When I rolled down Insanity Revisited Tuesday night I realized I had been seeing the half way point for some time now and hadn’t really thought about it.  It is always nice to see that.  See my orange handled scissors – that block is the half way point – Row 7 half way across.


The area I worked on Tuesday night.


I finished up the row going down on the left side making this scrappy patchwork grow some more.    Now six rows by six rows – these are 8.5 inch blocks.


Only three more colors of diamonds to cut for the Lemoyne Star wall hanging – get these in the box and put it aside for the trip.


And the Diamonds are Forever strip grew just a little more also.  Little by little things get done.


Just wanted to let you know I saw a new fabric line on the Craftsy site. RJR Palette Jinny Beyer basics Craftsy has for – $6.74 a yard  – you can order by the 1/2 yard, 1, 2, 3, or 4 yard cuts – great looking prints that are a mottled type that are read more solid than print – variety of colors.  I really love the black print.  Some classes are on sale and besides the fabric shown below there are some other new pieces added also.  Countries shipped to here.

RJR Palette by the Yard null

Wouldn’t you know more rain is expected today – possibly up to 4.5 inches!! say it isn’t so – I’m getting a bit tired of all this rain!!  But the cool temperatures sure is nice – two days in the 70’s so far and maybe 2 more.  Windows have been open!


77 for a high temperature yesterday in the middle of July – rarely seen here in Arkansas and we might actually get down to 58 last night! Talk about nice.  It was all about wandering around the yard and windows open while doing some sewing as well.

This is my big acorn squash plant that has taken over one of my log planters.  We always had acorn squash planted in Wisconsin where I grew up but I never tried it here in Arkansas – and where hardly anything in my garden has grown well this summer these plants have just taken off and I have about 8+ squash growing on them.  Now well they be ready for picking before we leave? That remains the question – I have two that are very green but I am not sure when they are considered ready!


Here is the oldest and greenest of the squash – do I have to wait for them to fall off or just twist them off – I need to google and find out!


Here is another – these are about the size of a man’s hand I guess – about what you see in the store.


Between too much rain and forgetting to water in between I guess the flowers are not doing too badly.


The roses have not been real prolific this summer but enough to be pretty.


The poor looking apple tree with the leaves and branches nibbled down from the deer – I wonder if it will look any better after it stays protected for awhile.  Looks kind of poor now.


Lilies all over the place like usual.


I did get some more 16 patch blocks done, 3 more blocks and I think this well be about 48” x 48” I might do about 2 more rows in length and it will be a good baby size.  I had to get into my box of white scraps and cut more 2.5 inch squares I had run out of them.  Linking to Lee’s Freshly Pieced Modern today and Lorna’s Let’s Bee Social.


Two hours of quilting on Monday night had me just about finishing a row on Insanity Revisited so I could roll it down – I will have finished the row last night and roll it down this morning I’m sure.



And a little more on the last of the long rows of Diamonds Are Forever– It has been suggested to take the last bits along to finish on the road and attach it to the main body of the quilt when I get back – I might just do that – depends on how much is left to do.


Another nice day today and I have the whole day to fill in – I was supposed to have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon and they cancelled on me yesterday afternoon like they have done several times in the past,  now I have to wait until just a couple days before we leave when I’m super busy – I hate it when that happens.


Cool Weather?

by Karen on July 15, 2014

in Diamonds Are Forever, Inklingo, LeMoyne Stars

The weatherman is saying we will be setting close to record low temperatures this week – would be nice! Maybe today will be a windows open day!

I don’t feel like I  accomplished all that much yesterday – when doing hand work it goes slowly Smile  I didn’t do any machine work so no patchwork up on the design wall to share, I didn’t quilt Sunday night so no Dear Jane progress to share.

I did get the rest of the quarter Square Triangles cut for the Lemoyne Star wall hanging that will be traveling with me and some more of the diamonds for the stars -  I have a lot more diamonds to cut.  They are little and takes some patience.


I have the beginnings of the last long row of Diamonds are Forever started.  Now that I will be working in the sides of the quilt also the strip at the beginning has more white pieces in it – just this area though at the top.  Maybe now the rest of the strip will go faster.  Linking to Freemotion by the River today and Esther’s Blog of the Love Entwined fame!


Now to relax with a cup of tea that I just poured and thought I would get this post written up while it brews – I think I will read a chapter or two of my book before I start to quilt this evening (written Monday night).  Love this Pomegranate Oolong that I found awhile back – Harney & Sons Fine Teas – sold at Barnes & Noble and on line (Barnes and Nobles sells some varieties of their teas but not all of them – comes in a nice looking can)  A very light tasting tea.



Wow this quilt is coming to an end – one day! But it is getting nearer and nearer.  Last night I was able to sew the whole 12th row on while we watched tv and start the beginning of the last long row going diagonal.

One last long row on Diamonds are Forever and then it gets shorter and shorter as the side fills in.  I still haven’t decided what I will do for a border on this quilt – I think I want to put a border on it but I’m just not sure.  I will think about it on our trip from time to time I’m sure.  I’m tempted to bring it with me to finish up but I know I would start to trip over it at times it is getting so big.  I really do not think I will finish this before we leave – I might try!  Linked to A Quilting Reader’s Garden for hexies and also to Patchwork Times


This many stacks of Diamonds left to use – and the one on the right is the row I am working on now.


I was lucky and I had just enough of the buttercream very light yellow batik left over from Insanity Revisited to use for the little Lemoyne Stars block.  I now have all the pieces printed out and cutting has started.  I had such a little bit of the fabric left when I got done!  I’m glad I had enough.   It was so hot outside yesterday that first thing in the morning we fenced in the apple tree with a round of tall wire fencing as deer had started to eat it!  Hopefully the wire will save the tree we just planted it this spring and I would love to be picking apples off of it in 5 years or less!  It was then too hot and humid for me to even enjoy sitting on the porch and I admit I was in the sewing room most of the afternoon printing and cutting.


Can I get all of the Lemoyne Star pieces in this box?  I’m going to try to!  It is just a small wallhanging size – it will be about 36×40 unless I do sashing and if I want the sashing to match I will need to order more of the buttercream as I do not believe I have enough left over for it.


Now several of you have mentioned that you think I shouldn’t take two hand piecing projects along.  You think I should bring a small quilt to quilt and/or an applique project and just one hand piecing project.  To me even though both the tumblers and the stars are hand piecing they are two different things as the “blocks” are different and the fabric is different.  Just me but that is how I see it as sometimes here at home I will have two hand piecing projects going and satisfied with the variety.

I have tried hand quilting in the small motorhome and it is too bulky at the living area that we have – this is a small motorhome (click the link to take a tour) not one of those big buses that you see on the road.  I do not have a couch – we have the drivers and passenger seats that swivel to face the “living area” and one other chair that is for extra seating.  Two little tables in that area finish out our living area.  We have been doing this for going on 7 years now so I know hand quilting for me just doesn’t work in this area.  My applique mojo is just gone for now I don’t even want to think of bringing one of those projects with me right now – I hope with this nice long break I will be having from it will bring the enjoyment back to me in the fall.


I really think these two hand piecing projects and the sock loom will be plenty for two months (I also have my kindle with me and read a lot too).  We walk so much in the campgrounds and out and about almost every day all day seeing the sights, taking photos and hiking that my main time to sit down and sew is in the evenings just as it is here at home.  I’m sure I will have plenty along – and if not I can always stop some place and get something new – right? Smile


I’m not sure why but I got to thinking yesterday that I needed to print out another Inklingo project – just working on tumblers and trying to learn to knit socks on a sock loom might not be enough in my “camper time”.  I just have not felt like applique lately and I really think I will leave the Floral Fantasy at home and pick it back up in the fall – maybe my applique mojo will be back by  then?  My Diamonds Are Forever hexie project is getting a bit large and might be better to pick that one back up in the fall.  I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday

So I decided to dig into Linda’s free pattern for Diamonds/Triangles/Square – (Inklingo) I will be making some 4.5 inch LeMoyne Stars!  I had 3-5” charm packs of 40 pieces each that I picked up on sale for $3.60 each back in November – batiks!  I will get the project ready like I did for the tumblers – this will be a smaller project and will use up just a small space Smile I believe I have enough printed out to make 90 stars.


I printed all the diamonds for the stars out last night.  On each charm I could get 6 diamonds.  I will have some of each color that will not make a full star so on some I will make a star using two colors – or maybe they will end up being two colors – I’m not sure yet – I’m not even sure if I will get started on them this trip LOL – we will see what I feel like doing.


Now I need to look through the stash today and see what I have for the background – just simple stars – most likely sashing will be in between but at this point I am not positive – I will make the stars first and then figure out setting.  From the background I need to print 360 little squares and 360 little quarter square triangles.


The scrappy quilt on the wall grew some more – I think I made about 10 or more 16 patch blocks yesterday.  These all need to be sewn into rows – I just have the patches up there.


These Insanity Revisited blocks were done on Friday night – I didn’t work on it last night, I was too busy printing!  I did get the 12th row of the Diamonds are Forever quilt almost finished while the news was on but didn’t quite make it – I’m sure I will finish that row tonight when Melanie (our older daughter) comes over for supper and our Sunday night ritual of sewing/watching our old DVD series.  I’ve gotten in the habit of working on that quilt while we watch the show.




And just because I know it drives some of you nuts to think what all I cram in a day I also did laundry, made a blueberry cheesecake pie (store bought cookie crust, blueberry pie filling canned last week and the cheesecake stuff whipped together really fast – like 5 minutes), & deadheaded some flowers.  But keep in mind I made the pie while the laundry was doing its stuff and deadheaded the flowers while the laundry was in the dryer – so I was making good use of time!  I think I got some of those 16 patch blocks done during laundry time as well – it is called “Time Management”! Winking smile


It looked on the weather map last night like our area was the only one to get so much rain in such a short period of time – so glad the power was restored and we didn’t have any other damage.  We ran over to the telephone company that we get our internet from and picked up a new wireless modem – no charge – all hooked up and working.

I got another row of 16 patch blocks up on the wall – they go quickly – I worked on them three different time yesterday – five minutes, five minutes there.


With no A/C Thursday night it was too warm to sit at the quilting frame – I only got this much done on this block of Insanity Revisited and moved to the living room to read for awhile.


Nothing else accomplished – we will be in and out of the camper over the next several weeks preparing for our trip and I was out there last night going through some cupboards removing items that I rarely use – after 6 years of having this camper I am beginning to know what I can do with out and get rid of some things and add others in !  I thought I had washed the sheets when we got home from our last trip and they were on the bed dusty so I pulled them off and brought them inside.  Shortly before we leave I will put fresh sheets on the bed and a quilt (POTC is going on this trip) and bring along an extra one or two  as well – where we are heading it might be quite chilly at night like it usually is –

I found a little waffle maker in the camper and can’t for the life of me remember using it – it looks like it was a $10-15 waffle iron and I don’t know if it works well so I brought it in the house and will try it out this morning – if it doesn’t work well – it will be going to Goodwill  as I have one in the house that does work well.  Oh well – all of that kind of thing will get taken care of over the next couple weeks – little by little we get ready for our trip.

I missed a day somewhere along this week – last night as I was writing this I was thinking it was Thursday and happened to glance at the calendar and saw it was Friday – I missed my quilting group for the second week in a row and didn’t even realize it!!  I really thought it was Thursday all day yesterday.  Do you ever do that?