A Little More Quilting

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After taking the weekend break from hand quilting I was back at it last night and got a bit of cross hatching done on Wagon’s West.  I think I completed all the quilting in the circles on this row so this stretch of cross hatching should move quickly and then on to the second row of wheels – I did 4 of each design and I plan on quilting them each the same way.


One more row pieced on this quilt – if all the blocks were sewn together it would now be about 20 x 20. Any name suggestions for this one – Playful Butterflies is one choice so far and another Butterflies are Free.


Working on another hexie flower for Handful of Scraps pinned for the photo – upper right.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Quilt Story.


The shelve in the pantry cupboard is beginning to take shape, sweet mint and spearmint (misspelled label) and the jam.  I have peppermint drying since last night so it will be ready to put in a jar sometime today.   Then it will be another day of peppermint as I have two plants and both were ready for a trim but only room in the dehydrator for that from one plant even with 6 trays.


A whole lotta tomatoes! and more will be ready in a day or two – I will wait on them before I make more sauce – not really enough for canning so I am just making pasta sauce with them and what can’t be used for one meal will be put in the freezer.  I pick my tomatoes before they are really ripe because the bugs seem to start getting them at this orange stage, I don’t want to use bug treatments so just pick them early and let them finish a couple days on the windowsill.


The following photos are from the River Park area from the weekend in Oklahoma City – a nice park area to walk (if the weather had been a tad cooler LOL)


A lot of pretty flowers to look at along the way.


Several Egrets had (the white bird) been hanging close to the water and I got this one while it was still.



And of course ducks all lined up ready to hop back in the water to cool off.  I have one more set of photos from the Botanical Garden that was only a block away from the hotel that we walked to on Saturday morning before the heat got out of control once again.



Hexie’s and Jam

Handful of Scraps, Travel

I finished the second hexie for Handful of Scraps that I had intended to finish this weekend and didn’t  all pinned in place on the wall and I noticed I had forgotten one neutral – good thing of pinning to the wall is you see where you have to fill in for sure.  I have one more with the color selected to start basting today or tomorrow.  I am linking to Esther’s Blog today where she is talking about releasing a new pattern – I wonder what it will be she has some good ones.


I have about 5 or 6 more blocks pieced yesterday for the Jacob’s Ladder quilt which I have been told looks like Butterflies so must come up with some kind of name.  Yes a couple of the colors stand out right now – the red being the main one and there will be more of some of these brights standing out – it won’t be just one.  Each finished block up on that wall consist of 2 – four patches and 2 half square triangle – each of those is 2.5 inches finished block of 4 put together is 4.5 inches.  Yes they are small.


Someone asked how many design walls do I have – this is it.  I do have one portable which is a pain to put together but if I need it I can put it up in the living room or someplace.  Mainly I use this one for numerous projects until something gets large then one is up there until it is done.  This wall is two insulated foam boards covered in flannel with a board frame screwed into the wall – the flannel is taped to the back and the boards keep the flannel from sagging.


More tomatoes getting close to ready.  Used one cabbage for coleslaw yesterday – it was a small head but just right for us.


If it would just cool off I could enjoy my swing area – but it has been too hot to sit outside for long.


Strawberry rhubarb jam – I had found some rhubarb in the middle of winter at the local store and froze it and used half of it in the jam.


The Oklahoma National Monument that we visited this weekend – all of the chairs indicate a person that died in the bombing in 1995 of Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.  The link provides all the information – a very touching sight – there were quite a few people there when we were and all walking through were so quiet – it was like going through a cemetery which in a way it is.


The only tree that survived in the bombing area – all the other trees in the park were planted when they were designing and building the park.  Trees do grow very fast here – some of the trees in the park are quite tall now.



Each chair lights up at night.


Another view.


The rectory of the church across from the building that was blasted had damage as well and had to be torn down – all in all 19 buildings had to be demolished as unsafe.




I’m Back

Handful of Scraps, Wagon's West (dresden plates)

On Friday the 17th  it was our 44th anniversary (I was 19 & Mike was 20 and we had known each other for 7 weeks when we got married) —  we had plans to take a 3 day weekend trip and I thought it would be a good time to take short blogging break.  We made reservations in downtown Oklahoma City in what is called The Bricktown area – a “river walk park” area that is similar to an area in San Antonio except this one is smaller and not as developed at this stage as that one is – I do believe they are still working on it.  There are plenty of restaurants, a large movie theater, bowling alley, coffee shops etc. Not many shops though.  We had made the plans before we knew it was going to be so hot!! and humid – that part of Oklahoma is not usually so humid.  We stayed in a hotel with parking and parked the car and walked everywhere.  Everything was within a quarter to half mile or so from the hotel except the National Memorial which we saw when we left yesterday – that would have been a little further of a walk and in the heat we thought to find parking Sunday morning near by which we were able to do but we were too early to see the museum but we did see the park.

I took some photos and I will share  but I need to go through them first.  So I will share them over the next couple of days.

I had brought two hexie flowers to work on for the Handful of Scraps quilt but it was such a bumpy intersection between home and there that I ended up not working on any sewing the 4 hour drive but I did get a little done in the hotel while we were cleaning up and cooling off in between going in and out.

Here is the one I finished pinned in place on the wall – the yellow “flower” at the top left.  I am linking up to MCM #25 Cooking up Quilts today.  I’m a day late linking to Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching but that hexie was being worked on then finishing it up.  I’m also linking to Em’s Scrapbag.


I left Thursday night’s quilting on Wagon’s West at the end of row and the quilt is ready to be rolled down and work on the ends of the first row of blocks and into the sashing .


And because when you travel and stay in hotels you almost always see something that could be a quilt design I had to take a photo of the floor by the elevator  – a nice Mariner’s Compass.


When we got home  in the late afternoon there was of course laundry to do, supper to cook and garden to take care of in the evening.  The deer had been at it again – this time eating leafs off of the sweet potatoes – Mike got them covered up with wire fencing as I was watering the garden.  I picked about a quart of green beans and got one cabbage head – it is a very small head but the outer leaves are beginning to dry up and I wonder how long they well last before the heat gets to them – the rest of the month is to be in the mid-90’s.  I thought I might just as well make a small coleslaw out of one.  I have at least a dozen tomatoes if not more that will be ripe in another couple days so I think I will make another pasta sauce and freeze it if I do not have plans to use it right away.  Mike is working odd hours this week and I do not bother to cook much when he is not home for supper but have a salad or something simple instead.  Herbs need to be dried too – I will have busy mornings and evenings as the middle of the day will be way too hot to work outside!


Little Break Time


I am taking a little blogging break – well be back on Monday! Have a good weekend everyone


A Little Bird

Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts

A little further on the Postage Stamp border and I added a bird – so cute!  I have been free styling cutting all the flowers and the bird and more to come – there are patterns in the book but I have found you really do not even need to trace them out – just make the size you want and start to cut – just be careful and of course use the patterns if you need to.



More on the Jacob’s Ladder quilt top – just sitting and sewing a block here and there throughout the day – sometimes one sometimes a couple – gradually the wall will get full.  Nothing is permanently in place – just sticking to the wall as I press and square up – I will deal with color placement later.


My daughter Jessica saw a cute idea she shared for 4th of July posted on her blog All She Cooks today  – 4th of July really isn’t that far away for us in the United States if you want an idea for decorating and/or eating go to her blog for the “how to do this”.

easy chocolate covered pretzel rods. These Patriotic Pretzel Rods are the perfect treat to bring to a 4th of July Potluck, or any patriotic themed occasion. They are also great dessert ideas for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veteran's Day. Candy Covered Pretzels are easy to make and are a fun activity for kids in the kitchen.

My first dozen of ripe tomatoes made a nice marina sauce for pasta last night – I first browned and softened a shredded onion, zucchini and a couple carrots.  Added some garlic and the tomatoes (peeled) some spices – some from the garden – basil and oregano – not from the garden salt, pepper, red pepper flakes after awhile of simmering I added one can of pasta sauce to help it along and then simmered for 3 hours – leave the lid part way off to let some evaporation go on as it was too thin and it turned out just right!  Didn’t think to take a photo.

The monthly offerings on sales from Accuquilt can be found here – or click on the photo

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Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts, Wagon's West (dresden plates)

Trying to get this whole border for the  Postage Stamp quilt  in for a photo – almost impossible – but not quite!


A little more of a close up – I’m actually still working on the cluster at the left – I barely touched it this week so far – have been busy with other things.  I really liked the Misty Fuse that I am using as the fusible on this last cluster of flowers and will keep using it.  Soft, easy to stitch, no sticky needles, and nothing has come loose.


A little more on the new quilt – is there a name for this block – I’m sure I have seen it before – it isn’t the OMG quilt by Sue Garmen is it – I need to look – that one had been on my list for awhile maybe it stuck in my mind LOL.  I will need to be careful of color placement – the print at the top right has too much white in it so need to watch out for that – these blocks well finish at 4 inches – they are just on the design wall now so I can change things around as I want.


Prepping one more flower cluster then I will have two “flowers” to work on for Handful of Scraps.


The Wagon’s West wheel I am working on


Not too much longer before it will be rolled down once again.


And the weather – what can I say but HOT and HUMID – I have barely been sitting on the porch this week!!