What’s Next

Murrieta Stars - Flannel, Williamsburg Beauty

I have been asked – what is next when the Postage Stamp Border is finished – well I bought a quilt kit from Craftsy sometime back that I have not started on  – it is a flannel quilt which I have never worked with before.  I know most say to wash flannel first but Craftsy recommends not washing  before as the pieces are measured for what is needed – all the pieces are the same kind of flannel so it should all shrink the same – and if you want enough fabric to make the quilt – I say listen to them even if it ends up being smaller after washing is done!!  This is the pattern – and I bought the same line of fabric from another location for the backing – so the quilt will be made with all the same kind of fabric from front to back.  Finish size is 84 x 96 – before washing and drying – I wonder what it will end up being LOL – I really don’t mind shrinkage – this might be a good one for the end of the couch on cold winter days/nights and to toss in the camper when we travel.  I will machine piece and probably hand quilt so it would be for next year not this year.  This one is called Murrieta Stars.


Here is a better photo of the colors – had to do better – the colors were looking too dark!


The other quilt that will get more work done on it is the Williamsburg Beauty.  This will be a mixture of hand and machine work.  So I really have plenty to keep me busy once the Postage Stamp quilt is finished.  I have one quilt waiting in line to be quilted that I finished a month or so ago – and I think I will be machine quilting it – I just hadn’t had time to get started on it – Hopscotch.  And of course continue the hexies on Handful of Scraps, the Retro Air Ship Propeller Blocks which I will be tossing more color into to make it brighter and not boring – And always a quilt on the frame for hand quilting – I think that is enough for now – and of course if I ever get around to it I will be back to work on Love Entwined one day – maybe!  The next quilt on the hand quilting frame after The Final Frontier is finished will be the Postage Stamp quilt.


Of course showing all this work means I didn’t get any work done yesterday and that is right – I was back to the Retina specialist for my eye  again  – problems, problems they just don’t want to go away.  First I had the retina detachment in February on my right eye – then the cataract grew super fast so I had to have the cataract removed – from that I was one of the 20% that had complications of course – I had a gray area grow on the back of the lens – that was removed with a laser treatment about 3 weeks ago – from that I ended up with swelling in the retina area – so back to the specialist Friday and was informed that it was two problems scar tissue from the original retina surgery and swelling from the laser treatment – first thing we try is a month or two or three of steroid eye drops 4 times a day and one drop of something else for a month to get the swelling down so I have better vision in my right eye  – if that doesn’t work we go to the next step and go from there.  As long as I wear my glasses my left eye is doing a good job and I keep on sewing and whatever and my close up vision is pretty good on it’s own and I don’t need glasses for that.  I can see fine to drive – I have a little trouble with reading but not enough to slow me down – it is not creating a big problem right now.  So lets keep our fingers crossed that the eye drops do the trick!

Anyhow the eye problem is why we have not planned any trips this fall – I have been asked why we have not been traveling like we usually do in the fall and we keep waiting to see if this eye problem is going away and it hasn’t – there has been a lot of running to the various eye doctors this year – we might go to some state parks in Arkansas this fall instead which means October and November (good months here at home that should no longer be hot)  could be a little traveling time here and there and be close enough to home to see the doctor if needed.  Lots of parks in Arkansas to see that we have not seen and Melanie & Ric are close by to move in and house sit when needed, they live just down the road a couple miles from us with his mom so are available when needed.

And Happy 64th Birthday to me today – glad I am still around for another year!! 

Craftsy is holding a second September class event.   ALL online classes are under $20 Friday through Sunday.   This promotion ends Sunday, September 25, at 11:59 pm MT.     Select classes are not eligible.



Postage Stamp Border

Postage Stamp Quilt, Williamsburg Beauty

More work was done on the wool applique border for the Postage Stamp quilt.  I was going to do a bird and butterfly next but I decided to do a flower cluster instead so I would see how much room was available for the critters.  I need to do the two flowers on the right and embellish the last leaf in the right corner.  I was busy working on it last night while Melanie was here eating pizza with us and then a long session of the Walking Dead – I think we are on season 5 about half way through it.


I showed the pieces of the half inch hexagon last post so I thought I would stitch a sample flower to pin to my border for Williamsburg Beauty to see how I liked the size – it will work out fine – now to make about 40 in the colors of the quilt!


I will add one more almost solid border and then the chain of hexagon flowers will go through the middle of it.  I think this size will work out well.  It finishes at about 2.5 inches.


I am linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict today, Jodie’s Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts and A Quilting Reader’s Garden.


Craftsy is holding a second September class event.   ALL online classes are under $20 Friday through Sunday.   This promotion ends Sunday, September 25, at 11:59 pm MT.     Select classes are not eligible.



Half Inch Hexies and More

accuquilt, Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

My half inch hexie die cutter arrived from AccuQuilt yesterday and although I did play with it a little bit to try it out I didn’t get any stitched.

The Half Inch Die on the right that I point to is for the papers, and the die on the left for the fabric.  For the fabric it says you can use 5 inch charms but there is waste that way, I tried it and had enough fabric left over to do another section of three – I think I measured the space as 5×2.5 – something like that.


I used some scraps and some freezer paper – that fabric is a 5 inch charm – you can see the waste – when I start for something that isn’t just trying it out I will measure it and not have that waste.


the sides of the paper is half inch  – this practice hexie is ready to baste and piece.


LOL – comparison in size for what it would be finished after basting –the paper is the size it finishes at.


I tossed the witch in the trash –  it wasn’t working out LOL – I will stick with simple.  Sometimes simple is better than messing up when you are not experienced at a method!!  Templates just laying on the fabric still needs to be sewn down.  I need a lot more practice with machine applique before I tackle something more complicated then this – this is hard enough as it.


Worked in this area of Final Frontier on Tuesday night.


The area of neutral hexies that I have been stitching are now all joined in one piece and pinned to the wall – ready now to join two sections of neutrals to the main body of Handful of Scraps.



Quilting & Piecing

Handful of Scraps, Love Entwined - Esther's BOM

Mike took a photo of me quilting last night that I thought I would share – you can see I do not pay attention to anything but my quilting and the Ipad with whatever show I am watching!  Working way over on the left side of the frame glad I was able to move on over, it gets a little warm when I am over in the corner.  Back to brown hair – I couldn’t stand the gray/white one more month – I’m surprised I lasted 2 years – it made me feel so old.


One of the pretty multi colored circles.


All of these neutral hexies are now sewed into rows so next up the rows get stitched together.  I do believe then I will take the large piece off the wall and I will have two areas of neutrals to stitch to the body – then start working on the many “flowers” that go around it.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers and My Quilt Infatuation.


Quite a few zinnia’s to be cut and put in a vase.  I choose my funky vase that I got out in Williamsburg many years ago at a Pottery place that my sister tells me is still in business but a new location.  The vase was a reject as the sides had collapsed in at the top but for a dollar or whatever I paid for it I thought it was well worth the uniqueness of it.    The zinnia plants have grown to about 5 feet and if I want more flowers they certainly needed to be cut – might get more before the weather chills off this fall.


I did work a little on the tote bag applique to practice my zigzag stitch – the machine did work so whatever I thought was a problem I guess after it rested for 6 months it went away LOL – I don’t think the witch is working out with the hair I gave it – after I had ironed it down I knew it didn’t look right but I thought maybe with black thread outlining it – it would be ok – it wasn’t so back to the drawing board with that.  I don’t care for the really little zigzag stitch so I might change over to a tiny blanket stitch – now you can understand why I do not wait until the last minute – I’m not real good at tote bags and things – I just like quilting.  I’ll show a photo after I practice a little more and get it figured out.


More Hexies

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt

After the Slow Sunday that I had I got back to work on my projects Monday.  I worked on a little here and there and every where!

I got my box of neutral hexies out for Handful of Scraps and using my quilt frame as a type of “desk” I set to getting some neutrals on the design wall so I know where I want what color.  I got my Ipad out and took a photo of what I have on the wall to help me keep it organized – when I am sewing pieces together I can refer to the photo for placement.


Still have a bit of hexies but will eventually need more I bet.  I am linking to Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday today and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


For now each hexie gets a pin jabbed through it to the wall.  I take one row down at a time to piece and then place it back on the wall – when I have all the rows done then I will take it and the Ipad with me to wherever I sit to get them stitched in place.


The 4th cluster of flowers on this Postage Stamp border is done – I will next place a bird and maybe a butterfly as this space is a little wide for some reason then continue to the 5th cluster


The final flower in that cluster – I changed up just a tiny bit from what I had started it as – I didn’t quite care for it and by not using any fusing I can change it out easily if I feel like it.  I still am not happy with that flower but with as many as this border has I don’t have to like all of them.


I got pieces cut out and fused in place for the Halloween Trick or Treat bag for Aniya.  The orange hair didn’t have as much contrast as I thought it did so I think I will use black thread for the zigzag from the hat on through to the hair – that will separate it out from the back ground enough.  Good thing this is not trying for any prices!!  LOL – I will stitch all the applique down and then go from there.  Kind of making this up as I go.  Once the stitching is done I will take a fine point Sharpie and add eyebrows as the picture I am using has and add eyes to the ghost.


I’m not sure if I am quilting the bag or how I am finishing it – this really is a make as I go project.  I have not gotten started on my 3rd Retro Air Ship Propeller block but I decided I need to change up the way I am doing these blocks or I will get bored out of my mind with it.  Next block will have a lot more color in it.  Instead of two colors and neutral background it will have 3 or 4 colors and maybe a light print for the background – it is too boring as it is I think and I don’t want to loose interest before I get going very far on it.


Postage Stamp Border

Postage Stamp Quilt, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

Sunday was such a lazy day – it rained in the morning and I read my book and did little else!  Then in the afternoon as the weather cleared up but was too wet to work in the area we are working on we went grocery shopping came home and I read my book some more!  After supper we put a movie on and I got my Postage Stamp border out to work on and made good progress on the cluster of flowers I had been working on – I didn’t quite finish that cluster – one more flower to go and then on to the next area.    The burgundy flower is the last to do in this area and I was surprised but with all the twisting and turning of the fabric I caused the staple to come out so I have a pin stuck in it for now.  I am linking to MCM #39, Cooking Up Quilts – Beth mentioned my Postage Stamp border today – thanks Beth.  Also linking to Love, Laugh, Quilt: Monday Making , Patchwork Times, Design Wall Monday, and Em’s Scrapbag: Moving it Forward Monday.


Saturday nights work on The Final Frontier went well and I rolled the frame on down again and I am pretty sure I am now at the half way point.  I took Sunday night off of quilting for a change as we were watching a movie as I mentioned – should get back to it tonight.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Just not anything to chat about for change – unusual I know, maybe I will get more done today instead.