Every Day Stuff


Yes even when camping you do the laundry – especially if it is over a week long trip.  Luckily Mesa Verde has a big laundry center – the problem was not all the machines work!!  At least 4 washers didn’t work and I believe 3 of the dryers didn’t either!  One washer I had to start a second time after realizing it had never started and of course no was around to complain to – you just feed more quarters.


The nice thing of this laundry center is it is next door to the showers (which are free, a lot of them and a good hot spray – when we have no hook ups we take advantage of the public showers if they are good) so you can clean up while your laundry is going or if you are not alone take turns and have someone watch the electronics as up against one wall was a lot of outlets and a long counter where you could charge the computers, Ipads, camera batteries etc.

And you could entertain yourself by looking at the parking lot – interesting van there – and that little pull behind camper is cute too.


I got a photo of the eclipse of the moon that night – we drove up to an overlook and joined about 6 other car loads of people watching and got photos – this was the best I got – Mike got some nice ones but he hasn’t been on the computer much – I’m not sure when I will see his other than what I saw on the view finder of his camera.


I can’t believe we have been gone now for 9 days (as of 9/29) and I have only gotten my sewing out twice and have yet to finish one of the Wagon’s West blocks.  I just haven’t felt like it – I’m sure I will sooner or later and then I will share.  I have been busy with the camera and have crocheted some also.  Mainly when we are sitting around camp we are reading or catching up on email if we have a signal.


At the Camp

Dutch Oven Cooking

Sometimes I cook outside and sometimes in, once in awhile we eat out.  At the campground one night I made baked potatoes in the Dutch Oven and we have a propane skillet which I used to make a steak for Mike and salmon for me.    I really need to  clean the oven a bit but I normally use a liner and I hadn’t looked at it before packing and didn’t realize it needed cleaning – that is ok, I will continue to use liners or this little rack that is on the bottom for things like potatoes.  I will season the oven good when we get home – you can do it in your kitchen oven – I have the instructions at home.


You get your charcoal started in a “chimney starter” this gets the charcoal going fairly quickly.  After the charcoal is ready dump it out to one side – then put a small ring of about 6 pieces in a circle, put your oven with lid on it over that then put about 14 coals or so scattered over the top and your ready to do.  Turn the pan now and then and the potatoes – they took about an hour to bake.


Wow was our table a mess that night!  I hadn’t realized until I saw the photo LOL – please excuse!


While the potatoes were baking I mixed up a package of banana nut muffins – I have foil cupcake holders –you know those disposable ones? anyhow I had these all ready to go and filled when the potatoes came out I put the muffins in – 15 minutes later they were done.  We had one after for dessert and saved the rest for the next day breakfast.


They didn’t round up as nice as they do at home – but they baked and that was what matter right!  I’m not a gourmet cook and do not claim to be – I just want my food cooked.


Yup – good enough for me!



Spruce Tree House


This post is heavy on Photos – I don’t remember the date I think it was Saturday– it is at Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde has a lot of old ancient Indian dwellings.  Some you have to pay to see and are guided tours others you can walk to yourself.  We have seen all of the trail you now have to pay for so we chose to to do one that is self guided and it turned out to be much longer than we thought it would be – thankfully we had plenty of snacks and water with us.


A view from above.


going down the trail


it follows the rim for a short ways then is snaking back and forth down to the dwelling where a ranger or two await to answer questions.


And here it is, built into the cliff side and a lot of it you no longer have access to, I remember years ago how much more you could go into these then you can now.



Door ways look odd as they have a large opening on the top – people carried baskets on their heads is the reason I am thinking- just a guess.


When we came here with the girls when they were young they got to grind corn with the stones – now that is not allowed.  Now they say it attracts insect to the wood that is still in the ruins so it is not allowed.


We had decided to take the trail to the Petroglyph’s  – this sign should have warned people how rough this trail is!!  We made it and had water but we saw some people with no water – always bring water and an extra bottle too!! out here in the desert areas the humidity is so low and the sun hotter than you might think it is – you need your water.


This is part of the beginning of the trail – yes this should warn you!


Here I am going through a narrow passage – I had forgotten my hat with the wide brim at the camper so I picked up a ball cap at the visitors center – I did have plenty of sun screen and some in my pack as well.


Steps – and more steps and more




Much to our surprise there is an old ruin down here as well and it doesn’t mention it in the brochure so it was a surprise.


Walk into the rocks and turn a corner


Out the other side


Finally after some last rough moves – more steps, then a foot hold carved out of the rock for one foot and hand holds above carved into the rock you pull yourself over a big rock and some more steps and you get to the top!!  Thank goodness – the whole thing took us 4 hours and it was only 2.5 miles!!  I think I got in a little over 14,000 steps that day!  They really should have a warning about the rough ending as one poor lady was kind of frantic – her party had to help her as she was kind of short and scared and just really didn’t know how to go about putting her foot one place and her hands in another – we were up above resting and were watching – I was very proud of myself at 63 and some joint/muscle problems to have done it all myself with no help – I was quite the tomboy when a kid!  I climbed a of trees in my youth and knew what to do!


EDITED:  I totally forgot to put in the photo of the Petroglyph!!  we had thought there would be a lot more  – all that walking and this was what we were going to see – such a small area considering the hike – oh well we got to see beautiful scenery and the ancient hidden ruin as well.  (and plenty of exercise)  (added 10/1/2015)



Knife’s Edge An Evening Hike


(written 26th hiked on the 25th)

We almost always take a walk around the campground in the evening but this time we decided to take a hike that leads off from the campground – it was already after 6:30 PM but it was light and just about a full moon – so off we went at a fairly rapid pace.  We have been on this trail before so knew our way – about a mile long.


the view




The  trail


And we just got to the end in time for the sunset.  Now for a rapid pace back before it got dark.


The moon up high


and the sky is darker and you can see the moon better – we better get walking!


And we made it back to the campground road as it was getting dark – got back to the camper just fine but I told Mike we weren’t taking any more hikes this late in the day again!


Can’t believe in one week I have only got my sewing out once – unusual for me.  Three more weeks on the road – I’m sure I will get it out soon.


Silverton and the Drive Back To Camp


(written on Sept 26 for what we did the day before)

I am almost beginning to loose track of where I have been and what I have seen and only on the road for one week as of writing this post!  I knew that would happen – I take so many photos – the wonder of the little card you stick in your digital camera – remember when you had to be more selective and have film and the expense of developing?

Silverton is a delightful small mountain town that used to be a mining town and is more tourist than any thing else.  Wide streets and lots of old buildings of which almost all are being used – restaurants & shops being what most are used and upstairs for living quarters most likely – there are side streets with houses as well but not a lot of them.  I think year round residents number less than 200.


So many lovely hanging baskets –




The fall color


A lovely purple/pink store and bench with purple flowers as well – I don’t usually like such gaudy colors but in this town it looks just right!  It goes with the eclectic residents in this town – I think a lot of them came here in the 1970’s and still have their long hair and pot (only now it’s legal here)   not a put down of any sort – just letting you imagine the residents here.


On our way out of town we decided to stop at the overlook for another photo.  We will be back in a couple days as we decided to see if we could get tickets for the Durango/Silverton Railroad trip that runs 3x daily in the season and there were still tickets available – we haven’t taken the train ride in years – since around 1991 with our girls – the highlight of their vacation.


More fall color.


Back at camp the deer came to visit


crossed the road to see what we were eating at the picnic table.


looked for awhile and then left.


More later


On the Road to Silverton


The fall is spectacular here in the mountains of Colorado.  I took so many photos it is hard to go through them all and only pick out a few.  (this is still from the 25th of September)


Beautiful orange color


and yellow


We pulled out at this scenic overlook to get some photos before we got to Silverton


I was taking this photo when I heard a voice behind me say “are you a quilter?” I turned and saw a lady talking to me – of course with that question I immediately thought – I wasn’t wearing anything to indict I was quilter – but I said yes and she said “are you Karen” – really LOL – out in the middle of no where – you could have just about knocked me over with a feather.


Here I am with one of my readers – Barb from Michigan (on the left no blog) she recognized me from a recent photo on my blog – thank you so much Barb for coming up to me and letting me know you were a reader.  It really made my day – I felt like I was famous like Bonnie Hunter or someone!!  And here we were out in the middle of nowhere – what is the chance of that happening – Barb is traveling from Michigan with family and had read in my blog that I would be in the general area and recognized me – I’m not so good with faces.  Might run into her again someplace we are traveling in the same general direction to some of the same places.  We will be keeping an eye out for each other.  (and just earlier in the day I told Mike that this vacation I wasn’t going to bother to try to keep my hair perfect or whatever as it is windy all the time and I don’t know anyone out here anyhow!! what a laugh)


And here is where we were headed – off in the mountain valley in the distance you can see the town of Silverton.


More later!