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Diamonds Are Forever, quilts

Thanks for all the compliments on the Diamonds are Forever quilt.  I will be glad when it is done for sure.  I worked on it again yesterday and have another chain of white hexies put together and started to add that row on.  60 needed for each row of the border to finish it.  I find it easier to piece the chain and then connect the chain on to the row.  As to how many pieces are in it?  I believe it well total around 2,600 or so – I was keeping track for awhile and then lost the paper I had written it down on – maybe I will find it – I will keep a look out, I really do not want to count them all over again LOL – just thought of an easy way to figure that out – I said 60 hexies needed for each row – now I just need to count the rows!  Maybe I will do that today.  I am linking to Freshly Pieced Modern today and Let’s Be Social - Lorna is showing some really cute animal quilts today in such a modern block – I don’t do modern quilts so you might wonder why I follow these two blogs – I just like them!  There is something about the fresh, colorful blocks that these two quilters do that I love.  Also as I am trying to learn how to machine quilt a little bit for some of my quilts I am getting some hints and seeing things I like in Lorna’s quilting.  She doesn’t do all over swirls, pebbles and panto’s but straight lines, wavy lines etc that I really like.  And My Quilt Infatuation always has nice things to look at.


One pin is all that is needed – pin at the seam and stitch, take a back stitch half way through the row for added strength.


This much was attached while watching NCIS last night


More work done on Kansas Twister.  I am determined to finished the hexies and this one before moving on to another quilt – would like more finished.  I did get the embroidered squares all basted to their backing muslin and will zigzag those by machine around the edges today.  I don’t mean I won’t briefly touch other projects LOL, but mainly concentrating on finishes the next couple of weeks.


We had several visitors in the back yard last night – I noticed them as I was clearing the table from supper – the back door in the dining room has the perfect window to view them – no screen to distort.


Here you can see the snow left in the yard – the sun came out and melted a lot but the front still has a lot in it as there is shade there.  We do not see the deer often, we know they are there but with the woods in back of the house they tend to hid in it.



Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever, LeMoyne Stars, quilts

I finished one white row of Diamonds are Forever on the final border and have 3 more to go.  I counted up my hexies to see if I had enough white ones cut but came up short by 22 – back to printing some more out over the next week or two – it will still take a little while to finish this quilt so I don’t need them today – 60 hexies in each row and three rows to go – this is what it looks like on the bed — I am linking to A Quilting Life today so go see what all is at Sherri’s site and then go see Esther’s Blog .


This is the end that I am working on – 3 more rows of the white.


One more Lemoyne Star finished.  I have some of the embroidery blocks basted with muslin on the back and then I did a zigzag stitch around the ends to keep from fraying – all the blocks have to be squared up to the proper dimensions after the embroidery is finished so I think I can just cut the zigzag off all the way around.  I still have about half of them left to do.


We had snow off and on all day yesterday which was kind of surprising as they said we might get a trace of snow but not that it would be snowing lightly all day – we maybe got another inch giving us 2 inches on the ground?  It was very pretty and cold – only 23 for a high yesterday.  The birds were very hungry and flocking around densely – I had to fill the feeders in the middle of the afternoon after having filled them the day before – there were a lot of them visiting. Mainly finches have been around this year both the gold and the purple, but we also get woodpeckers and all sorts of others.




Ciera’s Quilt and Snow

quilts, weather, Winter Wonderland

First of all Happy Birthday Melanie – my oldest child has her birthday today – we won’t say how old – it will just make her feel old and me older!! Why do the years fly by so quickly.  She was born as the clock was striking mid-night and they said she could have her birthday on the 23rd or the 24th – I chose the 23rd as that was the day she was due – she only gave me 6 hours of labor – how sweet of her!!

That’s right we got snow here and not sleet or freezing rain – certainly not much snow but it sure is pretty!  We are in for another cold week – we spent a little bit of time yesterday bringing more firewood up to the porch to help heat the house mainly in the evening and morning when it is at it’s coldest and when the heat pump has a harder time heating the house.  We didn’t get much snow maybe only about a half an inch – started early evening and was done within a couple hours.



I got Ciera’s quilt Nancy’s Stars bound, washed and dried over the weekend and here it is.  I am linking to Judy’s Patchwork Times today.


Here is a close up of the multicolored binding.


This one shows the crinkliness a little better.


I worked on Kansas Twister for a little bit on Saturday night and have it rolled down once again and now you can see how much is left to quilt.  I had hoped to be done with it by the end of the month but that isn’t going to happen – maybe I can get done with it before I leave to see Jessica in the middle of March?


I had to take two photos of the last embroidery that I was tracing out yesterday in two photos, it is long.  I was asked what did I use to trace – a pigma fine point pen – it is permanent but the embroidery thread will cover the marks.


The fabric used is a Kona Cotton type but I got it from Connecting Threads – I have felt the two together and they basically feel the same.  I am afraid that the red thread will show through though for the short areas that I would want to “travel” the thread (not knot off for short areas) so I will baste a piece of thin muslin to the back of each block and hem the edges to protect from unraveling – this is going to take awhile still with the prep work.  I doubt I will start the actually embroidery until I am ready to leave on my trip.


The pen


I hope all of you got through the weekend ok and didn’t have more bad storms – if any of you are in northern Maryland though I know y’all got snow, I have a sister and brother out there and sis had to work – she is a late night shift nurse and you can’t just call in and say not coming unless you really can’t.  She got to work alright but was delayed going home until late morning as her relief nurse couldn’t make it in as more than a foot of snow had fallen over night – she had to wait until another nurse could be contacted that could make it.  She was exhausted by time she got home.


Winter Wonderland

quilts, Winter Wonderland

No not here- not right now– on my dining table I have been working off and on the last several days on the embroidery squares getting them ready for the embroidery – the quilt is called “Winter Wonderland” how appropriate for this winter over much of the US.  Here in Arkansas we are to get more winter weather also – later this evening, Monday and maybe again on Friday – then hopefully a warm up!  I might have a winter wonderland photo for you later if we do get the snow like the news says – 1-3 inches just a little!

I finished Ciera’s quilt and it was in the wash last night as I wrote this so a picture of it tomorrow.  This was one of the big embroidery pieces to trace out and got done and had to stretch my back out – a bit of leaning over it can wear one out.


This one is the last to trace and it will take awhile to do—a lot in it – I guess this will be my Slow Stitching Sunday work!  I just wanted to get them all traced and then clear the stuff up and put all this away.  Then I can get to the nice part of stitching!! Can’t wait to get started, it has been a long time since I did embroidery – I used to do a lot.


And maybe I will get to a  little work on Kansas Twister as well today – almost to the point of rolling this one down again – I haven’t worked on it very fast this week this is still row #10 out of 14 rows.  I have been taking it a little easy on the quilting this week – have to let the finger tips rest up now and then and the thumb too – also I was so busy with finishing up Ciera’s quilt that I didn’t have time for everything.


5 finishes for the year already-of course most of these were almost done in 2014 so it really isn’t like I have done a super lot.  7 left to do and 2 of these are in the almost finished stages – Kansas Twister and Diamonds are Forever (top that is) updated the list again yesterday 2/21 – I will need to adjust that on the top.



Ciera’s Quilt


Yesterday I spent time off and on all day working on my granddaughter’s quilt, Nancy’s Stars.  I wasn’t sure what to use for the binding.    I spent time pulling pieces off the shelf in the morning and laying them above the quilt to get a feel for them.  In the end I used two of the pieces – the tied dyed type of piece on the far left and the orangey color on the right.  Check out Amanda Jean’s Crazy Mom Quilts – lots of links again this week.


The tied dyed type has so many lovely bright colors in it that it just goes with the multi-color sashing so well and the orange color mixed in here and there satisfied me.  I didn’t have enough of the tied dyed piece for the whole thing so I had to mix in another color to have enough binding.


I think I have about 1 1/2 sides done now and will work more on it tomorrow  – and then it will be another finish for the year.  I am pleased with the progress I am making on finishing things up, I just have too many going and want to make more new ones that are still in my head but need to make finishes too.


And here is how I sewed in the label.  On this one I combined my new label with one that has more information – otherwise I would have sewn in the “Karen’s Quilts” label straight into the binding.

Ciera's Quilt - the labels

I am pretty sure Ciera will love her quilt – she loves quilts and loves bright colors.  I think this will be her 5th quilt from me and she is only 12!  The Dear Jane quilt on the living room wall, Insanity Revisited will eventually be hers as well.

More snow coming our way – I hear Sunday night and Monday we might be getting some – it looks like winter doesn’t want to leave Arkansas quite yet – week two of cold weather begins after a slight warm up and rain today.


A Busy Day

Baking/cooking, quilts

Laundry, muffins, washed kitchen floor, bed made, embroidery transfers worked on – all this before 10:30 yesterday morning! That is what happens when you wake up early for the 2nd or 3rd day in a row.  I guess by 7:30 I thought why am I sitting around at the computer in my robe instead of just getting busy for the day.

So let’s start with the muffins – Banana Chocolate Chip Walnut I like to have a muffin along with a carton of yogurt for breakfast sometimes.


6 Tablespoons butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 or 3 very ripe bananas
3 large eggs
1/2 cup almond milk (what I had use what you want)
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup dark chocolate chips

Makes 1 1/2 dozen, set oven to 350, bake 20 minutes.  Cream butter and bananas, add eggs beat until well blended.  I pretty much just dump everything else in except the chips and nuts, beat well, stir in in the chips and nuts.


Lots of you asked more about this portable lamp I have – you can find it at several places pick the place that is best for you – Google the name “super bright portable LED Lamp” and places will pop up.  It takes several batteries and you can plug it into your computer also.


I have more of the embroidery transfers done – I do not just stand around and trace these all day, I do one or two depending on size and then go do something else then go back to it – I think I have two large ones to still do and one medium size and then I’m done.  What I really like about my DIY light box is it can all come apart quickly – the books back on the shelf, the plexiglass stands behind the cutting table with an extra cutting mat – totally out of the way – the books around the side and front give it stability so that I can lean my arm on it if I have to. For me that is easier than trying to use the window.  I am linking to A Quilting Readers Garden today and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


I am of course making them larger than needed so I can fit them in an embroidery hoop and so that I can square them up to the size needed when I am done – I am thinking of basting the edges under to keep from fraying too much – I might do them on the machine with a big stitch.


I saw some labels that Kathi at  Design Orginals had ordered from an etsy shop a month or so ago and decided to order some for myself – I just am terrible about making labels – I really like these and I got 15 of them.  Mountain Street Arts etsy shop.


Fold in half and sew into your binding area.


Room to add a little bit more info if you need to like the name of a designer or something with a fabric pen.


Blue Jays came yesterday to visit in the cold weather – I believe we have had 5 days in the 20’s to very low 30’s now and at night around 18 degrees or so – today Friday we are expecting more ice/sleet/snow before it suddenly warms up to have a thunderstorm possibly on Saturday – strange weather!


Our daughter came over for lunch yesterday and we got caught up with each other and caught up on Downton Abbey then she helped me get some firewood up to the porch before we have our rain or whatever weather today and Saturday – It was cold outside but so nice and sunny we both enjoyed the work with the sun shining on us.  Mike was working longer hours yesterday and I wanted to get the firewood up to the porch before the sun went down so didn’t wait for his help.  It would be harder to get the wood up to the porch in wet weather – the snow and ice on the ground now is getting pretty soft so it wasn’t hard walking back and forth from the wood pile.

I got all of the threads buried in Ciera’s quilt so now I need to figure out what to use for the binding – I don’t have any of the fabric left that I used in it  – although I will check the scrap box to see – I think I am just going to have to look on the shelves and see what I have that will work out.  More hexies got hand sewed last night to the Diamonds are Forever quilt but I didn’t think to take a photo and really it didn’t change all that much!