Too Many Patterns

by Karen on April 17, 2014

in quilts

I know I have told you all that I want to make some finishes before I start more – I have too many in the “almost” finished category and want to get them done – but in the meantime I look at blogs, I look at my quilt patterns, I look at Pinterest and other places on line with quilt patterns and I’m wondering when will I ever make all of these!!  At times you want to have yourself cloned so you can make them all – and of course then you would find more and and have to make another clone!  LOL

My ideas for the “next” quilt –

I want to make a queen size mini tumbler quilt – I have the fabric put aside – it would look kind of like this one – just different colors – I have the inklingo pattern for these

I want to make a fancy plate Dresden plate using Inklingo – I have these patterns too just waiting for me


And something with these applique patterns


In fact I might pick out a applique from the above photo for the center of this quilt because I don’t care for the applique as much in the center but I love the rest of it.


This one has been waiting for awhile for me to start.


this simple one that I found someplace in the internet but I don’t remember where


this is another simple one that would be good for a jelly roll I have


These pre-cuts are staring me in the face for sometime now – every day!! saying “please use me” and I keep saying I have to finish something first!!


I have a feeling that as soon as I finish up the Granny’s Got Style – one border left to do – and the Red and Black checkerboard table topper – in it’s final days of big stitch quilting – I am going to get going on one of these projects even if I know I won’t finish it right away (which I won’t of course)

How about you? Tons of ideas and not enough time – I bet we all think alike on this Smile  One problem I have is I love to make queen size quilts – I will make small ones now and then but we use the big quilts!  All of these ideas shown are being planned for big quilts except the last one – that one will be a kid size.

p.s. the headache did go away – I know it will come back though off and on this whole spring!


Tuesday was a headache day for me – allergies! major sinus headache.  I got little done.  I thought if I made some chocolate chip cookies it might help my headache for at least a little while and it did!   Smile But then it came back.  I lazed about all day, reading, laying on the couch – dozing off from time to time.  Wandered outside  – thought the fresh air would help – it didn’t – I got a little quilting done -

A little more of the big stitch quilting on this little top – I have one of the nine patch blocks to complete that the hoop is on and one other – then I will do the grid spreading over the red blocks and the border – the stitching on the flowers is done.


Not much done on Patchwork of the Crosses– I will try to do more today – surely the allergy headache will be done by today!  I am linking to Freshly Pieced today and Sew Fresh Quilts – Let’s Bee Social.


We didn’t drop below freezing on Monday night – it did get down to 32.9 but all was well with the plants!  Allergy season gets me every year – I have allergies year round – I learn to live with it – I normally do not get the headaches though – just sometimes.  Today will be a better day! I hope.


Great news – due to the overwhelming response of hand quilters Amy from the Quilt Festival has added the hand quilting category back into the festival  – make sure to keep an eye out for it next month and enter a hand quilted quilt in the hand quilting category to make sure she keeps it in the festival.  Just goes to show that by bringing attention to something like this we were able to change her mind!  Smile

Then quilting on Patchwork of the Crosses that I did on Sunday night:


Back to work Monday night for a couple hours maybe I can get this row almost complete.


I am linking to Freemotion by the River for “Linky Tuesday

Would you all believe that Sunday night we lost our power once again!  That’s right for the 5 or 6th time in the past 6 months or less due to storms of one nature or another – ice being the main one we have lost power – Sunday night was due to a very bad thunderstorm that came through our area around 10 PM.  I had been on the computer checking the weather before going to bed and just as I was reading – Severe Thunderstorm Warning winds may reach 70mph – the wind was the loudest I have heard it in years, I actually thought maybe the news people had missed a tornado in the area it was that loud – I reached over to shut the window (in the 70’s at that time) because of the rain and the power went out – the phone rang and our daughter who lives 2 miles from us – directly down the highway west of us inquired did you loose power too – and listen to that wind – they didn’t say a tornado warning – no they hadn’t. We wouldn’t have had time to get to the storm shelter – it came that fast.   It was over as quickly as it began although it rained off and on most of the night.  It calmed down – we all went to bed thinking the power would be back on sometime in the middle of the night – well it didn’t – it didn’t come back on until after 10 AM.  Right across the road from where our daughter lives three houses in a row at least have major tree damage – trees just snapped – some of them quite large.  Then no damage – then damage – skipped our place and neighbors and then down the road  more trees down – it was not a tornado – but possibly straight line winds – we were lucky once again.

Now of course all day Monday the temperature dropped — a major cold front coming through – freeze warnings!  So after supper last night Mike went out to help me cover up my plants that I want to make sure are protected – at the last minute – I almost forgot – I remembered my apple tree I planted just a couple months ago – it has leaves on it now!  Out came some pillow cases – I was out of sheets by then!  Three pillow cases – I hope it saves it just fine and keeps it warm enough Smile


Draped a sheet over the hydrangea and put some rocks around it to hold it down so it won’t fly away.


All I had left for the roses climbing up the deck that have blossoms on it already was a fitted sheet – managed to cover most of it – let’s see how it works.  We have leaves on the trees already too – it might get below freezing for an hour or two – lets hope it won’t be bad.


Two mint plants and the box of flowers that I got a couple days ago to plant – I had heard we might get some cold weather so I held off planting – glad I did.  The two big pots of sweet mint and chocolate mint are from last year that I wintered over under piles of leaves in the garden – I repotted as I don’t want them to take over the garden space – I didn’t know if the cold weather could cause them damage without being covered up so thought I might just as well take them in too.  Glad I hadn’t picked up many bedding plants yet.



Hand Quilting

by Karen on April 14, 2014

in quilts

As a lot of you bloggers know Amy Ellis at Amy’s Creative Side has a quilt festival every year and it will be in about a month.  She just announced the categories this year and I was amazed to see that there is no hand quilting category this year!!!!  As  a hand quilter I am very surprised at this – I wrote her a comment and asked if this was overlooked and she got back to me and said    “No, sorry. It was one of the least requested categories, based on feedback from participants.”

I’m I the only one amazed by this oversight!  Are hand quilters such a rarity now that we no longer have a category in a quilt festival on line?  Maybe if we send her a note she will add us back in?

Yes if we have a hand quilted quilt we can enter it into the applique category – or as a scrappy quilt – rainbow quilt – whatever – we just can’t enter it into the hand quilted category because there is none!!

It just doesn’t seem right. 


Due to rain off and on all day yesterday and windy – I decided that the power washing could wait on the deck until late in the week when the temperatures will warm back up again!  I was lazy – for me that is – vacuumed the house and did laundry.  I wandered outside before the rain came to take a couple photos -

The dogwood in full bloom


Up close


I just love the Bleeding Hearts and had to take another photos of them, both of the plants have two stems of flowers now – well they survive the low temperatures early Tuesday morning? Don’t know – right now the only plant I thought I would cover is the hydrangea that has suffered so much – there are just too many plants out here to try to cover – it will be for about 2 hours below freezing according the weather channel – we will see – I will decide later today.  The roses even have buds on them – tiny though so they might be ok.  The clematis have buds but haven’t opened.


Then it started to rain and was windy – I decided to get the back ready for the red/black quilt, I then pin basted and got to work on big stitch quilting – nothing fancy for this little table topper – I want it done.  Two of the flower blocks quilted around and on the flower and two of the checkerboard blocks finished also.  I will carry the grid into the red blocks for the background and the border.  This is going to go fast as you can see – the top is 45 x 45.  It was a rainy afternoon and I just sat on the couch and watched a movie while big stitching quilting.


this is the back – I didn’t have enough red so I added the black to the sides – once the quilting is done and the top trimmed I will have a couple inches of black on both sides.  It looks wrinkly on the back but I pull it tight in the hoop as I go.


and more on the Patchwork of the Crosses like usual!



I am so glad I decided to wait until the beginning of May before I planted any tomato plants or seeds – I just knew with as weird as this past winter was that we just might continue to get some cold weather – glad it will be a short spell and sure hope it will be the last.

I am linking up to Judy at Patchwork Times today.


Friday afternoon and Saturday I was  power washing my porch and decking – and I’m not done yet – I’m either very slow and/or this thing was just plain dirty – and large!!  I hope to do some more of it today but it depends on when the rain starts and really I might just need a break and finish it sometime later in the week!  It’s not like I need it for anything right now and it is just us using it.

This much done!


And here you can really see where I stopped yesterday.


this much left to do


And the walk way around this garden spot.


I’ve got way too big of space around here!!  I’m getting too old to keep up with it all.  This is what happens when you live in the country and have a little space around you!

On Friday night I got Patchwork of the Crosses rolled down and now I will work all the way across to finish up row 5 of the Crosses.  I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday today.  It is going to rain so I will be quilting or sewing something today.


While watching the evening news the last couple of days I got a little more applique done on Floral Fantasy:


This is the fabric ready for the backing on the red and black checkerboard quilt with the applique flowers.  I just need to sit down and sew it – I will have time this week – Monday and Tuesday we have a cold front coming through – possibly down to freezing or below both nights – glad I didn’t plant anything yet.  I did buy some bedding plants but I have not planted them and will hold off so I can bring them in the house if I need to.


This is how much I have had to cut my hydrangea down to – this is smallest it has been since I planted it 25 or so years ago.  I hope it grows back this spring.


this is the size the same hydrangea was last year the same month.  I have never had to cut so much off of the plant as I did this year – the ice and cold winter sure did a number on it.  Last year I see I had a little garden planted – not this year!  I’m waiting until May Smile



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