Quilt Is Growing

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Hopscotch will be finished before you know it – the top that is – half way done with it now. Trying to get a photo – the coffee table will need to be moved out of the way next photo.


Handful of Scraps grew by just a little bit when I pinned the newest hexie flower to the wall – there is so much of this quilt that needs to be sewn together – most of it on the left side is pinned to the wall.


I rolled The Final Frontier down and working on this side now.


Aniya came over with Melanie the other night as she said she had to visit Aunt Karen – we had an impromptu quilting lesson as she was wondering how to do it.  Please excuse the bad hair day and I was tired besides.  For those unfamiliar with Aniya she is my daughter Melanie’s great niece by marriage – almost 5 years old and she is spoiled rotten – a little princess so she thinks.  She can wind all of us around her little finger.  Linking up to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


I told her she could pick out 10 pieces of scraps to play with and she was dancing and throwing them in the air to make it rain fabric – wouldn’t that be nice if we could get fabric that way.


I caved and ordered from Craftsy from the sale!!  I needed backings and wide backs are preferred – just so much easier.  I don’t know if you have seen this one by Robert Kaufman, it is simple 3 yards x 108 inches it is ivory color and has a simple fern like print on it on sale for $32.40 (equal to 9 yards of fabric and no piecing!)  I got two of them so I have something on hand for a change.  They do not have a lot of wide backs but if you do a search on that some will come up.  Join Craftsy this weekend as they bring you their best deals of the year, so you can gear up for your greatest gifting yet. Black Friday when you really need it! Sale runs through Sunday night August 21st.

Robert Kaufman Whisper Prints 108in Wideback 3 Yard Cut - White

(and yes I did manage to get a couple more things in my basket to get free shipping! couldn’t resist)


Hopscotch and a Sale

Craftsy, Handful of Scraps, quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

I came up with a name for the scrappy bar quilt – after looking at it more and more the last days I thought it reminded me of the old childhood game of Hopscotch – I could picture hopping from one block to the next – thanks for all the ideas but this it!  I managed to get two more very long rows sewed together yesterday and sewed to the previous rows – 1/3 of the way done!


Started to work on this final round of the hexie flower started late last week and sat aside for awhile.  I’m linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and two new to me blog’s called Busy Hands Quilts and France Nadeau (fabric, thread, yarn).  Fort Worth Fabric Studio has their sharing day today also.


Worked on this area of Final Frontier on Wednesday night.


And this much left to do on this section before it gets rolled down – not a lot.


Handmade means more. That’s why Craftsy’s taking Black Friday into their own hands — for makers only. Join Craftsy this weekend as they bring you their best deals of the year, so you can gear up for your greatest gifting yet. Black Friday when you really need it!   Sale runs through Sunday night August 21st.

More good sales – Earlier in the week I had noticed that the kits were on sale – well now everything is on an official sale – I have seen some very good prices – some of the clearance items are marked down even more.

This large box of clearance Fossil Ferns 90 fat quarters has been discounted from $230.00 to $114.97 just to show one example.  More discounts on the site.  Have fun looking I know I will be especially through the clearance items as that is where the biggest markdowns are.

Benartex Fossil Fern Fat Quarter Box - None


Scrappy Bars–What to Call This Quilt

quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

It is time for me to get serious about a name for this very large scrappy quilt.  It is getting put together this week!  Amazing how fast a scrappy quilt that is such an easy layout can get put together when you set your mind to it.  And I am not in a rush – I just got started with the laying of the rows yesterday then got the sewing going to.

The coffee table got shoved to the other side of the room and laying out the rows began-no trick to it just try to not have any of the same color/print next to one another and I totally screwed that up when I started to sew two of the rows and I decided to leave them be and not take apart!!   The quilt top will finish at about 108 inches wide x 104 long  – I had to stand on top of the coffee table to get this shot.  It must have taken close to an hour crawling around the floor laying all of this out as part way through my daughter Jessica was texting and I was stopping what I was doing to answer.


Then I put a row number on the first block of each row and started to stack them up until I was done and the living room got back to normal and now all stacked on the sewing room table.


Then somehow while I was picking up pieces sewing  the long rows I grabbed from the wrong stack occasionally – I was chain piecing two rows alternately as I was instant messaging my other daughter Melanie – is it any wonder my mind was not paying attention when I show sometime in the future what her new design is going to be  – so I ended up with a few colors here and there next to each other that I hadn’t intended to be.   I’m afraid I have gotten in the “so what” mood – it is a scrappy quilt not a work of art – nothing is going to happen if I leave as is –  so the first two rows of 12 are done.  I am linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.


I was asked is it hard to quilt on a dark fabric with the dark thread – here is a close up so you can see the variegated thread – the thread is not as dark as it sometimes appears to be.


I have a light on two sides of the bar across the top of the frame and they can be pulled down and aimed at where I am working so I have good light.  There are also two lights affixed to the underside of the fabric shelf that is above the frame for extra light if needed.


This is a close up of the thread I am using – pretty colors!!


The area I worked on Tuesday night.


My appointment following the cataract surgery went great yesterday all was as it should be.  I go back in three weeks to get a further check on vision and a prescription for new glasses.  This doctor will now be my eye doctor as the one I had gotten regular check ups from is retiring and only works part time now – it is very hard to get in to see him when you need to so I made arrangements to have my records sent to this doctor instead.  I liked him and the clinic.  So glad to get this work behind me and start seeing well again.


A Little Bit Done

Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

Not very much by a long shot worked on yesterday – having the cataract surgery took a little out of me yesterday and as wrote this last night my eye was still dilated – a lot!  But my close up vision was back and not distorted so that was great.  I could see the computer to type before the afternoon was done, I could put my kindle on the tiniest print and read it, I threaded a needle and sewed a couple hexies in place.  Now if my distance vision improves too that would be great although I know glasses will be needed.

When I say the surgery took a bit out of me I am referring to being exhausted – getting up at 4:45 AM so we could make the drive did it – whenever I know I have to get up early I do not sleep well, I was waking up every 30-45 minutes after 12:15 yuk!!  Back to the doctor this morning for him to check his work but not as early –so more sleep for us – then lets see what I can do in the afternoon.  Other than an “eye ache” instead of a headache” most of the day went fine.

I had started this hexie on Saturday I think and didn’t get a photo of it – I sewed the last two light color hexies on late yesterday – the burgundy colors are next – this hexie flower I think will go on the upper left side of the Handful of Scraps – photo a couple days back.


This quilting on Final Frontier from Sunday night.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Quilt Fabrication.


And look what came in the mail yesterday late afternoon – I had some credit available on Amazon and looked through the books and spotted this one – I had been seeing a lot of the blocks from this book on Pinterest lately and liked them – the book just has small miniature quilts which I do not do but if you make a hundred more blocks or enlarge your set!  Love that quilt on the cover – I’m  not necessarily think Civil War colors – I’m thinking scrappy any color!



Same Old Stuff

quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

Rained again off and on again yesterday and other than exercise and grocery shopping I was at home – sewing in the morning on the scrappy bricks and made progress!!  All single units are now sewn into double units.  I wanted them this size as to me it is easier to place them in rows now and figure out where I want them – just a little bigger makes them easier to handle I think.  I will be laying them out on the floor and figure out rows then stack them and number so I can sew.  I had thought about putting them on the wall but it isn’t big enough so why bother.


I’m finding it hard to photograph The Final Frontier and have the quilting show up when trying to get in a large area!  Right now I am quilting about 8 inches in from the rolled area in the front –  the yellow square at the bottom of the shot with the two small circles is where I have gotten to before I started to quilt last night.  That is close to half way across this section so I am getting back into my quilting groove and making progress.


Sunday night quilting.  Someone thought the empty spaces might be too large of areas with no quilting in them – these blocks are 4.5 inches so the empty areas really aren’t that large and I’m kind of keeping it simple this time – sometimes I put in a heck of a lot of quilting and then wish I hadn’t so this time it is less – if I really feels it needs more I can always add more later.  Linking to Quilt Story and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


worked this area on Sunday night


I haven’t a clue what I will get done with today – I have cataract surgery on my right eye first thing in the AM (I write at night), it isn’t supposed to take long and we will find out how it goes and how well I can see when it gets done – I will let you all know.  Surgery  in the morning means I need to be there at 6:30 AM!!  and it is a 45 minute minimum drive to get there which means up and at it early in the morning for me and no food or drink after mid-night  — I will still need to wear glasses and only one eye needs the surgery  – no double cataract surgery for me and seeing as I do need glasses to see out of the left eye the right eye can not be made perfect from what I was told the eyes need to balance out.  The right eye will be made better but not perfect.   The only reason the cataract got bad so quickly is because of the partial detached retina last winter – they say if you already have a cataract no matter the size (mine was tiny) it can grow very quickly after that surgery which mine did.  Anything has to be better than how I am seeing now!!  Surgery is supposed to take about 10 minutes – you are sedated and after surgery in recovery for about 30 minutes then on to home  – I will need to run back in the next morning for the doctor to check his work – 2 kinds of eye drops for a week then stop one and continue the other one for a whole month total – new prescription for glasses after a month I believe.  Let’s all hope this works the way it is supposed to!!

EDITED:  11:10 PM  back home from eye surgery the doctor said all went as planned and see him again in the morning for a check up.  Today vision will  blurry for about 24 hours I was told but will improve by tomorrow.  No  restrictions do what I want and what I can see good enough to do – eyes are really dilated so well take most the day for that to clear up


Quilting Circles

Handful of Scraps, quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

Ok now that the part of the Olympics are over that I am interested in it is back to hand quilting.   But first would you believe we had a high briefly of 72 degrees yesterday and by 6 PM it was 70 degrees and the rain had stopped – Windows opened for the evening!!! Always, always love to have my windows open and the A/C turned off.  I won’t get too excited as it might change but it is possible that in about one week we get a cool front come through taking the nights down to 62 or so – August in Arkansas – rarely does that happen.  Well be nice if it does.

So The Final Frontier was rolled down on Saturday morning I believe it was and I was quilting on it Saturday night and again last night.


Another angle –


More neutral hexies were basted and yesterday afternoon I put a Netflix movie on and got two more short rows whipped stitched in place and added to the big piece for Handful of Scraps.


Close up of area – at first I was concerned over the amount of darker neutrals in one area, but then I said what the heck – there are going to be a lot more spaces like this and the original quilt in the pattern had a lot of neutral areas like that too – so no I am not changing them.  So if you feel they need to be changed – I don’t want to hear about it LOL – this whole neutral section is pinned to the wall and not attached to the main piece


A whole lot of progress made on the scrappy bricks, another day or so of machine sewing then I will need floor space to work on rows and then stack the rows up to begin more machine stitching.


The box is storage of neutral hexies – a good size box for that.


Hope everyone had a great weekend – I know people in the northeast and coast are sweltering with the heat and people in the gulf coast and Louisiana are flooded – I hope you all make through it ok.  I am linking to Em’s Scrapbag: Moving It Forward Monday and Cooking Up Quilts: MCM #34 and Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.

I don’t know how often you all check out Craftsy – I try to keep my eyes on it to give you all a heads up now and then – this is not an official sale but I was looking through the Quilt Kits as it is a great way to get fabric on sale and a pattern if you want it – sometimes I just want the fabric – but anyhow I noticed a lot of the quilt kits are marked down to around 50% – not all of them mind you but a lot of them and the ones marked clearance (158 of them) are low.