jessica from All She Cooks now has a You-Tube channel – feel free to check it out.