Hexies, Scraps and More

Half Inch Hexies, Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

I took a much needed break from Williamsburg Beauty yesterday after I squared up the brown border – I wanted to get that squared before I start work on the diamonds next week.  Now it is folded and draped over it’s project box and off the wall – It won’t sit aside for long but I do want to work on a few other things for a little bit.

I have Handful of Scraps back up on the wall to view for a little bit and have scattered some of the completed “flowers” around the top of the quilt.  It is a heavy concentration of dark flowers on the left side so some of those will get scattered more – that is why I need it on the wall now and then – I need to view color and see what colors to pick out next.  I have none prepped right now.


Before I put the Handfuls quilt on the wall I decided to pin my 1/2 inch hexies to the wall to see what I had – 16 of them now – I have been working on these here and there – moments mainly grabbed when the news is on.


A close up of these babies – I think it could be referred to as a “postage stamp quilt of hexagons” I will just make these when I feel like it, cutting from leftover scraps now and then.


Speaking of scraps while I had some laying about from working on the diamonds for Williamsburg Beauty I thought I will try to keep up with trimming the scraps for my boxes and not let them pile up.  I am linking to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


My one and a half inch box is starting to get some back in it – I used the whole box (it was about 3/4’s full) for the postage stamp quilt.  No scrap is too small to save right! I got a queen size out of these!!  it was like a free quilt – well other than the wool I bought for the border LOL – guess it wasn’t free after all.


And just a couple more added to the 2 inch box – this box it getting pretty full – might have to do another postage stamp quilt with these one day – will need to think of another pattern for it.


Working on this area of The Final Frontier last night after skipping Thursday night .


So other than making one baby hexie flower, cutting a few scraps, square up the quilt top before moving on to the next stage, pin things to the design wall – I managed to get in laundry- run to the clinic for my flu shot – pick up prescriptions and help Mike outside!!  That was enough for yesterday – what well the weekend hold? I do not know!


More on the Diamonds and Things

Handful of Scraps, quilts, Williamsburg Beauty

So many more ideas were given for the Williamsburg Beauty borders that things have changed up again – the ideas are just pouring in.  From those ideas  I have come to decisions.

First it was suggested to use two colors for the background of the diamonds so I folded fabric into strips and took a step back to look.  I have come to find the best way to decide things is to pin to the wall.


Then someone suggested how about the diamonds end to end! Love it.  I think I will keep both of these ideas.  These will be much closer to the brown border than it looks in this photo just tacked up.


I pinned some of them across the top and maybe one in the corner – but I don’t like the one in the corner so that one is no longer there.  I really prefer the diamonds end to end instead of the way I showed yesterday so this is it for this border!!  Decision has been made.  I was going to try to put a rusty red narrow border before the diamonds are attached but right now I’m not sure on it – the color is so close to the brown color in shade that it really wouldn’t show up all that much.  I might be able to use it later for a narrow border.  Now I need to make a bit of diamonds but not as many as I would have needed if I had them lined up like I did yesterday!


Finished the light blue/orange hexie for Handful of Scraps – I will need to get this one back up on the wall – I can work on the diamonds above without it being on the wall so this might go back up for awhile.  (you probably won’t see Williamsburg Beauty again until the diamonds are done)


From the last Craftsy sale last week I made a couple purchases for the never ending stash.  I like the cover quilt on this book (only bigger of course) but do not have a lot of civil war type fabric in the stash so I got this bundle for about half price.  I had a box arrive today in the mail and I love opening up quilting goodies.  I got the book a couple months ago for less than half price!


I also got another flannel quilt kit – again for about half price – I haven’t even made the one I got last year but this one will probably be the next quilt I work on  – the pattern is easy and I love all these colors.  I know I was supposed to be using stash only this year other than backings but I have used a lot of stash so treated myself – and when something is half price it is the time to buy.  (I know – like I really need more projects right )


A little glare there in the middle but maybe you can see the pattern a little better?  I’m pretty sure it is all squares and rectangles so maybe it will go together quickly?  I haven’t taken the time to read the instructions.


Thank you all for all your help in coming to decisions on Williamsburg Beauty I was about ready to toss it back in its box for awhile – now I can get diamonds made and next time you see it hopefully that border will be finished and on to another idea for another border.  Linking up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict , Fort Worth Fabric Studio and A Quilting Reader’s Garden and Crazy Mom Quilts.


Right now you can save  on Craftsy Classes  $10 off of $30 – I’m not sure how long this sale is taking place for.  Make sure you put in the code that they have on the web site.




Piecing Diamonds

Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier, Williamsburg Beauty

Finally maybe this is going to work after all without taking a week off to think about it.  I was busy yesterday making some diamonds for the Williamsburg Beauty to get a better idea of the direction I was going and thank you all for your wonderful helpful ideas.  I took down several of the narrow borders that I showed yesterday and like this version better.  So Border #1 or Border #2 for the background color of the Diamond border?  I haven’t made up my mind but I’m ready to get more diamonds made and get this issue settled!!

These are the Diamonds on background #1 – medium beige – the background well not really be seen that much as the diamonds will be pieced to pieces of it – I just have the strips hung there to get an idea of which color I want.


close up – I have just gotten started making diamonds so there will be more of a mixture of color as I get going.


Border #2 – it is giving the quilt a much lighter look .  With either version there will be at least one or three more borders around this still – I might get that paisley brown in there yet – I have no red colors that looked right – and that was a good idea – a kind of rusty red but nothing on the shelf.  The colors of the diamonds do show up better using the lighter color background I think.


A close up of this one – is actually a off white with a beige print in it but that doesn’t show up well.  I did like the suggestion of adding a rusty color red in here and possibly might add a very narrow – like one inch red between the diamonds and the brown.


A few more big hexies completed and just laying in place – a lot more work to go in Handful of Scraps still.


The Final Frontier was rolled down once again – getting closer and closer to an end!



More Decisions to Make on Williamsburg Beauty

Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier, Williamsburg Beauty

It never ends I might just put Williamsburg Beauty away again for awhile until I can come to decisions on it!!  I have the narrow border print cut out but not sewn to the quilt – it is pinned to the wall.  I thought I would try out some ideas for what is next.

Narrow  print border to be sewn on today –


Trying to decide if I should do another narrow brown border before my idea of an light tan tiny print border with scrappy diamonds for the next round.  (the light tan matches the two squares in the very middle of the quilt)  Two diamond groupings were hastily basted together to see how they would work the diamonds would use the same fabrics as the very tiny colorful squares on one of the inner borders a lot of the flowers were from this fabric also.  (the light tan with the diamonds is a little wider than it needs to be the fabric is folded narrow and just pinned in place)


These pieces are just pinned in place while I am thinking things over.  Ideas appreciated!  It is possible I will totally change my mind on the diamonds – I have a book on pieced borders that I plan on digging out and looking at to see if I can find another idea.


One thing that is limiting my choices is the lack of brown fabric – the piece in the forefront looks lighter than it does on the wall – so far there is actually three  different brown colors on the wall – this one in the forefront is on the last border (the other was used up) – the darker brown underneath is only a half a yard.  The paisley I haven’t measured but I have at least 2 yards of, the lighter color beige is about 2 yards.  That one might be a good option for a narrow border before the diamond piecing border.  I no longer know where I purchased any of these!!  they have been on the shelves for awhile so I’m not even going to try to match up.  The paisley is the only one that I know what it is – Jenny Beyer and I have had it for years.  All other browns that I have are fq’s or less although I am going to be searching through things for that also.


Decisions, Decisions! now you see why I say I might put it away for while.

Almost ready to roll The Final Frontier down one more time – I was working on this area last night – did I finish it? I don’t know I started to work on this after I wrote my blog post to schedule.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts , Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers and Jo’s Country Junction and My Quilt Infatuation.


Melanie posted this photo of herself at work yesterday on the library’s Facebook page  so I didn’t think she would mind if I shared it!!   – so many of you have enjoyed seeing her stitch work that I share once in awhile so I thought you might like to see Melanie having fun at work – she works for the local library driving the Book Mobile and does story time all over the county for children at schools, day cares, special needs children centers and the like —  She was really getting into the story here.

Melanie storytime


Bigger Hexagons

Handful of Scraps, Williamsburg Beauty

Well this time I did cut out the right size hexagons for Handful of Scraps – two sets and got them thread basted.  Now they are ready to sew.  I will try to get at least one of them sewn today.  The dark blue is hard to sew through.  I think I will need to rethink some of the fabric I put in this project box.  The darker blue and some of the other colors in that bundle were hand dyed that I had won – I have come to realize they are something like batiks – closer woven and harder to do by hand.  I think I will do this one as I already have it basted but put the others back on the shelf and save it for a machine project instead.  I have a lot more that I can mix in for Handful of Scraps and most are easy to hand stitch through.


Other than that I got a the last part of that yard of fabric cut – I needed the smaller print cut out and then I need to piece these into four strips for the next step.  First I need to square up the brown border – slightly uneven on one side.  Some measuring was done and I have found the middle is a little wider in width then the top and bottom!  Must fix that first before more borders are added.   Nothing else yesterday in the sewing room was done yesterday.  I am linking to Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday today and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


I was busy helping Mike outside yesterday and when not I was enjoying the porch in the morning – then in the afternoon it got too hot and I went to the grocery store.  By Thursday big difference in temps!  right now it is in the 80’s daytime and back to high 60’s at night – later in the week – 67/42? something like that.  The heat might come on to chase the chill out Friday morning and Saturday morning.  I don’t care how early it is in October if it gets cold in the house the heat comes on to get the chill out.  It might be for just a morning here or there but why not?   I’m afraid I do not understand when people say they do not turn the heat on until a certain date – why? if it gets cold use it.  Also if we get a much warmer day than normal and very, very humid in December or January or whenever I put the air on for a little bit to get the humidity lower.  I guess I always figure if you have central air and heat use it that is what it is for – unless you really really want to save a few dollars on your utility bill that is.


Hand Work

Half Inch Hexies, Handful of Scraps

Other than machine stitching the brown border down on Williamsburg Beauty – see yesterdays photo– I was doing hand work off and on all day – in between some house cleaning and laundry – I do that stuff no matter if it is Sunday or not – it all just depends on if it needs it.  Now it means less of that stuff needs to be done today.

First off I decided I was going to cut some new hexies for Handful of Scraps which right now is laying over the quilting frame –  I’m just moving it as needed.  Well  that idea didn’t last long.


If you all remember the hexie die that I got to use for this project  is actually the 1 inch die (Handful of Scraps uses 7/8 inch hexies) – and it has the paper cutting area too –   I needed to cut the fabric hexies from the big die so they can wrap around my odd size 7/8 inch hexies for this quilt  – well I used the wrong size  and cut fabric on the small die – they are one inch in size meant for cutting the papers – it is barely bigger than the 7/8 inch papers that I have – not big enough to wrap about those papers!  I had been cutting the fabric from the smaller size – Ooops!  Luckily I had only cut out enough to do two of the large hexie flowers!


But seeing as I have the half inch papers I could cut that fabric down slightly and make more of the 1/2 inch hexies – now if you recall these little hexie flowers were going to be for the Williamsburg Beauty but that idea didn’t work out – or maybe it will later on I don’t know – but in the meantime I am not one to waste fabric so I thought why not just start a real scrappy collection of half inch hexies and do something with them later – maybe a very scrappy half inch hexie quilt!!  What I have laid out is here  – I can see using all sorts of colors in this – a layout  to be determined later.


Also done yesterday was a little work on the snowman winter wall hanging – the cake stand is finished and the bird is part way – thought I’d work on the red while I had that color thread in the needle.


Thank you all so much for the compliments on the quilt yesterday – I think everyone agreed that it is looking good and working out better – for now!  I am linking up to Em’s Scrapbag: Moving it Forward and Love Laugh Quilt:Monday Making and Beth’s Cooking Up Quilts MCM#43 and The Patchwork Times and A Quilting Readers Garden – Angie is giving away some hexie papers – if you want in on it click above the pineapple on the top right side of her sidebar.