Antique Store


Very busy yesterday all day and into the evening – no sewing was done!  We went to a large antique store today and here are some of the things I saw there seeing as I have none of my own work to share today.  And here I have none of my own sewing to share today and Amy’s Creative Side has featured me from the last Quilt Festival - you can see it here!  The next on line quilt festival that Amy is having starts May 15th so think about what you want to enter.  I am also linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

I did see a lot of quilts in this place – and most were well done if they were old – and a lot in good condition – but I do not collect old quilts – I make too many new ones LOL


This pretty little box had such a beautiful layout here – perfect for a quilt pattern!


I am pretty sure this quilt was hanging here last year when I last visited – it is very well made and in good condition.


This one was hanging on the back side.


More quilts.  I was seeing quilts every where I turned and no sewing machine in sight – I didn’t see one.


I thought this cabinet would look good in a sewing room –  a good prop – fabric in the top cupboard, notions in the drawers – knick knacks or quilt tools on the open shelf area – I had it all planned but it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.   LOL


A Grandmother’s Flower Garden in green and yellow – Green Bay Packer colors – kind of hideous I thought LOL – I would not be able to look at a quilt in these colors – sorry


Love the ceramic tiles inlaid on the table top.


We had such a busy day going from one shop to another – a mani-pedi that was so relaxing – something I normally do not do and it felt so good to get my feet massaged.  I think I need to do this at home.  In the evening we went out to supper – just us girls – Utah was at karate and with friends so after we ate we wandered around Hobby Lobby and Ciera got another cross stitch kit – she might be getting hooked on this.

Right now the weatherman is saying a 60% chance of snow Monday morning about an inch – I leave that afternoon and Little Rock is supposed to be in the low 70’s! crazy, crazy – lets hope the snow stays just a little bit or leaves the forecast.




I thought it was time to put the EPP away as I was getting irritated with it LOL – not sure if I will continue this method!  But I had a Ziploc bag along with the Lemoyne Stars along so I thought I would make one of those yesterday.  So this will give me 20 of the 90 needed.  I brought 10 of them along to work on so maybe I will get a couple more done while I am here – I leave for home on Monday.  I just got the smallest package of paper pieces so it will not be a big waste if I don’t use them, I also have the acrylic templates.


Just a little more work done on Winter Wonderland.


Ciera is a girl of many talents and here she is showing the cookies she baked with no help and I told her to show her counted cross stitch as well. 


This is the pattern she is making.


this is the one quilt she has made with a lot of help from me.  She started to do it by herself about 3 years ago when she was 9 – possibly younger I don’t really remember but then one time when we were coming up in the camper she asked that I bring the sewing machine along so I could “help” = “finish”  She is not too interested in making quilts right now – maybe sometime later.


Not a lot for this blog post I am of course not doing my daily routine here and it is mainly family stuff – shopping, general running around, watching tv, going out to lunch a lot – that kind of stuff.  Utah is hard to capture in a photo as he is 14 and not around a lot as he is hiding in his room with his x-box or on line games with his friends – he has a karate tournament on Sunday so hope to get some photos then of him – Ciera though hangs out with her mom and me so I am seeing a lot more of her – pretty natural for this age group.

If you follow the Moda Bake Shop and get the newsletter and if you don’t check this link out Jen Kingwell has a short video (I am referring to the 3rd video on the page)  on it that shows the quilt as you go method – her method really.  I found it interesting – I mentioned that  we are planning on getting a king size bed, I don’t think I will be able to fit a whole quilt the size needed for that big of a bed on my quilting frame – I might have to do it in two or three sections and put it together like this.  I like how she cuts the batting – very interesting concept so less stress is put on the areas you join – actually I think if I do one – this way is the way to go.  I hadn’t really thought of it before but you can do a king size on a frame in sections.


Shopping and Embroidery

Winter Wonderland

Well we really didn’t do all that much yesterday but yet it seems like we were on the go all day.   I did a little shopping while Jessica attended her meeting.  I found a couple small things to stick in the suitcase but not a winter jacket or clothing.  There was a Williams Sonoma store at the mall – I love that place and love to wonder though what I refer to as “cooking notions” LOL (I guess only a quilter would refer to them as notions) and I found a cookie scoop to have nice formed all the same size cookies and a little tea strainer on a long handle – I love finding little things like that.  There was also a Teavana store that I wandered in also – I had a sample of tea there once Raspberry Lemonade and wondered if they still had it – they did – they mix two herbals together for it and it really isn’t tea at all and taste just like the raspberry lemonade at say Italian Gardens for instance.  So I splurged and got some and a little can to keep it in.

We ran around a little bit and had lunch at Italian Gardens where I had Raspberry Lemonade which is why I gave that comparison.

I managed to finish up the first Red Work embroidery and started a second, but I might put that one aside today and work on some Lemoyne Stars instead – I stuck the spool of thread and a handful of the stars in a little bag and brought it along – variety is good for the soul after all!

The finished block.  I am linking to Freshly Pieced Modern today and to Sew Fresh Quilts.


The next one – I was too lazy to take the hoop off for the photo.  This one is the largest of the blocks I believe.


Not sure what I am doing today or where Jessica intends to wander  – we will see!



quilts, Winter Wonderland

Monday was a mainly stay at home day.  It was probably the last of the warm weather days while I am here and today it will be back to the normal 40’s.  Yesterday I walked to the near by park with Ciera to shoot hoops – and yes I can still do it LOL – not as well as “back in the day” but I always loved basketball.  Jessica loves basketball and now Ciera does as well.  Got in some exercise.  I am linking to Esther’s Blog today.

I showed some quilted folded up the other day and was asked to spread them out a little and show photos of these quilts as some of you hadn’t seen them before – just didn’t have a lot of room to lay quilts out as there is a dog in the house so I did what I could.  I designed and hand pieced and hand quilted this quilt back in about 2002 I think.  I don’t recall how many 1.5 inch squares I cut but it was close to 3,000.  AND no two pieces are alike – a true charm quilt – which is easier said than done if you take a busy print fabric you can cut quite a few that are different.


Here is a close up.


This one is Utah’s baby quilt – a bit faded over the years, but still here this is from 2000.


A mystery quilt for Ciera in the yellows and greens – totally didn’t pick out the colors well for this one and was dismayed at the outcome but Ciera loved it.  The one next to is was one of the first machine quilting I did – all solids in a zigzag pattern, I think this one was from about 2004?


This is Star Crazy and you can see Marley the dog was getting just too interested in me spreading out the quilts so I didn’t try to anymore.  Fairly new about 3 years ago?


And here is the first block of the redwork for Winter Wonderland almost finished!   I have some snow flakes scattered around near the top to finish up and this one will be completed.


And that is it for today.  Jessica has a meeting in Madison she needs to go to this morning so she is dropping me off at the mall to wander around and get some exercise mall walking LOL and I can check out the sales while I am there.  Then we will most likely be going to lunch before heading home.  I will probably have time to finish up the redwork block later today while she does her stuff and the kids are still in school.  When I get done with this block I will probably start the 2nd rosette for La Passacaglia and see if I find it any easier than the first one was.


Chicago–A Very Busy Day


We walked for miles!  We left the house early for the 2 1/2 hour drive to the city.  I had been there years ago but it had been very many years.  Jessica is beginning to learn her way around and with the help of GPS we did fine.  Our first stop was the Field Museum – a very big place.  We were lucky to get a very nice day – it was in the low 60’s although occasionally walking around when the wind got active it felt chillier we did pretty good weather wise – one more nice day today – maybe hitting 70 and then back to the 40’s.


Looking down at the central main gallery – I remembered the dinosaur and the elephants.  My one and only other time at this museum was in 1972.


I didn’t get many photos in the museum – just too busy wandering – here is Utah and the girls – Ciera and Jessica.  The kids are getting quite tall and Jessica, Utah has already passed both Jessica and I up in height and Ciera is not far behind.


Ciera loved this miniature display of how mummies were made!


Beautiful display of birds.


The top of one of the old buildings in the city.


Ciera at one of our rest stops.


Checking out the Chicago Bean – me and my grand’s – Ciera 12 and Utah 14 and taller than his granny now – of course if osteoporosis wouldn’t have made me shrink a little bit already we would be the same.


This is the Bean.


Our reflections in the bean.


The lake


And yes my first time to visit an IKEA – on our way out of Chicago we stopped to wander around as I have of course heard of them but have never stopped, our closest in Arkansas is about 5 hours away at least in Kansas City and a little further to Dallas.


We are home today until the kids get out of school so today is a day to relax after walking forever yesterday – we had actually walked so far we took a taxi back to the parking lot that we had left the car at by the museum where we had an early bird low parking fee and kept it all day.


A Very Busy Day

family, La Passacaglia

Ciera had a sleep over Friday night and Utah had karate Saturday morning so Jessica and I made a trip over to Home Depot to look at paint chips and then to Starbucks and enjoyed cream cheese danish and coffee & tea.  Then off to pick up Ciera and go watch Utah at karate for awhile.

Practicing his bo staff – he has been going at karate since he was 6 years old and is a second degree black belt at 14.  Look in the mirror and you can see him there too.


twirling the staff up into the air


Ciera eating and Jessica waiting patiently for practice to be over – she has been a karate mom for 8 years and Ciera is in basketball for the 2nd year now – lots of practices to get these kids to.


You see quilts everywhere – this one hanging in the karate studio made by a “karate mom”


After a quick run home to change out of karate uniform we went into the state capitol of Madison for a Thai lunch and a little wandering – didn’t do much though as we are off to Chicago today to see the Field Museum – or at least part of it – and then a walk along the Lake Shore Drive I think.  It is a bit of a trip so most likely well wait and get a blog post done some time on Monday so it will be out later than normal – we will be late getting home tonight – but not too late – school on Monday for the kids.


Kids totally exhausted LOL – slept on the short way back home.  I think Ciera didn’t get much sleep at that sleep over (surprise, surprise – do kids actually sleep at these?)


My first EPP center for La Passacaglia.  I told you I would let you know what I thought – thumbs down to EPP — LOL – really hand piecing with a running seam is so much easier!!  Well I continue this method – well I have 2 more centers glue basted so I will do those and see how it goes – well I continue doing this quilt the EPP method or switch to hand piecing with a running stitch  – really don’t know at this point – but I will see how the others go for now.  I really want to try to give it a chance though and see if it gets better – but I am finding it awkward  to sew with the papers – so instead of struggling I might change over – you can do that you know – I have these cut with a quarter inch seam so it would work out just fine. I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday


I am not taking too much time to reply to e mails the last couple days – I am reading them – just not spending much time though at the computer – that will change during the week as Jessica has a meeting one day and computer work to do so I will be sewing and computer reading then.