Saturday Was a Very Busy Day

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts, sewing room

I was busy all day! Even when I was sitting down I was busy.    First of all I have gotten as comfortable as I can with The Postage Stamp on a hoop and it joined me on the couch Friday night for 1 and a half hours! – it was draped all over the place keeping as much of it off me as I could so it wouldn’t over heat me LOL – the area next to the hoop on the right was quilted and part of what is in the hoop.


Saturday we took the 3 roller hand quilting frame  apart and is now stored for the time it will take to redo this room!  Shelves off of the walls, Mike is still working on his side but it is slowly getting done – I think I mentioned he is back to work on a contract job locally- it might be for a year.  We do all the work in the room together with me doing a lot of the leg work – taking things out to the trash pile, and stacking in the work shop – it is a lot of walking back and forth and helps me get in my steps.


The Handful of Scraps quilt now has all the hexies in the circle around the outer edges pinned to the wall – each hexie has 3 neutrals sewn to them for the spaces in between – photo has been taken with the Ipad so I remember what I was doing and the hexies flowers will be stacked and the middle folded up and put in the suitcase.  Haven’t a clue what well be done but it will be taken along to my sisters – maybe work will get done and maybe it won’t.  I will not bother to take along more neutral hexies for the outer row all the way around – doubtful I would get that far.


A close up of the work I have been doing – here you can see for sure that the outer row is not connected.


A variety of reds left over from the baby quilt were sewn together for binding and now attached to the baby quilt – haven’t a clue if it will all get stitched before I leave but I’m sure I will work on it some.  I think for joining Kathy  Slow Sunday Stitching I will be working on this binding in between other things that must get done.  Also linking today to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework and Love, Laugh Quilt: Monday Making.


I had wanted to bring a wool applique project along with me to work on but I have not received my wool thread yet that I wanted to use.  It might come before packing commences on Wednesday but I’m beginning to be doubtful – it might be that it will stay home and I will work on it when I get back.  This project is the one I am talking about – I was going to start with the pinkish purple coneflower block – middle row on the left side.  I exchanged emails with the place I ordered from yesterday to see where it was and she said she would get it sent off right away Monday and I would get it on Wednesday but then I realized later that Monday is a holiday – unless it is going by another method Post Offices are closed – and I bet she didn’t think of it either – she had been out of a couple of the colors and got them Fed X yesterday and that was the hold up.  Totally understandable  – I can wait to start!


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Baby Scrap Quilt


Finally I got back to work machine quilting the small baby quilt that I had taken a break from the other day as it was giving me fits.  I decided I didn’t like how I was working it – I was making too much work for myself.  I have to remind myself sometimes when making a quilt for charity that I do not have to put hours and hours into it.  What I might consider mediocre work someone else will think is fantastic.  So I took a couple hours to undo the machine quilting that I had started and then repined and now I have it half done!  I truly was making too much work for myself.  I was going to outline all the sashing and cornerstones and all the blocks plus white spaces – really too much work for one that doesn’t do free motion but works with the walking foot.

Now I am doing slightly curvy lines and happy with it.


The back – sometimes you can see the lines better on the back.


Working on a few more hexies as well.  Linking to Tweety Loves Quilting.


I have a shelf close to the sewing area in the living room now dedicated to the sewing/computer stuff – I’m sure it will be over flowing soon.  Mike has been getting into his contract job all week and has not had time to clear out anymore of the sewing room – I hope we can make progress on that this weekend – but I have a feeling this one little room will be a project lasting him 6 months – I do truly hope that is not the case as I want to get back to my three roller frame.  I have not pushed getting into quilting this week, I had nice weather to enjoy for awhile and just getting settled into several new sewing areas has been an adjustment – I hope to start quilting again this weekend and then of course I will be taking off for the second half of the month soon so I will have a long break anyhow – I well be back to quilting in February for sure.


For the next four weeks, Craftsy is serving up a special deal just for quilters every single day,  offering sweet savings on classes and supplies, plus a quick video tip from our very own Craftsy quilting pros.   The Daily Buzz seen at this link

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Hexies and Scrappy Baskets

Handful of Scraps, scrap quilts

I was not in the mood to machine quilt yesterday – just didn’t feel like it and the baby quilt has been put aside – maybe I’ll work on it in a day or two – not really sure – the sewing machine is working – it was just me not in the mood.  My thumb is better from the bee sting – a couple of doses of Benadryl worked.  We have been having such great weather the past three days that it is not amazing that I didn’t feel like sitting at the machine – three days in a row it hit 70 degrees!! how sweet is that – of course all good things come to an end and while we will not get the ice storm that people to the north of us will be getting we are only to have a high of 45 today – after a high of 74 yesterday – what a let down!  Then of course it will be back and forth on the weather – 60’s, 50’s, rain and clouds.

I felt more like working on hexies and getting a couple baskets cut out – I hadn’t touched them in awhile – the two on the left are prepped and ready to stitch.  First I had to line them all up so I could remind myself of what colors I had done.  I think I will get a small stack cut out and possibly take some with me to work on at my sisters later this month.  I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict – Sarah has a tutorial for a simple jelly roll quilt today.  Also linking to Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts.,


When I got that done I got more hexies ready to stitch the neutrals around.  These five were ready to stitch last night and I got them all done while we were watching tv.


I think you can see when I put them on the wall how I am adding the neutrals in between and then the “circle” well be ready to join although I won’t be doing it as one big piece but one at a time.  I will take a photo with the Ipad so I will have color placement with me – all of this will be folded and put in the suitcase and the hexies in a plastic bag.  Big sections of neutrals and two hexie flowers in each corner needed.  Heaven knows how much I will actually get done but I know there will be down time sitting around watching tv and talking  so my hands will be busy.   And yes a row of neutrals needs to go above all the hexies as it is for the burgundy hexie on the top left just hadn’t gotten to that – one day!


Since I took the Postage Stamp quilt off the frame I have not gotten a lot done and didn’t touch it two days running but I kind of expected that – I knew I would not be working on it as much with it off the 3 roller.


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One Of Those Days


I know we all have those days where nothing seems to go right, one thing after another – I guess I was just meant to be outside yesterday.  I was going to machine quilt the baby quilt – first my thread kept breaking – then it was my needle!  First the needle actually came loose and got jammed.  Finally got that taken care of and changed needle, cleaned machine and got started again only to have not 5 minutes later the needle came loose again broke off.  I have never had that happen on this machine before.

Finally got that all straightened out and Melanie called to ask if she and Aniya could come over – Aniya wanted to use the swing out in the yard – so yes of course they could come over and the sewing was put aside – tomorrow some work will get done?

The backing – I think I have 3 lines total done although this only shows 2 of them.


From the front.


Some of this area was quilted on Tuesday night while NCIS was on.  I finally put it in a round hoop on the dining room table and worked on it in there.


The new set up – bring the secretary chair in the dining room, put it up at it’s tallest level and have the round hoop in my lap and the quilt piled up on the table.  Across the way is the dining room TV to keep me company.  I only lasted an hour though – just not the same as with the 3 roller.  The big square hoop might work good for smaller quilts but the weight of this quilt just had too much drag on it – I folded it up and put it back in the workshop.


It was 70 degrees out and very windy and felt a bit cooler so Aniya had her hat and light jacket


No quilting or sewing last night – I went and got a bee sting on my right hand thumb – I thought I had a tissue thick enough to get a bee that I saw on the floor and I guess I didn’t have it as thick as I thought and it got me!  Like I say – up in the low 70’s couple of days in a row and it got in the house!  I think a day or two off sewing – we will see what it is like today.  Last night it was throbbing.


Hexies, Basting and Armadillos

animals, Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts

I know weird title but yesterday I saw an armadillo from the house and then when I went out the backdoor to take a walk I heard a noise of something shuffling around near the backdoor – looked off the stoop and there he was – I knew we had one around as the backyard has been having a lot of snout like digging holes all over the place – a sign you have an armadillo digging for bugs. Photo taken with the iphone so not super clear.  Usually they are dead and on the road when you see them – most times out at night.   EDITED: forgot to mention it got up to 70 yesterday and more of the same today! outside walking time if it doesn’t rain.


EDITED:  A Map of it’s range

The way they dig up the yard – this is happening all over the back yard right now. (another phone photo)


This area of hexies for Handful of Scraps has the neutrals attached to their right sides – I think I will continue to do that and then take the whole thing to my sisters and attach these all around the circle.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction: UFO Progress and Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers.


Then I wouldn’t need to take any of the extra hexies with me just the flowers and begin to attach all the way around.  Vicki is feeling much better and we should be out almost every day taking short walks and shopping and things to get her energy back.    15 days after surgery that is doing pretty good.  The doctor has cleared her for driving already too.  Her speech is coming back better every day.  She is having a lot of problems with her right hand (she is right handed) hopefully with more OT she will get all use of her hand back but she knows it is possible she won’t.  One of my brothers will be in for one weekend while I am there and one of the nieces on Mike’s side of the family who lives out there is planning  to meet up for lunch or something one day to get in a visit as well.  I think a lot of time will be family time – Vicki has one son and family very close by as well.  I have a feeling I will be busy almost every day –


The scrappy baby quilt is now pin basted maybe I will get started on it today?


I can not say I enjoyed quilting the big quilt on the square hoop stand!  In fact I didn’t like it at all – how people like these hoops instead of floor frames like my big 3 roller is beyond me.  I’m trying another thing and I will let you all know how it goes.  I do hope I don’t have to set this quilt aside until the weather gets cold again and only work on it then – the quilt drags so much and is so heavy it is hard for me with the arthritis in my hands to tighten the hoop enough to hold in place and it was constantly coming loose Monday night when I was trying to get the feel for it.  I am moving to the dining room table last night and see if it will work any better in there to support it.


A Busy Day

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts

Somehow or another I stayed busy all of Monday and got 12,000 steps in!  I try hard to get 10,000 so pleased when it is more.  Housework, a  little shopping, fitness center, it all adds up and then when you throw in all the wandering from room to room in your house it can top it off.  Sometimes if I am close to 10,000 but not quite there and it is the end of the day I just walk room to room throughout the house making about 5 laps and it puts me over the top.

The pajama pants are made and I opted for wide elastic instead of a drawstring – I couldn’t find a drawstring and didn’t want to make one.  The legs are a little wide, but I would rather have them wide then too tight for sleeping in.  I didn’t have a pattern, I used another pair for a pattern so I’m sure that accounts for it.  They are comfortable and a little heavier than some so I really like the fabric – I wish it hadn’t been discontinued.


I will use this strip fabric for the back of the baby quilt and try to get it pin basted today.  I took off the outer white border that I had on the baby quilt – making it slightly smaller but that way I don’t have to piece a back and try to match up stripes.


I began to add some of the neutrals to the Handful of Scraps on the design wall.  Just the 3 pieces on the right side added and I have two more hexies on the coffee table with pieces next to them to add – a lot of work still to do on it.


The Postage Stamp quilt on the hoop.


The area I was working on last night.  The pins will not be a problem – the quilt is so heavy that I just laid it over the frame and took the pins out in the area I will be working – put the top piece on and tightened it up – ran my hand over the back to make sure there are not wrinkles – there wasn’t and it was set to go.   Linking to Mrs. Sew and Sow today.  Also linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog – Esther will be releasing a free BOM again this year check with her on the 15th of the month to see what – I haven’t a clue.


I found two of the red plastic bands in the quilting drawers and rolled the front of the quilt up – the area that would be on my lap and placed one on each side – that should keep it off my lap – there is a lot of course dragging on the carpet and I might see if I can find some more.  I haven’t a clue where I got these, I have had them put aside for a long time and had never used the.


Hair cut today, exercise –I plan to pin baste the baby quilt  and I hope to get a retro air ship block made, I picked the fabric out yesterday for one block – I haven’t worked on that one for awhile and I don’t want it to be dropped and forgotten.  I need to start rotating my work out again and keep them all active.  The scrappy little baskets haven’t been touched either while I was clearing the sewing room out.