Round We Go


No quilting progress to show as I was in the living room the other night with some hand stitching and no quilting got done.  I finished the 1 circle for Block #4 and have one more cut out.

The one that is finished:


This is the next one cut out – I will not get around to working on the newest one though until Friday as I had to order glue stick refills and they come on Friday.  I have no place local to buy glue stick refills would you believe and I ran out.  I tried the school glue stick but find them fat and bulky and hard to use for making thin lines on EPP.  The closest sewing shop that would probably have them is about 80 miles from me and I don’t drive that far just for glue stick refills!!


The only other thing I have to show is a scrap quilt sandwich to try out some of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine.  I wanted to see if I would want to use any of them for machine quilting some of my smaller quilts. – Like Melanie’s Bird Brain quilt when I am done.  I normally would just do straight lines.  But stitch number 27 says it is a stitch that mimics hand quilting so I wanted to try it out.  The stitch I am talking about is the second row from the left.  Now maybe if you use a thread close to the color of the fabric it would look like that but with the white thread I don’t think so – what do you think?  I guess the more narrow stitch in between the thicker ones would blend into the fabric leaving the thicker stitch look like it is by hand?(edited: later in the evening–  I got to looking at the instruction book for the machine about the stitches and read that the stitch that mimics hand quilting is to be used with nylon thread on the top and closely matching thread on the bottom – so that explains that – I do not like nylon thread so doubt I would use that stitch)  I kind of like the wavy line the first line on the left.  The others are just numerous stitches I tried to see what they looked like – the short thick curvy line I like but it is way to thick for quilting I could tell that as soon as I got going but I like it for other things if I did bags or clothing.  (I have a few more stitches to try out still)


I was contacted by one of my readers that she had the pattern I was looking for that I mentioned last week “Afternoon Delight” by Sue Garman and we struck a deal and she is dropping it in the mail today – thank you Diane!!   I have no idea when I will get time to start it as I have a lot going on in the sewing room for all of this year already planned and I’m sure some in my head won’t get started until next year but it is so nice to be able to put out a message on my blog and have someone say “I have that and willing to do a trade or a sale”  If you ever see a pattern or book on my blog that you might want always feel free to contact me and see if I am willing to part with it – I have done deals with other quilters before and you can always ask.  I rarely do patterns more than once other than easy things for old time scrap quilts and those I usually do not even have a pattern for.


Some Quilting

Bird Brain, Handful of Scraps, Round We Go

On Monday night I didn’t watch a lot of the Olympics but quilted for a couple hours instead before watching from about 9-10 PM.  I had skipped a night or two of quilting and I’m determined not to take too much time off from it.

Handful of Scraps – those two photos show what got done.

IMG_4505 (2)

IMG_4506 (2)

I did a little more last night before moving to the living room to watch some more and to finish up my Round We Go circle star –this one with it’s many pieces almost looks like a star within a star doesn’t’ it.


I will be hopping from one project to the next for this week and taking a couple days or the rest of the week off from the birds – I measured my brown fabric and I have enough for two more rows of birds.  I will pull my white fabric back off the shelf that I was using and I will be set to make more.  It doesn’t look like a lot of brown but I am using two inch strips and I will need to piece some strips but it will be enough.

IMG_4510 (2)

I hope to start cutting more pieces for the Hertfordshire Quilt soon also.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts Jo’s Country Junction Quilt Fabrication Mama Sparks World My Quilt Infatuation today.

Happy Valentines Day everyone



Six Rows of Birds

Bird Brain, Handful of Scraps, Morning Glory

I think I will not do borders but check and see if I have enough fabric left to do two more rows of birds – I really didn’t want to do more birds but I just can’t think of something that I want for borders and thanks for all the suggestions.  As sick of piecing birds as I have been it will be better to have more birds then a border I do not like.  Right now the quilt is 50 x 62 and all the rows are sewn together – I want it at least 65 width.

IMG_4501 (2)

And I tried to capture the quilting close up for Handful of Scraps, some have said they couldn’t see what I was doing in the neutrals.


And here is what I am doing on the diamonds and hexie flowers


I rolled the frame down and this is what is left.


I managed to cut and glue baste one Round We Go block to have some thing different then applique to work on when I am watching the Olympics – this one has a bit more pieces then the ones I have shown and it looks like a mess sitting here on the flannel board but maybe there will be some improvement soon.

IMG_4504 (2)

Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.


A Little of This and That

Bird Brain, Handful of Scraps, Morning Glory

I really couldn’t get in a sewing mood on Sunday for some reason, I did get done with a little on several projects though but it didn’t feel like a productive day  – it was a rainy chilly day so it was an inside day – it actually “snowed ice pellets” two different times that we notice, not snow and not really sleet, but little tiny circles resembling ice.

I got some sashing sewed on the left side of  the birds but never pressed them, 4 pieces and need to do 3 more then sew all of those strips together and decide on a border.  I would like to do a pieced border – I think – but it has to be something easy – I have already spent more time on this quilt then I ever intended to do.

IMG_4500 (2)

while I watched some Olympics on Sunday afternoon I got a little more applique done –three more pieces of the red flower need to be done –then I start the other side.  Linking to Em’s ScrapbagSmall Quilts and Doll Quilts  —  MCM#106 —  Love, Laugh, Quilt –this morning.

IMG_4497 (2)

A little quilting from Saturday night


Bird watching from the sewing room window and I spotted a pair of doves – one flew off before I could take a photo of the cute couple but then I as this one flew away I saw where they went.


Up into the tree above the workshop – bird photos are taken through the screen so rarely a clear photo.  Maybe more will get done today – would like to get the body of the bird quilt finished so I can measure and figure out a border – Melanie is supposed to be dropping by later today to visit so maybe I can get her input on it seeing as it will be going to her.

IMG_4496 (2)


Bird Brain

Bird Brain, Morning Glory

Lots of sewing got done on Saturday – it was a chilly light rain kind of day.  Nothing to do after I got home from exercise except sew or read – right? and I wasn’t in a reading mood so sewing it was.

I got long rows of birds sewn together – all of them!

IMG_4487 (2)

Then I cut sashing for in between the rows – the sashing is just on the wall – not sewn in place and yes the rows are hanging  uneven on the wall you aren’t imagining it LOL – it is hard to hang things straight on the wall I think!  Once the sashing is in place and all rows are sewn together I will decide on borders to make it larger.  Right now it is about 62.5 inches long but only about 50 inches wide I think  so I need a little more length and a bit more width.  I really hate the thought of making 7 more birds for one more row but I might need too – but before doing that I would have to look over my brown fabric for sure as I am running low and would need the same two that I am using for more sashing and I don’t think I have enough for that and for the top and bottom sashing so it will have to be wider borders of some sort.   Mike says it looks like the birds are on a lattice in a garden.  Linking my scrappy birds to Quilting is More Fun than Housework  .

IMG_4490 (2)

Applique on Morning Glory from Friday night while the Olympics were one – two tulips now done and the bird on this side.  I had trouble with the tail and improvised as part of my fabric frayed badly as I was unpicking to redo but in the end it turned out great – I actually tucked a small piece under the tail and made a new middle feather – the fabric blended really well by cutting out a piece of the print that matched.  Then had trouble with the beak area (the beak is not a separate color as the pattern shows it this way), trimmed of a little piece and reshaped it slightly.  For Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will work more on this and the quilting.

IMG_4493 (2)

The birds were going crazy out the sewing room window as I was sewing – this and the next taken through the screen.

IMG_4481 (2)

I tried to brighten the color on this one a little and adjust and it isn’t quite right, but the cardinal is red as it should be!

IMG_4485 (2)

No quilting was done on Friday night but I did do some last night.


A little More Piecing and Quilting

Bird Brain, Handful of Scraps

No post yesterday that is because there were two post on Thursday.  I write my post the night before you normally see it and schedule it for the next day – I forgot to change the date on Thursday night when I finished my post and it went out early – some wondered why no post on Friday and that was why.

I got my car back yesterday – so glad to have my wheels back!  They even washed/waxed/and detailed it – hasn’t been that clean in a long time – not that it is filthy normally but I had not been as good about cleaning it the past year as I normally had been – now it looks new inside and out again.

Two more birds to make and I will put the long rows together and see if I feel that I have to have more – if not I will get started putting the whole thing together.  Four birds were made yesterday.

IMG_4476 (2)

And the quilting from Thursday night after I wrote that last post.


Before I forget does anyone have Sue Garman’s pattern Afternoon Delight that you are no longer using and is in good condition – I wonder if anyone would be interested in a trade – I would love the pattern but it is so pricey –  I had plans to make it a couple years ago and never got around to it – I would love to do a scrappy version sometime in the future.  If you don’t mind parting with it let me know and we can discuss a trade – fabric, patterns etc